View Full Version : Who do I talk to about acrylic coatings?

01-17-2012, 11:23 PM
I'm trying to find a poster for my best friend. I don't know if anyone remembers those framed textured posters blockbuster had (has) but I'm trying to figure out what type of coating they have on them. My best friend really wants the iron man one that shows half his mask but it's out of print and I'm not having as good a time of it as I thought I would. I have one myself and so I have something for comparison. I found a similar one that I thought was right but the texture is off and the colors aren't as vivid. I'm nervous about making the same mistake again since they are the same original print completely, just different coatings. If I knew the right coating then I could see about getting a regular poster coated or at least know what to specify to any online sellers I find. Anyone have ideas on types of businesses that might know just from looking at mine or be able to help me? I have not had any luck yet trying to go through the original distributer and in fact the one I ordered him is from one of the original distributors which was a let down. Hoping I can figure out something.