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03-05-2007, 01:58 PM
well this is my first actual thread so be kind.

this happened about a year ago, i just started collage in upstate ny in a local Suny. now my roommate at the time (before i relized what a leach she was, yes actual leach, sucked up all my money and energy. teens) and my buddy decided after a long week the best therapy is shopping therpy. now my suny is located in a very small town, so if you want to do any kind of shoping you have to head to the closest city, which in this case i called the cursed Proughkeepsi.
so we loaded up into my car which i lovingly call the wonder wagon, and drove off. now we have to cross a bridge to get there, and along the way my car starts to tremble. now when my car starts to shake i know there is something wrong. the last time it did it started to stall. so now i am scared of it stalling in a place i have never been to. so we pull into the Courtyards parking lot, cause the last thing i want is to brake down in the middle of the road. now mind you it is winter in upstate ny. you do the math. i do my normal calling home in a panic then calling triple AAA and what not. they say it will take an hour at the most. ok we are in the middle of this city with nothing to do or eat. so we invade the hotel.
they people at the counter were so nice to be and my freinds. the counter person was nice enough to give me the exact road address so i can confirm it with Triple A. they let us use there internet to figure out where they were going to send my little baby (the car). when the truck arrived and we found it was two small for all three of us, they even called a cab for my freinds for free.
the rest of the day was a nightmare but the staff at the Courtyard really saved it, as soon as i got home i wrote off a letter to there corprate head quarters praising there staff, also telling them if i ever had to choose a hotel to stay in that i would pick there place over all because of how wonderfully the staff treated us. i hope that staff got a raise as a result, or the very least a plate of cookies :D