View Full Version : Doh

07-21-2006, 06:12 AM
Ok, so the other day I go to get a subway. I look up decide I want the meal deal, but fail to read that it actually costs an extra $2.50 ontop of the $8.45 not it costs $8.45...felt like the BIGGEST moron when I got rung up and it wasn't the price I was expecting...I even pointed out...NO I gotthe meal deal??? and my boyfriend pointed ot the sign I had miss...DOH:doh: ! My bad...I said sorry...

But my boyfried was worse! He stood there and couldn't make up his mind on what he wanted, holding uop the line, the got the girl to repeat the names of the cheese 5! 5 times, and then he got the wrong one in the end becaue he mixed them up :headscratch: he even said a stupid joke, that I could see the girl serving him was unimpressed with "hiack you must get customers like me all the time, you must hate them" WEL DUH! anyways it was rather embbarrasing, I didn't mean to be a stupid SC...and my boy...well he's a dope anyways I have a feeling this is goign to keep happening