View Full Version : Miami-area CSers, I need suggestions, please!

04-17-2012, 04:50 AM
In a couple of weeks, I will be heading up to Miami for a bartender seminar, and will be hanging with a friend of mine. I'll be driving up on a Monday, going to an afternoon Marlins game (since they're playing the Diamondbacks), then having a casual dinner and a few drinks and retiring early, as on Tuesday I'll be doing an all day seminar that I have to be on my toes for. After the seminar, though, I'll be free to have fun, as I don't drive back to Key West until Wednesday.

My question is very simple: I'll be staying in the Mary Brickell area, and I booked that hotel partly because there seem to be plenty of restaurants and bars around it. My hotel rocks, but since there ARE so many places to go, I am hoping for suggestions. I will have a friend with me, but he also lives in Key West, and doesn't know the area any better than me.

Everything seems to be in walking or cabbing distance, and I do plan on Tuesday evening to show my friend the wonders of DRB (which we'll get to and from via the Metro Mover).

However, I am looking for suggestions more in the Brickell area (so we can hoof it or cab it on the cheap) for dining and drinking. Neither of us are big club guys, but we do like bars, and we do like good meals. So, any suggestions for nice restaurants (nice meaning good food, not necessarily fancy), fun bars, good beer bars, god rum bars, good wine bars, or just establishments that should not be missed?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated....and if y'all wanna join us, just let me know.