View Full Version : Sometimes I hate people I know

12-31-2011, 05:44 AM
Two stupid Facebook posts I just saw on my feed:
1. Friend posts picture of two people at Walmart and titles it 'People of Walmart' after the website of that name. I expect to see something funny in this picture. Nope. Just a normal couple. Only things I could see in the picture was that the couple was overweight and the guy was wearing a pink shirt. Nothing weird about either of those things. It's the things I remember classmates making fun of others for when we were 10. Didn't really seem funny to me then either.

2. Sister in law makes a post about how she likes to sniff her own underwear. Gross. Someone comments on this telling her how gross this is. She proceeds to (along with her friend) call him an asshole and tell him how rude he is. He didn't even say it in a mean way. I believe his exact words were "Gross, why would you want to do that?" After he becomes confused as to why she and her friend are calling him names, she justifies her actions by stating that she only sniffs her CLEAN underwear and calling him stupid for thinking that she would sniff dirty underwear.