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Jay 2K Winger
12-15-2011, 03:15 PM
On the DC101 radio station in the DC area (101.1 FM), their morning show, "Elliot in the Morning" is your typical morning radio show. Humor, news, sports, and a host that says things to be divisive and outrageous, but not nearly as bad as other "shock jocks." I listen to EITM on my drive to work on the weekdays.

So this morning, he has Christian Finnegan on, and they get to talking about a book his wife is getting published, in which she talks about her life and experiences with the deaf community, as many members of her family are deaf.

Then the following exchange happens.

Elliot: "So, I have to ask, given her history with the deaf community, is she going to publish a version of the book in Braille?"
(awkward pause)
Finnegan: "Um, Braille is for blind people."
Elliot: "Oh. Dammit."
(laughter in studio)
Finnegan: "I thought you were joking, and then realized, 'Oh, crap, he's serious.'"

Brain fart on Elliot's part, but it managed to get me absolutely rolling. Thank god I was parked at work when it happened.

12-15-2011, 04:51 PM
LOL, that's pretty awesome.