View Full Version : Good bye to a blues player.

03-09-2007, 04:21 PM
Apperently Paul Delay died two days ago. He was a semi-famous blues player, (Though frankly, I'd be surprised if anyone here knew of him). My mom was telling me stories about him, and growing up I'd go to the blues festival in Portland to see him and others play.

Some stories my mom told me were pretty good, that she only found out about him because she and her friend were a little drunk, and stumbled into another bar where he was playing live in the seventies. She shared a bowl with him, and would do so every now and then. She once saw him at Fred Meyers, and he said hi to her in passing. SHe didn;'t know him by any means, and she's pretty sure he didn't even know her name. But this dude made the harmioncal famous, as he was to it as Hendrix was to guiltar.