View Full Version : My Favorite CSM

03-02-2007, 07:37 PM
CSM's (Customer Support Managers) are generally either the best of the best, or the scum of the earth in my call center. They are responsible for educating their customers, follwing up with them on big/severe issues, and keeping their contracts up to date. We've had LOTS of issues lately with CSM's doing an all around crappy job, and having customers yell at us because their CSM's never told them that something wasn't covered under their contract, or that their contract expired. :eek: There are a few CSM's I like, and I just got off the phone with the one I adore. :love:

The CSM in question is named Homer. Yes, I'm being serious. He's funny in a really corny, Southern way, and even when he's frustrated, he stays calm and sweet. He always makes me laugh, even when he tells the same jokes he tells every time he calls in. Today, he and I were on the phone for almost 40 minutes, just to set up a request to send 2 boards to one of his customers, which normally takes 5-7 minutes. Unfortunately, they gave us an incomplete part number, and then we had to unravel a mystery to determine that they actually needed something completely different. What could have been a sucky conversation/situation, and involved a conference call with the two of us on the line with two techs from the shop, followed by me being put on hold so Homer could check with the customer, ended up being the most pleasant call I've had today, complete with my coworkers giving me odd looks for laughing so much. :lol:

So this is my shout out to Homer. If only more of our higher ups could be more like him. :yourock: