View Full Version : Apparently I'm a good luck chuckette...

01-17-2012, 09:44 PM
...you may or may not get married, but you surely will have a baby boy.
So in the last few weeks I've run into just about every ex-boyfriend I've had in this town and they all have boys. Apparently, the only way out of this situation is to actually marry me (yes, I ran into him too). I also haven't run into either "fixed" boyfriend, but one I know got married to a gal that did want kids, so for all I know he got a reversal and now has a boy.
The worst part, other than running into each of them when I was in my "I've just been studying for 4 hours" look is that I can never remember their kid's names, which flat out makes me feel like a schmuck.
The kicker - I'm CFBC (child free by choice) and each one of them knew this and said they were fine with it. My CFBC status had nothing to do with any of the break-ups. So now I'm wondering if they weren't being truthful with me, or maybe they weren't being truthful with themselves.
For the record, they all seem to be amazing dads, which doesn't shock me too much since they are great guys (except the one who shall not be mentioned - who I thankfully didn't run into, but I know also has a son).