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03-15-2007, 09:38 PM
For once, I had to rush on the board to tell a Happy Customer story!

I was waiting in line to pick up a prescription today, and in front of me was a woman and her two children. One child was about 2 or 3, the other probably 5. It seemed before I arrived that the 5 year old boy had dropped some M&M's on the floor. Mom had him picking each one up off the floor to be placed into the garbage can. He followed directions without a tantrum, and when he forgot one or two, Mom reminded him to get them and he did!

As this was happening, the little girl is wandering around. She was holding Mom's basket, but eventually put it down and wanted to wander. She went over to the shelf and picked something up and showed it to Mom. (too funny, it was a drug test :lol: ) To which Mom said, "Honey we don't need that, put it back please." This sweet little girl put the box back on the shelf right where she got it from!

Mom did reward her little one with M&M's, but each time she wanted one she had to come to Mom to get it. And each time she picked something up, she was asked to put it back where she got it, and she did! I was amazed! Mom even had her saying please and thank you each time she got an M&M.

The little boy was also being well behaved. He mostly didn't touch anything even if he did wander away a little bit. There was even a bear out on display that the little boy asked if he could play with, and Mom told him, "No honey, he is for decoration, not to play with." And she did not give in when he persisted, nor did he throw a tantrum after Mom said No for the second time!!!

She always had both kids in sight (they were wandering a bit). And, when the little boy protested that he didn't get to choose candy, Mom reminded him that he had chosen the M&M's so that was what he would be getting as soon as they left the store. And he didn't argue!

I was just so impressed with this Mom and her kids! They were little, but they were so well behaved. She was so calm and in control of them. It just felt good to see a polite, decent woman raising two children who will hopefully be the same! God knows we see so many of the opposite in our daily routines!

03-16-2007, 04:30 AM
DF, In reality, what you witnessed should be a non-issue. It's the way it should be with every parent and child(ren).

But, in today's society, when so many kids are allowed by their parents to trash, or otherwise disrupt a store they are visiting, and even worse, occasionally being encouraged by the parent to do wrong, it's very refreshing to see kids so well behaved, and a parent calmly but firmly, directing them how to behave.

I am equally impressed, and amazed with this woman, and her kids! :yourock:

Thanks for sharing!


03-16-2007, 05:27 PM
There are a few of us responsible parents left, even if we do seem to be a dying breed.

This story goes back a ways, consindering my son is 13 now. Shortly before he turned 4, our cat died unexpectedly. Once we got over the tears (both his and mine), we went to one of the no-kill shelters to get another cat. We ended up picking an adorable fluffy little kitten, who we still have today, and is now a big fat lazy lap cat.

My son was calm and quiet the whole time we were looking, and I didn't really think it was out of the ordinary, until one of the volunteers complimented me on how well-behaved he was. She then proceeded to tell me some horror stories of some kids that went running wild thru the place, making all kinds of noise and scaring the animals.

That compliment made my day. I was a single parent back then, it was nice to know I was doing something right.