View Full Version : Anyone else have a weird sense of touch?

12-31-2011, 08:41 AM
I'm planning on talking to a doctor about this at some point but it's not a pressing thing and so I'm doing research in the mean time to get ideas and sort of expand my horizon on stuff as well. I'm curious as to if anyone else has similar issues and has any insight. Any information I get will still be run by a doctor and I am not asking anyone to diagnose me. When I have started thinking about discussing issues with a dr in the past, having looked at different causes and such helped. I don't always notice things as being symptoms and not just how everyone is or how I randomly am. Looking at different causes meant that I was able to look at symptom lists and realize that things I didn't think of as being a symptom may have been and helped me bring a better list to my doctor when I did talk to him.

For the most part my sense of touch isn't all that odd. Every so often there is stuff though and I don't know if maybe it's not as odd as I think or not. For instance, I was snuggling with someone and he had his hand on my knee. After a while, I realized that unless I was to look, I couldn't tell if his hand was still on my knee or not. I knew my knee was warm but not in a distinctive enough way to tell that it was still there given that we were snuggling.

I have similar problems when doing fine motor type skills that I can't see. I strongly noticed this when I tried lock picking (to clarify, for legal reasons). I can feel the pins move but trying to find the binding pin (the one that is hardest to move when tension is first applied) out of all of them. I can't even slide the pick back and accurately count all the pins. For some reason while I can feel the big differences (knowing that I've hit a pin) I can't tell the small details.

I have ADD so I figured maybe it might be something to do with that. Strangely enough I only seem to find information (granted online) about ADD people who have one or two senses slightly stronger. Maybe I'm getting weird information or it's actually not an uncommon thing. Like I said, I'm not asking to be diagnosed and I will talk to a dr about this, I just want to be able to broaden my information gathering in the mean time. Anyone else ever have any experiences like this?

12-31-2011, 09:14 AM
I totally understand the not realizing you're being touched unless you look thing. Happens to me quite often. I think it's normal? Your body just adapts to what is touching you and unless it moves, you forget it's there.