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01-09-2012, 12:19 AM
BG: I am the neighborhood's crazy cat lady. I currently own (or am owned by) six cats. Due to fostering for the local shelter, I have had up to 16 at one time.

One of my cats was brought into the shelter while I was volunteering, and boy was she in bad shape. Open wounds, crawling with maggots, ticks, and a badly dislocated hind leg, which had to be amputated. The shelter named her Hope, but we call her Hopper.

End BG

Because she is missing one of her hind legs, Hopper has trouble jumping more than a few feet. To get to her food bowl, which is on our kitchen table so the dog can't reach it, she jumps to a chair then to the table. The water bowls, similarly, are on our counter.

She is so smart, she pulls out a drawer and uses it like she does the chair! It took me a long time to realize that's why the drawer is always pulled out, lol!

01-09-2012, 01:07 AM
Bless you for taking care of this sweet, smart little girl! :D

01-09-2012, 03:00 AM
Aww, that is adorable! And smart! Our two cats are both really dumb, I doubt either of them would come up with such a thing.

01-09-2012, 04:52 AM
There is nothing that gets me so angry as abused and neglected animals and children. I think people who do that should get a bullet to the head, but it gives me a glimmer of hope for humanity when I hear of people taking in those abused and neglected children or animals and showing them the love they deserve. Thank you, Ellain

01-09-2012, 11:59 PM
As someone who is not a cat person, I would like to have that cat. Unfortunately, I have a blind dog. Would not be a good idea to bring a new animal into the house.

Bless you for doing the foster work.