View Full Version : There are saints in this world.

03-12-2007, 06:48 PM
About 2 weeks ago I was a TOTAL SC. I had gone off anti-depressants, and was at the pharmacy desperate to get my meds. They told me the wait would be about 15 minutes, but then things got a bit busier. After about 25 minutes I was fuming. I went up to the counter to complain, and I was really rude to the pharmacist. :( When my scrip was finally ready, I hurried her as she was trying to give me prescribing information. And, as it turned out, part of the reason it took them so long was that for one of my meds they ended up having to count out over 150 pills. :cry:

Anyways, I was back at the pharmacy today to get another scrip. The same woman was there, and ended up helping me. She even called my doctor to help clear up a mistake HE made in the dosing. When she finished up with me, I just blurted out "I don't know if you remember me from the last time I was here (she guardedly nodded) but I was unbelievably rude and impatient with you. When I went home I was so ashamed of myself; I couldn't believe I had behaved that way. I'm so so sorry--"

At that point she cut me off and patted my hand. She said "Don't worry about it. Everyone has bad days." And she was smiling soooo nicely, my eyes welled up and I couldn't say anything except "Thank you!"

I just wanted to post that here, and to thank all the near saints who work with the brutal public day after day and still manage to be absolutely wonderful. Honestly, the world is a much more beautiful and humane place because you are in it. Thank you thank you thank you. :salute:

06-27-2007, 01:45 AM
That's so sweet. And it was nice of you to apologize.

I have a similar story. One of my jobs in addition to my bagger job was working at my college library (which I loved). One day, though, I was just in a miserable mood silently cursing the human race, when a student patron very politely stopped me and said,
"Remember me?"
I was confused and I confessed I didn't. He continued,
"It was last semester, and it was pouring down rain. I didn't want to walk to the other building, and you offered to let me walk under your umbrella. I've been meaning to thank you ever since."

People, I was speechless. Little moments of kindness never fail to blow me away. I haven't seen that guy since, but all I can say is God bless him.