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07-20-2006, 02:39 PM
Anyone got fun stories about the SCs who refused to listen to you, only to come back later basically saying you were right?

My favorite story was when I was at Claires. This big ole guy came in, and wanted the 5mm CZ earring. I tried telling him that it was too heavy for a starter earring, but he wouldn't hear any of it. He wanted the BLING!!! So after trying to talk him out of it a little bit more, I finally pierced it, thinking that the cost of the earring was like an idiot tax. He told me that I was stupid, and it looked us fine. It was already starting to droop. I took his money, and left it at that.

Sure enough, a few hours later he comes in rumbling like a storm. "I want this out! My girlfriend says it looks bad! Gimme my money back!" We can't return used piercing earrings. I took great pride in telling him that. He ended up buying a 3mm CZ, and eating the cost of the 5mm.

I was a happy Jenni. :)

Anyone else with "I told ya so!" stories?

Jenni :angel:

07-23-2006, 05:07 PM
When sudafed products went behind the counter and we started the countdown to prescription only, we stopped getting some of the combo products in reliably.
One gentleman was jonesing for some Aleve cold and sinus, which is just aleve+12 hour sudafed, and I told him so. This was early evening on a weekend, so pharmacies that actually closed did so about 6pm. I knew my sister stores didn't have any either, at least if they did, it wasn't showing up in their online inventory. I recommended that he just buy the products seperately, but nooooooo. He wanted the combo. So, he took off to go visit other pharmacies to try and find it.
He came back a few hours(!) later and told me that I should have been pushier about him buying the sudafed 12 hour and aleve.
Um, no. I don't sell on commission, I lay out the options, and you chose, poorly I might add.
Ah well, his gas money, I suppose.

Mr. Rude
07-23-2006, 05:50 PM
Me: Make sure you install some sort of antivirus on your new system. :devil:
Cust: Oh yeah, all over that.

later that week.........

Cust: Hey! That sys you sold me isn't working right.
Me: Oh reaaallly.....Well now, did ya install some AV?
Cust: Umm....................

You know the rest. ;)