View Full Version : College Registration Rant

12-19-2011, 02:42 AM
So I am kind of annoyed that I may have to rearrange my entire schedule now because of a mandatory nursing lab practice.

They split the new nursing students into paramedic, LPN, and no-license students. I'm in the no-license students and we're split into 3 further groups, A, B, and C. A group has about 28 students in the lecture and lab portion, and then is broken into 4 groups of 7 in different hospitals on different days. We signed up for these blocks back when we registered for classes online. You picked a lecture, then signed up for that lecture's lab, and then picked a clinical that corresponded to your lecture/lab group.

Now, I have to register once again for a mandatory lab practice session. I understand wanting to break down the lab groups into smaller groups for more one-on-one time, but couldn't we have picked it back when we signed up for everything else? I am guessing they wanted a better idea of staffing levels, but it still is frustrating since I cannot have a certain day that I have my paramedic class. 3/4 will work for my schedule.