View Full Version : Most wonderful couple in the world.

03-02-2007, 02:28 AM
This happened a good 7 years ago, but I still think about this and smile.

I was working for Safeway as a bagger during one of the wettest, nastiest winters I can remember. We had snow mixed with rain and it was just some bad stuff to push a cart into. I couldn't drive yet and was staying with some friends. Well, my shoes got completely soaked the day before and I had to borrow another pair of shoes. Safeway only allowed black shoes and the only black shoes my friends had were those little canvas slip on-type shoes so I had to wear them.

Well, I went to work and my feet were freezing about an hour into my shift but I still walked through a whole lot of water and snow and all that good stuff until I was soaked. Well, one of the guys that I was doing a carry out for looked down and asked if those were the only shoes I had. I said yes, because my other shoes weren't going to be dry for a long time. He then made me wait on the sidewalk while he got his truck and unloaded his own groceries. The he asked what size shoes I wore. I told him and he drove off.

Fast foreward another hour and I was doing a price check for someone when I was paged to the customer service desk. The guy and his girlfriend/wife were there and she gave me the most sturdy pair of boots I'd ever had. They were tall and warm. He gave me a pair of socks too. I guess I looked like I was going to cry and I hugged the girlfriend/wife.

The manager (who was standing right there and let me take them, even though Safeway has a strict "no tip" policy) said that was one of the nicest things she'd ever seen.