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03-11-2007, 01:04 AM
Hidden spoiler below -- Highlight to see

Appernetly he was shot by a sniper and died during the Cival war they got going on.

End spoiler.

See ya caps, I wasn't a fan but at least you stood up for what was right.


03-11-2007, 01:14 AM
I have the issue and haven't read it yet... but apparently, CNN and Yahoo and ABC and all the other major news outlets posted the same news the morning the issue was supposed to come out, so I guess next time I'll just have to buy and read my books faster. :D

EDIT-ok, apparently when my husband went to the comic shop the other day they were sold out of the issue already, and here I was bitching over NOTHING because I don't even have it! le *sigh*. Stupid scalpers-have you seen how much the stupid thing is going for on eBay?!? *cries*

03-11-2007, 03:08 PM
Stupid scalpers-have you seen how much the stupid thing is going for on eBay?!? *cries*

Probably about a third of the price for a first print of the death of superman comic.

I kinda like how their doing the civil war series. It's showing a lot of balls to kill off major heroes. But then again, I like Marvel over DC anyway. Superheroes aren't automatically praised and justified when a criminal dies. They face consequences for their actions.

Example, Superman trashes half the city fighting a mech designed to kill him, and after the fight, he's praised and construction is worked on no charge and no casualties.

Wheras Iron Man fights a major supervillan and keeps the damage contained to one block worth of street with only some asphalt torn up, Stark Enterprises is immediately hounded for money to repair it and media show the cost of keeping him around.

03-12-2007, 04:20 AM
Well I dont pay attention to comic books (or graphic novels) anymnore so have no idea what the various storylines are all about. And its been so long since I read one that wasnt a star trek story or a batman that I couldnt really tell you much about the old ones either.

Oh and one other thing you hidden spoiler is visibile to anyone who hovers their mouse over the thread title before clicking on it so you might want to add a bit of padding to move it down some.