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Jay 2K Winger
05-07-2012, 05:55 PM
(( OOC Thread: http://customerssuck.com/board/showthread.php?t=88905 ))

You are the children of the Divinity, and you have been chosen to help save the world.

While your Divine parents are busy in the godly plane, battling the Titans and their most potent of monsters themselves, you have been tasked with fighting the Titans' forces in the world. You have helped defeat relatively minor schemes here and there, at the most recent about six months ago.

In the interim, time has passed quietly as you rest, recover, and/or recuperate from your last adventure. None of your escapades have made the news, either because it didn't hit the networks' radar, or because Someone made sure it didn't make headlines. In any case, it's been a good break for you.

Then, around a week ago, you received a message. In most cases, it was a letter, in a large brown envelope, bearing a stamp unlike any the post office carries. The stamp depicts a golden symbol, and that symbol varies depending on the pantheon in question, and it tingles to the touch, a sure sign that it's come from the Divinity after a fashion.

While the letter's exact contents vary, it follows a definite form. The letter-writer conveys the gratitude of the Divinity and the world for helping to stop whatever adventure had last been involved. They go on to add that their actions will not go unrewarded, but the recipient will understand if current events preclude the bestowing of such rewards for the time being. In the meantime, however your presence is required at a summit for a matter of grave importance.

Included in the envelope with the letter is a first-class ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, because the person responsible for sending these messages has a bit of an ego, there's an additional note: Looking forward to seeing you again! and an autographed 8x10 from Johnny Mercury.

While most of the scions had received the above, there may have been one or two cases wherein a more personal, direct approach was required...
================================================== ==
(( All right, a few things to note. All of your characters know of Johnny Mercury-- well-known actor that he is-- and it's known to the Divine community that he's one of them, and one of the more active "messengers of the gods." They may have met him personally once, even, but he's not exactly friends with anyone.

Now it's time for the introductory posts! Give us all an inkling of what your character's been up to, what they recently did in their most recent mission, where they are when they get the message, and whether they're receiving a letter or a face-to-face meeting. If the latter, note that in the post, and I'll respond in kind. It will either be Johnny Mercury or another scion coming to deliver the message and tickets.

All that clear? If not, post it in the OOC thread. ))

05-07-2012, 08:56 PM
[[Thanks to Jay for the co-op work with Johnny.]]

It's a rainy night in New Haven.

The lilting call of a flute rises, echoes against the water-streaked windows, and floats into the second floor hall of the Yale University Art Gallery. The administration had organized a booze up -- erm, that is to say, an excuse to beg money from rich alumni -- wait, no, sorry, a small private exhibition for friends of the Arts and the University.

Aiden leans into his chair and lets the warmth of his punch cover him like a blanket. Some acquaintance or another had tipped him off to the party, and his uncle's name accompanying a case of Grey Goose easily opening the door for him. The woman next to him, Cheryl, is chatting about the terrible weather and how it’s been simply wrecking her plans to take her yacht out on a fishing trip.

And then, a sense in his brain itches. It’s not a pleasant signal to him, but he shrugs it off. Probably some Unawakened kidlet, cleaning the trash up for work-study downstairs. Plenty of good, solid, uneventful reasons why--

“Oh My God, Becky, look! It’s Johnny Mercury!!”

His eyes squeeze shut, and he downs the rest of his drink without a word.

Still - Aiden breathes out slowly - this wasn’t the worst possible option. Maybe Johnny had a crush on some Yale grad eye-candy. Perhaps he’d just been invited too, nothing to be alarmed about...

"AIDEN!" The hand slaps down on a shoulder, and there's Johnny, all smiles. The Aesir-kin froze. "Y'know," voice slurred slightly, as if he'd been drinking juuust a bit too much, "never did thank ya for that advice ya had, in investin' in that company 'r other, y'know, what wuzzit called again?"

"It was Instagram, Johnny." A forlorn smile draws on Aiden's lips, and he stands up to place an arm over his acquaintance. "You've overindulged, my friend."

A grin from the movie star. "Tha'ss right. Instagram, great advice, really 'preciate it." At the arm, Johnny shrugs it off and waves a hand expansively. "What? I'm not, trust me, I've drunk worse." And then he takes a step backwards, loses balance slightly, and pinwheels his arms to keep upright, before pitching forward and locking an arm around Aiden's shoulders. The actor blinks a few times. "Mebbe I should sit down..."

Aiden's smile never wavers, but his eyes glint with frustration. "Cheryl, I'm so very sorry, I'll catch up with you later." He puts his arm around Johnny's back, discreetly digging his nails into his side in payback. "There's a little alcove over this way, a touch more quiet. Won't you sit down with me there and let us catch up?"

Johnny is duly led away, not without one last call out of "Umberto, ya old dog! What a night we had in Chinatown that time, yeah?" leading to the man in question flushing hotly under the sudden gaze of his wife, before Aiden sequesters him in the alcove. He sits down heavily on a bench, and people left them alone. As soon as they have their privacy, Johnny leans back, and his voice becomes less booming, and a lot more sober. "Nice people, these, Mistel. They do know how to throw a party. Bit stuffy for my tastes."

"It’s the afterparty you wait for. And you. You are a godsawful pain in my ass, Johnny." Aiden's voice doesn’t raise, but his tone could frost over the Sahara. "My accounts finally got over the last escapade you got me into - the one I ended up having to bankroll, remember? My accountant is - well, she's just drinking recreationally now. The scarring from the Asp venom is almost faded away, and it's possible that Sunshine Sukiyaki might not kick me in the face next time she meets me. But like the fly in my drink, just as I come to sip, you bob up in my face."

True to form, Johnny never stops smiling, even as Aiden's chilly declamation washes over him. "Relax, Misty, this time around you're not expected to bankroll anything. I roped Hays into doing it this time." He shakes his head as he gestures expansively again. "No, this time, you're just being asked to help stop another scheme of the Other Side."

"You're missing my point. Deliberately." Aiden waves at a pair passing by them.. "You've got plenty of other su-- ahem, eager recruits ready and waiting to honor their heritage and fight the Good Fight for the world. And yet I'm the one with the personal invitation. Why did you come to me yourself?"

The passing couple gets a cheery, tipsy wave from Johnny as well, and then he looks back at Aiden. "Because we're two peas in a pod, we are!" he declares, grinning in that inimitable way of his. Then he sobers, "And because the Powers That Be knew if they sent you a letter saying 'Get to Vegas, we need your help with something,' you'd hop on a cruise ship, chuck your mobile over the side, stick your fingers in your ears and go 'I can't hear you la la la.'"

Johnny sucks the remainder of his drink out of his glass, squints into it as if to detect any remnant of liquor within, then goes on, "And then I'd get sent to go find you, and there'd be all manner of questions about how I snuck onto the boat in the first place, and a whole mess of problems, and you'd end up getting dragged to Vegas anyway. So, I cut the knot and came in person."

Aiden looks down at the back of his hands. Then up to the violin quartet. Then to the side, out into the rain. "You know what I asked for, last time."

Johnny raises an eyebrow at this. "Setting terms now?" he says. "You know it isn't given away freely. Hell, even with all They're having me do-- jetting all over the godsdamn world and delivering messages hither and yon-- I haven't gotten more than a drop."

There is a pause as the actor leans his head back and stares at the ceiling, fingers drumming on the back of the bench. "I'll pass the message along. It'd be up to Them. Meantime, it might be best if you just get to Vegas." He pauses, then adds, "If you decline, they'll just send someone else. And it'll probably be Solomon."

"Sol?" He rolls his eyes. "You are joking. That absolute twit. You... oh, right, Trickster tactic number one: playing on their ego. Right." He bites his tongue for a moment. "Fine. I'll go. But if I get splattered in who-knows-what kind of acidic venom again, or sliced up by another crazy woman with a scimitar, or whatever, either Asclepius or your Daddy is going to heal me up. No arguments, shake on it."

Johnny smiles. "Far as I know, there shouldn't be any venom-spitting going on, but then, they don't always give me all the details." He stuck out a hand. "Deal."

"And if you're bankrolling it, I expect first class seats."

"Of course you'll get first class! We take care of our own. There'll be a ticket waiting for you back at your place." After shaking hands, Johnny lurches to his feet, and the tipsiness routine comes back. "'s great seein' ya again, Aiden! Ser'ously, great seein' ya, we'll have to do lunch sometime, I know this great shawarma place we should go to sometime..." and then he's gone into the crowd, the occasional outburst following as he saw someone he knew, and then this too fades.

Aiden leans back, the hands over his face hiding the look of utter dismay crossing over them. He reaches out to pluck a flute of bubbly off a passing tray, tipped the entire draught down his throat, and exhales. Then he lifts up his cell phone.

“Hey. Kerry. Sorry for the late call, I’ll make it up to you. Do me a favor and cash in some of my points at the Bellagio, I’m going to need a room.” He paused, his lips turning into a twist. “Put the bottle down. I heard you open it..”

05-07-2012, 11:22 PM
Deann barely glanced at the photo when it fell out of the envelope, tossing it onto a nearby dresser or tabletop. Whatever flat surface happened to be nearby in the house. It slipped and fell on the floor anyway. Thank the gods it was her day off--explaining this type of letter at work--again--would be hard.

It had been an enjoyable six months--once her bosses had finally forgiven her for the "family emergency". Family emergency. Hah. As if scouring sections of the Appalachian Trail for Titanspawn and some still unnamed and, as far as she knew, unfound artifact was an emergency. Now, it having been found and possibly taken by the Spawn, sure. Just trying to find it on vague rumors? Bullshit.

Although the hiking had been nice.

Guess she had to set up some vacation time...

05-07-2012, 11:41 PM
In a small office in Chiago a light burns brightly as Emmett Jager reviews his personal notes from an old case. Lord knows he needed something to get his mind of the usual string "My Spouse is a lousy bastard" cases, at least they paid the bills. Besides, there was something that had been nagging at him ever since finishing that he hadn't quite been able to puzzle out.

The case had started like any other, a child was missing, distraught parents came in person to plead with him since the police wouldn't take it before 48 hours. EJ had guessed rightly that the father wasn't her bio dad. It had been refreshing, and the reason he took the case, to see the step-father as equally distraught as the kid's real mom. As it turned out the kid had run away because she had been raped by a fellow student and was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. EJ had helped the parents get in touch with a friend of his at the Chicago PD so they could file formal charges. Over the course of the case it came out that the kid had a ring that was important to the father as well. That ring was still missing, and something about the circumstances nagged in the back of his mind.

When the bell over his office door signaled a visitor he didn't look up. "Sorry, I'm not taking any new cases tonight, if you come back in the morning, or leave some contact info I will call you."

Jay 2K Winger
05-08-2012, 02:33 PM
Location: Chicago - E.J.'s Office

"That's okay," a voice says. "I'll let myself in." When Emmett looks up, he'd see the unmistakeable grin of Johnny Mercury, as the Divinity's messenger finishes stepping through the door as if it were naught but smoke.

The actor holds up his hands. He's not carrying any visible weaponry, and the only thing in his hands is a brown envelope. "Relax, Jager-meister," Johnny Merc says with a smile. "I come in peace." Then, just in case Emmett forgot who he is, and because he has an ego, he adds, "Johnny Mercury, movie star and Messenger of The Gods."

He makes himself comfortable in a chair in the office, looking around at whatever decor that Emmett has. "I have a few messages to pass along," he says. "First, Horace Farrow says thanks for the help on that lead he had on Wadjet's daughter. Weren't for you, it's likely she'd have gotten tangled up with Seth, and we don't need that monstrosity getting his hands on anyone else."

He taps the envelope against the arms of the chair as he adds, "Oh, and Selene wanted to say, she's following up on her own leads, trying to find that ring for you." Off any sort of reaction, Johnny holds up his hands. "Don't ask me how she knows. You know her-- she finds out everyone's secrets, especially if they're online."

He waves this aside. "Regardless, I'm mostly here to make a delivery," and he holds out the envelope. "Ordinarily, I'd have just dropped this in the mail slot, but, well, I was passing through, making sure that other P.I. in town, Mister-what-thinks-he's-a-wizard, is keeping out of trouble, so I figured I'd do this all personal like."

The envelope, when opened, would have the same kind of letter, and the plane ticket. In this case, however, no 8x10.

05-08-2012, 03:58 PM
Location: Chicago - E.J.'s Office

Emmett glances up at the voice of Johnny Mercury. His eyes track his movement, his stare perhaps a bit too intent as though he is looking through him rather than at him (soul gazing just to be sure, Johnny would be used to this since he does it EVERY time). He quirks an eyebrow at "the other PI" comment.

"Just passing through. And here I was about to get all self important." He opens the envelope and reads over the note and looks at the ticket. "First class, I'm flattered."

He picks up his office phone dials a number, "Hey Murray, I'm going out of town for awhile, I'm going to direct a few clients whose cases can't wait your way." He pauses, "Yeah Mur, sure, uh huh. Yeah, thanks man." He hangs up and glances at Johnny, "You'll have to send Selene my thanks next time you're 'just passing through' her part of wherever. I just hope she has had more luck than I have."

He sighs, "So any idea what we're getting into? Or is it the usual 'Don't ask me I'm just the messenger' schtick?"

Jay 2K Winger
05-08-2012, 04:22 PM
Location: Chicago - E.J.'s Office

Johnny Mercury shows no sign of bother at the piercing stare. He's an actor, a frequent figure on TMZ and the occasional newsstand tabloid cover story, so he's quite used to people staring. "Of course it's first class!" he declares, grinning. "We look after our own."

He rises. "I don't usually 'just pass through' Selene's neck of the woods. She'll hear about your thanks soon enough anyway." As he heads for the door, he turns and spreads his hands. "That's my lot in life, E.J. I'm the messenger. But I know this much: this is something big. Might want to prep for it."

And then he steps back through the door and is gone.

05-10-2012, 03:43 AM
A week ago, Jack Childs had opened the door to his rented home in Omaha to find a letter. The day after, he had started making arrangements for his shop to run without him for "awhile". Four days ago, he'd packed his bags, putting together insulated packages of meat at the bottom of his bag, along with ice packs, various toiletries, and clothes. And today, he is on a bus, being driven through whichever godsforsaken desert it was that lay between him and his destination...

The man doesn't care much for this at all. He never did. That... thing that had been snatching up runaways? He would've killed it without being ordered to. It'd taken a hell of a lot of stabbing, though. But the desert... He isn't good with deserts. He doesn't know how he knows it, but that's hardly surprising. Half of his life- from the time he'd discovered what he was up until the time of the accident- was pretty much a blur. Part of the reason that he was even on this bus was simply pique, a desire to completely ignore the gift of a free ride. The other part was his knife. He certainly isn't going to leave it behind, or let anyone else handle it. It's his. It's special. And it's a deadly weapon of the sort you don't want to carry around in an airport. Bus security is a hell of a lot easier to get past... stuff the knife in his bag, and he's done.

Jack shifts slightly in his seat, his whirlwind thoughts helping to take the edge off... The letter he'd received. What a piece of work that was. Vague, faintly insulting, with all the personality of a movie star behind it- compelling, but scripted to achieve a desired result. He sighs a bit. It probably WAS something important... but not in the ways that he'd expect. One thing doesn't necessarily lead to another, after all. So many heartbeats all around him... Strong, mortal heartbeats. Some stronger than others. He closes his eyes, and just focuses on them, the steady, discordant rhythm of the hearts of two dozen strangers bringing him another measure of calm...

05-10-2012, 02:09 PM
Location: Summer’s Cafe, Las Vegas

Thirty-nine hours, one cross-country flight, two hangovers, and one trip to a Michael’s later - actually, hangover #2 is still being an late staying guest, so take that under consideration - and Aiden is in the wonderful city of Las Vegas.


With fatigue settling on his eyelids, he cleans up as well as he can at the hotel, tossing on a pair of khakis and a t-shirt with some weathered 80’s version of an advertising logo on it. It’s too godsawful hot here even in early May for him to go around in business casual.

Then he picks up the bag from Michael’s and sets out.

Summer’s Cafe is a nice cozy place, a storefront the drunks and malcontents let their eyes pass over easily. Aiden was impressed by the discreet charms on it the first time he’d come. They brewed a quality cup of coffee and their espresso was pulled by hand. And, if you talk to the owner the right way and pass her a twenty, she’ll drip in some of her homemade hangover remedy - the kind a scion of a healing deity would make, the kind that really did work. Aiden had never been so rude as to inquire about the particulars of her heritage, of course.

He settles himself into a chair in a corner, nibbles slowly on a digestive biscuit while sipping the hot coffee. And when his brain pushes enough of the cobwebs out of the way, he retrieves his parcel and begins work.

Needle through the loop, yarn around the needle, pull it through and pull it off.

He’d seen cold in the future when he’d wound the thread. Perhaps a nice fluffy scarf.

[Please feel free to drop in and introduce yourself. While I don’t think Aiden’s worked with any of these particular scions before, they may have seen him in passing at one point or another.]

05-11-2012, 02:24 AM
Location: Summer’s Cafe, Las Vegas

The one perk to living in Chicago is getting many one way flights to most major cities in the US. A lazy and relaxing 3 and a half hours later EJ finds himself on the ground. Checking some details he got from a friend he books a cab and heads out to get a room and some decent non-airline coffee.

After inquiring at the hotel, perhaps by chance, perhaps by fate, he finds himself at Summer's Cafe. His well worn trenchcoat seems, perhaps, a bit out of place. Wandering over to the counter after briefly scanning the crowd he orders a plain black coffee and a piece of apple pie. He smiles as the serving girl hands over his order, "Congratulations."

She seems a bit surprised but grins widely, "How could you tell?" In answer he holds up his hand and points to his ring finger. He silently takes his order and scans the crowd again. Ever since coming through the door his sixth sense had been going off though he hadn't quite yet determined if more than one like himself were present. Scanning over the crowd again his eyes settle on a man in the back working a needle and yarn.

He walks over with a cordial grin, "Mind if I sit here?"

05-11-2012, 05:24 AM
Luke stopped as he dug through his bag while coming down the precinct's stairs. He always checked to make sure they didn't take anything when he got picked up, but this was the first time he'd seen anyone add something. His confusion turned to an irritated groan when he opened it up and saw the picture.

He'd figure out later if the groan was at Johnny's ego or at being grabbed for something again.

He sighed and sat on a nearby bench to read over the letter. The usual - need your help, promises of aid, but nothing yet... Oh and hey, written just for him by his esteemed relation. Yeah, thanks dad. But still, it was probably time to move on by now. He was on a first-name basis with the front desk, and he practically had his own room in the cells downstairs. That and he was fairly certain he'd been banned from every bar and diner in a five-block radius by now, too.

Which settled it. Now he just had to find a way to get through airport security. It was a toss-up whether his appearance or the various "toys" he carried in his pack would be the bigger problem.

Jay 2K Winger
05-11-2012, 01:36 PM
Location: Airport by Luke (What city, exactly?)

At the airport, when Luke has his momentary worry about his "toys" getting through TSA, a friendly voice speaks up. "No worries, mate," the voice says in a rough Australian accent, "them whackas won't give you any trub."

When Luke turns to see who it is, he'll find a very large, very well-built man in a short-sleeved black shirt, wearing a crocodile-skin vest with dog tags. A slouch hat (which has clearly been through the wars from the clear signs of wear) perches on his head, and although no weaponry is immediately visible, there's the definite sense that he knows where to lay his hands on some, or he's got some hidden away on him. He stands there, arms folded.

Solomon Becker-- known in the Divine community as a "facilitator" (he gets things done, never you mind how)-- grins at Luke. "'Ullo, Brighto." Continuing on his earlier train of thought, he says, "Them Above're lookin' out for us on our way to the big meet-up in Vegas. And besides, I've taken care of things for ya. Just you have a good flight, Brighto. I'll see ya there."

05-11-2012, 03:42 PM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

The fuzz was stronger.

He hadn't been paying too much attention to the customers coming in, spending more time on the evenness of his stitches. But sometime lately, another had joined them.

<<Not Sol not Sol not Sol...>> he thought feverently.

When Emmett spoke to him, his eyes came up measured. His knitting paused, and he gave a brief look at the other man. Then he gave a friendly shrug and picked up his coffee with his left hand.

"It's not taken. Go ahead." He takes a sip and thanks the world for healing deities. Then a penny drops, and he gives a gentle smile to his new coffee companion. "Although isn't it terribly hot for a trenchcoat around here?"

05-11-2012, 04:27 PM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

EJ takes off his coat and hangs it on the chair back and sits down, "Never too hot." He gives a slight grin takes a bite of pie, "Call it the habit of my profession. Name's Emmett by the way."

05-11-2012, 05:31 PM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas


The aesir-kin realized he'd opened the door to the conversation by his comment - and cursed himself mentally.

"Well," he mused, returning to his knitting. "A profession. So you work, which rules out 'mentally disturbed otaku with a blade of Hanzo steel.' Could be a gangster. Or a replicant."

A little, private grin. "Or do you work for UNATCO, Mister Emmett?"

05-11-2012, 05:53 PM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Emmett takes a few more bites of pie and a sip of coffee while Aiden speaks.

"A movie and video game reference in one go. I think I like you." He takes another sip of coffee, "If you don't want to chat we don't have to. I just figured I might get to know you the way normal people do it since it seems we're both in town for the same conference." He sets his coffee down and takes the last bite of his pie.

05-11-2012, 06:34 PM
Deann felt wilted the moment she stepped off the plane and into the Nevada heat. Why anybody would want to live out here was beyond her. She was in her lightest hiking clothes--one would be boyfriend had described her as looking like an archeologist, which was still bull--and she was still sweltering in this heat.

Lacking the funds for a hotel that provided a shuttle service, let alone the funds for a cab, she filled up a water bottle and started walking the way her print out from Google maps had told her. She supposed the walk itself wasn't bad--just hot and bothersome--but she'd still be glad for going back home to Pennsylvania.

She glanced down at her next set of directions and stopped. Turn left into Summer's Cafe and take a break, you silly girl. She looked left to see a small hole-in-the-wall type place that did look cool and inviting.

Nevermind it didn't seem like anybody else was paying attention to it.

She dropped her head and sighed. "You know, I wish, just once, she'd come out and talk to me straight."

05-11-2012, 08:41 PM
Jack stepped off the bus, looking up at the city, barely even feeling the heat over a sense of foreboding... He didn't much like the desert, but he HATED this city. Full of broken hearts and broken dreams, empty promises of wealth beyond imagining if you'd just stay for one more hand, one more spin, pull the lever one more time... Out of money? You have something someone will buy. Your clothes. Your dignity. Your family. Your soul. Hopelessness dressed up in glitz and glamour, a siren call to the rich and the ignorant, the unlucky and the just plain stupid. A perfect place, in fact, for unsavory sorts to find desperate people. To do their bidding for a couple of bucks. To be their host. To be their prey.

He shook his head. His thoughts were turning to the macabre... The desert was a bad place for him. So he started walking, wandering first into a bookstore, coming out with a thick paperback with an orange cover. It was a dictionary, but not of the usual sort- it was a dictionary of symbols. Might help identify what he was going to be dealing with if the folks in charge weren't going to be straightforward. Hell, it was a useful reference even if they told him exactly what to expect. Then he closes his eyes, and starts to wander about the sidewalks, letting himself be drawn in by his other senses, The sense for other children of the gods, and his sense for heartbeats... when he opened his eyes next, he was standing about 10 feet behind Deann, staring at the cafe, book in hand.

05-12-2012, 12:51 AM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Aiden almost missed a stitch.

His smile froze briefly, as he mentally recovered from the surprise. Then he set down the knitting, and gave a long, considerate look at Emmett.

Ankh. Could be any of a number. No matter. Smart one. Either he's got an ability to tell, one of the closer scions told him, or he looked at the rune and had a lucky guess. Or any mix of the above.

He imagined following up with, oh, really? you're here for the FuckathonCon too? i only use organic latex in my, shall we say, attire? but his tongue didn't feel quite sharp enough to give it his best.

A slow, deliberate blink. And then a gentle sigh.

"Well, Johnny is quite a convincing fellow. And I just couldn't subject fellows to my possible replacement on the... team." The last word was just a touch strained. "So what's your expertise? You know, in case we find a nest of ice dragons, it'd be nice to know if you're the one who tries to kill them, or do the intelligent thing."

05-12-2012, 04:04 AM
Location: Airport with Crocodile Dundee Solomon (Undecided on the city - something Southeast, in the coastal states - Richmond, Charlotte, Charleston SC, Atlanta...)

"I have no idea what you just said, but I'm guessing you've got a handle on things. And maybe you say they're looking out for us, but with our history you start to wonder eventually. TLDR, we're working for a bunch'a dicks but it's better than the alternative. Don't think we've met. Name's Luke."

And while he wasn't going to let the Australian know it, he was actually pretty relieved at this turn of events. He was already pretty sure his political activities would have him on a list somewhere. And he was betting bringing his gear anywhere near an airport would be the final straw. Would've made for a damn good excuse to not go, though.

Jay 2K Winger
05-12-2012, 04:38 AM
Location: Airport in the Southeastern US - A few days before the meet (Luke)

The Aussie is still grinning a bit, nodding his head. "We haven't met, mate, but trust me, I know who ya are, Cooley." He lifts a hand and touches the brim of his hat. "Name's Solomon. Solomon Becker." Luke may have heard the name before, even from non-Divine sources. Solomon was a man to know if you needed to get your hands on something, or if you needed something done, never mind how.

"'Course Them Above're arseholes," Solomon says, shrugging. "And right choosy about who they choose to favor, too," he adds. "Me folks aren't from your neck of the woods, obviously," he adds, and taps one of his dog-tags. Luke would spot an Eye of Ra design on one, a sure-fire sign of the Egyptian Divinity. "But they're gonna make sure ya get through security, Brighto."

He spreads his hands. "Anyways, mate, you best get yer arse moving. I got me own transpo to Vegas. I'll see ya there."

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas - Now (Aiden, EJ, Deann, Jack)

Unheeded by any of the other scions, a woman sits in one corner, legs folded under herself as she pecks away on a high-end laptop. Her eyes rarely leave the screens in front of her, and if her hands aren't busy on the keyboard, they are either pulling a latte over to sip, or picking up an electronic tablet to flick through some more data. She has the wan pallor typical of someone who needs more time in the sun, with night-black hair and eyes.

Those present would, if they tried, pick up the sense of the Divine on the woman. She glances up as they enter, and EJ would probably recognize her in passing. This is Selene Hoffman. She doesn't offer any sort of greeting if he spots her, however. She never has been good at socializing without a screen in front of her.

05-12-2012, 05:01 AM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

"I'm a PI by trade." Emmett begins, "I have a knack for noticing what most other folks miss. Something that runs in my mom's side of the family I guess." He sips his coffee. "I'm good at ferreting out the truth of things. And I can generally tell when someone is lying." He glances back around the room again.

"Seems we have quite the turn out."

(OOC: His glance assumes others have come in finally)

05-12-2012, 05:06 AM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Deann sighs as she decides to just go with the instructions and head into the cafe. It's definitely a relief to get in out of the sun. She tingles with the sensation of not being alone, of having others like her around. She ignores it though, going up to the counter to ask for a glass of water before sitting down at a table.

05-12-2012, 05:15 AM
Location: Mystery Airport
Luke nods. "Yeah, figure I'll get there one way or another. Guess I'll be seein' you, then."

Luke and the man he would always mentally refer to as Crocodile Dundee went their separate ways, Luke heading for the flight his ticket directed him towards. He still wasn't entirely sure how they knew where to find them, or how they planted the envelope, or how they knew which flight he'd need to catch, or... Okay, he had to stop there and just assume that somewhere, somehow, someone was born to the right kind of deity for that sort of thing. If it wasn't Johnny Mercury, that is. Who knew what all that guy did.

So timeskip! and he's soon walking down a street in Las Vegas. While it wasn't all that much hotter than the Southeast, he could have done with less dust in the air. On an impulse, he dropped into a random bar he was passing in the hopes of begging a drink. Once he was inside, his senses finally kicked into place and he was once again cursing heritage and instincts all at once.

05-12-2012, 04:31 PM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

It's hard to describe how the sense feels. It's not easy to quantify - at least not with the level of power Aiden has. He can feel it louder, though how many people is impossible for him to tell.

But that's not quite as important.

"Truth. And... how long have you worked with the ethereal families?" He drains the rest of his coffee, and feels the spark start to glint in the back of his mind. He tries to ignore it. "I'll weigh my soul against the Feather any day - just give me a few dozen helium balloons, I'll be perfectly fine."

He glances around, sees Selene - sees Deann - sees Jack. He rolls his eyes and raises his voice, not shouting but letting the words carry clearly. "Okay. Everybody who's Johnny's guest to this lovely oasis in the desert, why don't you come over here and we can do the introductions thing. Because gods know we'll be bunked up together and sharing toothbrushes soon anyway. At least we can co-ordinate who's bringing which liquor."

05-12-2012, 07:32 PM
"I'm not the bunking up type. So I think I'll just stay right here, thank you very much." She shoots the speaker a 'what are you going to do about it' look. This is paired with a quick once over of him, ending with a quirked eyebrow, and obvious mental assignment of 'just another pretty boy'.

05-12-2012, 10:48 PM
Jack sighs, and heads on inside the cafe, looking rather haggard and tired... right up until he reaches into the pouch at his side, opening it up carefully, and drawing out one of the raw hearts, which he then pops in his mouth with a slight grimace, chewing and swallowing. He rubs his eyes a bit, and when he removes his hand, he looks much better- not at all like he just spent several days on the bus.

Sitting down at the table, he sets the book down, title up, and takes his knife out of his duffel, sheathing it at his side. "Jack Childs. Son of Tlaloc." He says quietly, and leans back slightly, looking up at the ceiling. "And I have a very, very bad feeling about this city in general, and Johnny in particular."

Jay 2K Winger
05-13-2012, 01:16 AM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

When Aiden makes his little call, there's a bit of a sigh from a couple of the people present. Summer herself, the cafe's owner, glances up and just shakes her head.

Selene Hoffman, meanwhile, heaves a bit of a sigh as she scoops up her laptop, her tablet, and her latte, then moves over to Aiden's table. She sits instead at the next table, but in such a way that she's facing the group as she sets her gear up again, resuming her work without missing a beat.

"Selene Hoffman. Not here on Johnny's invitation," she says, in the kind of clipped, short way common to the kinds of people whose brains work faster than they can usually handle. "Here for meet anyway. Coordinated flights and transportation." She glances briefly at Jack, adding, "Not sure why plane was unavailable. Bus serves just as well."

She then switches to a different tack without pausing for breath, "Vegas good for digital signals, but too much stimuli outside to parse. Much better inside, much better in here especially." She finally stops and inhales sharply before concluding, almost as an afterthought, "Nice to meet you."

The entire time, apart from her glance to Jack, and then at the group in general at her final line, she has been busily tapping away at her laptop and tablet.

05-13-2012, 06:22 AM
Luke shrugs and drops into a seat near Deann, deciding through some convoluted logic that she was likely the most approachable woman in the gathering. "Hey. Get dragged here on family business too?"

05-13-2012, 06:24 AM
Location: MGM, Grand Garden Arena..Night before the Meeting.

Mike "The Wolf" Hammer sighed headed toward the back of the arena. Photographers were everywhere, asking him how it felt to once again be undefeated in his, what was it again..twentieth, successful title defense? Of course he put on a smiling face, complimented his competition on how great they were, not believing a word of it. He shut out the reporters, leaning against the wall.

He would have never accepted such a small purse, nor such a useless title defense, if not for the letter. Finally something he could really sink his teeth into. There had better be a real challenge, or he and this Johnny Mercury was gonna have words. He just didn't know how he was going to do it without the whole world knowing. His last mission had been sort of a bust because of it, good thing it had turned out that it was a false alarm. All it had taken was some of his fame, and some of his money..and the problem had been solved.

"Hey Harvey, next time I accept a bout just to get a free lift to somewhere..slap me would ya?" He was talking to his 'Manager' Harvey West. Harvey was a decent enough manager, but knew to do what Lupo asked..when he asked.

"Come on Champ, couldn't have been that bad?"

"Bad? I practically threw myself into his punches, and he still missed. How can I put on a good show if the guy can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag?!" Sad but true, the guy he had fought was not even in the top 20, he had pushed it as a 'Giving the new guys a shot at the top'..but this guy had a long way to go before he was going to be ready..for somebody who was not part god.

"That bad then. Well champ, you didn't come here for this fight. So, relax..tomorrow is the important thing." Harvey was smart enough, Lupo had always liked Harvey.

"Your right Harvey. I just want to know when somebody will give me a challenge."

================================================== ==

Next morning..

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Lupo Virtis walked into the Cafe without much fanfaire. He didn't speak much, never had..he just quietly slid into a seat, listened to everybody. The rest of the place had already noticed him, and quickly looked away. His presence meant he would never go unnoticed, but people almost always looked away immediately. Which was good and bad. People knew that he and Mike were the same, but were most of the time too intimidated to ask for his autograph or bother him when he was 'Lupo'. When it come time to intro himself, he just simply stated. "Lupo. Hope the stares from the others don't bother noone. At least it shouldn't this Johnny."

05-13-2012, 06:53 AM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Emmett takes a moment to stare around the room (soul gaze). For some the intense gaze is unnerving, for others they wonder exactly what the hell he is looking at, others still wonder if they have something on their face. (I'll leave the exact details up to the players for how they specifically react).

"Well hopefully things will get a little more pleasant once we're out of this heat." He gives what he hopes is a disarming grin, "I recommend the apple pie by the way. It's quite good." He sips at his coffee.

05-13-2012, 07:08 AM
Lupo feels the gaze, but since what you see is what you get with him..and he is use to stares..shrugs it off. He has to admit though, not many people gaze at him that long. Most find their cornflakes (or newspapers, etc) really fascinating quick.

05-13-2012, 07:52 AM
Deann shifts uncomfortably as Emmett's gaze lands on her, or maybe it's the fact a stranger just plunked himself down in front of her. She takes another sip of her water and says to the man in front of her, "Seems to be the problem of the day here."

05-13-2012, 01:15 PM
Gods fucking damnit. Where did you pull this pack up?

Emmett's gaze is simply ignored by Aiden, who's coming to the wonderful conclusion that this is, indeed, going to be Another One Of Those Times. He pulls up his phone and takes a little time to tap something in, then leaves it on his lap, sits up, and starts trying to make sense.

"Right. Hi Jack. That's a big knife. Rainy days are here again. You bring the tequila." He turned and waved his fingers at Lupo. "Hi Wolfie. I see the brawn showed up. A handle of vodka or eight would be great. Emmett... I just know you keep a bottle of whiskey in the bottom drawer of your desk, so whatever brand that is will be A-OK by me."

"As for the Ginger-Shrimp Cocktail over there," Aiden gives an uncharacteristic toothy grin, "the gentleman could find some poteen, and - oh, dear, underage. Can't believe Johnny pulled such a young kid into this. Well, you can grab some soda and mixers for us, couldn't you?"

And a bubble pops up on Selene's Gmail Chat:

Aiden Mistel: Okay, co-ordinator. How cold are we talking? Like, wear layers, wear a parka, or wear a spacesuit?

05-13-2012, 03:05 PM
Jack blinks slowly at Selene... "The bus was intentional. I'm a man with dark skin and a sacrificial knife who carries around a bag full of raw hearts. Why, exactly, would I expect airport security to just ignore me?"

Around then is when he notices Emmett's Soul Gaze, and looks back at him momentarily, before glancing back at Aiden. "Aztec. Not Mexican. Pulque's the cultural alcohol." He says, deadpan... And then actually reaches into the duffel, and brings out a bottle of a milky white substance. "'s better for you, too." He says, sliding it over toward the man. "And no, I don't have any more. I'm not even sure where I got that bottle from."

Truth be told, the only reason that he'd even taken it with him in the first place was on the off chance that he'd need to get drunk to travel across the desert... He hadn't needed it, and had no interest in carrying it any longer. He really didn't know where it had come from- it had been sitting on the shelf when he had gotten out of the hospital, and only knew what it was due to the label and a quick dictionary search.

05-13-2012, 04:50 PM
Deann bristles slightly at the underage comment. "Not underaged. I just choose not to drink neither this early nor when I'm trying to walk to my motel in the heat of the day."

05-13-2012, 05:09 PM
A soul gaze on Luke would mainly reveal that while he's acting irritated with this whole development, but that's just because he doesn't like being told what to do. He's actually looking forward to the task itself.

"'Poteen'? The hell are you talking about? And why don't you try me an' see what happens?"

05-13-2012, 06:41 PM
Lupo's ears perked up at that comment. "No alcohol for me, I'm always training. Keep the body in tip top shape.." he looks at the guy who made the challenge. "Never know when somebody is actually going to give me a challenge." He smiles, which is sort of disconcerting..they don't call him 'The Wolf' for nothing. "If I am not in front of the cameras or in the ring, I am not 'Wolf'..I am Lupo, Virtis, or Mr. Virtis if I don't like you." a sideways glance to the person who called him 'Wolfe'.

Jay 2K Winger
05-13-2012, 07:41 PM
Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

To the soul gaze, Selene appears like a bundle of energy, which nevertheless is... distributed. But not anything present, but out there on the ether. One might assume this is due to her always-online nature.

"Poteen," the hacker pipes in. "Traditional distilled Irish beverage. Highly alcoholic. Sort of like Irish moonshine. Surprised you don't know about it," she adds to Luke, continuing, "Would like to try pulque. Another time perhaps, much too busy coordinating things," she pauses, inhaling sharply, and concludes, "maybe later."

Aiden receives a reply almost instantly on Google Chat, while she's speaking, but in the same almost staccato manner of her speech:

Selene Hoffman: Don't know details.
Selene Hoffman: Assume worst.
Selene Hoffman: Especially when Merc involved.
Selene Hoffman: Do know job starts in Denver.
Selene Hoffman: Don't know why meet is in Vegas.
Sent at 3:34PM
Selene Hoffman: I have a bad feeling about this job.

After a few more bits of posturing, everyone's phones gets a text message. The number may not be familiar, but the message within, especially when Selene gives another one of those put-upon sighs, makes no doubts about who it's from.

The text message reads:
Mirage. Room 2827. Come as U R. Open bar awaits! <3 Johnny

"At least it isn't B.Y.O.B.," Selene notes as she drains her latte and tosses it in a nearby wastebin.

05-13-2012, 10:19 PM
"My great grandparents might've known about it, but me and my mom have never been back to the family home. The only moonshine I've ever had was the Appalachian redneck variety."

And he currently has no phone to check, so he'll be trying to have a look at someone else's screen.

05-13-2012, 11:06 PM
Since he's sitting near Deann, it's probably hers. Her only response to it is, "Why does that man think an open bar is a requirement for these things?"

Jay 2K Winger
05-14-2012, 12:45 AM
GM Note: Timeskip! - Feel free to have any final bits at the cafe, set up transportation to the Mirage, etc.

Location: The Mirage, Las Vegas

Upon arriving at the hotel/casino, a hotel employee greets them, confirming who each person is while consulting a tablet. "Everything's been arranged, if you'll follow me," the bellhop says, and leads their charge(s) to an elevator. "And there was a slight hiccup with the reservation. You've been upgraded." (This statement passes as a truth, as far as the hotel employees know.)

The penthouse suite that the group eventually arrives at is luxurious. Three bedrooms, multiple TVs, and so much more. Selene heads straight for a desk, where she sets up her gear and folds her legs under her as she picks up right where she'd left off.

When the last of the group arrives, the bellhop passes out keycards. "If there is anything you require, just call the concierge or the front desk, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Welcome to the Mirage."

No sign of Johnny yet, but there is a note on one of the tables: Chillax a bit. Be with you soon! <3 Johnny.

05-14-2012, 02:12 AM
When Jack sees the note, he sighs, and sinks down into a chair near the door of the suite they've been given. "Wonderful. Just... Wonderful." He says, before turning toward Selene. "You're Selene, right? Where do you think Johnny is going to take us next? Because to be frank, I'm nearly useless out here in the desert..." He says, before turning to look back at the door, and then closing his eyes, focusing on the sense that tells him about heartbeats all around him...

05-14-2012, 02:57 AM
Aiden gives a look to Jack, then to the bottle, then back to the Aztec with a look of genuine pleasure. "We'll save it, then, yes?" He takes the bottle of pulque, wraps it carefully in his napkins, lays it in his bag full of yarn.

He does his best not to smirk at Luke, but the sigh Selene gives is echoed almost verbatim by him. He picks up his bag and rises. "Simple," he says to Deann. "Sugar coating on the poison pill. Well, Jack, nice to meet you, as crazy a sumbitch you seem - and the rest of you, of course. I'll see you at the Mirage."

Location: The Mirage, Room 2827, Las Vegas

Aiden finds a seat, settles down, leans back to open the minibar behind him and pulls out a bottle of Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale. He offers (and gently tosses over, if accepted) to Jack and Selene, opens the bottle on the edge of the table, and sips calmly.

GChat with Selene

Aiden Mistel: You working logistics and intel this time too?

05-14-2012, 03:44 AM
Deann looks at her keycard. "Wait, does he expect all of us to stay here? Because, no offense, staying with a bunch of strangers just doesn't fly with me."

05-14-2012, 04:15 AM
Lupo shrugs at the accommodations. Though he could easily afford such, he preferred much more low key rooms. "If you do not want to stay where he set you up, let me know. I'll foot the bill for you a separate room if the hotel has any." he shrugs. It's just money. Between his boxing and MMA career, and good investments, he had enough never to have to worry about it. "Too posh for me, but guess it will do."

05-14-2012, 04:40 AM
"Actually it's more the fact that I already set up a room and I'm gonna get charged for it one way or another. And I really don't have the salary to support wasting money like that."

05-14-2012, 05:00 AM
Summer's Cafe
"Maybe not a requirement, but I think I can appreciate it."

Later, the Mirage
Actually paying for drinks was such a rare occurrence for Luke that he'd never really learned what in particular was good to order. Thus he found himself sitting near a window with some jagermeister, mainly waiting to see what was going on this time.

05-14-2012, 09:32 AM
At the Mirage

EJ quirks an eyebrow at the comment that they've been upgraded. Once in the room he takes a seat where he can watch the door. When Deann speaks up he adds to the conversation saying, "I secured a room before going to the cafe myself, so I probably won't be staying here either."

Jay 2K Winger
05-14-2012, 04:45 PM
Location: Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Selene declines Aiden's offer of Sierra Nevada, still busily tapping away on her laptop and tablet and phone. "Open bar. Meant to ply us with booze. Make us more susceptible to job pitch," she states in her typical fast, staccato way, barely pausing for breath, "Always beware of razor in the candy floss. Johnny means well, just a bit of a cloaca." And yes, she does use that term. Without pausing, she goes on, "Important job, anyway. Can't call the demis up. Heavy-hitters otherwise occupied." She pauses, inhales sharply, and concludes, "Has to be us."

GChat with Aiden

Selene Hoffman: Not logistics. Solomon handling those.
Selene Hoffman: Handling a lot of intel.
Selene Hoffman: For this job and others.
Selene Hoffman: Lot of data to sift through.
Selene Hoffman: Could be worse.
Selene Hoffman: Brigitte's group chasing Kane Taoka around in southern hemisphere.
Sent at 4:25PM
Selene Hoffman: Antarctica, to be precise.

While folks are discussing accommodations and so on, there's a knock at the door. A deep voice on the other side says, "Housekeeping."

But Emmett would be able to tell that's a lie. And Jack would immediately pick up a pair of basso profundo heartbeats that were decidedly not human.

The door's lock beeps and clicks, as from a master key, and then opens to admit two figures of dimensions large enough that they both have to duck to get through the door. They wear ill-fitting bellhop uniforms, one wearing a cap which is removed to reveal the solitary eye above its nose. The other is quite hirsute, but its skin has an unearthly pallor to it, and its beard is coated in a sort of hoarfrost.

Despite their size, they move with remarkable speed to get in the room before they can be stopped, and then the cyclops shuts the door behind them. The jotun bears sharp teeth and pops its neck as it produces a knife.

GM Note: Cue some conflict! Shouldn't be too difficult for a roomful of scions to take on a cyclops and frost giant. Don't worry too much about collateral damage, btw. Our little band is on an expense account that would blow your mind.

05-14-2012, 05:03 PM
Emmett has just enough time to register the thought Housekeeping is a lie? before the door begins to open. He calls out "Trouble!" and dives behind the couch he had been sitting on and quickly glances around the room looking for something useful...

Jay 2K Winger
05-14-2012, 05:38 PM
GM Note: Posting on behalf of Naamah, who is having some issues with her net.

Aiden takes a look at the two decidedly-not-Housekeepings, starts to take another sip of beer - and tosses the bottle directly at the Cyclops's head before diving under the table.

"Fire. The jotuun. Someone set him on fire."

05-14-2012, 05:57 PM
Deann dives behind the nearest cover herself, thanking all the pantheon that she had the foresight to pack her smallest bow in her pack. She pulls out a thin stick, about the length of her forearm and begins to string it. Anybody near her would also notice what seems like mini-arrows sticking from the top of her pack.

05-14-2012, 06:06 PM
Luke reaches into his pack and pulled out an extending baton, whipping it out to full length and heading for the two giants. He's doing his best to keep calm, since there are just too many bystanders and (probably) friendlies in the room to risk letting himself go.

05-14-2012, 06:10 PM
Lupo immediately starts eyeing the cyclops, anticipating its movements, information flooding his brain. Weak spots, if it favors its right or left, how much time it takes for it to do a maneuver. Meanwhile he launches himself at the beast, fear and thoughts of his own safety slipping away. Other things start to fade away, it's just him and the beast...and defeating that beast. His powerful right hand lands on what should be a kidney, then the back of his elbow what should be where a lung is. The beast feels the blows, but seems not as affected as they should be.

Sliding under a wild swing, his forearm connects with a knee, making the creature scream out in pain.

05-14-2012, 06:13 PM
About this time, Deann's got her bow ready and gets up slightly, sighting the Cyclops, and more particularly its eye. She takes a deep breath and lets go, hoping the arrows are short enough to count for her not against her this time.

((Don't like calling my own finishing shots, so somebody else can determine the success. She's aiming to take his eye out and is concerned cuz her ability won't let her take one hit kills))

Jay 2K Winger
05-14-2012, 06:24 PM
Location: Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas

"Stupid children," the cyclops rumbles. "Foolish, foolish godlings."

The jotun chuckles as it pops its knuckles. "Can't believe you took the bait of an upgrade..."

The cyclops starts to lumber forward when Aiden's thrown bottle hits it in the forehead. It grunts and stumbles a bit, but then it glowers angrily, letting out a bellow that shakes the room. Lupo's body shots don't seem to do much to injure it, though it does stagger as the fists strike home. The shot to its knee makes it stumble. Then the jotun grabs the MMA fighter around the neck with a thick arm, a chill radiating from the Titanspawn's body as it stumbles away, locking its arm under his jaw and pressing its other hand to the back of his head, trying to lock on a blood choke. "Always wanted a chance to beat the champ," the jotun snarls with a grin as it staggers backward, its own massive strength allowing it to lift Lupo off his feet.

The cyclops, meanwhile, is lumbering toward E.J. and Aiden. Selene moves and dives behind the bar, grabbing a bottle of rum and a dish towel. She's busily dousing the towel with rum as she turns to Emmett. "There's a lighter in the drawer, right there," she points to a drawer in the end table. The cyclops reaches the couch behind which Emmett is hiding, grabbing it and hurling it aside--

--just in time for Deann's arrow to catch it in the eye. The bellow is more of a shriek this time, the massive Titanspawn staggering back and clutching at its face. "My eye!" it wails. "You shot my eye!"

05-14-2012, 06:27 PM
Unfortunately for the cyclops, it's not only fighting Lupo and blinded by the arrow that just struck it's eye, but Luke jumps in as well, delivering expert strikes to the monster's joints with his baton, breaking a kneecap on the second strike. It might have been more tactically sound to go after the jotuun, but the cyclops simply bore too much resemblance to the fomorii, and grudges that old die hard.

05-14-2012, 06:35 PM
Deann breathes a near sigh of relief that her arrow took and lines up another arrow--this time aiming for the jotuun's elbow.

05-14-2012, 06:52 PM
EJ nods to Selene and grabs the lighter as well as a few bottles from the mini-bar. He gives the lighter an underhand toss to Selene and then begins hurling the bottles at the Jotun. "Hey ugly, try picking on someone your own size!" In his mind he's thinking So cliche... but it usually works. His aim is three fold. 1: Douse the brute in alcohol for the coming flames 2: Distract his attention from Selene so she can get him with her homemade Molotov. 3: Hopefully tick him off enough to drop Lupo before he's set on fire.

05-14-2012, 08:22 PM
Jack, meanwhile, was silent, still sitting in the chair, drawing his legs up into it, and drawing his knife... And then lunging in low, slashing at the back of the Jotun's legs with the surgically sharp steel, trying to open up large arteries, and to hamstring it. "No, no, Frosty... pay attention to ME. I'm going to carve out your heart and EAT it..." He says, with his eyes wide, and a very nasty grin on his face... The scariest thing about that statement was that Emmett would be able to tell that he actually fully intended to carve out this creature's heart and eat it.

Jay 2K Winger
05-14-2012, 09:34 PM
GM Note: Pardon a few bits of powerplay here, in the interest of zomgdrama.

Location: Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas - Bobby No-Eyes the Cyclops & Frosty the Jotun vs Our Ragtag Band of Misfits

The jotun grunts a few times as bottles of alcohol shatter both against its tough skin and the wall, dousing both it and Lupo in booze. The frost giant turns one pale eye balefully on Emmett, baring its jagged teeth. "I thought I was," the Titanspawn sneers. (Picking on someone his own size, that is.) It kept its arms locked tight around Lupo's head, swinging him this way and that, hoping to prevent the Mars-kin from fighting back.

That's when things start going wrong for it. First Deann's next arrow flies. It doesn't quite fly entirely true; the arrow grazes against Lupo's cheek, slicing it open before burying itself in the jotun's wrist behind the fighter's head. Icy cold ichor spurts from the wound, drawing another bellow of pain. "Hellenic whelp!" the frost giant snarls. "I'll--" but it's interrupted by Jack, the Aztec-kin's knife succeeding in slicing open its left leg, more of that chilling ichor spilling out, before the knife is turned aside by the jotun's thick Achilles tendon. It doesn't slice through, but it does wound, and the giant's leg buckles, the combination of injuries putting Lupo's feet back on the floor.

"Blood-drinking filth!" the jotun howls. "I'll have your skull for my mead horn!"

On the other side of the room, the blinded cyclops is going berserk, swinging its massive arms around as it tries to find the godling that had been behind the sofa. Its massive feet sweep around on the floor as it careers over toward the bar, its bulk slamming into the counter and rocking it. Selene is up and backing away as she clutches the lighter-- business-end out-- in her teeth, stuffing the rum-soaked towel into the neck of the bottle. "Where you go, Moon-bitch whore?!" the cyclops roars, one sweep of its arm breaking a chunk of the counter off, coming frightfully close to Emmett's location.

Luke's strikes draw forth more bellows of rage from the blinded Titanspawn, especially as one kneecap cracks with a sound like a gunshot. Its leg buckles, and it falls to one knee, but then its elbow comes around like the wrath of the titans, only without any appearances by Sam Worthington or Liam Neeson. It catches Luke with enough force to send him off his feet and flying back a little ways, the baton clattering from his hands and sliding under the table. Growling with fury, the cyclops rips the arrow out of its blinded eye and flings it into the floor as it struggles to get back to its feet. Its huge head swings back and forth, and its flat nostrils flare. "No need eye!" it rumbles. "Can smell you, puny godlings!"

To the Aesir-kin courageously cowering under the table, a thought suddenly strikes him as he looks from the jotun-- which had been doing a fairly good job neutralizing 'Wolfie' with that blood choke-- to the cylcops: No matter how big and strong something is, it can't fight if it can't breathe...

05-14-2012, 09:59 PM
Fuck fuck fuck this is not in my job description damnit I don't like this but I'd rather the assholes attacking people dead than these pack of morons...

Aiden scurries to the Michael's bag, drawing the next ball of yarn he'd planned for the scarf out and looping a yard around his hands, over and over as he stands up shaking and very carefully sneaking around to the other side of the cyclops.

Then he lunges, throwing the improvised garotte over the titanspawn's head and pulling his weight backward, holding on for dear life.

05-14-2012, 10:06 PM
Jack is still grinning that vicious grin of his, straightening up, and running his tongue over his teeth. "I'd let him go if I were you... Or do you plan to just let me stab you to death? Either way is fine with me, but you're going to need your hands for this one." He says, flicking his knife out, and letting the ichor slide off the blade and splatter against the wallpaper. The cyclops is dangerous, sure, but the Jotun seems smarter, and that is FAR more deadly. Of course, if it's going to keep its back turned to him, he'll be glad to cut it up some more...

05-14-2012, 10:11 PM
"Y'know, I may not particularly like my mother, but she's not a bitch, and I'm not a whore!" Deann shoots another arrow, aiming for the cyclops' diaphragm to help with the whole choking thing going on here.

05-14-2012, 10:17 PM
Luke is thrown onto, and through, a wooden chair, shaking his head as he pulls himself up from amid the wreck. He's breathing heavily, but not apparently from his injuries, but rather from some extreme effort - not that anyone can really tell what the focus of that effort might be, though those who know his origins and their mythology might be able to guess if they can see his eyes. One is noticeably dilated, while the other iris has contracted. With a shout, he grabs the broken ends of the chair legs to replace his baton and rushes at the cyclops, switching freely between stabbing with the broken ends and swinging them as clubs. He doesn't even flinch as the arrow grazes his neck and draws blood - likely not even aware it happened.

05-14-2012, 10:47 PM
A sudden thought... an out of place detail strikes Emmett he considers the implications of the following points: The upgrade was a ruse meant to trap them, Johnny Left a Note : Both of these can't be true, so there must be someone who wrote the note and set up the room ahead of time.

He muses out loud, "So which of you two is the smart one? I bet you can't even spell your own names." He scoffs... "Hell I bet you had to have someone read the numbers of the rooms for you. It does get difficult counting that high."

Jay 2K Winger
05-15-2012, 02:05 PM
Location: Increasingly Damaged Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas

The blinded, berserk, bloodied, bellowing cyclops' roars are choked off with a low squeak as Aiden's improvised garrote catches it around the neck. The big Titanspawn stumbles backward, not completely off-balance, as the Aesir-kin's weight hangs off its neck. One hand tries to grab for the ligature, but it has sunk to deeply into its thick neck for its equally thick fingers to grasp. Its other arm tries to reach back for Aiden, but once again the cyclops' thick body prevents it doing so.

It is so distracted by the effort to clear its airway that it's left rather wide open for Luke's furious assault. It can't even muster up a roar as the makeshift weapons in the Tuatha-kin's hands stab and bludgeon it, its hot ichor staining the remnants of its tattered bellhop disguise. And then Deann's arrow streaks past for the Titanspawn's throat-- grazing Luke's neck en passant-- and penetrates with enough force that Aiden would find the pointy end stopping just in front of his nose.

The cyclops' struggles cease for a moment as it clutches at its bleeding throat, sinking to its knees, a harsh wheeze gurgling from its ruined neck before it pitches forward onto its face. It's not quite dead yet, but it's dying, and too weak from its injuries and the Aesir-kin strangling it to fight back any further.

Meanwhile, the frost giant-- which is indeed the smarter of these two Titanspawn-- manages to force its way back to its full height with a yell, hurling Lupo to the floor with enough force to drive any remaining wind from the fighter's lungs. To add further injury, it stomps a foot down on the small of his back, snarling, "I'll finish with you in a second, Marsson."

That done, the jotun rips the arrow out of its wrist, snapping the shaft in two and flinging the pieces aside. Even with its chilling ichor dripping down its leg and arm, the Titanspawn is still a big fighter. It turns its pale eyes to Emmett. At the insult to its intelligence, the jotun snarls. "Son of Ma'at," it declares, "for one who sees the truth in things, you are remarkably easy to fool with a false note." It smirks.

And sure enough, if E.J. were to look again now, the illusion on the note would be clear. The signature (<3 Johnny) is True, but the rest of the note... that was added later, by someone else's hand. The note had just enough truth on it that the illusion spell was able to fool the P.I.'s abilities.

The jotun glances now at the body of its cycloptic comrade, which is by now going still. It bares its teeth. "Cyclopses are fine berserkr," it remarks. "But if you want brains to go with the brawn, call a jotun. You god-whelps are only delaying the inevitable. When the Jotunhammer falls, so will the darkness, and your world's as good as dead!"

"In that case," Selene quips, rising from behind the bar with the burning Molotov cocktail in one hand, "one must cast a light into the darkness."

She flicks the weapon at the frost giant, whose eyes widen in terror before it shatters against its chest. Flames whoosh up, setting the jotun ablaze and sending it staggering back into the wall. It shrieks in pain and terror, pitching about blindly, cracking the wall. Selene nods in satisfaction. "Cheers," she offers.

Of course, there's the slight problem of Lupo Virtus still being on the floor. He got doused pretty liberally in alcohol as well by Emmett's earlier barrage, and all it would take is the jotun falling down close enough to him to set him on fire as well...

05-15-2012, 02:57 PM
There's blood on his face, splattered from the arrow scratching the tip of his nose.

Aiden lays on its back, adrenaline rush paralyzing him, every sense hyper alert. He feels the heartbeat fading quickly in the body beneath him. He hears the braggadocio of the jotuun, hears the echo of a memory - and then the flames rise.

He doesn't move, just clutches at the dead titanspawn and stares into the ragged wound, shaking.

05-15-2012, 04:00 PM
Deann launches herself out from behind the couch, running to Lupo's side in a split second almost. She starts tugging on him (she knows there's no way she can pick him up).

"Come on! You've got to move!"

05-15-2012, 04:08 PM
EJ Having already been anticipating the fire bomb leaps to action just a few steps behind Deann and begins helping her pull Lupo out of harms way. Hopefully their combined effort will be enough...

Jay 2K Winger
05-15-2012, 04:20 PM
Location: Pretty Well Demolished Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas

The combined efforts of Emmett and Deann are sufficient to move the big MMA fighter, and just in time, as the flailing, wailing jotun-on-fire collapses to its knees, igniting some of the spilled booze on the floor. It pitches onto its face, still thrashing and howling. The fire, combined with some ichor-loss, has pretty well neutralized the frost giant. And the cyclops is lying dead underneath a combat-traumatized Aiden.

Of course, there's still the issue of a somewhat-battle-frenzied Luke and a blood-thirsty Jack that might be a problem, if they can't keep their Divine impulses in check.

05-15-2012, 06:36 PM
Lupo snaps out of his Inner Focus with a curse, realizing he had let his fathers influence grab him again..and it had almost killed him. He stands quickly thanking the ones who had saved him.

05-15-2012, 07:50 PM
He's up in time to see Luke leap from the cyclops, his makeshift weapons still in hand, and plunge both into the back of the jotuun, leaving both nearly completely buried in it's body, while ignoring the flames, standing again unarmed and looking around at the rest of the group, still clearly in his berserk state and waiting for anyone to make a move. Or getting ready to make one himself.

05-15-2012, 08:06 PM
Lupo wonders why the other warrior is still raging, but then realizes if his father can still influence him...he calmly stands up, takes a defensive stance between the warrior and the others. His primary mission now that the other two creatures are down is defense.

He can't read his opponent, but he didn't need to. He did need to make sure his focus didn't get him in trouble again. He..closed his eyes. He can fight blind. Calling to the others.."Need to even the playing field here...douse all the lights..need it as dark in here as we can get it..including snuffing out the unhuman torch there." Taking a calming deep breath, he started doing the boxer shuffle..ready to intercept, intercede, and block if needed.

Jay 2K Winger
05-15-2012, 08:30 PM
GM Note: And now for some war god cock blocking...

Location: Penthouse Suite What Has Been Trashed And Burned, The Mirage, Las Vegas

There is one of those long, frightfully silent pauses as Luke Cooley (Battle Frenzied Tuatha-kin) and Lupo Virtus (Super Fighting Robot Champion Roman-kin) stand opposite one another as the flames on the jotun's carcass start to fade.

Then the door is unceremoniously ripped off its hinges as a man of similar dimensions to the jotun steps into the room. Luke, had he been facing the man, would recognize him as "Crocodile Dundee" from the airport. Only one other person in the room has met him, but said person is still in a state of mild catatonic shock from having to help strangle a cyclops.

Solomon Becker takes it all in remarkably quick. And he seems to know exactly what Luke is in the midst of. The big Aussie shakes his head. "Nope, can't be havin' that, mate."

There is a pop and a sparking noise, following which Luke's body seizes up. Solomon quickly withdraws the taser from the man's back and catches him before he pitches onto the floor, propping him against a wall. Surprisingly, this has the welcome benefit of shocking (ha) Luke out of his battle frenzy.

The Aussie looks around the wreckage of the room, looking at the cooked body of the jotun, then the bloody heap of the cyclops, and sighs. "Bloody hell, missed all the fun, did I?"

05-15-2012, 08:34 PM
Jack shrugs somewhat... "Indeed." He says, when Solomon says that he missed out on all the fun... and reaches down to the cooked body, poking it a few times. Then he turns it onto its back, propped up on Luke's makeshift weapons, shoving his knife into its chest, humming a cheerful tune as he cracks open the ribcage to get to the heart. "So. Jotunhammer?" He asks as he reaches in with one hand, starting to ease the heart a bit out of the chest cavity so that he can cut it loose. "Blech. Going to have to rinse this out before I can eat it..."

05-15-2012, 09:17 PM
EJ does his best to ignore the cutting out of the Jotun's heart. "Now that things are a bit calmed down we have an interesting conundrum." Anyone watching him can tell the gears are turning in his head, "The note was faked. The big guy there called out my Mother by name. Whoever set this up at least knows what I am if not who. Which means this set up was not just a chance crossing of opposing forces, but they actively sought us out. And unless I'm mistaken, someone other than Tweedledee and Tweedledum-dum here had to cast the illusion over that note, which means we have an as yet unnamed third enemy actively seeking to stop us before we even get going..."

05-15-2012, 09:53 PM
"Jotunn can do magic."

Aiden's voice is soft, almost like when he first spoke to Emmett. He slowly, carefully rises - focusing on each movement. One hand loosens from the yarn loop, but one is knotted into it, and as he comes up the threads pull along the bloody throat of the dead cyclops. He looks at the bloody loops strung to his hand, then away to the dead Jotunn, then back to Emmett.

"But you're right. This isn't isolated. Jack, be careful - if they knew who we are, they'd know your habits. Their flesh may be cursed."

He brings his other arm up, wipes his face as well as he can with the sleeve of his T. He breathes out raggedly.

"Where is Johnny."

Jay 2K Winger
05-15-2012, 11:50 PM
Location: Site of The Great Battle The Mighty Curb-Stomping Round One, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Solomon watches Jack cut out the jotun's heart with disinterest. Now that things had calmed down, it was clear that the big Aussie was certainly armed. Besides the taser on his belt, he also had a sawed-off shotgun shoved in a custom holster on one leg, a honkin' big revolver in a shoulder holster, and a huge machete on his other hip. All this, coupled with his war-worn slouch hat and crocodile-skin vest, certainly helped the whole "Crocodile Dundee" look.

"Dunno what a Yo-toon-hammer is," Solomon replies with a shrug. "Sounds like Aesir-lore, ta me."

He nods to Emmett. "Truth, that. Them as sent these big'uns after ya, they're smart coves, they are. Still, a cyclops workin' with a jotun? They're not exactly the best of chums, them lot. Someone else is pullin' the strings."

He jerks a thumb toward the door. "Come on, Johnny's downstairs in 2827. I'll make sure this mess gets swept under."

05-16-2012, 02:47 AM
Luke pulls himself up with a groan, rubbing his head and then the point on his back where the taser stuck him. "You ass... fuckin' hurt."

05-16-2012, 02:56 AM
Jack pulls the heart completely free of the chest cavity, and heads on into the bathroom, running water over it, and through it, cleaning it of the majority of the ichor... and then he heads back into the main room, putting the organ into his duffel, wrapped in plastic, glancing over at Luke. "Letting you go berserk on your teammates isn't an option. Be glad no one ended up stabbing you." He says, picking up the duffel and heading out the door, toward the suite where Johnny should be waiting this time...

05-16-2012, 03:01 AM
EJ Takes a moment to stare at (soul gaze) the new comer and then heads out of the room with the rest of the group to the correct suite.

05-16-2012, 03:02 AM
Deann shakes her head at the shenanigans but moves over to the bodies to see if she can retrieve her arrows. The one's in the Jotuun are crispy, but she recovers the two from the cyclops, grimacing at the blood. "Lovely." She grabs a nearby towel to wrap them in before she heads out herself.

05-16-2012, 03:37 AM
Aiden stares at the rest, then pats his pockets down with his free hand, slowly tracing back to the plastic bag with the rest of the yarn and the pulque bottle.

Yes, no problem, no problem at all - we just killed two beings, business as usual guys, off to chat with Johnny and...


fuck my life.

He pulls his phone out as he silently follows the rest - one hand still entangled in bloody yarn - and texts Kerry to have a shirt and jeans delivered to Johnny's room. Gore was definitely not the 'in' fashion at the moment.

05-16-2012, 04:41 AM
Lupo shrugged and followed the rest. At least somebody else was cleaning it up.

Jay 2K Winger
05-16-2012, 01:25 PM
Location: Room Where CSI Would Have A Field Day, The Mirage, Las Vegas

To Emmett's soul gaze, Solomon would definitely show that he's not an enemy to them. Oh, he's not entirely a nice person-- Emmett could probably see that the big Aussie has his share of black deeds on his soul-- but he's not one of the Bad Guys. The impression is that Solomon is a good guy to have on your side, and to try not to tick him off.

As Luke stands back up, Solomon glances back at him. "Which would ya rather, Brighto? Sore muscles from a taser? Or wakin' up in a room fulla dead bodies what you made so?" He shakes his head. "You want, we can settle up later, you and me. For now, I got damage control ta do. Go on, go see what Johnny wants out of ya."

The group leaves, and Solomon surveys the damage and whatnot with his hands on his hips. "This might take a bit o' work," he grunts.

Location: Room 2827, The Mirage, Las Vegas

The door opens as the group starts to arrive, and Johnny Mercury is on the other side. His usually cheerfully irreverent attitude is gone as he ushers everyone inside, scanning the hallway as they come, then shuts the door and locks it. He's got a gun in his hand as he does so, and once the door's locked, he checks the safety, then heads over to the bar set up in the kitchen.

He ignores any questions anyone might have as they arrive, setting up six shot glasses on the bar, then selecting a bottle of some amber-hued liquor. It has no label. He pours eight shots and then passes these out to everyone, saving the last for himself. "Drink up," he orders. "I like to call it the One True Whiskey. It's not the full Nectar, but it'll sooth your nerves and replenish you." That said, he swallows his own shot and then pours himself another drink from one of the standard bottles of liquor.

When tasted, the One True Whiskey has a good taste-- but not like any mundane liquor. It tastes of your favorite drink, but with the intensity cranked up all the way. A warmth would spread through you, and any fatigue gently melts away. Bruises would start to fade, and cuts heal. But unlike with mundane booze, instead of it impairing ones' faculties, they get more clear. "Just the one shot," Johnny sighs. "We don't have much to spare."

Selene, the whole way from the fight scene to Johnny's room, had been busily tapping away on her tablet, and she looks up after swallowing her own shot of the One True Whiskey. "Just checked the Mirage's systems. Looks like the suite upstairs was arranged through intermediaries, but I backtraced them to Pyke Brands." (Pyke Brands, the company behind the best-selling Slam! energy drink.)

Johnny grunts. "Pyke. Pretty sure they're a Titan front organization." He sighs. "Great, this just keeps getting better and better." He pulls out his cell phone and puts it on speaker as he calls up a number. "Solomon?"

"Oy, what is it? Mite busy up here."

"How bad?"

"Not too bad, but this is gonna take some doing." There are a few muffled noises, which the canny might recognize as silenced gunshots. "But I think I can get this covered up as some kind of mob thing gone real bad. The mundies will ask questions, but they always ask questions. They just won't get any answers."

Johnny nods. "Finish up quick and get back down here. Selene should have the security footage doctored soon," he adds with a glance at her, and a quick nod from her as well.

"Will do," Solomon says. "Be down in a few."

Johnny sighs, and knocks back a swallow of his fresh drink. "Okay," he says, wearily, "you got questions, so ask."

05-16-2012, 01:41 PM
Emmett knocks back his drink, pours himself a shot of some actual whiskey from the bar, knocks that back, and then looks pointedly at Johnny. "Why don't we start with the question I'm sure is burning in everyone else's mind. What is this mission you called us here for?"

05-16-2012, 01:42 PM
Jack eyes the whiskey, then shrugs, and takes a shot... "My question's a bit more practical, I suppose... Do you know where I can find about 5 pounds of kosher salt? It's supposed to be a kind of metaphysical cleansing agent and barrier against corrupt influences, according to this..." He says, peering at the book he'd bought. Strange sort of request, perhaps, but then again, salt is all sorts of useful!

05-16-2012, 03:10 PM
Aiden beelines for the bathroom, stripping off his shirt, finally untangling the yarn from his hand, and washing off with a dampened towel. He comes back in, sits down and takes the glass, giving Johnny a Look before sipping very carefully.

"Do you actually know where we're going?"

Jay 2K Winger
05-16-2012, 03:30 PM
Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Johnny looks at Emmett and sighs. "What about about to tell you all is generally considered Above Top Secret kinda thing, you know? I know it because I'm just that awesome--" he pauses, then shakes his head, "Nah, that's a lie. I know it because I was enough of a pest that I was finally clued in on it."

As he speaks, Emmett would know that Johnny is not lying.

"The Powers That Be have a bunch of people whose job it is to keep an eye on what they call the Tapestry of Fate." He shrugs a little as he knocks back a slug of his drink. "Scions of the Norns or the Moirai and that lot, for the most part. They look for tangles. A tangle is this big conflux of interwoven fates, and beyond which, the Tapestry gets harder to read. They find a tangle, they find out whose fates are involved, and usually someone gets a visit from me or one of the other messengers to get a job." A look around the room at the others. "Those jobs you had before you got the letter or visit from me this time? Yeah, same kind of thing."

Johnny spreads his hands. "Only now there's a pretty major tangle coming up, and the Fate-watchers found that a number of scions are involved in it. You guys were some of them. Me and Solomon and Selene are involved as well, although I'm kind of tangentially involved. The problem is, the Other Guys have Fate-watchers of their own, and we think they cottoned to the fact that you guys are involved in that big tangle."

The actor grins a bit. "I'm not gonna say that it's destiny that you're involved, because, well, fate is what you make it, and nothing is set in stone."

Selene speaks up now. "Speculating about who hired thugs. Pyke Brands just a front, most likely bankrolling things. Must have a point man, someone calling the shots on the hit. Need to find out who that is. Don't need Fate-watch right now, need Past-watch." She glances at the others briefly, continuing, "Postcognition, not precognition. Just as tricky. Needs a focus, something strongly tied to the thing or person in question." She pauses, inhaling sharply, and finishes. "Blood is always best."

05-16-2012, 08:29 PM
Jack shrugs a bit.... "Don't suppose you can glean much from the heart of one of the thugs, or you would've had Solomon take a tissue sample." He says, opening up his duffel, and rummaging around a bit, before closing it back up, apparently satisfied. "So pretty much, all we have to go on is a minion who didn't know when to keep his mouth shut talking about 'Jotunhammer' as if it were a doomsday weapon... or possibly a very nasty sort of event. Seems fairly important."

05-16-2012, 08:37 PM
Lupo shrugs. "Destiny, fate, karma, kismit..if there is a fight involved, I am in. The next challenge is all that matters." He really was a simple person. He wanted somebody to challenge him, to push him to his limit and beyond..this seemed like it might do that.

05-16-2012, 08:41 PM
"Not all."

Aiden gets back up, returns to the bathroom. When he comes back, the yarn drenched in the death-blood of the cyclops is in his hands, damp dark red, bringing the stench of copper back to the room.

"I've... I've heard seidr can see the past as well as the future, but I've only done the latter. If you want, perhaps with Sh-Deann's arrow, the one she pulled from the cyclops. To amplify the power. I could try."

[Giving full godmod power to GM for divining-Aiden.]

05-17-2012, 12:34 AM
Deann starts at her name, confused by the quick cover there. Then more confused by the request. "If you want them, you can have them," swinging the bundle she's holding gingerly in his direction.

Jay 2K Winger
05-17-2012, 12:56 AM
Location: The War Room Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

When Jack mentions kosher salt, Selene picks up the room's phone and called room service to have some delivered.

Johnny shrugs a bit, "Wouldn't put it past Solomon to be scalping the thugs up there. He's a biiiit on the crazy side."

"I'll tell him you said that," Selene remarks dryly. "He'll take it as a compliment."

Then Aiden mentions that he might be able to read the cyclops' past from the bloody yarn-garrote. Johnny nods. "Worth a shot." Deann hands over the arrow, and Aiden does his Past-watch thing...

What Aiden Sees

A jumble of imagery and sensations, some of which couldn't possibly be healthy for his memories or future nightmares. Best not to dwell on these.

But then a much more clear memory comes to the fore. The jotun is there, and a number of other people. Some are Titanspawn and just thugs like the cyclops and jotun, but there are a few humans in the lowly-lit room around a table. Windows look out over Vegas itself.

"The skein is clear, it will be them," a male voice, with a noticeable accent. Latin-American? Something like that. The voice belongs to a tall man, his back to them, looking out of a window into a hallway, fingering what looks to be a set of prayer beads in one hand, turquoise and obsidian.

"All the more reason," a woman interjects, "to just kill them." This comes from a young woman of Asian descent-- Japanese, probably, but it's difficult to tell.

"It may be them," another woman interrupts, this one wearing glasses which almost seem to glow from the reflected light of her computer. She has her hands folded in front of her face, but it isn't clear if she's watching the room or the monitor. "But what isn't clear is how they play into all of this. They may yet be useful. Maybe even allies."

The Japanese woman looks over to a second man, but much about him is shrouded in shadow, even before one takes into account the black leather fedora hanging low over his brow. His feet are crossed up on the table. "Game's too early yet to go pickin' off pawns," he drawls lazily, a Southern accent-- Cajun?-- noticeable. "Ag's right, they might be useful." When the Japanese woman makes an unhappy sound, he adds, "Doesn't mean it might not be worth seein' what their mettle's like."

The Japanese woman nods, and glances to another figure in the room, and this one exudes menace. Tattoos crawl up his muscled arms, and dark red hair hangs in his face. He stands up and turns to face the jotun and cyclops. "Kill 'em if ye can," the tattooed man declares in an Irish-accented voice. "Don't let me down, boys."

"Nossir, Mr. MacBride," the jotun says hastily.

The shadowy man in the hat reaches into his jacket and draws out a paper. "Lucky me, I got Mercury's Johnny Hancock." He scrawls the note-- the same false note in the suite upstairs-- and then waves his fingers along it, muttering something in a language unfamiliar.

"Su," the man at the window says, "go over there and make sure everything is set up proper." The Asian woman nods and stands. "Rest of us should get back to Denver, apart from you, Matt," this is directed at the shadowy man. "Get the Corazón, and get it to Grom--"

The vision ends there, probably because the cyclops stopped paying attention as it and the jotun left.

05-17-2012, 01:57 AM
Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

The world comes foggy, his own mind and memory coming shuddering, drowsy.

"The Heart, they said. Corazón. Group of people. Fate-watcher I think, South American? A Japanese woman, nickname Su. Some Gendo-wannabe chick nicknamed Ag. Shadowy Southerner, he illusioned the paper, Matt. MacBride, he ordered the two against us. Tatts and red hair. They--"

He sighs, and drops the skein and arrow. "Denver. Whoever these people are, they're headquartered in Denver. Matt was sent to get the Corazón and get it to Gruh-something, I couldn't hear, he was already leaving."

He sits down heavily, holding his hand to his head, trying to sort the images of his own mind from the remnants of what he'd seen.

05-17-2012, 02:23 AM
Aiden has Jack's full and complete attention from the second word... "South American? Was he the one talking about the Heart?" He asks, his gaze unnervingly intense... and for good reason. This was probably a man of similar background to him, and like calls to like. Besides, among the Aztecs and the Maya, the only folks concerned overmuch with hearts were the priesthood and the gods themselves. Or, at least, that's how he remembers it.

05-17-2012, 04:09 AM
Luke's head was finally clear enough to talk by the time Aiden started describing his vision, and he wasn't going to interrupt that. "Might ask my relations about anybody named MacBride... And for future reference, try throwing some water on my face before electrocuting me."

Jay 2K Winger
05-17-2012, 02:10 PM
Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Selene is already typing things into her computer as Aiden is speaking, and once Jack has spoken, the hacker starts to speak herself. "Cross-referencing 'Corazón' against Las Vegas. Might be something in an exhibit. Or something in a collection. Also running checks against our database of known quantities. Checking for 'Matt,' 'Ag,' 'MacBride,' and 'Su.' Might be better if full names were available," she pauses, inhales sharply, then shrugs. "Can't be helped. Anyway."

"MacBride does sound familiar," Johnny muses. "But Solomon would probably know better, if MacBride's the one who sent the thugs in." He pauses as his phone rings and he puts it on speaker. "Yes, Solomon? You're on speaker, by the way."

"Finished up here," the Aussie says. "Just gonna grab me keys and then I'll be down."

"Sure thing, Sol," Johnny replies, and is corrected quickly.

"Me name's Solomon, figjam."

"Sorry, Solomon. The name MacBride mean anything to you?"

There's a pause on the other end of the line, and when the Aussie speaks next, his voice is flat, tight. "Yeah. Real nutter, that one. He in town?"

Johnny glances up at Aiden, then nods. "Seems like he might be."

"Bloody Nora," comes the swear. "Thanks for the warning. Be there in a few." He hangs up.

Selene pipes up now. "May have found something. The Corazón del Invierno. Also the Coeur de l'Hiver. The Heart of Winter." She holds up her tablet, showing a picture of a large blue gemstone, about the size of a man's fist, roughly heart-shaped, with white veins crawling along its surface. "Centerpiece of Rodrigo Sevilla's collection at the Palazzo." She frowns a bit. "Not seeing why it's important. Just a stone, no myths or legends associated with it." She shrugs, setting the tablet down. "Still running searches on those names. Strange I'm not finding MacBride. Not all that common a name, especially among our set."

Johnny picks up his phone. "I know a guy works security at the Palazzo, I'll give him a heads-up." As he's dialing, the door unlocks and Solomon walks in. He's stained in ichor. "Solomon, someone with ties to MacBride and some other bad guys is going to try to steal something at the Palazzo."

Solomon pauses only briefly. "Right, then." He looks around. "Time to gear up, mates." He pulls a ring of keys out of a vest pocket and crosses to the bedroom door. He shuts it, then presses one of the keys against the doorknob. Although there's no actual lock on the door, the key slides in. He turns it, then opens the door again.

Where before there had been a rather luxuriant bedroom, there was now a big warehouse-like room filled with racks of weaponry. From the modern-- guns and rifles-- to the more classic-- swords, knives, crossbows, axes, and pretty much anything you care to mention. "Now you know why I've always got what I need to hand," Solomon smirks at a dumbstruck Johnny. "Come on, mates, gear up. Take what ya need. I'll go clean meself up."

Johnny nods. He glances at Luke. "Go ahead and make any calls you need, see if your relations know anything about MacBride," he adds, tossing him a phone. "We've got the roaming charges covered.

GM Note: Solomon's Divine Warehouse of Implements of War is open. Take this as a chance to chat up, ask questions, and gear up. Then it's time to go try to find a sneakthief!

05-17-2012, 03:48 PM
His brain is mostly clear - some of the more gruesome images, particularly of the Cyclops's death, are lingering. Aiden takes in the conversation, using a good amount of willpower to not ask Luke would you like some cheese with that whine?

"Sol. Wait."

Aiden gets up, eyes clouded in thought. "Open up the other one as well. The wardrobe. If we're going to the Palazzo, it would make sense for at least a few of us to go in proper dress. And try not to make a mess in the shower, I'll need it after."

He smirks at the big Aussie before slipping into the magical room. It's clear he's been here before - he passes right by the guns and explosives and Implements of Stabbity Death for a corner section. He takes a ring - ingeniously crafted with a spring loaded needle - and a few tiny vials of liquid. Not all are marked in English - one in Italian, one saying flunitrazepam, two in unknown script. After a decent pause, he also slips a short non-metallic blade in his pocket.

"Emmett. Deann. Either of you like fancy dress?" He gives a particular look to Deann. "You can wear a suit it you like, although I remember one dress they had in a lovely russet that might look lovely on you..."

05-17-2012, 03:52 PM
Lupo is a man of few words, and fewer questions. He is not above taking some weaponry (if available) however. Something that might be hard to come by is the following : A blade with a enclosed handguard (ie something you can put your hand IN), the handguard would also act like a pair of brass knuckles..with spikes (small ones). If that is not available, he will take two brass knuckles with spikes.

A retractable bo staff, or just plain bo staff if that is not available. Pair of nunchucks..and two fans with metal/sharp edge. Yeah..he is weird.

As for wardrobe. Lupo thinks. "You might lose the fancy suit if something goes down, but I say a gi under a three piece will work for me. Just know that the 3 piece will be shredded if I need movement." he is use to having to dress up. Doesn't bother him a bit. He puts on the gi, puts away the weapons that are concealable, leaves what is not..then puts on the fancy outfit over it.

Jay 2K Winger
05-17-2012, 04:13 PM
Location: Johnny's Room / Warehouse Full of Guns, Lots of Guns / Wardrobe of TARDISian Proportions, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Solomon gives Aiden a baleful glare at the shortening of his name, but he goes over to the hallway closet, shutting the door and inserting a different key. When the door is reopened, another huge room is revealed, with row upon row of clothing, for both sexes, of all sizes and varieties.

"Mr. Twist there's right," the Aussie remarks. "Might want to dress up before you head into the Palazzo, especially if you're going near Sevilla's collection. So dress accordingly..."

He glances at Lupo, and now Solomon sighs. "Oi, Wolfie, ya can't fit a Gi under a three-piece suit. Trust me on this. You lot might want to choose your weapons to match. Twisty," which along with 'Mr. Twist' appears to be his nickname for Aiden, "has the right idea. Concealable is the order here. We ain't gonna be able to stop the other side if you get busted for carrying more weapons than a redneck in the mountains."

Before he heads for the bathroom to clean up, Solomon has one last thing to add, "If ya have anything of yours you need to stash, leave it in the weapons place. It'll be safe there."

05-17-2012, 04:16 PM
*looks over the wardrobe for two outfits that would work together..one comfortable to move in..that will fit under another that is more stylish*

05-17-2012, 05:45 PM
Deann had pointedly ignored Aiden's comment, but was currently perusing the clothes closet. "Mr. Solomon, I don't suppose you have any other easily concealed bows in your collection?" She's pulling out a dark green dress as she says this.

Jay 2K Winger
05-17-2012, 06:23 PM
Location: Hotel Room With Closets What Are Bigger On The Inside, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Selene calls out to Deann, not going to arm up herself yet, and still busy on her computer and tablet. "Wrist-mounted collapsible crossbow. Second wing on the right. Past the 16th Century French trebuchet and the chain mail." Then, unasked, she adds, "Will gear up later. Will mostly hang back and try to tap into Palazzo's security net. See if I can spot anything strange. Keep running searches. Find out who all the people Aiden mentioned are." She pauses, inhales sharply. "And arrange travel to Denver."

05-17-2012, 06:46 PM
"Something other than a crossbow? My abilities won't work with them, and I don't particularly like them anyway."

Jay 2K Winger
05-17-2012, 07:09 PM
Location: Armory And Wardrobe-- you get the idea, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Selene's brow furrows a bit at that, though she doesn't look up. "Crossbow works just like bow," she says aloud. "Only holds the strength of the user mechanically, instead of requiring a full draw until loosing." She shrugs. "Next aisle over has collapsible bows. Can see what they have yourself."

GM Note: For simplicity's sake-- the wardrobe and armory both have whatever your character needs. Just remember: you're about to be going into a busy casino on the Strip when it's full of civilians. The 'perception filter' will hide a lot, but not too much.

05-17-2012, 07:43 PM
Emmett takes the time to grab a suit with a bow tie, a cane sword, and a handgun with a shoulder holster and a few clips of spare ammunition. He transfers a set of lock picks from his trench to his suit jacket.

05-17-2012, 08:02 PM
Deann's now in a full length green dress with slits up to her knees and matching heels. She walks into the armory and begins digging around, finding some arrows and some velcro straps. She hitches her skirt up one leg to secure those onto her thigh. The bows give her a little bit more issue. "So, opinions. Ease of cover and better firing ability or slightly less concealable but I'd be able to use the abilities my mother gave me?"

05-17-2012, 08:30 PM
"Aren't you're already using what your mama gave you?" Aiden comes back - having eschewed a proper shower for a decent wipe-off and a subtle cologne. He almost preens - relaxed in a perfectly tailored three-piece suit, charcoal grey with a rich emerald tie which brings out the green flecks in his own hazel eyes. His hair is swept back, one curl sneaking back forward to crown his brow. He smiles widely, hold his empty and clean hands out, the ring on his left hand textured in red gold (to hide the mechanism.) "Although, in all honesty Shrimpy, I'd go with the platform heels. We're gonna get carded to Hel and back if you can't fake a legal age. And the bow-tie, Emmett - love it."

He leans over Selene's shoulder. "Do you have the plans yet? Let me see if I can catch the weak spots."

05-17-2012, 08:33 PM
Jack heads on into the room himself, and picks up a few things... a matched pair of cestus in matte black, with his fingers exposed, and a heavy iron plate across each knuckle to give it that little extra bit of oomph. A lot like brass knuckles, with more protection afforded to the forearms. As for a suit, he picks up a three-piece in a light navy color, concealing his knife under it.

Then he turns to look at Deann. "We might be doing some fighting in a crowd. Myself, it doesn't particularly matter if I hit a bystander, as long as I'm not using my blade. I'm not supernaturally strong, so I'd have to be trying to injure them... More or less, anyway. Can't say the same for a crossbow bolt or an arrow."

05-17-2012, 08:42 PM
Emmett gives Aiden a wide grin and tugs on the sides of his tie, "Of course... bow ties are cool."

05-17-2012, 09:05 PM
"Hey, I can make this easy and not go." She pulls her own bow apart and straps it to the other leg. "Nothing about this says I have a requirement to participate."

05-17-2012, 09:08 PM
Jack shrugs a bit... "That didn't really come out the way I wanted. What I wanted to say... Go for accuracy."

05-17-2012, 09:11 PM
"Wasn't just you, big guy. Obviously, my attributes are a potential...risk for this job, if the rich boy here is to be believed. If I'm a liability, then I'd better not go."

05-17-2012, 10:07 PM
Emmett sighs and looks from Aiden to Deann and back. "Don't let him rub you the wrong way. He has a habit of trying to push people away, though I don't entirely understand why. I don't think anything he says is meant to be personal, it's more of a shield he puts up to keep others at bay."

Jay 2K Winger
05-17-2012, 10:10 PM
Location: Planning Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Selene picks up the tablet and taps a few things on it before handing it to Aiden. A series of floor plans for the Palazzo come up, from the lobby, through the hallways, some of the casino itself, all the way to Rodrigo Sevilla's display room where the Corazon was being kept.

She then looks up at Deann. "An idea occurs. Thieves may rabbit, and escape through particular entrances. An extra set of eyes may help. Could take down thief from there."

She glances over as Solomon steps out of the bathroom in a Mirage robe. "Where do you keep the ear-piece communicators?"

Solomon points to the armory. "Third wing on the left, second aisle."

Johnny stands up. "I'll go get 'em." He disappears into the armory before returning a short time later with a number of small earbud-like devices, which Selene calibrates to function on the same frequency.

05-17-2012, 10:29 PM
"Think I like that idea better. It'll keep me away from pretty boy there." She heads back into the clothes closet and comes back out dressed in neutral colored pants and top and her original hiking boots.

05-18-2012, 12:29 AM
((If he can find something suitable that will let him have a more maneuverable clothing underneath and something appropriately fancy over top..he will go with that and the weapons mentioned that are concealable..if not then he will just go with the a 'body guard' get up and act like the body guard of one of the others))

Once a suitable outfit is picked, and he has his melee weapons stowed away he looks at the others. "Put me where you think I will do best. Not a leader, prefer to follow. Just point at anybody you want taken down, and that is what I will do."

05-18-2012, 01:18 AM
A finger in the air. "Appreciate the amateur psychology," (lie!) "but seriously, if all it takes for someone to question their raison d'ętre is a few needles by little old me?" His eyes go cold, soft voice hiding the razor edge of cruelty. "Then perhaps you shouldn't join us. You already have blood on your hands, princess - if you think you can wash it off and go home, go for it. But I have a stake in this. If the jotunhammer is anything like I'm afraid it could be, so do you... but don't let me stop you."

Aiden sits down sharply to give a look at the maps, letting his talent for weak points guide him.

[Using ability - GM, any info?]

05-18-2012, 02:20 AM
"If nobody minds one way or another, I'll take an outside post like the lady. I'm too much of a risk in a crowd, and I'm getting a bit tired of listening to that guy's sniping."

05-18-2012, 02:20 AM
"Ah." Deann gets up, goes back into the clothes closet, and comes back in her regular clothes, handing the arrows and velcro back to Solomon. "Mr. Aiden, you say I have a stake in this, but I haven't been given one. All I was given was an invite, and then thrown into an inadvertent mess. So you're right, perhaps I shouldn't be here. So I'll leave you all to it."

She leaves the room.

05-18-2012, 04:40 AM
Lupo looks at Aiden "Smooth, real smooth. I've been told I have the personality of a brick, and even I realize we are gonna need all the help we can get. Might want to ask yourself if you think you can do this alone. If so, more power to ya, and you don't need us. If not, might want to rethink your attitude. Now I am gonna go see if I can't fix your stupid, but it ain't gonna mean much from me."

Lupo doesn't bother waiting for a reply before going out to try to find Deann. If he manages to catch her.

"You really gonna let that chump decide for you? Sorry, I know you can take care of yourself and all, but if you want me to make him not so pretty..just say the word. We need you though, regardless what tin for brains thinks."

If not he will wait outside for the others.

05-18-2012, 05:27 AM
Luke looks between the group in the room and the hotel room door. "Think I'll be joining them. My own gear is just fine for me, thanks." And heads out to join Lupo and Deann in the hall.

05-18-2012, 09:53 AM
Jack turns toward the door, adjusting his cestus slightly, and pauses, frowning... "Aiden. Emmett. Everything I have seen and heard so far seems to point to something... very nasty. The involvement of the Ice Giants. Something named the Heart of Winter, that we know next to nothing about. Jotunhammer. What sort of event, do you think, is in store if we do not succeed in our task?"

05-18-2012, 11:05 AM
Emmett looks on as Deann leaves the room then to Jack, "Well, whatever it is, it's important enough that the crew upstairs thought they ought to call in all of us. I can only assume that whatever this is, failure means the scales tip in favor of the Titans quite heavily."

Jay 2K Winger
05-21-2012, 05:30 PM
// GM Notes: I claim no actual knowledge of the layout of the building or buildings in question. Consider it Artistic License, and because I'm the GM, and I change reality to suit the needs of the game.

Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Johnny sighs as Deann leaves. "If she doesn't want to do this, she doesn't have to. For all that fate plays a role in the shape of the future, we all still have free will and the right to chart our own fates. That's something that a lot of the Powers That Be and their Opposite Numbers don't have the luxury of." He spreads his hands. "That's the going theory among the Smart Guys up on the mountain."(*)

Solomon sighs as well. "Best of luck to her," the big man says. "I can have a guy do surveillance and suppressive sniping, if ya need. I know someone."

But Johnny shakes his head. "If the someone is a mundy, there's no need to get them involved yet. But keep them on speed dial. You never know if we'll need them later."

When Jack speaks on the Jotunhammer and the Heart of Winter, Selene shrugs again. "No myths or legends associated with it that I can find. Strange, that. Might have to contact siblings working in Father's Library. Speculation, however, is valid. The Jotun involved, the Frost Giants, eternal enemies of the Aesir. Heart of Winter. Only one theory sound." She pauses, inhales sharply, then says, grimly, "The Fimbulvetr."

Selene's Tablet: The Palazzo Layout

Rodrigo Sevilla's collection is being displayed in an exhibition hall on the second floor of the casino, featuring various artifacts and items of an esoteric, but usually historical nature. The major entrances and exits are clearly marked, and Selene has also helpfully noted where the guards are typically stationed.

Notable avenues of movement or infiltration are the staff hallways, the maze of back corridors and rooms where the administration of the casino and hotel are being done, but which have recently needed some renovations, and thus are not quite as restricted as they used to be. If not a means for our ragtag band of misfits to get in, it's almost certainly where Matt the Shadowy Southerner or his heavies might come from.

// GM Note: Open for Aiden to possibly see any other security flaws. However, this is open to the others as well. If you have a suggestion for how your band should position itself to find or catch or intercept the bad guys, feel free to have them speak up.

(*) 'Up on the mountain' is a phrase popularized by some scions to mean the "overworld" or the Divine realms. 'Mountain' as in 'Mount Olympus,' supposedly, but the phrase has been adopted by scions of the other pantheons as well.

05-21-2012, 11:51 PM
Aiden goes very pale at Selene's words, but says nothing about them.

"Right. We're up against other scions. Who know who we are. Which is going to be a pain in our ass, because they probably have some idea as to what we're capable of, and will be able to work against it. The good news is, they probably don't know that we know, because I certainly had never tried to divine the past before..."

He purses his lips. "Of course, they might have thought that you," nodding to Emmett, "might have been able to draw the truth from them. Right. So much for positives."

"Four entrances - two near each corner of the north wall, and two Employee's Only leading to staff corridors. At best the guards are normal humans - at worse they've already been subverted by Mattie. In a happy situation, there's no skylight, and below opens up to the casino floor - probably not an access point."

"I'll craft the story for us to be part of the hired security. That way we can kick around and keep our eyes open."

He blinks. "Hey. Why don't we just borrow the damn thing? Pass it over to Olympus or something, get Heph to craft a non-magical replica, return it with our thanks and some cha-ching? It's not the hardest thing I've ever done. Just let me talk to Rodrigo, and see what I can do."

05-22-2012, 12:08 AM
Emmett gives a slight smile, "I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking we should just steal the gem first." He glances over the map.

"I do think though we are falsely assuming that they will use any sort of mundane method to steal the gem. Either way I think it may perhaps be a smarter approach to focus on stealing it back and figure out what their escape plan is rather than trying to prevent the theft in the first place."

05-22-2012, 10:46 AM
Jack glances over at Emmett for a moment... "There are a few problems with that, the first and foremost being manpower. The enemy is already aware of us, and if we go for it first, they might just decide to throw enough minions at us to keep us occupied, to retrieve the Heart." He says, thinking about it a little more. "What we need is information- if the enemy has to adhere to a strict time frame, what, exactly, they're planning on doing with it... And the best time to interrupt it if we aren't capable of protecting the gem in the first place." He continues, looking through the weapons again, and picking up a single CS gas grenade and putting it in an inner pocket.

05-22-2012, 12:39 PM
"You've got points, Pointy." Aiden winks, a tiny smile coming back to his pallid complexion. "Selene - any time restraints on the show? And do you have any really tiny tracking chips, ones that might not be noticeable on the Jewel for any amount of time?"

He closes his eyes and tries to remember the future thief... Dark fedora, southern drawl, shadowy...



He calls out. "Jack, while you're in there, please grab - light. Things that make light. Flares, flashlights, flashbangs, LED Christmas ornaments - anything. I swear the guy exuded shadows."

He bites his lip. "I don't know if 'follow the leader' is the best course of action. But it is something we may need to do, so we should be prepared. Emmett - if someone tells, like, a huge bald-faced lie, call me A or call Jack J, ask if we want another drink or something - just use the first initial of our names so we have a private signal."

Aiden leans back, looks at the ceiling. It's clear Selene's pronouncement has had a serious effect on him, but he's trying to regain the composure the suit originally gave. "As much as it's comforting to have a plan, I don't know how much info we're going to get, Jack. We may just have to wing it. But I think we have the brains for it - and the brawn outside, of course."

Jay 2K Winger
05-22-2012, 02:47 PM
Location: War Room/Armory/Wardrobe/Hotel Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Selene purses her lips in thought as she regards her screens. "Next flight to Denver not until tomorrow afternoon, 3:45 pm local. Last flight was four hours ago." Well before any of this went down, in other words. "If 'Matt' is to meet with his comrades, he'll be stuck in Vegas until tomorrow afternoon."

"That's supposing they don't have some non-mundy way of traveling," Johnny points out. "If we knew more about who these people were, we might have a better idea."

Solomon speaks up as he straps his machete to his back underneath his crocodile-skin vest. "Twisty there," he nods at Aiden, "has some good ideas." He mutters, in a lower tone, "He usually does, the bastard." Then, in a normal tone: "But so do Butch and Truthy." (Yes, Solomon is the sort to come up with nicknames for people as well. But there's a definite sense he means no real insult, just good-natured teasing, if anything.) "The enemy's aware of us, and they have the advantage of knowing what they need the Heart for, as well as a head start."

He also answers Aiden's question: "Nothin' that can't be spotted easily. Them Above might have the best gear in the world, but they don't have nanotech." He points Jack to where the CS grenades and flashbangs/flares are.

"If I can make a recommendation," Johnny puts in. He looks over the tablet and points. "E.J., Jack, and Aiden, you go inside and see if you can't get to Rodrigo and warn him. Hell, maybe he'll even allow a swap to be made. Shouldn't be hard for Aiden to weave a cover story to convince him. Jack can keep an ear out for any of the Other Side's minions, and E.J. can see through any deceptions or illusions that the shadowy guy might throw up."

Solomon nods. "And you've got me, Brighto, and the Wolfman outside at some of the exits to intercept them if they make it out. We can split up and guard an entrance apiece, and if they rabbit, we have 'em."

//GM Note: Finalize any plans or make any additional suggestions you want. I'll GM-post us into the Palazzo raid when you're ready. (And you'll get more concrete info on the other scions soon.)

05-23-2012, 12:33 AM
[OOC: On my end? Let's roll.]

05-23-2012, 01:01 AM
Jack grabs several magnesium flares, tucking two inside the suit jacket along with the single CS grenade, and one in a pants pocket... Being the polite gentleman that he is, he also offers some flashbangs and flares to Emmett and Aiden, if they think they can get away with carrying them. And lastly, the salt he'd ordered... 12 ounces gets poured into a plastic baggie, and stuffed into another one of his pockets. Perhaps not the most discreet look, but it's simple enough to smooth out to look mostly inconspicuous. Mostly.

Jay 2K Winger
05-23-2012, 07:49 PM
Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

When everyone present declares their readiness, Solomon points the "brawn" (Luke and Lupo) to their positions. The two exits by the north wall-- leading out to the main lobby area and thus to the Strip-- can be covered by them. The staff corridor exits are being watched carefully by Johnny's buddy who works security at the Palazzo, Fred Dutch and another security guard he's vouched for. Solomon opts to stay out on the Strip itself to keep an eye out for trouble. Aiden, Jack, and Emmett, meanwhile, are to enter the exhibition gallery to try to warn Rodrigo Sevilla and protect the Heart.

Everyone is also equipped with the ear-piece communicators. These tuck into the ears in a way that they're not immediately noticeable, and are set to a frequency that everyone on the team can stay on. Selene works on tapping into the Palazzo's security system to keep an eye on things with their cameras.

// Timeskip - Johnny and Selene stay in the room, and Solomon goes with the group as far as the entrance to the Palazzo, where he hangs back to keep an eye on things outside.

Location: The Palazzo, Las Vegas

The other casino is quite busy by the time the team arrives, as the Blue Man Group show is letting out. It's vague, but everyone on the team can definitely sense that something is not right.

As the team approaches the exhibition hall, they're approached by two people wearing Palazzo Security uniforms, complete with ballcaps. One introduces himself to the team as "Fred Dutch. Johnny told me you'd be coming." He's truthful and leads them into the exhibition hall, where a variety of esoteric artifacts and other pieces are on display, with the Corazón del Invierno gemstone at the far wall. The other security person doesn't introduce herself-- and it is a woman-- but she is sweeping the area with her gaze, looking for threats. Her heart is racing, however, as are some of the other security personnel on site. She seems ordinary, however, with her cap pulled low.

"Ms. Ieyasu will show your friends the exit points," Dutch says. She nods and beckons for Luke and Lupo to follow her.

// Split Up Time -- Luke and Lupo go with the security guard, Ms. Ieyasu. Jack, Aiden, and Emmett stay with Fred Dutch in the hall.

Location: Exhibition Hall, The Palazzo, Las Vegas (Jack, Aiden, E.J.)

"That wall's a foot and a half thick, solid concrete and rebar behind it," Dutch explains. "Infrared trip-alarms around it, plus a number of other security measures. The Corazón is the centerpiece of Mr. Sevilla's collection, we spared no expense."

"What is going on here?!" a booming voice demands. This proves to belong to an extremely heavyset man in a tailored suit. His thinning hair is swept back from his head, and his beard and mustache trimmed into a thin goatee. He is an older man and has to lean on a walking stick as he waddles over furiously. Dutch hastily whispers to the group, "That's Mr. Sevilla. I hadn't had a chance to warn him yet..."

"Mr. Dutch!" Rodrigo Sevilla bellows. "Who are these people, and why did I hear you discussing your security systems with them? They could be thieves for all we know!" His outburst is attracting the attention of the other exhibit viewers, who are turning to look.

Location: North Hall Exit Points by Exhibition Hall, The Palazzo, Las Vegas (Luke & Lupo)

The security woman gestures. "There, and there," she says, pointing. "Those are the closest exit points from the Hall. If your supposed thieves want to get out fast, those are it. Otherwise they'd have to make it across the lobby or through the staff corridors, and those things are a maze."

She glances back over her shoulder. "I should get back," she adds. "Got a feeling something's about to happen." She moves to leave.

// Annnnd go!

05-23-2012, 08:08 PM
Location: Exhibition Hall, The Palazzo, Las Vegas

"Mister Sevilla. How could you - oh, of course." Aiden smiles, his hands open, his eyes twinkle with - something that isn't quite human. "Last time we met I was in quite a mess, don't you remember? Of course, as a amateur of the language, I was so very forgetful about how very different the colloqiualisms between the King's Spanish and those dialects of South America. My mistake, of course, but the lady found fit to drench me in her drink. A waste of good liquor, wasn't it?"

He holds out an open palm to each of his compatriots. "This is Jack Childs, and here is my good companion Emmett Jager. Both respectable men as myself - you do remember my name, don't you? Aiden Mistel? I'm sure it just slipped your tongue, no need. Please, it's so good to see you again."

He holds out his hand. Emmett might just be breaking out in hives on the load of untruths that had dripped from Aiden's mouth.

05-23-2012, 08:19 PM
Lupo fires up his inner focus, since there is no specific enemy it should not blind him to threats but increase his awareness of his surroundings. He quietly says into his communicator "Not sure about that woman who showed us this, seemed a bit to anxious to hide her face."

05-23-2012, 08:36 PM
On first ariving Emmett takes a moment to hang back and gaze at all of the security staff and then does the same when Mr. Sevilla comes into the room. As Aiden starts spinning his tale Emmett gives him a sideways glance, but seizes upon the opportunity, "Aiden has told me something about you before. I'm pleased to be able to meet you finally." He gives a wide smile. The others would almost drop their jaws at the fact that EJ just lied, but it would occur to them that what he said is in fact the truth. Aiden did just tell them something about this man, though what was said was false.

"When Aiden here found out that someone might be trying to steal from you, well we just had to come and make sure that it didn't happen. Please don't think I'll of Mr. Dutch here. We are all here to make sure that no theft occurs."

05-23-2012, 11:00 PM
Jack fixes Sevilla with his very best unnerving stare- Which is, of course, very unnerving indeed. "I am certainly not a thief. Somewhat eccentric, perhaps, but not a thief." He says, before turning away, stepping out of easy earshot, toward where Luke and Lupo are stationed, outside. Then he raises his hand to his earpiece, speaking quietly to let the team know about the security guards whose heartrates aren't normal, and their positions... and that Ms Ieyasu is among them. "They're more nervous than they let on, I think- the possibility exists that they have been bribed, threatened, or blackmailed into cooperating with the... Shadowman." He decides on the nickname pretty much on the spur of the moment, from what Aiden told him about the shadowy nature of the man in his vision of the past.

Jay 2K Winger
05-24-2012, 12:00 AM
Location: Exhibition Hall, The Palazzo, Las Vegas

Sevilla blinks as Aiden addresses him, looking puzzled, and then, as Aiden's story weaves, his gaze slides off into a vague recollection. "Oh, yes," the fat man mumbles. "Mistel. Yes, the American with the bad accent." Sevilla has an accent of his own, a Catalan one. He looks from Aiden to Emmett, then fidgets slightly under Jack's stare. The Spaniard's heart rate is elevated, but it's clear it's just from indignation and concern over his collection being in danger. He looks at Dutch. "Is this true?" he demands.

The security guard nods. "I got it from a good authority on these things, Mr. Sevilla. Mr. Mistel and his friends do have some experience in this kind of thing." This is sort of a lie, but Sevilla doesn't notice.

The sensation of something being "off" doesn't decrease, and it's especially clear to Emmett. Jack, before stepping out to talk with the others, might notice something else. It doesn't strike him until after he left the room, however. There were eight people in the exhibition hall, but there were at least nine heartbeats...

Location: Outside the hall, by the exits, The Palazzo, Las Vegas

Neither Lupo nor Luke would notice anything odd right away, but the female security guard, 'Ms. Ieyasu', seems very quick to get out of their line of sight. It would only happen if Lupo happened to look in her direction after focusing, but there seemed to be something she wore on her back. Why hadn't they spotted it before? But it's hard to spot it or keep it noticed in the mind, even with the supernatural focus. Indeed, if she breaks line-of-sight, the whatever-it-was fades quickly from the mind...

05-24-2012, 12:24 AM
Emmett glances around the room again unable to shake the feeling of unease and then he facepalms. "I'm such a moron." He looks right at Aiden and Dutch, "The trouble earlier was to delay us. They're already here!" He says this so that its picked up on his communicator.

05-24-2012, 12:39 AM
Jack comes back into the room pretty much as soon as he realizes that he heard more heartbeats than people, looking at each of the guards in the room, and trying to ascertain where the extra heartbeat is coming from, all the while moving toward the Heart. "Selene! Give me the location of everyone who is visible in the exhibition hall on the cameras!" He says, reaching into the pocket full of salt...

05-24-2012, 02:05 AM
Location: Exhibition Hall, The Palazzo, Las Vegas

Aiden glances around, startled by the sudden information blazing into his ear and actions from the other scions.

Already here. Fuck. Well, if you think you're going to lay a Trick on me...

He reaches into a pocket, draws out one of the flares Jack had offered, hides it in his right palm.

"And I told you, Shadowkin." It seems impossible for Aiden to yell; he manages to amplify his voice without straining it, allowing it to ring into each corner of the room. "It was a night like this when you first saw me - a picture, was it, a newspaper clipping or a picture on a screen. You saw me and you thought - these ones are special, yes. But this one, in particular - something's not right about him. Something about him is locked in shadows, just like me. That's what you thought."

He steps close to a large stele, with some inscription of glyphs on it. It's not a perfect guess, but it's the biggest shadow he can see.

"And you thought... I want to see him. I want to know that secret. And you found me, as you hid in a room, like Houdini, impossible to see how you did it - and you looked me in the eyes, craving the truth."

He's barely breathing, projecting far too much of himself into the tale - a tale, Emmett would realize if he paid attention, that is almost entirely truthful - at least the parts about Aiden.

The aesir-kin swallows.

"And then you let me see yours."

05-24-2012, 02:26 AM
Lupo says into the Comm "People, we are compromised I am sure of it!" and follows the security guard. He is now convinced that where he was situated is not safe, and is in fact about to get attacked. "She could be trying to pull me off my station, but she has something on her I didn't notice until I fired up my inner focus."

He's now aware of a catch 22..if he engages her, he might get too focused on her and miss everything else, but he can't risk closing his eyes either.

Jay 2K Winger
05-24-2012, 02:54 AM
Location: Exhibition Hall, The Palazzo, Las Vegas (Aiden, Emmett, Jack)

The wrongness intensifies as the ruse is discovered, and Emmett especially would be able to "see" that some illusion is at work in the hall. It's difficult to locate where from, exactly. Dutch, when Emmett speaks up on that, draws a stungun from his waist, turning and trying to find the intruder.

"Bravo," a voice drawls suddenly. It fills the air, and it's not clear where it's coming from. It has a Southern drawl-- it sounds Cajun, almost, definitely from "N'Awlins, Loozeeyanna" or somewhere in that vicinity. Aiden would recognize the voice of the 'Shadowman' from his vision. "Penny for Mr. Truthy."

Location: Outside the hall, The Palazzo, Las Vegas (Luke & Lupo)

As if on some signal, 'Ms. Ieyasu' suddenly reaches behind her back, grasping something, and then pulls. At that moment, whatever sort of memory-proof perception filter it had 'pops' and the two fighters would see that she has a Japanese sword strapped to her back, and she's just drawn it. People around spot it, and start to gasp in shock, when the woman points the sword at the ceiling, shouting in Japanese: "<Heavenly Confounding Vexation!>"

All around her, the lights start to flicker and the sprinklers start to go off, limiting visibility and causing people to shriek in surprise and alarm, and there's a rush of chaos. People are running for the exits, the opportunistic are grabbing for cash and chips, and fights are breaking out.

At the same time, the exit that Lupo had been guarding bursts open to reveal a jotun, charging forward and swinging a baseball bat at him.

Location: Exhibition Hall

As Jack re-enters the room, he can hear peoples' heartbeats getting faster and more intense, and yes, there's the ninth one. It's still hard to find where it's hiding, but it's starting to sound like it's not behind the stele that Aiden is approaching...

"You are an interesting one, Aiden Mistel," the Shadowman continues from his hiding place. The illusion roils subtly. Emmett might notice what Jack is noticing: that the Shadowman isn't there... but isn't he? Even in that dark shadow, there's a shape like a man, leaning insouciantly against the wall, a fedora on its head. "What are you, really?" he taunts further. "So full of secrets. Your mother would be so proud."

The noise outside the hall definitely gets the mundies' attention, as guards and Sevilla turn to look at the cascading water from the sprinklers and the mass of confusion outside. The distant shout of Japanese can be heard as well--

And the lights in the hall start to flicker and then pop as they overload. Thankfully, however, the sprinklers do NOT go off.

05-24-2012, 03:24 AM
Location: Outside the hall, The Palazzo, Las Vegas

Lupo can't help but chuckle at the lights and sprinkler bit. It will help him more then hinder him. Pulling out whatever weapons he had finally been able to secure, he goes for the obviously bigger threat. The Jotun. He can't help but quip. "Somebody didn't do their homework." Though he studies the Jotun's move to anticipate its strategy, but since he is aware that there is probably many others out there he is not going to go 'all in' either. Especially with so many civilians in the way.

05-24-2012, 03:47 AM
Location: Exhibition Hall

Jack bares his teeth at the Shadowman, flicking his gaze back and forth, and making a decision... He reaches into his coat, takes out the CS grenade and one of the flares. Then he primes them both, tossing them in the same direction- toward the entrance to the hall. His aim is to create a cloud of stinging gas illuminated from inside by the flare, but he's not sure how effective it's going to be. At least it should give folks a second thought about heading into the hall that way.

05-24-2012, 04:59 AM
Emmett looks toward the shadow and opens up his Soul Gaze power hoping it will work...

If it allows him to get a clear view and he sees the man there he pulls his gun and shoots at him, if not he will make his way toward the case with the gem in it and stand near it.

Jay 2K Winger
05-24-2012, 02:17 PM
Location: Outside the hall, The Palazzo

The Jotun's first swing is dodged by Lupo, and the second intercepted by his weapon (let me know what it is!), and soon the two are exchanging a series of parries and dodges of each other's swings. This jotun is of similar size to the one they fought earlier, but the top of his head is shaved bald, with a thick braided beard covered in hoarfrost. It's pretty well-practiced at this, too.

"Hold still, champ!" the Jotun spits. "It'll only hurt for a second!"

Meanwhile, the other exit door bursts open and another big Titanspawn mook lumbers out, a red Oni, armed with a spiked iron club. It spots a distracted Luke and grabs him from behind, locking one thick arm under his jaw and trying to throttle him.

In the confusion, the woman with the sword disappears into the crowd...

Location: Exhibition Hall, The Palazzo

The flickering and dying lights in the hall mean that more and more shadows start to form, and the Shadowman's chuckle only gets louder. "Oh, this is fun," his voice says. Emmett's Soul Gaze trick works, starting to break the Illusion's hold over him, and he can see that the thief is NOT standing behind that stele in its shadow.

"I'm in their system now, let's see-- Heads up!" Selene suddenly says into the ear-pieces of the team. "Those security guards aren't mundies!"

"Still, I've got this timetable to work by, you see," the Shadowman continues. "I'm afraid I really can't let you delay me. Boys?"

At which point, Selene's warning becomes clear, as some of the Illusion breaks, and two of the other security guards in the room turn out to be... something else. Not giants or cyclopi-- they're much more normal-sized. But the removal of the illusion shows that they aren't really alive. Their eyes gleam with an eldritch light, and markings consistent with Vodoun practice adorn their exposed skin. Zombies, then.

But they're not shambling, decaying corpses, these zombies. They move with purpose and regular speed, and one of the zombie guards advances on Sevilla. Dutch fires his stungun, but the zombie guard keeps going without flinching as it raises a hammer-like fist.

The other zombie guard starts moving toward Emmett, the one with a clear weapon.

All this confusion, however, means that the Shadowman can't keep up his illusion as strongly, and appears to be heading for the Heart of Winter's display case...

// GM Summary:
Outside the hall-- [enemies] 1 Jotun (baseball bat), 1 Red Oni (iron club), Ms. Ieyasu Su (sword, vanished in crowd); [allies] n/a; [others] dozens of confused and panicky people; [hazards] sprinklers going off, flickering lights

Inside the hall-- [enemies] "Shadowman" Matt (Illusion-cloaked, approaching Heart?), 2 Vodoun Zombie Guards (unarmed); [allies] Fred Dutch (stungun), 1 mortal security guard (stungun), Rodrigo Sevilla (unarmed); [others] n/a; [hazards] flickering lights, CS gas by entrance

05-24-2012, 06:21 PM
((Lupo's weapon of choice in this is a blade/brass knuckle combo, he is not really worried about the hazards..as he doesn't need to see to fight..doesn't occur to him about the shadow forming aspect of it))

Lupo reaches around back of his foe that has him by the throat and tries to drive one of his blades home. If so he will flip that one over him and hopefully into the other one. Otherwise he will just stab the arm and headbutt the one holding him. "One got away, fighting two right now." over the comm.

05-24-2012, 06:51 PM
The voodoun zombies are beelining for the clear physical threats - leaving quiet little Aiden all alone, since he's just talking and clearly Not Anything To Worry About.

Cute, kinda gangly, but interesting concept nonetheless.

Aiden hustles around the people, drawing up right in front of Matt with a boyish pout. "Leaving? You're already leaving me?" He gasps, stepping backwards to stay in front of the shadows. "And I thought we had a connection. You wound me with your words, mon frere! Your eyes are so deep, so mysterious, your pupils so dark, so wide..."

He stops, draws one hand over his brows in an affectation of pain - covering his eyes and closing them.

And with the other, holds up the flare and lights it right in the shadow's face.

05-24-2012, 07:55 PM
Emmett sees the zombies and sighs, "Really!" Looking around and knowing he is no fighter he opts instead for his original plan, get to the gem first. He starts heading that way and at the same time calls out, "Destroy their heads!"

05-24-2012, 08:24 PM
Jack blinks when he realizes what the security guards are... and growls slightly, starting to sprint toward the zombie headed for Emmett, reaching into his pocket, and grabbing a handful of salt. "You know, I hadn't even considered zombies when I decided to take this stuff with me..." he mutters under his breath, throwing about half the salt he has in his hand at the zombie's head as soon as he's within about 2 yards of the thing...

Jay 2K Winger
05-25-2012, 01:36 PM
Location: Outside the hall

Lupo was not the one being grabbed by the Oni. That dubious distinction went to Luke, who nevertheless managed to get his own weapons out and pummel the Oni back against a wall before knocking it unconscious. As Lupo busies himself with the Jotun with the baseball bat, the form of the Asian scion suddenly emerges from the spray from the sprinklers, moving swiftly and gliding through the air over a bank of slot machines like something out of a Wuxia film.

It happens fast. The woman's sword is out and it comes up in a deadly arc, ripping a deep gash in Luke's chest from the left side of his ribs to his right shoulder. As he staggers from the wound, she leaps and spins in the air, her heel connecting with his jaw and sending him sprawling to the semi-flooded floor.

The Asian scion-- who must be the 'Su' Aiden mentioned from his vision-- lands in a wide, split-legged crouch, one hand outstretched forward for balance as the other-- with the bloody sword-- extends backward. Her eyes flash maliciously. "Not so tough, after all," she says.

Location: Exhibition hall

Things happen fast once the zombies turn up. Emmett's shot goes true, catching the zombie guard threatening Dutch and Sevilla square in the temple. The zombie gives a croak and topples over. The other one is caught full in the face by Jack's salt throw, and this actually works quite effectively. The zombie goes into a sort of convulsion, its eyes rolling in their sockets and a groan coming from it before it collapses almost exactly like a puppet with its strings cut.

Meanwhile, the Shadowman is chuckling as Aiden addresses him. "Don't get me wrong, I'd love to stick around for the rest of this fais do-do, cap'n, and you're a cute one, say true," the Southern man drawls, "but you ain't gon' stop me--"

That's about when Aiden's flare goes off IN HIS FACE. There's a scream of pain, and with a snap, the Illusion is broken. A man with a very tanned complexion and dark hair in similarly dark clothing with a black fedora stumbles back as he rubs furiously at his eyes. "Soc au lait! That one damn dirty trick, tricksy boy."

But worth noting as well is the fact that the Heart of Winter is already missing from its case...
// GM Summary--
Outside the hall: [enemies] Su (tsurugi sword), Jotun (baseball bat), Red Oni (iron club; unconscious); [good guys] Luke (severely injured), Lupo (fighting with Jotun); [others] dozens of confused and panicking people; [hazards] sprinklers and flickering lights

Inside the hall: [enemies] "Shadowman" Matt (no visible weapons; blinded), 2 Vodoun zombies (neutralized); [good guys] Emmett, Jack, Aiden; [others] Fred Dutch, Rodrigo Sevilla, 1 mortal security guard; [hazards] flickering lights, CS gas with flare by entrance, flare by Heart of Winter display

05-25-2012, 05:25 PM
Aiden isn't facing the case, so he doesn't see the lack of the gemstone. He blinks a few times to get the brightness out of his eyes and tackles Matt, aiming to bring him to the floor hold him down. The flare drops from his hand, but it's still illuminating the two men.

05-25-2012, 05:28 PM
Lupo notices his fallen comrade and comes up with what he thinks is a clever move. He is going to use his martial arts knowledge of leverage, and throw the Jotun at the figure over Luke.

05-25-2012, 05:34 PM
Emmett curses seeing the empty case and calls out over the comms, "The gem is gone." With that he turns his attention to the Aiden and Shadow Man and levels his gun toward shadow man's head, "I suggest you lie still."

Jay 2K Winger
05-25-2012, 08:24 PM
Location: Inside the hall

The Shadowman, still blinded, is easily tackled and held down long enough for Emmett to level his pistol. The man's hat is knocked off and he blinks blearily, then squints up to the son of Ma'at. He sees the pistol, then lifts his hands as if in surrender. He makes a show of looking at the empty display, then drawls, "Oh, would you look at that."

Selene's voice comes over the ear-pieces: "Luke is down!"

Location: Outside the hall

Su isn't even facing Lupo as he hurls the Jotun, but the frost giant's yelp of alarm as he's flung toward her makes her whirl around and her blade punches through the giant's chest. Ichor splatters, and the giant jerks before going limp.

The woman slips the blade free and gives another roundhouse kick and sends the dying jotun to the floor. She stands erect for a moment, the sword dripping ichor into the flooded floor, then slides into stance, legs low and spread, sword held at eye-level and parallel to the floor, her other hand outstretched near the tip of the blade, fore and middle fingers raised.

She looks accomplished with that blade, and she has already proven how fast she is with how she dispatched Luke.

05-25-2012, 08:36 PM
Lupo looks forward to the challenge ((he has problems backing down from a fight hehe)), and takes up a combat stance of his own. "Let's dance." He feels that she is a bigger threat then the lumbering Oni, if it even gets back up, but is trying not to focus too much on a single thing just in case. "Thanks for helping with one problem though."

Lupo closes, ready to parry or block with his knuckle/blade combo, and to dodge any incoming attacks. He is now wishing he has brought some smoke canisters, because being blinded only helps his cause (when the enemy is also). He makes a mental note to start carrying some..he is not above 'cheating' to win. Once again he starts studying his enemy to learn their moves and how to counter them.

Using the slipperyness of the floor, he ends up doing a slide, barely being missed, but over slides having slightly underestimated just how wet things are..he manages to barely catch the leg of the woman, instead of knocking her legs from under her, spinning her around. He collides with the Oni, knocking his breath out from him, but giving him a chance to give the Oni a good hit to the throat.

Unfortunately he had taken his eye off of his other enemy, and that gives them a chance to land a solid blow to his stomach, further winding him..he is going to have to end this quick or things will go bad.

05-25-2012, 09:02 PM
Jack looks over at Matt, and growls, putting the salt back into his pocket. Then he walks over to him, and kneels down, reaching out... And taking his fedora. "Hiya, sunshine. I'm the moderately psychopathic one in the group. Would you like to betray your allies in exchange for a promise of no permanent injuries from me, or should I show you that thing that the Maya used to do? The one that'd leave you alive with a hole in an unpleasant place, not the heart thing," he says, smiling pleasantly, with his eyes slightly unfocused in juuuuust the right way to make him look that much more crazy. The statement about being a psychopath was a bit of a lie- he'd probably be classified as one, for what he was willing to do, but generally you don't get enough supernatural psychologists to form a baseline for what's crazy or not in the son of a god.

Jay 2K Winger
05-26-2012, 12:14 AM
//GM Note: A little power-gamey stuff to give Lupo and Su some exchange before Lupo's post comes into it.

Location: Outside the hall

The Red Oni from earlier is still unconscious against the wall. Though he was taken out soon after, Luke did at least remove the other Titanspawn from being a threat.

Su, meanwhile, proves to be extremely capable with that sword, and the water doesn't seem to be giving her as much trouble with her footing. She parries Lupo's attacks and swings and thrusts with her own, but she's constantly moving when her attempts fail to connect, and her free hand and her feet are just as much of a danger.

One of her swings, when it misses, slices cleanly through a bank of slot machines in a diagonal line, sparks flying as their internal circuitry is quickly fried by the pouring water. Lupo manages to briefly back her into a corner, but she nimbly uses the walls as points of kick-off, flipping over him and delivering a thrust kick which he only barely avoids, but which nonetheless leaves a hole in the quite-solid wall.

The two seem evenly matched in terms of skill, but then the environment starts to play a factor. Lupo's footing goes, and she goes into a spin, her blade slicing in a deadly parabola which just misses him, but his foot manages to knock her off balance. She goes down in the flooded floor as well, but her legs windmill around until she's up in a crouch, arms outstretched to either side, sword gleaming.

The Oni had been coming to briefly, until Lupo's blow to the throat leaves it croaking and shuddering for air on the floor. This does indeed leave him open for a spinning thrust kick to his midsection, and she hits like a sack of bricks. Su's sword comes around for a blow that will, if not fully decapitate, certainly give his head consideration toward separating from his shoulders.

Location: Inside the hall

The Shadowman looks up at Jack crossly as his hat is taken. "I'll be wantin' that back later," he says mildly. To the threat, the Southerner stares, looking worried, and then surprises everyone-- including himself-- by laughing. "Really? You think that's supposed to scare me?" Jack would detect that his heart is racing faster, but then, he DOES have someone pointing a gun at him. "Sorry, cap'n. Psycho, you say? Mais oui, but you don' hold a candle to MacBride. That man, he more'n a lil' cray-cray, he do that psycho shit all day long and into the night. You wan' da scary, cap'n? Don' gotta look no farther than MacBride."

And Emmett would be able to tell that the Shadowman is being absolutely truthful. While Jack might be scary, something about MacBride terrifies him.
//Summary-- All enemies dead or neutralized, except for Su, who is battling Lupo outside the hall. Luke is incapacitated with his injury. Matt the Shadowman is pinned down. And the Heart of Winter is still missing.

05-26-2012, 03:49 AM
Emmett smiles, "MacBride isn't here. We are." He waggles his gun slightly for emphasis. "So, who has the gem?"

Jay 2K Winger
05-26-2012, 04:15 AM
Location: Inside the hall

The Shadowman turns his attention to Emmett. "Oh, say true," the thief agrees. "Y'all bein' here and MacBride, he not here. But you think he not close? You think he not makin' real sure the thievin' go off true?" There's a hint of a lie about his words, but the man talks so smooth and confidently that it's not clear where the lie is.

When the question is asked, the Shadowman shrugs. "Oh, po' ol' me, I forget where le Coeur go. I was sure it was in my pocket." A definite lie. For a man faced with people ready to shoot him and/or cut out his heart (and not necessarily in that order), he's being remarkably flippant and relatively calm, though his heart is still beating faster.

Location: The Strip outside the Palazzo

Solomon Becker lurks near the front of the panicking crowd, noting with worry as police and SWAT start to turn up. Besides the haywire electronics and pouring sprinklers, the word about "monsters" and somebody running around with a sword, it only seemed natural that the authorities would start showing up.

He has a phone to his ear, but it's not actually on, it's just to cover his using his ear-piece. "Oi, gang? It's starting to look bad out here. Coppers are showin' up. Might be a good idea to get out of there."

"Doing what I can to divert the authorities on the city's grid," Selene pipes up. "Make sure to get Luke out of there. Johnny has transportation ready to get him to an Apollo-run surgery to save his life." There's a pause. "Lupo looks to be in some trouble. Made call to Ms. Black."

Solomon grins at this. "I forgot Fi's in town. Hopefully she'll be here soon..."

05-26-2012, 04:51 AM
Emmett: Inside the Palazzo

Emmett sighs, "Ya know what, forget it. Just tie his hands and bring him with us."

Fiona: Outside the Palazzo
(ooc: operating on the assumption she has met Solomon in the past)

Fiona gets the call in the middle of happy hour at her favorite bar. She curses audibly and answers with a half drunken "Yeah, what?!" When Selene mentions fighting its almost as if she is instantly sober.

Solomon's mention of Fiona seems almost as if it summoned her as she saunters over staff half-cocked over her shoulder. "So Sol... where ya need me at?" She gives him a big toothy monkey-like grin.

Jay 2K Winger
05-26-2012, 05:08 AM
Solomon - Location: Outside the Palazzo

The big Aussie turns and gives the tattooed girl a grin. She was the only person he allowed to call him "Sol." "Fi. Good to see ya again." He gestures over his shoulder to the Palazzo. "Some Quislings(1) inside, trying to steal some gem called the Heart of Winter. What I hear, three of our guys caught one of the thieves. But one of our guys is down outside the exhibition hall, and the other's fighting a Quissie with a sword. Go stop Sword-girl, I'll get the coppers off everyone's case."

Once that's said, he fist-bumps with her-- the kind of mutual respect between people who get things done and damn the rules-- and then vanishes into the crowd. It isn't long after before there's a series of gunshots, and a neon sign suddenly explodes in sparks, drawing attention from the front of the Palazzo.

(1) "Quislings" - Children of the Divinity working with the Titans.

05-26-2012, 05:13 AM
Fiona: Inside the Palazzo

After the fist bump Fiona switches from staff over shoulder to in front of her and Solomon would see her change into a frail old woman hobbling along with the aid of a cane into the building.

Once inside she keeps up the ruse seemingly ignoring everything around her she hobbles over to the slots that have been sliced through and sits down. She makes as if fishing for a coin, pulls one out, sticks into the empty air causing it to plop to the floor, goes to pull the handle, and then notices that the machine is broken. She then turns to face Sword girl, pointing with the cane/staff, and bellows out in her best old lady voice, "You there, young missy. Why ain't this blasted machine workin?"

(ooc: assume this is after Lupo has had the chance to react to her previous attack)

05-26-2012, 05:31 AM
Lupo dodges the incoming blow, pushing her off with his feet. Jumping up, he takes a somewhat defensive stance, knowing that he can fight her to a draw long enough for others to arrive. Besides, he is learning a LOT from this fight..which is always a good thing.

05-26-2012, 06:41 AM
Jack looks up at Emmett, and then back at Matt, tilting his head slightly. "You know what? Something occurs to me now... Maybe this goon is just a bit too low-level to know what's really going on." He says, reaching up, and putting Matt's hat on his own head. It... simply doesn't look good. At all. Hey, if he can't scare the man, might as well insult him. "This isn't a fanatic. This is just a man who hasn't been told the whole truth, I think, about what the Heart of Winter is for... Aiden? Please explain Fimbulvetr to the nice man, would you?" He says, pleasantly, before drawing his knife, and heading over to one of the downed zombies, cutting away strips of the pants to make makeshift rope. He'd be doing it to Matt's coat, but he doesn't want to piss him off quite THAT much... yet. He also has a fairly good idea what Fimbulvetr is supposed to be, but he'd still like an explanation in case he's wrong...

05-26-2012, 02:05 PM
Aiden winces a little. He'd been in a strangely comfortable spot - holding down a handsome guy, listening to a cute accent talk Trickster to them, not having zombies come to eat his brains out. It was almost relaxing - in a crazy, chaotic way.

Then Jack just had to bring him back to reality.

"It's - it's the beginning of the end for the Aesir - and possibly for all humanity, depending on whether you believe one pantheon's myths hold true for the rest of the world, it seems kinda rude if you ask me but... Three years of winter, constant snow. The bonds of family are forgotten - brother kills brother, sister fucks sister - and then, well, theoretically, Götterdämmerung - the actual version, not the opera. And my family is all killed."

He looks away - swallows, his grip on Matt tightens.

05-26-2012, 02:25 PM
Emmett: The Palazzo Hall
Emmett speaks his face impassive, "Yeah... gotta love those end times stories. At least you have one." No one is quite sure if that is meant to be a joke or not.

Jay 2K Winger
05-26-2012, 04:14 PM
Location: The Exhibition Hall

The Shadowman smiles as Emmett suggests tying him up. "No rush, cap'n, I'm quite comfortable here, me." He looks up and his expression darkens slightly as Jack puts his hat on his head like that. And it does literally darken, the shadows on his face visibly deepening.

"Thinking I don' know what the Fimbulvetr is?" He turns his attention to Aiden, and seems quite amused at how uncomfortable the notion of the thing is to the Aesir-kin. "Say true! Tricksy boy got it right. The wolf-time, the dark-days, the end-times. Special so for the Aesir, mais oui, but we reckon it screw things up royal bad for the rest of the Divine." He looks at the three men present in turn and says, "Ehekatoyaatl will darken the skies of Acopa and Mictlán, Aten's light will fill every corner of Iteru and Duat, and when all is finished, Surtr will burn the nine realms away."

He gives Jack a smug look. "Don' mistake me for some mook like a jotun or cyclops or oni, Childs. Mama din' raise no fool."

Emmett would be able to tell that every bit of that is true. The Divinity have been waging a war in the Overworlds against the Titans' forces, but it's been more or less a stalemate, with neither side getting the upper hand for long. There's every possibility that the triggering of Ragnarök will tip the balance in the Titans' favor.

And then he might notice the way the Shadowman's eyes slide subtly to one side, as if concentrating on something.

Location: The Palazzo

Su swears colorfully in Japanese when Lupo avoids the killing blow and slides into another ready stance-- when the old lady suddenly bellows at her. This actually draws her up short, and she turns to look at the old woman with a look of bewilderment. "Nani?"

Then the shadows around the three start to deepen and move subtly. It's a bit difficult to notice amid the pouring sprinklers and flickering lights, but Su certainly seems to notice it. She swears again and thrusts her sword in the direction of the front doors, and suddenly leaps forward, gliding like a Wuxia fighter once again over another bank of slot machines. She's trying to make a run for it.

05-26-2012, 04:31 PM
Jack returns from the zombie with several strips of cloth, sheathing his knife and tilting his head at Matt. "Good point, good point... Tell me, how do you plan on escaping blindfolded and bound, being shocked at random intervals?" He asks, reaching down to start binding one of those strips of cloth around the Cajun's eyes.

05-26-2012, 05:02 PM
Fiona: In The Palazzo

Fi swears under her breath and then drops the illusion. "Don't you ignore ME!" She roars, "You stupid Japanese hussy!" She leaps from her seat twirling her staff overhead she makes a flicking motion with her left hand and would send a series of chairs careening at sword girl's legs. In the mean time she is attempting to close the distance between them and if possible getting between sword girl and the door she's headed for.

Emmett: The Palazzo Hall

Emmett raises his aim just slight so the shot will not kill and pulls the trigger not waiting to find out or even bothering to look at what shadow man is trying to do. "Would you shut up already! And no more trying any funny business."

05-26-2012, 05:36 PM
Aiden winces and looks up. "Fucking Hel, Emmett, could you not play Dirty Harry here? I'd like not to bleed out from a ricochet, thank you oh so much." It's clear something is putting him on edge - mostly the talk of his family dying. "Please look for the Heart. See if we can give Sol a trail, maybe we can catch it before it gets out of the city."

A pause. "Unless you do have it, Matty. Should I let Jack pat you down?"

05-26-2012, 06:05 PM
Emmett: The Palazzo Hall

Emmett just nods and steps off to the side. A few other possibilities occurred to him. "Selene, I need you to check on two things for me. Check the camera feeds from before we arrived and see if you can spot when the Heart vanished. Also, do you have eyes on Sevilla?"

05-26-2012, 06:10 PM
Lupo swears and is after the girl, but for an entirely different reason. "Think she knows something we don't...might want to get outta dodge!"

Jay 2K Winger
05-27-2012, 05:43 AM
Location: The Exhibition Hall

The Cajun just smiles as he's blindfolded. "I jus' fulla surprises, me," he all but giggles, then flinches as the gun goes off near his head. "Soc au' lait! What for that necessary, cap'n?!" He jerks his head toward Aiden. "Listen to Tricksy Boy!" His blindfolded gaze turns to Aiden again, and once again the grin. "Already tol' you, Tricksy, I don' have de Coeur, me. Only thing ol' Pointy there gon' find is maybe I get a lil' excited if'n he do it." His eyebrows waggle. He's telling the truth if Emmett's paying attention, and Aiden would definitely recognize a practiced Trickster in his antics.

When Emmett speaks to Selene of Sevilla, Fred Dutch speaks up. "I don't know everything that's going on here," the security guard says, "but Mr. Sevilla's over there," and he points to the side of the hall, behind one of the other displays, where the fat Spaniard can be seen cowering.

"Stop shooting!" Sevilla shouts. "I'm allergic to gun shots!"

As for Selene, she responds, "Trying to find it. These systems have fingerprints on them. Someone else has been in here. Might have tampered with videos. Trying to find it." A pause, a sharp inhale. "Working as fast as I can."

Location: Palazzo Casino

Su is hit by one of the chairs, going into a tumble from it, but she's up quickly and kicks the chair in the direction of the chasing Fiona. She snarls, "I don't have time for you!" as she hisses something in Japanese and sweeps her sword in an arc before her, and a rush of wind blows out, hard enough to send stools flying.

She curses again as she sees Lupo charging as well, then whirls and is away through the air again.

05-27-2012, 06:04 AM
Jack calmly ties Matt's hands behind his back, too... "Tell me, is this hat important to you? Because if it's not too much trouble, I'd rather return it to you after all this blows over, rather than you snatching it up during your daring escape attempt. It'll save trouble all around." He says, before backing away toward Dutch, and handing the guard the hat, leaning in and muttering quietly, "Hide that hat for me, would you? Somewhere inconvenient to get to in a hurry, if you know somewhere like that."

05-27-2012, 07:17 PM
Lupo once again underestimated exactly how slippery things were, and as he almost caught up with the would be security guard..he slipped and found himself sliding out past the door cursing. "OW!"

Jay 2K Winger
05-28-2012, 05:19 PM
Location: Exhibition Hall

The Shadowman swings his head in Jack's direction as the Aztec-kin moves off. "You know I know you're lyin', Childs. I no truth-seer like Jager, but I know when someone's tellin' me a blatant lie."

He's now blindfolded and tied up with his hands behind his back, sweeping his head from side to side, as if trying to see through the strip of cloth, or to get a better earful of what's going on.

Location: The Palazzo Casino

The escaping Su touches down as Lupo goes sliding past and through the doors. She pauses as she reaches the outside, and flashes them a grin. "Thanks for the fun, Hammer."

The police were still distracted and most of the civilians had cleared out of the way, so there were few people around to see what happened next. There was a great tearing sound, and a great sensation of Wrongness for the scions present. A tear appeared in the air, rippling with rainbow light, then was pulled open by a tall, blond woman. Her glasses gleamed from the light of the hole, and she stepped out of the way on her side of the tear.

With a cheeky air-kiss, Su thrust her sword in the direction of the tear, then glided off again, this time at greater speed, the wind suddenly at her back. Even before Fiona could stop her, the Asian woman was gone through the tear. As soon as she was through, the blond woman stepped back in front of the tear, then pulled it shut. It sealed up behind them.

Everyone's ear-pieces

Selene broke in, just after Su's escape through the rainbow gate. "Timing is bad, but got into security cameras. The woman security guard had it."

05-29-2012, 01:14 AM
Jack looks amused as he turns back to Matt, smiling a rather nasty little smile. "What lie? I have a definite preference for returning your hat later rather than sooner. I have a somewhat more marked preference for never returning it at all, of course, but..." He gives a shrug, and walks back to Aiden, looking at him intently, before looking at the knife at his side, and then at Matt's hands. "What do you think? Would it be a good idea to make him bleed for a while?"

05-29-2012, 01:38 AM
"No one is every happy to be captured unless it's part of their plans." Aiden bites his lip, closes his eyes, curses in his mind a couple commonly-known divinities of luck. "Or they know they've got a quick rescue on the way. Don't work into his plans. Move quickly."

His hand goes into his pocket, fingering one of the vials, measuring the chances. On one hand, perhaps a lead - on the other, if Matt worked his cute little mouth enough, there might be Issues. The shadowy figure had already made enough hints - the last thing he needed were his allies to start asking questions, and then a fight to break out, and Someone to hear, and...

"Let's try a slightly more subtle approach, if you don't mind."

He discreetly feeds one of the vials into a crevice in the ring, then slips it back into his pocket. He goes to Matt, considering him - a little smile, as he brushes the back of his hand against his cheek - and then triggers the spring and plunges the needle hidden in the ring into his upper arm.

"Truth serum. Magic, at that." (The last is a lie, but very convincingly told.) "I'd rather not have a pretty one like you sliced into strips for jerky. So ... maybe you could tell me what mountain you're having your ceremony on, and I could talk these gentlemen into dropping you into the nearest shadow - with the vast majority of your bits and blood still contained within you. Wouldn't that be preferable, mon frere?"

05-29-2012, 01:49 AM
Emmett: The Palazzo Hall

Emmett sighs at the news of the gem, "At least things weren't a total wash." He looks at their prisoner and waits to see what his answer to Aiden's question will be.

Fiona: The Palazzo Casino

Fiona narrowly dodged sword girl's return chair by doing a baseball style sliding dive. She rolls to her feet and is after her again and dives just shy of making it into the portal and instead face plants into the front door. She stands whirls back with her staff like a baseball bat and knocks the nearest slot machine off its base with a shouted curse.

Jay 2K Winger
05-29-2012, 02:01 AM
Location: The Exhibition Hall, The Palazzo, Las Vegas

The Shadowman shakes his head at Jack. "See, now you're jus' buildin' on top of it all."

When the truth serum is injected, Matt the Shadowman grunts and shakes his head a bit, swaying slightly as the stuff starts to take effect. It takes a little time, of course, but when it takes hold and Aiden asks his questions, the Shadowman's head rises slightly, still blindfolded.

"You wanna know the truth, mon chere?" Now he smiles. "I coulda gotten loose any time I wanted."

What happens next happens fast. The bound man's shadow suddenly springs to life, and the strips binding his wrists are sliced through. Moments later, the shadows thrust outward and strike with enough force to knock the wind from those around him. Just after that, the flickering lights finally give up the ghost and go out. The only lighting left is provided by the hall's display spotlights directly above each exhibit, and Aiden's flare.

There's a rush of movement, and Fred Dutch can be heard grunting and hitting the floor. Then a set of hands grabs Aiden by the upper arms and drags him over until the two are back lit by the display that should have held the Heart of Winter, with the Shadowman using Aiden as a sort of human shield. And he's got his hat back.

"You want to know where we callin' down the hammer, mon chere? How's about I show you?"

To the outside observers, it's as though the two drop out of sight as if through a hole in the floor. But when they checked, the floor was solid.

Location: Somewhere in Denver

The trip through the shadowy realm is... well, dark. And cold in a way that cuts straight to the bone. It seems to last forever, but it also takes mere moments.

Aiden and Matt the Shadowman emerge as if falling out the end of a slide in an alley. It's not a truly comfortable landing, but the Shadowman is soon back on his feet, brushing himself off as he puts his hat back on. He looks down at the disoriented Aiden and gives a bit of a bow.

"Hope the trip is worth it, cap'n." He grins, then turns and runs to the end of the alley, where an SUV pulls up for him. Sitting in the driver seat is a hulking figure of a man, crawling with tattoos. Aiden would recognize him as MacBride from his Past-watch vision.

Even though the man is a good distance away and not very easy to see details, the man exudes that aura of undeniable menace that would trigger flight responses. Aiden might realize that the feeling the man's presence triggers is supernatural (Divine, even) of origin, but that doesn't make it any easier to ignore.

MacBride barely glances at him, though, just waits for Matt to jump in the backseat, then drives off toward the highway south.

It's a little colder than it was in Vegas. And Aiden's ear-piece is no longer working.

05-29-2012, 03:13 PM
Emmett: The Palazzo Hall
Emmett tries his com after the disappearing act, "Aiden... you ok?" Pause "Aiden..." He heads over to where Dutch was hit and gives him a hand up. "Selene, please tell me Aiden is still in the Palazzo somewhere...."

Jay 2K Winger
05-29-2012, 03:32 PM
Location: Exhibition Hall, The Palazzo (Emmett, Jack)

Dutch has a bruised jaw and groans as Emmett helps him up. "I don't claim to know what's going on here," the Palazzo security guard says, "but evidently some bad folks duped me into thinking Ms. Ieyasu was on my security team and stole the Heart."

Sevilla's voice calls out from his hiding place. "What's happened to it?! Who took it?! Damn you, what did you people do!?" From there, he lapses into Spanish and just settles for remonstrating and cursing at everyone in general.

Over the ear-pieces (Everyone but Aiden)

"Negative. He's off the cameras somewhere. And out of comm range, wherever he is. Johnny's here, and trying to see if he can narrow down where Aiden might be. Get back here as soon as you can. We'll regroup and figure out where to go from here."

Location: The Strip outside the Palazzo (Lupo, Fiona)

Solomon comes back around and helps Lupo to his feet, then glances at Fiona's temper tantrum. "I heard what's goin' on," the Aussie says. He hands Fiona a key to the room at the Mirage. "You two, get back to Johnny's room, we'll reconvene. I'll see what I can do about clean-up, and get Luke to Divine med-care."

05-29-2012, 04:05 PM
Jack grimaces, and looks at Sevilla's hiding place, before heading over to one of the downed zombies, and kneeling next to it. "Did you hear what that Shadowman said, Emmett? Seems likely that Aiden's been taken to where they're doing the ritual. Even odds that he'll be a blood sacrifice. Aiden said something about a mountaintop for the ritual, too; MacBride and their lot are supposed to be in Denver, aye?" He says, sounding more annoyed than anything else, really. Not particularly panicked or anything. But there's something that he's been wanting to try for a bit, but hasn't really had the occasion to do so- something inspired by one of the old Swamp Thing comics. He reaches out a hand above the inert corpse, and tries to exert his growth influence toward the intestinal flora that may or may not be present in the corpse. If it fails, he won't be particularly surprised, of course, since, strictly speaking, he's not really dealing with plants, per se, but it's worth a few moments to try on an inert corpse. And if nothing happens, no one will be aware that he failed at it, either.

05-29-2012, 04:50 PM
Emmett: The Palazzo Hall

Emmett tries to reassure Dutch and Mr. Sevilla, "Consider us on retainer to recover your stolen property. Some of us are good at locating lost things."

He turns to Jack, "I don't suspect they have that in mind for Aiden. Or at least that Shadowy fella doesn't seem the type. Anyway, I'll see you back at the hotel."

Emmett and Fiona: The Mirage

Fiona took the key from Solomon with a huff and just about stormed out still clearly upset.

Back at the room in the Mirage she heads to the mini bar indiscriminately mixes a few drinks into a glass and then downs it in a single chug and then belches loudly. "Well, I feel better." It's about this time Emmett walks into the room and regards her rather dubiously. He takes a moment to use his soul gaze on her.

She frowns at him, "What the hell you lookin at?"

Emmett doesn't even blink at this, "Apparently a monkey..." This response sends Fiona into a fit of giggles.

05-29-2012, 05:15 PM
From luxurious hotel to dazzling casino - then to chaos and shadows. Aiden floats through the darkness - bone-chilling, frightening, but a touch intriguing, if he had to be honest to himself. The shadows to him feel almost corporeal - brushing against his legs and chest as he is led.

And then unceremoniously dropped into a fucking alley.

He curls up as he falls to the ground, protecting his head, his stomach churning from the havoc inter-spatial travel tends to impart to the novice. He looks up as Matt's hat is reapplied and blinks to the bow, then watches him sprint away. The sight of MacBride makes him quiver in a way he will later think was sliightly exaggerated.

And then they drive off.

He pouts briefly, sighs, and stands up. It's a chilly night wherever he is, and he pulls his suit jacket close to him.

"Guys? This thing working?"

No answer out of the earphone. He shrugs - makes sense - and slips his hand into his pocket for his phone.

...which is not there.

He slaps both pockets - both his phone and his wallet are missing. Thinking back, he realizes that the shadows were corporeal - and pickpocketed him.

"Why you miserable, arrogant, son of a... probably very nice woman who certainly didn't deserve a tart of a son like you!" he shouts at the end of the alley. There is, thankfully, no answer.

Aiden kicks the asphalt and starts to explore his surroundings.

Jay 2K Winger
05-29-2012, 05:56 PM
// GM Note -- A minor bit of power-game to use Emmett before he leaves for the Mirage again.

Location: The Exhibition Hall, Las Vegas (Emmett & Jack)

Jack's attempts to trigger a response from the intestinal flora fails, alas, as the fallen zombies both fail to respond in any measurable way.

Fred Dutch nods, and produces a business card. "There's my phone number and email. Keep me in the loop."

Emmett nods as he takes the card, adding, "We have an associate coming to help... clean things up. He should be able to keep the police from getting too nosy."

Dutch nods again. "Thanks. All the weird stuff that just happened, I wouldn't know what to tell them."

Sevilla, even with Emmett's reassurance, was still ranting on in Spanish, but appeared to run low on steam and instead just huffed. "Just get my property back," he snaps.

Location: The Palazzo Casino, Las Vegas

If anyone checks while leaving the exhibition hall, they'd find Solomon hauling the dead corpse of the jotun and the unconscious bulk of the oni to a door-- one which is notably not opening to the back corridors of the casino. The oni is bound with several thick zip-ties and gagged as well. Luke's unconscious body is missing, but there's a faint blood trail (largely washed away by the still-running sprinklers) leading into the same anomalous room, likely opened by one of Solomon's keys-to-elsewhere.

Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

The doors to the All-Possessing Armory and Equally-Possessing Wardrobe are still there when Emmett and Fiona arrive. Selene is sitting Indian-style on a counter-top with her laptop on her lap and her tablet beside her, dividing her time equally between them, fingers flying, very clearly multitasking as she tries to gather information on what happened.

As for Johnny Mercury, he's grabbed Aiden's bag and is pulling one item after another out of it, holding it in his hand and concentrating, then shoving the item in question back in and pulling out another, evidently trying to use his Divine powers to locate Aiden's whereabouts.

Location: Somewhere in Denver (Aiden)

It's later in the evening where Aiden has turned up, blasted time zones and all that. He's a little distant from the downtown area, and there are a few people around, but he's not getting any sense of any Divine presence. No scions nearby he can ask for assistance from. Signs by the road show directions to Rte 87/I-25. Aiden's somewhat dressy attire (and its scuffled appearance) draws a few looks, but for the most part, they ignore him with typical bystander indifference.

Miracle of miracles, however, there is a payphone outside a nearby chain-store pharmacy.

05-29-2012, 06:40 PM
Location: Exhibit Hall, Las Vegas

Jack had been more than half-expecting failure, and was not disappointed. He brushed off his hands, took one last look at the zombie, and then shakes his head, walking off, and listing some things off in his head as he heads back to the hotel...

Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

The Aztec-kin walks in, not looking particularly happy about the situation- which, to be honest, shouldn't surprise anyone involved. He heads back into the Wardrobe to get his own clothes back, but keeping the cestus he'd been wearing for himself, and grabbing another coat- leather biker gear- from the wardrobe, moving the salt and remaining flares from the suit to the coat.

When he moves to the armory, though, he pretty much immediately goes for a flaregun, and looks around a bit more... and grabs a freaking speargun. His line of thinking at this point can be summed up in two words at this point: "Fuck subtlety."

05-30-2012, 04:08 PM
Location: Somewhere in Denver

Aiden checks his pockets for spare change as he traverses the parking lot of the pharmacy. There's nothing, but he does remember a number for a free 411 service based on an 800 number.

He connects to the Mirage, and asks the front desk to be connected to Johnny's room.

Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Riiiiing. Riiiiiing.

Jay 2K Winger
05-30-2012, 04:44 PM
Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Johnny himself looks up as the phone rings, and glances at the others. After a moment, he puts it on speaker, but when he speaks, he uses a different voice, "This is Room 2827. Who is this?"

Once Aiden identifies himself, Johnny drops the act. "Misty, thank gods, we didn't know what to expect when you vanished. Where are you? What happened?"

While this is going on, Solomon returns, soaking wet from the sprinklers going off in the Palazzo, and pauses, looking into the armory to stare at Jack. "Not a bad start, but a speargun's too unwieldy." He walks him over to the wide selection of large-caliber handguns. "Easier to conceal than a speargun, too."

Then he goes to change into dry clothes from the wardrobe.

05-31-2012, 02:31 PM
Location: Somewhere in Denver, on a payphone

"Am I on speaker?"

Johnny smiles. "Nope."

"Okay, you sound a bit fuzzy." Aiden takes a deep breath, and lets it hiss out of his teeth. "He pulled me through the Shadow Realm, I'm pretty sure of it. Whatever Loa there is of shadows and tricksters, that's his parent. Felt like - well, I mean I've been to my sister's place and it was nicer than that. And the little tart pickpocketed me! You know if he was so close to my--"

Johnny coughs. "Aiden."

"--and goodness I know, second rule, everyone falls for the Trick, including you--"

"And he didn't do you the favor of getting you drunk first. Are you in Denver, then?"

Aiden looks around his surroundings. "Um. I see signs for an intersection of Route 87 and I-25, but I've never been in Denver. It's darker, it's a city, I look like a businessman on a bender so I didn't ask anyone. I figure Selene would have traced the call by now."

He coughs. "And while she's doing that, if she could give me directions to a place to crash with a room in my name. Did I mention the tart picked my pocket?"

Jay 2K Winger
05-31-2012, 06:07 PM
Location: Johnny's Room, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Selene makes a quiet noise, as of clearing her throat. Johnny glances at her, then says, "Okay, now you're on speaker, Aiden. Go, Selene."

The hacker pipes up. "Found your location, Aiden," and she follows this up with a rough street address, adding, "Western Union a block away, money in your name waiting, enough for cab fare and any other incidentals. Reservation just set up for you," and she gives a hotel name and address as well. "Recommend we head there as a group to pick up other team's trail soon."

Johnny nods. "You set up travel arrangements. Solomon, you'll take care of TSA?"

The big Aussie, by now in dry clothing, nods. "Sure. Most of our gear we can stash in the armory. If'n Blood-drinker," and he gives Jack an amiable nod, "wants to take his knife with 'im, I can smooth that over, no worries."

Selene speaks up again, "Got hits on three of the other team. The one who hurt Luke is Susana Ishii, Japanese-American from San Francisco. Daughter of Susano-o, from the Amatsu-kami Divinity. God of seas and storms. Professional criminal. Charges of grand theft larceny, grand theft auto, assault, battery, and murder. Known Titan sympathies. Not sure why her sword escaped notice for so long.

"The Shadowman is Mattieu Carrefour, known street hustler from New Orleans. Son of Kalfu, from the Vodoun Divinity. Kalfu is the Loa of the dark crossroads and wicked spirits of the night. Known con artist and thief. Unclear about his connections with the Titans."

Then she pauses and inhales sharply before continuing: "Third is MacBride. Morgan MacBride. Irish-born. Son of the Morrígan, a Celtic goddess of war. MacBride is a rogue terrorist, former IRA, gone freelance when his views turned too anarchistic and nihilistic for the IRA leadership. There have been ten known attempts on his life, including one car bombing while he was sitting in the driver's seat. He survived with no injuries. Notes in his file suggest avoiding conflict with him."

Johnny interrupts, "Thanks for the intel, Selene. Keep looking and see if you can find out any more on the other two that Aiden saw in his vision." He turns to the others. "Get your things together, and watch for a call or email from Selene or myself regarding your flight to Denver tomorrow. We'll take care of accommodations on the other end, separate rooms."

Later That Night...

After business was concluded, the scions on our merry band of misfits return to their accommodations in Vegas. Although the same rooms are still booked, the hotel staff are very conscientious and state that anything the scion might want is at their disposal. A text from Johnny (and it's from his phone number) indicates that he got their service upgraded so everyone's last night in Vegas (for now) can be a pleasant one. While Aiden is not in Vegas, his hotel in Denver has done much the same thing.

The gang still in Vegas receives a text or email from Selene stating that their flight to Denver is at 12:21PM the following afternoon.

That night, everyone has a particularly vivid Dream...

An icy fortress amid snow-covered crags, a Jotun of particularly tall dimensions and regal demeanor clutching something that shines too brightly to look at as he shouts something in a voice that-- by the weird mechanics of dreaming-- is too distorted to make out.

A flash of light and fire over a different mountain range, a spreading darkness and Winter claims the land. And it's something far worse than a mere cold season, and thus fully requires the capital letter. After this the imagery gets jumbled. Cities in chaos. Snow and ice and darkness blanket the world...

On heavenly battlegrounds, the Titans and Divinity make war. The jotun and their fiery kin storm the Bifrost. Twisted mockeries of the Aztec Divinity swoop down from the stormy skies and upon the Divine stepped pyramid of Acopa. Greater cyclopi and the ferocious hekatonkheires swarm up Olympus. Monstrous ghouls and creatures out of chaos descend upon Tian. Beings of light, of terrible intensity, assault the bottomless Divine River of Iteru, shining brighter than even Ra Himself.

The imagery gets more jumbled and chaotic, but no less vivid. But each of our scions sees something or someone especially personal to them swept up in the all-consuming chaos, which threatens to destroy it...


The gang's going to be heading out to Denver "in the morning." Feel free to have character interactions either at Johnny's Room or elsewhere in Vegas.

The Prophetic Dream that everyone just had is similar to everyone, but there will be imagery that speaks more directly to each scion individually. So please let me know what that is. You can either post it in the thread or PM it to me, but this may will play a factor in future plot happenings.

The person or thing which is important to each scion that's being threatened by the course of fate can be anyone, but I'd recommend it be someone other than your Divine Parent. You're on the course to help save the world from Götterdämmerung, the Twilight of the Gods, they're already in danger as it is. You might be half-Divine, but don't forget your mortal side.

05-31-2012, 06:43 PM
Jack goes through the Arsenal for a bit, looking at the large caliber handguns... and then stops short when he sees what appears to be a double-barreled pistol. ... Yep, double-barreled .45 pistol- an AF2011-A1. Of course, Jack doesn't know the proper name for it- all he knows is that the gun makes him smile such an evil little smile that he immediately picks it up, along with 4 clips - 2 full of lead bullets, one packed with silver, and the last gets Cold Iron. "Salt. Silver. Iron. Lead. ... That should do it." He mutters to himself, heading off to bed pretty much immediately at that point.

The dream he dreams... Well, that's just not very pretty at all, now is it? Among those images he saw- the personal one- was the realm of his father, the afterlife known as Tlalocan. Normally, this wouldn't bother him quite so much, if it weren't for all the children... the souls of centuries' worth of children, cast out into darkness, and into oblivion.

And if that weren't enough, he sees the face of a girl- a young woman, actually. But he doesn't remember her. She looks so very familiar, though. That long, dark hair. Slightly Asian cast to her features. Eyes the color of ashes. And so sad... and afraid. And then the blood... so very, very much blood...

And Jack sits bolt upright in his bed, clawing at the side of his head where he'd been hit 2 years gone, fingernails digging into his scalp and cheek as he whispers just a single word... "Felicia..." And he's crying, but he doesn't know why.

05-31-2012, 07:29 PM
Fiona, Emmett, et al: Mirage Hotel

Emmett changes back into his normal street clothes keeping the pistol and cane sword he took from the armory earlier. He heads off to bed early, a move which unfortunately does not turn out to be as wise as it usually is. His rest is fitful as his sleep is plagued by dreams of death and destruction. Among the chaos he watches as a demon rips Kevin, his good friend from the Chicago PD, apart like a paper doll. The torturous sights do not stop there. He sees the home of his mortal parents burned to ashes, charred skeletal remains among them, his younger step-sister weeping and looking terrible. And the worst of this torture is the images are repeated and try as he might, the blessing of waking up and ending the nightmare will not come.

Fiona for her part manages to get mostly buzzed, not even a little drunk, despite downing most of the minibar. The entire evening she grumbles to herself, anyone near will note the words "Stupid little Japanese whore...." and similar slurs.

Eventually she passes out on the couch late in the night/early morning. Like the others her dreams are plagued by disturbing images. Most of them are the death of a random stranger as a result of her own failure. But somewhere among the myriad of faces is a young girl. She would be older now, but this is how she remembers her. Young, frightened, hollow looking. The way she used to be. She never even bothered to learn her name before running away and leaving her in that hellhole of a foster home. And try as she might, she can't get to her to save her. Others might be awakened when Fiona wakes and sits up screaming....

05-31-2012, 08:24 PM
Lupo mostly lost interest in the goings on until McBride is mentioned. His ears perks up. "Somebody to avoid conflict with?" he practically licks his lips "Sounds like my kind of person. As for the one who hurt Luke..I have a score to settle with that one. Not much more to learn from them, but that is ok."

Later that night...

The personal part of the dream includes the images of children cold, hungry, and/or dying. For some reason this disturbs Lupo, even though normally his only care is the next fight, the next challenge.

06-01-2012, 02:00 AM
The hotel Selene organized for Aiden was a nice upscale place - and it had a wonderful bath to soak some well-needed heat back into his bones. He'd picked up a cheap cell phone, switched the service, and texted Kerry to update her.

Then, snuggled in a fluffy comforter and soft sheets, he dreams...

He hears a howling, and his heart is stuck in fear.

A hissing, and terror trembles in his bones.

The shriek of a woman, and he is frozen.

But those things are far away. Before him is a river, roaring rapids. He sees his assistant/accountant/official well-paid Trouble-Getter-Outter, on a fragile raft desperately trying to paddle with her own hands to shore.

Even as he runs towards her, the river fades. Jamal and Thom, his high school friends and co-conspirators in the infamous 'duckcident,' are chased by whirlwinds. He speeds forwards, trying desperately to reach them, but they as well fade.

He collapses, and lays his hands on the ground - on a tombstone. His mother's. Except, even as the etchings upon each side are the same, the roman script is replaced by runes - curses and profanities, gloating at her death, at her future death, at the death of all Aesir...

He awakes in a cold sweat, and spends a good amount of the rest of the night curled up in a towel watching old Iron Chef reruns.

Jay 2K Winger
06-01-2012, 05:59 PM
// GM POST TIME - Feel free to expand on events here, have your characters chat or interact. This is mostly to just move us along from Vegas to Denver and on to part two of our epic tale.

Location: McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

It's clear when the gang rolls up at the airport that no one got a lot of sleep. Johnny Mercury is wearing sunglasses and a ball cap pulled low to keep the late morning sun out of his eyes. Solomon's slouch hat is likewise pulled low, and he emits a sort of low grumbling as he stares around with bloodshot eyes. Even the stoic Selene looks frazzled as she clutches a cup of tea in her hands.

"Everyone have a good night's sleep?" Johnny asks sarcastically as he gives everyone a wan smile.

After morning greetings and any discussions are given, it's time to go through the usual air travel process. Boarding passes are acquired, baggage is checked, and then the rigamarole with TSA. Solomon ends up pulled aside for a strict wanding and pat-down, and then hustled off for presumably a thorough strip search. Selene has to demonstrate to TSA's acceptance that her laptop and tablet are not secretly bombs.

Fiona is given some trouble about her staff, but it eventually subsides, and she's told it will have to be stored in the overhead bins or in the forward storage closet on the plane.

Jack, however, is not given any grief about his knife-- indeed, it's almost as though TSA doesn't know it's there. Best not to press the issue, however.

The only two who don't seem to get much trouble from TSA are Johnny and Lupo. Johnny because he's that movie star, you know? And Lupo because "Holy shit, it's Mike Wolf!"

Someone from TMZ follows them through the terminal on the far side of TSA, but it's mostly unobtrusive and mildly annoying to have "videorazzi" dogging your every step. Johnny seems to "switch on" when they start following and distracts them with his usual hammy charm, talking about how he loved being in Vegas, really he did, he's gonna go out to Vail now, some of the first snows are coming down, maybe get some skiing in, et cetera.

On The Flight

Money was spent to get everyone first-class seats. The seats are comfortable and food and drink are available. There's one or two autograph-seekers for Johnny and Lupo, but the flight attendants do a good job maintaining their privacy. Selene looks twitchy not having solid net-access.

There's some turbulence and issues, which the pilot apologizes for, claiming some instrument trouble (truthful, Emmett would learn), but the plane touches down in Denver International Airport and fortunately the TMZ hounds don't pick up the scent here as taxis are taken to Aiden's hotel.

Location: The Hotel, Denver

While everyone else was dealing with airports and so on, Aiden was likely dealing with his own issues from a night's worth of bad sleep. There were the usual commercials on TV, including some of those ad spots that are clearly inserted into blocks for local sponsors. One of them, however, is the more familiar adverts for SLAM! Energy Drink, from Pyke Brands. Which, Aiden might recall, is based in Colorado. Some corporate offices in Denver, but Gunnar Forson-- the head of the company-- runs most of the business from Colorado Springs.

Eventually, the rest of the gang arrives and convenes in Johnny's hotel room, where the armory and wardrobe are made available again. "So," a still-tired Johnny says, "weird stuff was going on with dreams last night, I gather..."

06-01-2012, 06:36 PM
Jack is fairly moody on the way to Colorado- not really responding to attempts at conversation beyond a few guttural grunts. After recovering the weaponry and outfit from the wardrobe and Armory, he sinks into a chair, holding his head in his left hand. For a few moments after Johnny mentions the dreams, he's silent. Then he slowly raises his head, and stares at Johnny with an unnerving stare... but this time, it's not theatrical. "There was a girl. I don't know who she is. I don't know what she is to me. Just a face, and blood, and the memory of a name from... somewhere. She's supposed to be important to me, I think. But I can't..." He says, very, very quietly, the hand on the armrest clenching tight, with sparks jolting from fingertip to fingertip, charring the upholstery slightly. "My goddamned memories... why the FUCK doesn't it work right!?!" he snarls, much louder. He already knows the answer to his question, of course. He's just lashing out in frustration.

Anyone with a talent for seeing that kind of thing might realize that Jack is exceptionally unstable at the moment, although he does manage to calm himself down over the next several minutes, no longer inadvertently using his powers, shoving the anger and the frustration down to a manageable level, taking a deep breath and then releasing it slowly, shaking slightly.

06-01-2012, 06:47 PM
Mike "The Wolf" Hammer is a different animal then Lupo. He is all smiles, ruffling the hair of the kids, picking them up to get a picture with them, and shaking the hands/signing autographs for the fans. He even does a little 'shadow boxing' for the TSA people, and flexing for the flight attendants (he is in rather good shape after all). Mike also wears 'bling' (something Lupo is rather unfond of). A few rings, a couple of golden necklaces, and a diamond stud earring. All of course which are taken off when going through customs.

During the flight there is no sign of being uncomfortable in first class (though even Mike prefers not to be in first class), nor any sign that he had a rough night last night. All smiles, charm, and fun. Helps that his exercise routine often has him up at 4 or 5 in the morning..he is use to very little sleep.

Almost as soon as they touch down and are out of the limelight, however, Lupo is back. In the hotel he sighs. "Don't know what last night was, but yeah..no rest for the wicked."

06-02-2012, 02:43 PM
Aiden comes into Johnny's room lugging a grocery bag, a bit less worse-for-wear given his nap while the others dealt with travel. He slips into the Eternal Wardrobe and re-emerges in clean clothes - slacks, a button-up, a blazer - and carrying back a full-length wool coat under one arm. He collapses into a chair and rubs a little sleep out of the corners of his eyes.

"Right. Terrifying creepy prophetic dreams including the deaths and/or peril of those we hold dear, check. This is why I recommended we split the booze duty, guys - er..."

He gives a look to Fiona, blinks a couple times, resumes: "- and new guy. Right. Never a dull moment. Er, does that tattoo -- actually, I'm sure I'll find out eventually. Nevermind."

He reaches into his bag and plunks a can of SLAM! onto the table. "So here's what I know. Matty and MacBride booked it, but he did leave me in Denver. Which is the headquarters of these assholes - as you may recall, the ones who booked the ambush room. So, just maybe we should go visit them. Or their CEO while he's at the golf course. Or both."

06-02-2012, 07:30 PM
Emmett spends the better part of the plane trip napping. Though it is a short flight, the small amount of sleep does seem to rejuvenate him some.

Fiona seems to want to talk to Lupo. It's clear she recognizes who he is, but she decides against it for now since everyone seems to be tired and cranky.

At the room in Denver Emmett looks down at the floor at the mention of dreams, "Is this one of those dreams that are inevitable? Or can we prevent it from happening?"

Fiona remains quiet until the attention from Aiden, "Oh yes, it does handsome." She gives him a big toothy grin. She look to everyone, now that they are for the most part all in the same place, "Fiona Black. My dad is Sun Wukong." Then she looks pointedly at Lupo, "And you and I gotta spar at some point cause hey... its the champ." She says with a bit of a half giggle half laugh.

06-02-2012, 08:01 PM
Lupo chuckles. "Nah, Mike Hammer is the champ, I am just Lupo. I got an in with Mike though, and he never turns down a challenge." He grins. "I'll see what I can do." he laughs.

06-02-2012, 09:03 PM
Fiona makes herself look like a 16 something young girl and then squeals and jumps up and down clapping her hands, "Like ohmaigod its the champ!" She turns back to normal. "You mean you aren't him? Ok, I'm confused."

Jay 2K Winger
06-02-2012, 09:14 PM
Location: Johnny's Hotel Room, Denver

Johnny pinches the bridge of his nose. "The dreams are troubling, but as I understand it, the 'tapestry of fate' is always unclear past a tangle. I think we can save the people we saw in our dreams, but it might be tricky to pull off." He gives a tired smirk. "But if it were easy, it wouldn't be us doing it."

Selene is once again plugged into the net on her laptop and tablet. "Aiden has point. Pyke Brands bankrolled the room where the trap was set up in Vegas. Pyke Brands been suspected of having ties to Titans. Should investigate. Gunnar Forson is in Colorado Springs at the moment, however."

"I think it might be a good idea to split up," Johnny says. "Some of us go into Pyke HQ here in Denver, the rest pop by Forson's place in Colorado Springs and see if he knows anything."

Solomon speaks up, "I think Selene and me should help the team going into Pyke here in Denver. Johnny can take his team to Colorado Springs. I know a helicopter pilot who can get you there quick."

// GM Notes: Time to split the crew. The Pyke HQ team will be dealing with some infiltration and stealth issues, while the Colorado Springs team may be doing something akin to an interrogation. Choose wisely.

06-02-2012, 09:16 PM
Emmett listens to the plan and then says "I think my skills would be put to better use here in Denver."

06-02-2012, 11:15 PM
Jack eyes Johnny again... "I'll be going to Colorado Springs, then, I think. It is simply astounding how much information people volunteer when Mister Stabby asks them nicely." He says, patting the knife at his side. It's not really called Mister Stabby, of course. That would just be silly.

06-03-2012, 01:17 AM
Fiona's pronouncement makes Aiden give a wide eyed look briefly, then shrug it off with a grin playing on his lips.

"Um. I'm thinking staying here. If you need to bullshit your way into anything, I might just be the man for that. As long as Sol keeps his big mouth shut, that is."

06-03-2012, 04:25 AM
Lupo chuckles "Normally I prefer to keep the lives separate. Otherwise I might get too big an ego. For you I'll make an exception. When we get a chance, we will spar. Would be my pleasure" he chuckles. Then he turns to the rest of the group. "Since stealth and me are not on good terms, think Colorado for me."

06-03-2012, 06:05 AM
Fiona eyes the room, "I don't suppose 'I'll stay here, drink, and play cards' is an acceptable option?" She gives a halfhearted smile, "We need a combat specialist to stay here I think, so I suppose I'll go with the Denver group..." She gives her staff a slight heft, "I'm going to hold you to that sparring match Champ."

Jay 2K Winger
06-04-2012, 02:04 PM
Location: Johnny's Hotel Room, Denver

Johnny nods. "All right. Let's gear up, then."

Selene speaks up: "Temperatures to be at winter-like levels in both cities. Dress appropriate."

Solomon does not rise to Aiden's bait, and pulls out a cell phone. "I call up me helicopter pilot buddy."

// Wardrobe and Armory are open again. Remember, the Denver team is going to be infiltrating a corporate office building. The Colorado Springs team is probably going to have to do some stealthy stuff, but less of it. But both teams will have something to keep them busy, and plan for at least some minor combat.

Later, as the helicopter arrives on the roof of the hotel, the teams split up. Johnny takes Lupo and Jack up to the helicopter, which soon heads south to Colorado Springs, while Solomon and Selene take Emmett, Aiden, and Fiona down to an SUV in the carpark, which they take toward Pyke Brands HQ.

Location: Pyke Brands HQ (Emmett, Aiden, Fiona -- with Solomon (driving) & Selene)

A six-story office building, Pyke Brands has a security gate to get past, with a pair of stern, humorless-looking security guards watching cars go past with stony expressions. A check by Emmett would tell him they're human, no illusions in place.

Location: Gunnar Forson's Mansion, Colorado Springs (Lupo & Jack -- with Johnny)

After the helicopter touches down at a hotel in the city, Johnny leads the two to a car which he takes out toward Forson's mansion. It's a decent-sized one, with a high fence and some security patrolling the grounds. Jack would detect at least six guards, but two of them had a deeper heartbeat, indicative of Titanspawn, but which kind wasn't clear. Probably jotun, though; it was cold enough they'd feel at home.

06-04-2012, 03:22 PM
Jack was dressed a little more warmly this time... A plaid, flannel shirt underneath the leather biker jacket he had chosen, with the gun tucked more or less securely away in a holster at his hip, opposite his knife, and flannel-lined pants. He glances over at Lupo, then back at the mansion. "At least half a dozen guards. A couple of titanspawn in there. Probably best not to tangle with them just now- security might have guns, and I'm not feeling particularly bulletproof," he says, stroking at his chin a bit, as if at an imaginary beard. "Carport might be a viable mode of entry, if he's got one attached- security systems sometimes don't extend to internal doors like that. Patrols would probably catch a broken or open window at ground level- maybe not a second story window, but I'm not confident in my ability to climb quick enough to not be spotted. With a ladder, maybe, but ladders attract attention, too... I suppose we could claim to be messengers from MacBride... that'd probably get us in the door, at least."

06-04-2012, 03:25 PM
Lupo has picked out some warm clothing, and a billy club other then that he is happy with what he has. He also changes into something resembling a black jumpsuit type outfit, complete with hood. He knew his presence would cause most stealth he tried to fail, but he could at least mitigate it a bit.

06-04-2012, 04:20 PM
Location: Johnny's Room, Denver

Aiden slips back into the Closet to pick out a pair of fur-lined gloves and fuzzy socks to wear beneath his loafers. Another trip is also made to the Armory, where he keeps the ring and non-metallic knife, adds a keychain-sized can of pepper spray and a packet or two of those warm-hands squares.

Location: Outside Pyke Brands

Aiden takes a long look at the guards, then at his two companions with a particular eye on Fiona, adding a few dozen things in his head. Then he grins, and that twinkle in his eyes comes back.

"They're expecting us to try to sneak in, I bet. Probably got all their security watching every side entrance. So let's walk right in the front door."

He fluffs his hair up, making it a stylish mess. "If I may suggest: Emmett - Mister Emerson - do your best to look like a blood-sucking lawyer about to feed. Fiona - FiFi "Pink Poison" Sun - if you can punk-queen it up any more, do it. Because you, my dear, are the newest spokeswoman coming on board for SLAM! Energy, as they try to, aha, slam Red Bull and Monster right out of the alt-goth-punk-etc market. So crank it up to - " He pauses, considers, revises, " - an eight and a half, probably." And I'm just Alex Sormrsen, the fast-talking sweet-tongue publicist. Thoughts?"

06-04-2012, 06:15 PM
Location: Outside Pyke Brands

Before leaving Emmett grabs a pair of gloves, his Duster already being made for the winters of Chicago this is all he really needs.

Fiona grabs a coat and pair of gloves as well.

At Aiden's suggestion to punk it up a bit more she smiles, "Give me a moment." She gets inside the SUV takes off her coat and proceeds to rip the jeans and t-shirt she is wearing in strategic places effectively making them into cut offs and a halter top. She hops out of the SUV toting her staff glammered to look like a skateboard. "Let's do it!" She pumps a fist in the air.

Jay 2K Winger
06-04-2012, 06:32 PM
Location: Gunnar Forson's Mansion

For his part, Johnny was dressed in dark winter clothing and had armed himself with a simple Glock 9mm and a collapsible baton.

Johnny considers Jack's suggestion. "That's supposing that MacBride isn't already here," he points out to Jack. "I'm pretty sure Aiden did say that he saw him and Carrefour heading south toward the highway. Probably delivering the Heart of Winter here or something."

He points. "There's the carport." He squints and produces a small pair of binoculars. "I don't see any cameras." He hands them over to either of the others. "Two guards, though. Shouldn't be hard for you two to take 'em down. Then I can get through the door inside the carport and open it for you."

Jack's senses would tell him the two guards are mundanes, just mortals, although their heartbeats seem slower than they should be. Up closer, their skin seems somewhat pale, as if they'd been out in the cold for too long, but even here, it's nowhere near that cold. Strange, then.

Location: Outside Pyke Brands

Solomon and Selene share a look at Aiden's suggestion. "Works for me," the Aussie decides. He was wearing a dark overcoat over his usual croc-skin vest, and had stashed his hat under his seat. Selene had a light-colored parka along with other winter clothing.

"I'll pass m'self off as your driver, Mick, then," Solomon says. "And stay in the car, Fi," he advises the punked-up 'monkey girl.' "Until we're inside."

"I'll be the personal assistant, Sally Hollis," Selene says, closing her laptop and just using her tablet.

Once the group has prepared themselves, Solomon drives up to the main gate, where one of the humorless security guards approaches. "Purpose of visit?" he asks Solomon, who rolls down the window next to Aiden, who is sitting on his side of the car, so the tale-spinner can work his 'magic.'

06-04-2012, 06:57 PM
Jack stares at the two guards outside of the carport, and grimaces a bit. "MacBride... son of the Morrigan? The Carrion Crow doesn't strike me as a motherly type, really... how much would you like to bet that he has some serious mommy issues somewhere?" He mutters, looking down at the guards more... "There's something off about those guards. Not titanspawn, as far as I can tell, but he might have non-human guards that can look a lot more human than we'd like. Zombies, maybe. Be careful until you can tell what they are," He says, before moving off toward the guards, trying to move more casually than not- furtiveness is not a friend, at this point.

06-04-2012, 07:46 PM
Location: Pyke Brands, Automobile Gate

Aiden gives off the aura of a man who knows that there is no bump in the road he cannot either float over or steamroller flat as he addresses the guard.

"Hey, good to see you. Alex Sormrsen, publicist to the up-and-coming, charmed." He offers a hand which is not accepted, shrugs with a smile and continues. "I'm sure you heard about us this morning when you got briefed. The darling cupcake next to me is FiFi 'Pink Poison' Sun," pronouncing it soon, "and as you remember, she's the newest advertising spokeswoman for SLAM! Energy Drinks. She's a major hit in multiple markets, primarily the Californian skater scene but with a ton of crossover appeal into overseas markets, you must have seen her on a magazine cover somewhere, haven't you?" He leans back to show off the (hopefully) smiling/grinning face of Fiona. "Now, we got into a pile of traffic and we're running late for the meeting to co-ordinate the contract finalization, so I think you could let us in, we'll just go right to the front door and have the desk buzz the VP's we're supposed to be meeting with, alright? Just pull up the gate and Mickey will drop us off."

He taps 'Mick' on the shoulder and looks at the guard with the total knowledge that his next action will, in fact, be letting them inside.

06-04-2012, 08:07 PM
Location: Pyke Brands, Automobile Gate

Fiona channels pure skater punk and simply raises her hand half hardheartedly and gives a somewhat deep voiced, " 'sup"

Jay 2K Winger
06-06-2012, 01:46 PM
Location: Outside Gunnar Forson's Estate

To Jack's observations about MacBride, Johnny dryly replies, "Yes. Because finding out you're not the actual child of your mortal parents is unique to our Irish psychopath." He shakes his head a bit. "We all have parent issues in some way, shape, or form. From what I saw on Selene's file on him, he's actually the Morrígan's favored child. Which bodes."

When Jack mentions the guards' unusual properties, Johnny notes, "There are stories that those of jotun stock can bind someone into their service by having them drink something that contains their blood. In higher doses, it can endow them with great strength and sometimes size." He eyes the guards. "They don't look any bigger than your usual rent-a-cop, though."

He shrugs. "Anyway, I'm bad at fighting. Just take them down. Endowed by power and bound to Titan service they may be, they're still only mortals."

Location: Outside Pyke Brands

The guard on the gate is wearing sunglasses that give his expression a degree of impenetrability, but even through the humorless stoicism, there's a momentary flash of confusion, then concern, then panic. To his credit, he hides it well. "You'll need to check in with reception when you get inside," the guard says. "We weren't informed." He addresses the driver of the SUV. "Park over there, that's the visitor's lot." 'Mick' nods at this.

The gate is opened, and they drive inside, parking where indicated. Everyone disembarks, with Solomon shifting seamlessly from 'driver' to 'bodyguard' as he climbs out of the vehicle. One of the alternate, side entrances can be seen from their parking spot, and as Aiden predicted, there are multiple guards standing in your basic 'you shall not pass' formation on it.

The main lobby of Pyke Brands has a few decorations, showing their showcase products. SLAM! Energy Drink is featured, of course, along with their other products-- Söda (aka "Umlaut Soda," their carbonated beverage line), Epic Brews (their alcoholic beverage line), and other edible foodstuffs. A model of their production facility outside Denver is included, and there's an oil painting on the far wall of Gunnar Forson himself-- a tall, well-built man of Nordic stock with pale blond hair and a winning smile.

The team has just walked up to the receptionist's desk when an elevator opens and a flustered-looking man bolts over to them. He's remarkably average-looking, in a rumpled suit, and introduces himself as Donny Cross, Junior VP of Marketing and Sales. "I'm terribly sorry about this," he babbles. "I don't know what happened. We've been running ourselves ragged the last few months, trying to get all these new ad campaigns off the ground, but somehow your arrival today completely slipped through the cracks. Let's get you upstairs and we'll talk business, get the contracts drawn up..."

Emmett's truth-sense would trigger a few lies there, but then, he's a corporate suit, and in sales and marketing, no less. Lying is their stock-in-trade. Cross gives the impression of a man who realized he's dropped the ball and is trying to cover his ass while he scrambles to salvage this before offending a celebrity into backing out of a deal.

06-06-2012, 03:46 PM
Jack acknowledges what Johnny has to say about parental issues with a short grunt... He probably had some, too. Somewhere. On his way to the two guards, he tries to keep it as casual as he can, and as close to concealing shadows as he can, until he gets within about 30 feet... or until he gets noticed, whichever comes first. Either way, his next actions are the same- a sprint toward the guard on the right, preparing to grab him and apply his Lightning Touch- generally folks don't keep upright or vocal after that sort of thing.

06-06-2012, 05:49 PM
Lupo heads toward the other guard, not worried about if they are tougher then they seem. In fact, hoping they are. He does as much stealth as he can, but knows it is like trying to hide a glowing green neon sign by turning it around.

06-06-2012, 07:39 PM
Location: Inside Pyke Brands

Aiden holds a hand up in an elegant shrug. "Oh, don't worry. I undersrtand, things can happen. I mean, have you ever been to a skate club before? One minute everything's grand and a guy just flipped upsidedown twice before landing perfectly, the next someone's in the middle of a grind, they twitch wrong and then their elbow is bending exactly the opposite way it should. Gruesome thing to see. Very painful. Don't you think?"

He smiles very happily for such twisted imagery, and follows Donny, a suspicion flickering. "Hey, I think I've met you. Where did you graduate from? Lived around here your whole life? Maybe there's a partner I've seen you with."

And another thought. "Hey, is there open WiFi around here? Sally tries to keep up to the minute on the trends, is there a visitor access or something?"

Jay 2K Winger
06-07-2012, 01:59 PM
// GM NOTE -- Forgive a little power-gaming in the interest of moving things along.

Location: Gunnar Forson's Estate - Colorado Springs

The guards don't spot Jack until it's too late, and the one that he grabs quickly falls under the Lightning Touch, collapsing in a twitching heap. The other guard starts to reach for his radio, but that's when Lupo arrives from the other side and dispatches him as well.

Once the two guards are down, Johnny appears in a blur. "Take their radios and tie them up," he says, holding out some plastic zip-ties. "Don't forget to gag them, too. I'll get the door." With that, he stands and steps through the closed and locked door of the carport. A few moments later, the door unlocks and opens to let them in.

"Okay," Johnny says, pulling out a folded lay-out of the estate. "We're here," he points, "in the carport. If we want to find out what Forson knows, we should head..." he points, "...here. His study and office."

Either Lupo or Jack might then spot the security cameras that are clearly seeing them. Strangely, there's no alarm being sounded or warnings over the radio.

Location: Pyke Brands HQ - Denver

Donny Cross pales slightly at Aiden's vivid description. "You... seem to know a lot about that scene," the exec notes weakly. "You do a lot of skating?"

At the mention of Wifi, he nods and turns to the receptionist, who pulls out a business card and jots down a password. "That should get you temporary guest-level access," he says, handing the card to Selene. Not that the hacker needed it, she'd already penetrated their network, but this at least gave her a legit 'in.'

He leads the group to an elevator, still babbling away. When Aiden asks him some questions, Donny starts a bit. "What, me?" They might see the momentary sign of panic or fluster on his face, but then he laughs a bit and waves a hand. "We're not here to talk about me." He reaches out to slap Fifi 'Pink Poison' Sun on the shoulder in a jovial manner. "We're here to talk about her! About what she can do to help our brand and increase her own market share."

Emmett would certainly notice the way the man is nervous about them, and again, there's the sense he's lying about something, but it's difficult to parse what past the corporate doublespeak.

"I can say I've worked for a few organizations before coming to Pyke Brands," Donny gabbles as they walk toward a conference room. "Hyperion Corporation, Kuroko Industries' American office, the Erewhon Foundation..." The savvy among the team would recognize those names as having ties to either the Divinity or the Titans.

It's as they arrive in the conference room that the team would finally notice that distinctive mental twinge indicative of a nearby scion. It had been difficult to sense past their proximity to each other.

06-07-2012, 08:30 PM
Jack hums a cheerful little tune as he drags the guard he disabled into the carport, zip tying the man's wrists behind his back, and, after some thought, the ankles, too. For a gag, he improvises with one of the zipties and the man's left sock. He picks up the radio, makes sure it's turned on, and, after another moment's thought, checks the man for ID. Preoccupied with that, Jack doesn't actually notice the security camera trained on him, working under the assumption that if someone had spotted them, they would've raised an alarm over the radio so that the guards could neutralize the threat. Of course, the possibility exists that the security in the house is operating on a different radio frequency, but that's so unlikely that he barely gives the thought any consideration at all.

Nearly Ruined
06-10-2012, 11:09 AM
OOC: Sorry for the delay, people.

"You're going to tell me. Everything, every clattering foot on the floor, every whisper you heard, everything that you imagined." Sunrise. Al-Ashraf wiped the blood from his watch and turned away from the old man, looking at him - and the mostly charred remains of his office - through a mirror and a cloud of smoke.

Kinsey spat, a little trickle of red turning into a misty brown on the ashen floor. "Oh... you sweet, sweet idiot. I nearly pity you. You think you've suffered, just because you've lived a while?"

"Suffering is relative. Like joy. There is always deeper."

"How many men did you fight off tonight? There's your fucking problem, Hassan Al-Ashraf, your Gods give you too much time to think between killings. And when you do think, you think about the wrong things. Here's something to really think about. How many of your so-called brothers and sisters are out there that refused the call? You fight a very lonely fight. And -"

"That's enough talk." If I thought too much, Hassan mused, he spoke too much. "Tell me where you last saw Carrefour. And then... then you can leave."

"If you haven't noticed, this building is a burned out husk. You aren't holding me anywhere." He spun around wildly, twirling out of the chair and marching towards the door, scattering ashes in his footsteps. The room grew cold, and the portly man's eyes widened as he heard the sharp click click clicking of jackal's feet on tile behind. The only heat in the room came from behind the door - something that raged like a furnace and made the most intense moments of tonight's fire feel like a cloudy spring morning.

The man's green eyes widened and he turned around - just in time for Hassan to pin him to the door by his throat and produce a wicked looking knife.

"I don't know," he wailed. "He says I'm not that important."

Al-Ashraf's stomach knotted and his forearm began to shake. If he was lying, it was simply a matter of killing him and extracting it later. But the cost would... he imagined the wood door exploding into shreds, fangs digging into flesh. He could hold it for a few more moments, but...

"Damn you, I don't know!"

He took a breath... and swung the handle of the blade into his temple twice, staggering him with the first blow and knocking him out cold with the second. He exhaled and dropped the thing with a clatter.

"Farideh. FARIDEH! Bring me -"

The milky-eyed Iranian appeared behind his shoulder, with a vial of alcohol so strong that it smelled even with the cap screwed on. Hands shaking already, Hassan opened it and swigged it with a grimace.

"F- find somewhere safe to place him. If he runs... well... make sure that he doesn't run."


"I had a strange dream, where I reached for a hand I trusted and fell. Burning books and skin grafted by rough leather. Strange music that drove men mad upon the hearing. A face drowning in a sea of snow. A face that I -"

"You aren't a man with many friends," she said. Which was true. A man with many friends wouldn't speak with a... person... like Farideh. She said another word, a question... but he ignored it. His vision was already beginning to swim.

"This was a face I've never seen."

He staggered out of the door, the hinges of the door finally succumbing to the heat. There was nothing outside, of course.

Nothing but a hallway and the New Orleans morning.

He would need a broom.

06-11-2012, 04:23 PM
Fiona for her part manages not to shudder when he gives her the jovial pat on the shoulder.

Emmett sighs when they get the sense of another scion. "Really, you've worked for all of those companies? Do you enjoy your work?" He gives what he hopes is a genial smile and watches the door rather obviously hoping the others will follow his gaze.

06-11-2012, 07:49 PM
Lupo is not too worried about the cameras..it was too late to do anything about it if they had been noticed..and if they hadn't then that was great also. So, he heads toward where Jack directs, trying to keep as low a profile as possible.

06-11-2012, 08:30 PM
Location: Pyke Brands, Following Mister Cross

Aiden drops his hands in his pockets and shrugs while they ride in the elevator, observing the forced cheerfulness of their host. A perceptive person might have noticed a little fiddling with his left hand. "Just as the guest of my client."

The company names Donny drops bring only a little blink or tilt of the head at each one. His smile never drops.

When they finally get to the conference room, Aiden steps aside to allow the rest to go ahead of him, then politely closes the door behind them - and his words cover the discreet click of the door locking. "I'm very thankful for your hospitality, Donny. I understand we may have gotten off on the wrong foot - lot of different missteps, could have been a serious issue - but thanks to you, I really think we're gonna get a lot done."

A hand clasped on Donny's shoulder, a pinch in the skin, the sting of a needle filled with an agent meant to render swiftly unconscious. And a sparkle in Aiden's eye. "So sorry that 'we' isn't going to include you, though."

Jay 2K Winger
06-12-2012, 12:09 AM
Location: Gunnar Forson's Estate

The two guards, as they're tied up, definitely seem to be odd or ill. Their skin is pale, like they've been out in the cold too long, and their eyes look pale. A closer look would reveal that their eyes actually have a slight coating of frost to them, which doesn't seem to affect their vision as far as you can tell. Johnny regards them and grimaces. "Thralls to the jotnar," he says.

Johnny, Jack, and Lupo make their way carefully through the estate, as stealthily as possible. There seems to be nobody around, although Jack can detect at least four heartbeats inside. Two of them come with the distinct sense that they belong to scions, one sounds human but... odd. Like the guards they dispatched, the heart seems to be beating slower. Probably another thrall, then. The last heart beat is much deeper, sounding not unlike the jotun they encountered back in Vegas.

Eventually, however, they come to a hallway. Johnny consults his map. "Damn," he says. "The office is on the other side of this dining room here," he points. "There's no way to get to it without going through there, and the dining room's got big windows. We might get spotted."

The thrall's heartbeat and the jotun's heartbeat are both in that dining room, too.

Location: Pyke Brands HQ

Donny Cross glances at Emmett-- who has been identified at least as a lawyer-- and seems nervous, but that can also be explained by his marketing exec position. They would be nervous around lawyers. "I wouldn't be in my line of work if I didn't enjoy what I do," he replies loftily, and this has the unmistakable ring of truth to the truth-seer.

He's still babbling away when Aiden suddenly stings him with the knock-out drug. The exec blinks and sways a bit, turning and staring. "Oh, damn," the man says, and there's a sudden shimmer in the air. He blurs slightly, and his features fade out, replaced by the familiar shape of Mattieu Carrefour, the Shadowman. His eyes blink hazily as he stumbles, catching himself on a chair. "Twice in two days, ya gon' slip me the mickey, handsome?" he grumbles tiredly at Aiden. "Next time do me the pleasure of buyin' me a drink first..."

He slumps to the floor as he finally passes out. The entire Donny Cross persona was an illusion he had crafted, it would seem.

There's still the twinge of at least one other scion nearby... no. Two of them. But not in this room. Still, it shouldn't be hard for the team to sneak out and investigate. There weren't any security cameras on this floor, and Mattieu does seem to have a legitimate Pyke Brands key-card on his person...

06-12-2012, 12:17 AM
Pyke Brands

Emmett gives Aiden a grin, "Well that went well." He gives the shadow man a glance and snags the Key Card. "Shall we go have a look around?"

06-12-2012, 12:41 AM
Jack glances over at Johnny, and then over at the door. "Not might- definitely. It's occupied. Probably a titanspawn and... Almost certainly another thrall. It's a little hard to tell from just the heartbeats. Unless you have some way to hide us, the sneaking around bit is over," He says softly, before looking over at Lupo. "And we're not the only scions about the place, either. If we go in there and fight, they're almost certainly going to know we're here, if they don't already. Finding other windows and scaling the outside of the building to get to the office seems like it'd be a bad idea, even if we had someone experienced with... Parkour, I think it's called? Subterfuge is unlikely to have the desired effect, though I suppose... We could get out of sight somewhere, call in on the radio, and claim to be somewhere else, send them on a bit of a wild goose chase, but that seems like it has a rather minimal chance of success, and would certainly rile up the mortal guards outside."

Jack approaches the door, staring at it a bit. "The titanspawn... Could be a big one. If we're going in, guns blazing, I can probably put it down... Not many things will take a large caliber bullet to the head or heart very well. The other, like I said, is probably another thrall. Maybe of a higher tier than the ones we met outside. You said something about higher doses of blood making them bigger and stronger, aye?"

06-12-2012, 02:57 AM
Location: Pyke Brands, Conference Room

Aiden stares.

"Wh-what the-" He opens his mouth like a fish, points a finger and retracts it, holds his hands out, and gives a look to the unconscious Mattieu that can best be described as 'sheepishness.'

He leans over, settling the shadowman's body as comfortably as possible on the floor then writes a note with the everpresent pens and company stationary. If either glanced over, they'd see a few phrases in the scrawl: 'payback for pickpocket, tart. used honeyed nightshade, suggest Hesperide apple nectar for hangover. d cross, come on man.' A pause. ps. stop trying to start ragnarok + drinks forever on me. He tucks it into Mattieu's jacket, gives him a peck on the cheek, and pulls away, pointedly ignoring any look Solomon might give.

"Right. Well... you guys feel it too, don't you." He takes the time to refill the ring-needle, and lets the light blush fade off his cheeks. "So let's go find them, knock them until they give us info, and then me and Fi can drink each other under the table in happy bliss."

06-12-2012, 03:06 AM
Lupo shrugs. "You two are the brains, I'm the muscle. You point me in the right direction, and give me something to do." He likes to keep things simple.

06-12-2012, 04:18 AM
Pyke Brands

Fiona saunters past Aiden and unlocks the door, "I'm gonna hold you to that promise." She says as she opens the door and takes the lead looking for the other scions.

Jay 2K Winger
06-12-2012, 01:26 PM
Gunnar Forson's Estate

Johnny tenses as Jack mentions there are people in the next room, and consults his map again. "No real way to get around the dining room without going back outside, and it's unlikely we could get past the other guards without sounding some kind of alarm." He frowns. "This is fantastic, I'm not sure how we'll do this."

At that moment, the matter is resolved for them by a voice calling from the dining room: "You might as well stop sneaking around, I know you're there already." The voice is deep, like most jotun voices, but there's no trace of the Scandinavian accent most jotnar possess. It's also a friendly, jovial tone as well. "Come on in."

Johnny glances at Jack and Lupo, and checks his combat knife and hand-gun, shrugs. "Welp, we've been made. Be ready for a shit-storm."

When the group does step inside, however cautiously or warily they might be doing so, they find a long dining room table laid out with a sumptuous feast and a number of extra place settings. Seated at one end is a tall, broad-shouldered, well-built man of Nordic appearance, a full beard on his face. The team would recognize Gunnar Forson, head of Pyke Brands, when they see him. He's got a fork and knife in his hand and is in the process of eating what looks to be roast duck and a variety of fixings. Jack's ears would detect that the jotun heartbeat is coming from him.

Seated to Forson's left is the thrall, a hard-looking man in a dark suit. He's got a similar appearance to the other thralls, but even his skin seems to have that coating of frost to it.

Forson gives a friendly smile as the team enters. "Ah, there you are." He puts the cutlery down and lifts a napkin to wipe his mouth, then gestures casually with a hand. "Please, put the weapons down. Although you are trespassing, for the moment, think of yourselves as my guests." He puts a hand up, the other resting over his heart as he says this.

Johnny glances at Jack and Lupo, muttering sotto voce: "Sacred hospitality. Be careful."

The scion heartbeats are in the room beyond the dining room, but if the team makes as if to go that way, Forson calls out, "Don't leave yet. Stay. Let's talk."

Pyke Brands HQ

Solomon stares a bit at Aiden as he jots this note to Mattieu and goes wooden-faced as the Aesir-kin plants that peck on the Shadowman's face. Selene sits at the conference table and pulls out her laptop. "Working on cracking their firewalls," the hacker says. "Tricky. Will take some time. Recommend finding the other scion or scions present." And there are other scions besides the team and Mattieu, that much is certain. Selene checks her tablet. "CEO's office at end of hall--" She pauses and peers at something on her screens. "Curious. They have a SCIF on site."

Solomon nods a bit. "Right. So." He glances at Aiden, Emmett, and Fiona. "Office or SCIF? Which one's more likely to have the Heart?"

06-12-2012, 02:25 PM
Jack glances over at Johnny for a moment when he mentions hospitality, and then looks back at Gunnar. Then he bows slightly, his hands directly over his breastbone with the palms pressed together. "Very well, then. It is the least I can do to accept your hospitality, and will abide in peace within your household... as long as all others do the same." He says in his most formal tone of voice, casting a rather significant glance toward the room beyond the dining hall, where the scions are...

Jay 2K Winger
06-12-2012, 04:27 PM
Location: New Orleans

It would be just outside the door to the building when Hassan walked outside that he would be greeted with a cheerful, "Kon'nichiwa, Hassan."

Waiting for him was a young woman of Japanese descent, and one who clearly fell into the whole 'goth' subculture in terms of appearance. Her skin was unusually pale for her race, her clothing black, and even her make-up added to the look. Intricate tattoos of Eastern dragons and other Oriental artwork crawl up her arms. The familiar twinge of a scion would be noticeable as well as he saw her.

Doubtless he would recognize her as well. Shinihime Raiko-- "Ko-shi" as she was more generally known-- was of a similar Divine background. While not of the Egyptian Divinity, Ko-shi's Divine mother, Izanami, was the Amatsu-kami of the Underworld, which made her... sort of kin. Albeit much younger.

"Got a few minutes?"

06-12-2012, 09:40 PM
Location: Pyke Brands, Conference Room

"I might just be a suspicious Mister Twisty, but I doubt either would have the Heart." Aiden nibbles his lip. "I'd either keep it on me, or toss it in a box full of audit paperwork in the back of a dusty warehouse. However, since neither of those options seem available, let's go for the gold medal and see what secrets they've got. I say the SCIF."

06-12-2012, 09:54 PM
Pyke Brands

Fiona gives a slight shrug, "They don't call it a sensitive compartmented information facility for nothing." Assuming the others give her odd looks at this she throws up her hands, "What, I read... now and then."

Emmett just shakes his head, "I would have to agree, that seems like the more likely place. Which is probably why it isn't there. But we should at least check it out anyway. We may learn exactly what they are intending to do."

Jay 2K Winger
06-13-2012, 01:58 PM
Gunnar Forson's Estate, Dining Room

Forson smiles and nods, gesturing for the three to have a seat. "Do try the pheasant," he indicates another roasted bird on the table. There's pheasant, a turkey, ham... There are plenty of warm, steaming side dishes and vegetables as well. Bottles of wine and cold pitchers of water are available. Forson takes another few bites, utterly at ease, while the thrall beside him just stares fixedly at the team without eating. Johnny hesitates, but he does help himself to some turkey.

After a few moments, the jotun lifts his napkin and wipes his lips again. "Let me see if I have this straight. Mr. Mercury, of course, I recognize. I'm a big fan of your films." Johnny's lips twitch with a somewhat gratified smile, but he sobers. "And Mike 'The Wolf' Hammer, too, glad to meet the champ." There's the briefest of pauses before Forson gives another smile. "Or am I speaking with Lupo Virtus, and not the champ?" Then his gaze turns to Jack. "You, I'll admit, I don't immediately recognize your face, but I'm given to understand you are Jack Childs."

The jotun's gaze passes from Jack to the door to the next room which Jack had been staring at previously, but he makes a dismissive gesture. "You needn't worry about being attacked. You are my guests, I extend my hospitality to you. Anyone who violates it by attacking you would find themselves the enemies of the jotnar." This is said in a somewhat raised voice, clearly meant to carry into the next room. Forson looks back to the team. "However, anyone else in my estate should be considered under to be enjoying my hospitality as well."

He takes a sip of his wine, then says, as he tucks into his food again, "You have come looking for the Heart of Winter, haven't you?"

Pyke Brands HQ, Conference Room

Selene nods. "SCIF it is, then." She pulls out a smart phone and taps a few things into it, then hands it to Aiden. "I'll stay here, work on cracking their firewalls and servers. Solomon can keep an eye out for me. You get to the SCIF and look for the Heart. The phone has a remote app for me to work through in case there are any electronic locks the key-card won't get you through." She then gives a quick summary of how to get to the SCIF from the conference room. Down a hallway and a couple of turns until coming to the vault door.

Fortuitously, the SCIF door's combination lock has already been unlocked, and all that is required is waving the card at a magnetic reader. The door clicks open and the team can head inside.

Within the SCIF is what looks like a combination of a test kitchen and a chemistry lab. This may be where some of Pyke Brands' best-selling drinks and products were cooked up. On the far side of the room is a tall blond woman in a lab coat. Her back is to the team at first, but she turns from a computer screen to a series of test tubes in which she is mixing various fluids, staring into the bubbling liquids a few moments, then tapping something into a tablet of her own.

Fiona might recognize her as the woman who opened the "rainbow gate" that Susana Ishii had escaped through in Vegas. Aiden would recognize her as the "Gendo-wannabe" from his Past-watch vision.

She looks up as they enter, then turns back to her work with obvious disinterest.

06-13-2012, 02:29 PM
"Only time I let Mike out to play is when it comes to the media or boxing. Rest of the time I am Lupo." Lupo sits easily. Though he likes a good fight, he would rather not attack anybody without provocation or need. He is relaxed, but refuses any food or drink...or just about anything else offered by the host. He is polite about his refusal, however. "Honestly I don't give a rats behind about the heart of winter, or the brain of summer for that matter. If you know so much about me, you know I am all about the fight..all about the challenge."

06-13-2012, 07:02 PM
Jack sits down at the table, and takes a rather large slice of ham, and one of the bottles of wine... but the very first thing he tries is the salt, for some reason. "I don't actually give half a damn about the Heart itself- it's the Season of Fire and Ice that I'd quite like to prevent. There's a few things I admit to being curious about, though... The identities of the folks in the next room being quite high on the list, but... Tell me about Pyke Brands, won't you? Even if it's simply a front for titanic activity, surely you take some pride in it, aye?"

06-13-2012, 07:15 PM
Location: Pyke Brands, SCIF room

Previously, in Aiden's pastsight vision...

"It may be them," another woman interrupts, this one wearing glasses which almost seem to glow from the reflected light of her computer. She has her hands folded in front of her face, but it isn't clear if she's watching the room or the monitor. "But what isn't clear is how they play into all of this. They may yet be useful. Maybe even allies."

Something pricks at him when he looks at the woman. Perhaps more unsettling is how she entirely dismisses their existence.

He walks carefully along the walls, keeping his distance, looking for some kind of container that might hold the Heart.

06-13-2012, 08:22 PM
Pyke SCIF Room

Emmett tenses when they see the woman, but relaxes when she casually dismisses them. He takes a moment to use his Soul Gaze on her.

Fiona for her part doesn't even flinch when they see the woman. "Well this looks fun."

Emmett keeping his eyes on the woman notes, "Guessing by her lack of reaction she isn't expecting us to make it out of here, or there isn't anything important here."

Jay 2K Winger
06-14-2012, 01:24 PM
Gunnar Forson's Estate - Dining Room (Johnny, Jack, Lupo - Gunnar Forson, Thrall)

The food that Jack eats is good, well-cooked and seasoned, no poisons or other surprises. Forson takes Lupo's polite refusal of food and drink in stride. "As you like," he says, when the fighter declines an offer. "It's a shame to let it all go to waste, but if you don't mind, I certainly will keep indulging." And he helps himself to come more duck. As Jack and Lupo both state they're uninterested in the Heart, the jotun chuckles. "Interesting. I imagine your friends are hoping to find it at our offices in Denver, then." He sighs for a moment. "I do hope that Ms. Ishii does not make as much of a mess as she did at the Palazzo last night."

Johnny starts at this, pulling out his phone, but he very quickly realizes that it has no signal. Forson looks at him. "Forgive me, but while I am allowing you to be my guests, I cannot allow you to make any calls just yet."

Turning back to Jack, Forson continues, "As to the people in the next room, they are also my guests. Allies as well. However, they have asked me not to divulge anything about their identities, and as a gracious host, I must abide."

To the question about Pyke Brands, he grins. "Pyke Brands is my pride and joy. Of course, many of the others of my..." he pauses as he thinks of a word for his fellow Titanspawn, gesturing vaguely with his fork, "...brethren, for lack of a better term, have their own companies of sorts, but alas, many of my jotnar kin are somewhat stodgy and set in their ways." He clicks his tongue as he cuts another mouthful of meat and takes a bite. "I, on the other hand, have embraced these modern times." He indicates the estate at large. "Obviously, I've done well. While my brethren use their companies to look for ways to undermine your 'Divinity,'" and he does make air-quotes with his fingers, "I'm just a businessman. Making food and drink that sell very well. True, a portion of my profits go to funding my kin's efforts here in the world, but I'm nothing if not charitable."

And when he mentions 'charitable,' Forson indicates some pictures and awards decorating the walls of the dining room. Him shaking hands with the President, posing with various religious figures and charity organization heads, along with the awards from his charitable work.

Forson finishes his plateful of food. "If none of you care about reclaiming the Heart of Winter, then what, if I may ask, are you doing sneaking into my estate?"

Johnny glances at the other two, then says, "Well they may not care, but I do. The jotnar are planning to use it to summon this 'Jotunhammer' thing and kick-start Fimbulvetr, aren't they?"

Forson shrugs. "Naturally. We've been preparing for the end-times since time immemorial. We have any number of plans to try to start Ragnarok. This is just the latest one." He smiles at Lupo. "If you want the Heart back, I'm willing to part with it. But why don't we make it a challenge, eh?"

Pyke Brands HQ - SCIF Lab (Aiden, Emmett, Fiona - Quisling Scientist)

Emmett's Soul Gaze would see that this woman is almost wreathed in rainbow light, but she is a very cold, unfeeling person. It is, if one will pardon the pun, a bit chilling. She has no concern for anyone's objections or opinions unless she deigns to notice them. Aiden, meanwhile, feels a definite need to be wary about her. Something just in their Divine heritage clashes against one another.

When Emmett makes his note about her lack of reaction, she speaks without looking up. She has a very dry tone, flat and cool and nigh-unemotional. "Both, I'm afraid." She examines the test tubes again, then takes a pipette and adds a drop of some other fluid to one of the tubes. The liquid within turns red and starts to bubble vigorously. She nods and makes a note on her tablet.

"If you've come looking for the Heart of Winter," the woman continues, turning to her computer again, "it is not here. By now, Utgard-Loki has bestowed it to Gunnar Forson as a reward for his service."

There's some noise from somewhere in the halls, shouting and a gunshot. Then a voice shouts from behind the team: "Agatha!" a woman screams in fury. "Hoffman and Becker are here! They did something to Matt, we've been compromised--" The voice cuts off, and the team would see Susana Ishii, wearing loose-fitting trousers and a blouse, standing there. There's a bit of surprise on her face, but this fades into the hard expression of someone about ready to commit some violence.

"Try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum, Susana," 'Ag' says, swiveling around and skewering Aiden with a piercing gaze. "Do stop skulking around as if I can't see you, Mr. Mistel," she says, with the harmonics of that teacher every student has had who never lets you get away with anything.

06-14-2012, 02:19 PM
Jack narrows his eyes slightly, raising one finger. "I care about getting the Heart of winter... but I don't care about what happens to it. The thing's just a hunk of rock with no intrinsic value beyond being a tool to bring on Fimbulvetr- Which I would quite like to stop." He clarifies his position on the stone, and looks at the door. "Well, let's see. If you're not going to tell us who's beyond that door, why don't I just have a little guess? Take a stab at it, if you will." He says, reaching down to his knife, and taking it out... and uses it to start cutting the ham rather more swiftly than he could with the cutlery provided. "That is, if it doesn't ruin the game you propose."