View Full Version : Sometimes, you are not a faceless drone.

07-20-2006, 03:38 PM
Some background. Worked at Kinko's around a decade ago. Quit to work in photo lab for a couple years. Eventually, lab went under. Temped for 3 months at mortgage company. Quit. Went to work in public television for something like five years. Quit to dodge cutbacks, and got offered a job by my old Kinko's, which is now run by one of my favorite co-workers from the bad old days. (Quit there after a year and got current job, but that's not relevant to this story.)

Okay, so I'm leaning up against the counter one morning, waiting for a customer on a slow morning, sometime during my first week back.

Enter a local paralegal, a Mr.S, a very nice man I did a lot of work for nearly 10 years ago.

He glances at me, does a double take. Looks me over. Keeps poker face. Casually leans on the counter near me and in a real folksy, casual tone, says:

"So, where you been? A little time off?" :lol:

Crow The Robot
07-22-2006, 06:02 AM
Sweet Guy. It's nice to be known as something other than a faceless drone.