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10-18-2012, 05:07 AM
Midnight..Halloween. The clock strikes midnight. Somewhere in the world, a sarcophagus trembles, cracks, then breaks in a fiery explosion. The earth shudders as if revulsed, and the wind screams as if in pain. Two red glowing eyes can be seen, then .. nothing.

Elsewhere regardless where they are, or what they are doing..several legendary monsters..and their descendants are brought to a stop. They can sense something wrong. Something foul is in the air. From the sky (or ceiling whichever is the case) a note drops to your feet..a scarlet letter O on its outside. Inside a time, a place, and a strange symbol that can not be made out. Without having to be told, you know you must be there..that there are great and terrible things afoot..that the fate of all may henge on what transpires there...

Jay 2K Winger
10-18-2012, 07:00 PM
When midnight struck, Rick Angstrom wasn't around for it.

Tor Magnusson, the fearsome "Viking Berserker" of the Global Wrestling Federation, on the other hand, was in the ring for the GWF's special "Havoc On Halloween" PPV, competing in the main event as he challenged the aristocratic 'Baron' Raymon Vilaar for the GWF World Title.

Vilaar had him in a submission hold, twisting Tor's massive legs into a knot and leaning back, curving Tor's back. Tor let out a bellow of pain as he clawed for the ropes, and it was at that moment that the clocks struck midnight, and he felt the Wrongness.

He looked in front of him and saw the note on the mat in front of him. Tor saw the crimson circle on the parchment, and grabbed it in one massive hand before stuffing it into the front of his singlet.

Damn them, why did it have to be now?

With a defiant yell, he grabbed the ropes to force Vilaar to break his hold, lumbering back to his feet as his opponent backed up, then charged in for an attack, only to get Tor's massive hand locked around his throat. With a roar, Tor lifted him up and slammed him down with a ferocious chokeslam, laying across him and hooking a leg for the 1-2-3.

He barely listened as the ring announcer declared him the winner and as the GWF World Championship belt was strapped around his waist. Instead, Rick Angstrom wondered what was going on that he was getting a summons now.

An hour later, after the post-match interview, the photo sessions of him posing with his new championship, and a shower, Rick was in his hotel room, packing up his things and preparing to answer the call, sighing to himself. What a way to start the season.

Andara Bledin
10-18-2012, 08:38 PM
It's been a busy night at the emergency clinic. It always is on Halloween. And since most people want to be out having fun with the other revelers, I volunteer.

The kids overload themselves on candy and excitement and then the parents, scared out of their wits by shocking news articles about adulterated treats rush them in to get checked out. The older ones, too cool for trick-or-treating, graduate to egging and tp-ing houses and other similar tomfoolery, resulting in a sudden upswing in minor sprains, bumps, bruises and the occasional fracture. And then there are the adults, often a mixed bag of overanxious parents oversampling their youngsters' goodies, oversampling the drinks at whatever party they attended, and, sometimes, engaging in the same juvenile hi-jinks as the teens, and resulting in the same injuries.

I like the bustle of a busy night. The more people rushing about, the less attention they pay to the lowly aides. The more chaos in clinic, the less likely they are to notice a roll of bandages being used on a patient with no external wounds, or that same patient making a recovery from what was an otherwise serious condition. The crazier the lobby gets, the more opportunity I have to help people, and helping people makes me happy.

I hadn't realized how late it had gotten when they start wheeling in the first of about a dozen local high school kids who had been mudding in one of the fields over at the old Masters place. The rains from earlier in the week had made it the perfect place for them to show off the different trucks some of them had received for birthdays over the last several months. One thing led to another, and I'd gotten the story from one of the girls (who escaped injury because she refused to get into a muddy truck bed in her fancy white Cleopatra costume, which I had to admit looked a hell of a lot better than my own, despite the mistakes the manufacturer had made with it).

It seems that most of the crew had stuffed themselves into the bed of the biggest truck there and then the driver had set out spinning around in the mud and making a general mess when he hit something that had been buried while doing a spin and the speed and momentum was enough to throw the truck onto it's side and sending the kids in the back flying everywhere. It was a mess.

The shiver that ran down my spine had nothing to do with the ear-splitting shriek of pain mixed with melodrama out of the girl with the broken foot and the mud-splattered Bride wig. I don't even see the note until the guy in the James Dean jacket is given a bed and I spot the white slip stuck in the mud of one boot. Nobody else seems to be paying any attention to things that don't involve either cleaning or patching up freaked out teens, so I get to satisfy my curiosity without challenge. I wipe the other side off on a clean bit of bed (it's not like there's much of that left, anyway) and spot the crimson O. I resist looking around to see if anybody is watching me and glance inside before tucking the paper away.

I know all the old stories; Mom has made a point of making sure I knew our purpose. But I never actually thought there would be a call. Not in my lifetime. Not while I was still so young.

I'm not ready for this.

But ready or not, this is it.

http://s15.postimage.org/rpvfujs47/Horus_Eye.jpg (http://postimage.org/)


Ironclad Alibi
10-18-2012, 10:31 PM
Reggie chuckled to himself as he exited the back door of the pool hall. For once he came away a few dollars ahead. Most of it was in change, including a couple of old silver dollars someone had waged, claiming they brought them good luck. Tonight they didn’t. Reggie tucked them into a special pocket so he wouldn’t loose them.

He headed into the darker recesses of the alley as the clock struck midnight. Reggie cursed under his breath. You would think that after so many changes he would be used to it, but you never get used to feeling like you’ve been hit with a world-class hangover. And he hadn’t even been drinking. It just wasn’t fair.

Reggie staggered a few feet after becoming a zombie, leaning against a wall to maintain his balance. As he started to move on, he saw a white piece of paper on the ground in front of him. Not an unusual thing to see in an alley, except for the glowing red circle on it. He picked it up, looked around, and seeing no one, opened it. He wasn’t sure what it meant. He only knew he had to obey the summons, immediately. Not that he had any choice. His normal nightly routine of shielding drunks from muggers would have to wait until another night.

It took Reggie several hours to reach the address in the note. He had to detour around several brightly lit areas. Mostly, though, his route took him through the seedier parts of town where his appearance did not attract attention.

When he arrived, Reggie walked up to the doors at the address given. He opened the doors without knocking and walked in.

10-18-2012, 10:55 PM
Tonight is the anniversary of my mother's death. That's what I've been told at least. I'm up praying, meditating, whatever you want to call it. The scent of patchouli incense and the sweet smell of freshly laundered sheets wafted around my small apartment. I keep trying to clear my mind, but there's a feeling of unease. Something felt off.

My snakes made soft hissing sounds. They can feel my discomfort. It's times like these that I really wish I had a cat. Some soft furry companion to put me at ease. Despite the rigorous training my grandmother put me through, I still sometimes lost control of my emotions.

I miss Muffin.

I'm not usually up this late, but those trick or treaters kept knocking on my door despite my light being off. I'm lucky I live in an apartment or I would have been worried that one of those little gremlins would egg my place. I clear my mind enough to relax. My mind focuses on the meditation music playing in the background. It's a lullaby for my brain.

Suddenly, I feel a violent tremor run through my body. My heart rate increases tenfold and I can feel my babies come loose from their cloth wrappings. Shit.

What's going on?

My eyes burst open and I see an envelope on the ground. This. I've been waiting for this. I knew it was only a matter of time. I have finally resigned myself that I wasn't going to get any sleep tonight and got up to start packing.

10-18-2012, 11:41 PM
Midnight on Halloween chimed nearly unnoticed by Arisa Holt as she ran another series of tests on the latest blood samples. The holiday made it easier to snag a bag of nearly expired blood and jam a straw into it under the guise of a themed energy drink. Really whomever thought up the idea to market drinks in blood bags was a genius. If Arisa ever met that person, she would definitely have to thank them. And inspectors never came around during night shift, so the normal rules about no food or drink in clinical areas were summarily ignored. Arisa took a long sip. She liked blood better warm, but a vampire at a hospital blood bank (oh the irony, she thought) couldn't be choosy.

As the last chime of midnight sounded, Arisa felt a stirring in her soul. Puzzled, she glance around until her bright green eyes spotted the folded note. The crimson O blazed against the white paper. Oh no. Not now. Arisa's shift didn't end for several hours, and they were slammed. Halloween often brought out the stupidity in the masses, and those masses were requiring a lot of blood transfusions tonight. Her hopes of a quiet--if strange--life were dashed as realization sunk in. The summons she had heard about all her life and prayed she'd never hear had come. And tonight of all nights. The more she tried to ignore it, the more her heart and head pounded until she knew she couldn't fight it. Whatever passed for the shadowy Monsters' Council demanded her presence and there was no denying them.

Reluctantly, Arisa flagged down another lab tech and with the excuse of feeling sick and swearing to someday return the favor, stepped out into the night. It was warm for October, but Arisa shivered. Something big was about to happen. Clutching the note tightly in her fist, Arisa made her way to the address shown. Things were about to get interesting.

Ironclad Alibi
10-19-2012, 05:03 PM
When he arrived, Reggie walked up to the doors at the address given. He opened the doors without knocking and walked in.

As he entered, he saw about a dozen people. He saw Cleopatra, Caesar, a mummy, a werewolf, two vampires, the Joker, Batman and several other monsters. Monster Mash was playing on the stereo. They were laughing and drinking, and having a party. They were not aware he was around.

Reggie quietly went back outside, checked the address on the note, and realized he had entered the wrong house. He went two doors down, and walked into the house at the correct address.

10-19-2012, 06:24 PM
It was Halloween night and Kayln Darkwynd could just hear the clock strick midnight. She had her nose in a book again. This is how she spent most of her evenings. She had finally had her PhD and was a researcher for a professor on campus. She loved what she did. It worked out well, as long as she got her projects done she could raid the libraries for clues to her families history. Plus it kept her calm.

As she turned the page in the book she was reading and taking notes from, she noticed a piece of paper on the floor, it had a crimson O on it. Of for the love of, she thought, why tonight of all nights. Just when i was making progress. Oh well can't be help. Her family drilled into her head from a young age, if you see this mark drop everything and go to where it tells you to.

Kayln starts to gather up her studying and changes into more comfortable and strechy clothes, just in case she has to draw on her inner strength. Grabs her tactical bag with her need items and runs out the door.

10-20-2012, 01:06 AM
"Five more minutes...."

Sunny rolled over in her bed, slapping the much abused clock radio on her nightstand. After realizing that the warning noise was in her head she slowly opened her eyes.

The scrap of paper confused her at first. Maybe her parents were leaving her a note? Not at this time of night, no. As curious as she was, she really couldn't drop everything and leave. She'd have to wait until morning.

10-20-2012, 03:02 AM
Eventually everybody arrives at the address..and once inside realizes that the dimensions inside do not match those of the outside. A figure in a red robe meets everybody, and ushers them into an enormous circular room, this one room would put most baseball stadiums to shame size wise.

From the opposite side of the room, several figures start filing in. Some are easily recognized, some you have no clue who..or what they are. Eventually some very easily recognized figures enter the room.

The first is rather tall, and seems to be several different people all sewn together. Rather large bolts are on each side of this figures neck. Yet despite the stories, he seems to walk with a dignified grace.

The next is even bigger, which is hard to believe, and covered in hair from tip of the head to the feet. Standing well over 9' tall, with muscular shoulders wider then most people are tall, yet their .. hands..paws..whatever you wanted to call them touched the ground. Red glowing piercing eyes scan the assembled people gathered. Razor sharp claws and talons complete the intimidating look.

It is the next person, however, that sends chills down even the stoutest of you. It is not the size or look that causes concern, but an aura of power that just exudes from the person. He is quite handsome, young looking, and seems downright .. normal compared to most of the others..but you notice the others seem to defer to him, and try to stay out of his way. At first you think he might be your 'host', but he steps aside like the others. His Victorian dress suggests he might be Vlaad Dracule..the vampire in the group would have absolutely no doubt that the figure is indeed the first vampire.

Finally another figure comes in. He is about 5'8", dressed in a simple black t-shirt, and black denim jeans. He seems perfectly human, and he does not have the commanding aura of the previous person. He is a little rugged (think looking like Hugh Jackman), however. He goes to the center, and begins to speak. "Ladies, gentlemen, and .. other." He looks around the room as that gets a polite chuckle. "Some of you know why we are here tonight, some of you don't. Not too long ago, Malbozia..one of the most dangerous devils in the nine hells, escaped the prison we lost so many to lock him in. We know he is going to wake his general and lieutenants..and that they will seek to awaken their army..and then..they will be coming for us." His gaze is quite piercing as he looks everybody in the eye.

"Even if it were not for the fact that we are going to be his first target, however, we would still be here. We must protect the humans from this fiend. The entire world is in danger, every man, woman, and child." There are some murmurs as he turns to face each person, only a few seem willing to meet his gaze.

Finally a harpy speaks up. "We lost so many last time we fought him. Our numbers, even with the children that were had, are a quarter of what they were. Can we even defeat him this time?" there are some worried whispering in agreement of the question.

"We have no choice!" Says the rather large hairy person forcefully. "I have some pups here, mere children, because we need all the help we can get, but I will be a lap dog before I tuck my tail between my legs and run!"

"Run where?" The accent of the man with the powerful aura is .. interesting. "Van Helsing and our hairy friend here is right. We FIGHT, and this time..no prisons..we send him back to the pits where he belongs..for good!" Some strong applause and shouts of agreement are heard from the crowd.

"ENOUGH!" When the man in the middle, apparently called Van Helsing speaks..there is instant respectful silence. "We know the general and lieutenants will use the few minions they have to go after seven relics that will allow them to restore their army to full strength. We must not only keep them from them, but we must destroy the general and lieutenants to weaken Malbozia enough to destroy him once and for all." He looks at the new members ((that would be you)). "This is not really your fight..he will come after you because you are what you are..but everybody here would understand if you decide not to participate. Understand this, however..if you do not bring the fight to him..he will bring the fight to you. Will you help? Will you fight to protect those who possibly might try to kill you if they learn who and what you are?"

Ironclad Alibi
10-20-2012, 07:02 PM
Reggie looked at the people standing around the room. All seemed to be considering the words they just heard. He only knew the compulsion he was under, and that he had no choice but to be involved in this.

Reggie spoke: “My name is Reggie. I am new to all of you here, and I am a zombie. 200 years ago I had been press-ganged onto a slave ship sailing from west Africa to the Caribbean. A British antislavery patrol chanced upon us. Seeing that we were out-gunned, the Captain ordered our cargo to be jettisoned. As we were herding those poor souls out the lower ports, one woman turned to me and said “I curse you to become one of the undead, and to stand in my stead to fight the Great Evil if and when it returns to enslave humanity. With my death, you shall thus forever be bound.’ I had wondered what she meant by that. Now I know. I will stand with you and do what I can to defeat Malbozia and his minions.”

Jay 2K Winger
10-21-2012, 02:05 AM
Before departing for the meeting, Rick Angstrom begged off from the GWF for a week or so. The excuse he gave was a death in the family, and apologized for the bad timing, being right after his winning the World Championship, but at least Ken McManus (the head of the GWF) was understanding and let him do so.

At the meeting, Rick wasn't exactly someone that went unnoticed by the others present. Being six-foot-eight and just so damn big in general meant that he stood out. He listened in on the lecture from the ones ... apparently running this show. One he could tell was Frankenstein's 'Monster', the next could only have been Sasquatch or something, and then Vlad "Dracula" Tepes, and finally Van Helsing.

Dracul's aura did make him sit up slightly. In the back of his head, he could feel the feral part of his brain trying to flip the switch, and felt his heartrate start to climb. With a quick series of breathing exercises, he got it under control before his change overtook him.

Digesting the situation and the question, Rick watched as the zombie stood up and pledged his support. Once Reggie sat down, the troll-kin stood.

"My name is Rick. Some of you have probably already recognized me from television, but I don't know any of you. I've lived my life trying to keep my troll-kin nature under control, because I'd be a danger to everyone around me if I lost control." He ran a hand along his shaven scalp, then stroked his beard a bit. "If what you say is true, this Malbozia would be more of a danger. I will fight with you."

In his head, the feral side of his nature, the rampaging troll side, growled in anticipation at being able to cut loose on something without worry of repercussions.

10-21-2012, 02:11 AM
Arisa eyed this Van Helsing warily. So much for my quiet life, she thought. Her powers had begun to manifest on her seventeenth birthday and her mother had been instrumental in teaching her how to control them. Still, her powers were more for defense and concealing who she really was rather than offense and fighting. Taking on this Malbozia--boy did that name sound ominous--would be suicide with her current level of power.

Her gaze slid to Dracule. How could she not recognize the First Vampire? The power he exuded was unmistakable. Surely he could be of help. She addressed her answer to him. "My name is Arisa Holt. I am a vampire. I work for a hospital. As such, I have no fighting experience--supernatural or otherwise. Joining this fight now would end badly for me and I suspect I'm not the only one. However, as Mr Helsing has pointed out, Malbozia and his armies will come for me anyway. And I do not intend to sit and wait to die." She gave a respectful bow. "I am with you, and I would be honored if you would help me develop my powers so they may be of use to counter this threat."

Andara Bledin
10-21-2012, 07:09 PM
My eyes go wide at the name of the one we have been called together to deal with.


He was the reason that my father gave up his wrapping so that I could be raised with his power. His injuries from the last great emergency had left him powerless to protect anyone for the next, which is most of the reason I even existed.

And now, here it was.


Even the thought of that name sent shivers down my spine.

I wasn't aware I was standing until it came time to speak. The words came more easily than I would have thought; and even I could barely hear the hint of terror that had set up shop in the back of my mind.

"I am Beset Al-Alawi, and I will join you. I may not be as strong as some of the rest here, but we're going to need every bit of power we have, and if we wait, even that much won't be enough."

I sounded so... mousey, after the others. It's not the first time I'm thankful that my darker coloration works to hide my blush.

http://s5.postimage.org/6i1vwh5cj/Horus_Eye.jpg (http://postimage.org/)


10-22-2012, 03:39 AM
Livia Fletcher sat among the rest, clutching a crumpled -- and now quite damp -- piece of paper in one hand ... the piece of paper, with the blood-red 'O' on it. She'd been hoping for a distraction from her latest studies (ancient Egyptian ... what had she been thinking??) but at the moment she'd gladly go back to struggling with hieroglyphics.

So Malbozia was back.

And no doubt he's pissed off, she thought, a trifle hysterically.

She'd known this day would come. Her family had passed a veiled warning along from one generation to the next, that someday a deadly evil would be loosed on the world and a Fletcher would definitely be among those sent to fight it.

And here she was.

Just my luck.

Stifling a sigh, she stood up and cleared her throat.

"My name is Livia Fletcher. I'm not sure ... um ... exactly what I can do, but I can promise that I will do my best and that I will not abandon the fight."

Hooboy, she thought, nearly collapsing back into her chair, as a heroic speech, that one could've used a good editor. Or better yet, a complete rewrite.

Ironclad Alibi
10-23-2012, 04:53 AM
Reggie senses that not much is going happen in the next few minutes. He slips out a side door, and goes around the corner to a small Chinese restaurant he noticed on the way to the meeting. He goes in, orders some monkey brains and tea. He wolfs it down. For dessert he opens a fortune cookie. It reads: “A thrilling time is in your immediate future.” He folds it and puts it in the special pocket with the silver dollars. Reggie quietly slips back through the side door into the meeting. No one seems to have noticed he stepped out for a moment. At least his stomach won’t be growling for a while.

10-23-2012, 12:09 PM
I look around at all of the other people standing up and vowing themselves for this important mission. I am at a crossroads. My grandmother ingrained the importance of this mission in my head, but I just don't feel ready.

It took me years before I could decently control myself and now, it's time to take all of my training and use it.

I sip at my mug of tea. Hestantly, I stand up.

"Hi. My name is Fiona Blum. I am a decendant of Medusa. I pledge myself to this important mission. I'll help anyway I can."

I sit down and take a deep breath. The hard part's over, now the real test begins.

10-23-2012, 01:53 PM
Sunny gulps and thinks 'Why me? I didn't tell anyone, not even my parents.' She slowly starts walking backwards, hoping this was all a dream.

10-23-2012, 04:06 PM
I just want to stay in my library and do my research, Kayln though, but this is to important, plus I am pretty sure my entire family will come back and haunt me if I don't. Plus maybe these people can teach me the control over thing inside me.

Kayln slowly stood up and said "My name in Kayln Darkwynd and I am a descendant of Dr Jekyll. Or you probably knew him has Mr. Hyde. I will help with this mission. I also hope to control the beast inside me"

Jay 2K Winger
10-23-2012, 06:33 PM
Rick looks over at Kayln and gives her a nod of something like sympathy and something like camaraderie. "Right on," he nods to her. "I know how that goes. Funny thing, though, I thought Dr. Jekyll was childless." He pronounces it with the original Scottish pronunciation. ("Jee-kul.")

If either his statement or his pronunciation get a look, he spreads his hands. "What? I read."

10-24-2012, 04:44 AM
Rick's comment illicits a chuckle from Vlaad. "You will find that much you think you know about us is wrong. The story books are just that ... stories."

Sunny feels a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and a sweet looking elderly lady pats her on the back. "There there young one, it is ok. Nobody will force you to do anything you do not want. Me and Gregor will see to that." A bear of a man, who looks maybe Romanian nods in gruff agreement. "We will protect you the best we can if you decide you can not help."

"Ju vill find ve are being tougher then they think." 'Gregor' says with a rather thick accent.

Van Helsing looks around. "For those who are helping, we are going to be splitting up in some groups. The main group is going to distract Malbozia, the other teams are going to protect the artifacts. I will pair you up, and your team leader will give you your instructions from there."

Van Helsing points to Rick. "Your with Jason and Hilda." Both of which are of a good size, though Rick is slightly larger then both of them. "Jason will be team leader..hes been around awhile."

Arisa is next "You are with Vlaad and Mina. Vlaad of course will be the team leader."

He seems to think about Reggie "We don't have many zombies." He ponders for a bit. "AH! Perfect. Lema? Would you Krisss introduce yourself? Lema will be team leader."

Lema introduces herself as a Hydra, and Krisss appears to be a basilisk.

Van Helsing comes to Bes. "Mummy did you say? Tut would be the most sensible person to pair you with, but the second should be somebody a bit .. different...I think you will like her. Meet Enestia, the sphinx." An Egyptian beauty gives a slight bow. "Ene will be the team leader." Tut starts to protest. "Listen I know you have been around a long time, but Ene is known for her wisdom. You KNOW she is the right choice." Tut reluctantly nods in agreement.

He comes to Fiona, and for a moment his face shows sadness. "I regret that your ancestor could not be here with us, she was lost in the last war. A fierce fighter if ever there was one. Not many of your kind survived, for the demons are not immune to their power, and feared it. I am afraid I will have to team you up with a couple of people who do happen to be immune. Gregor there, you can't turn to stone what is already stone." Gregor grins, which is a bit unnerving for some reason. "He is a gargoyle. San Che will be a good leader, he may be blind..but his wisdom is great. He is a Yeti, but he studied for centuries in a Shaolin monastery." An elderly, and somewhat frail looking, man gives a bow.

For Elspeth he thinks long and hard. "There are several of us here who know about the beast within, and struggle with it. Again, your ancestor is not here with us..such a tragic loss..but many of us face our own inner demons. I think you will be on my team, with Ethel." The woman who is trying to cheer up Sunny gives a slight smile and nod.

He looks at Livia. "I will put you with Cain, and he will lead you and Astir." Astir is a rather large werewolf himself, though nowhere near the size of Cain ((Yes THAT Cain, you know....brother who's name is Abel?))

Finally he looks at Sunny. "I have something special for you if you will help. A task of great importance, but conflict will probably be avoided. In a museum in Egypt there is a tablet, on it is the incantation we will need to defeat Malbozia once his minions are dealt with. I will send Nanti and Nomain to help .. if you wish to go.." he points to a Sasquatch and a Ghost. Both known to be stealthy.

((The next post will have your individual missions))

10-24-2012, 05:50 AM
((Doing each individually, so will be a ton of updates))

Cain looks at Livia. "I am afraid we have the most difficult task. We are going after a Nazi Medal that was given out for the greatest heroism. Malbozias general Bacus will be most interested in getting his hands on it. He uses Pit Fiends..some of the nastiest of demons. It is in a museum in Berlin. We will leave as soon as you are ready."

Vlaad chuckles. "Most dangerous my wing. They are brutes, no finesse at all." You know he means the demons. "Now we...we will be going after a cross used in the Crusades! Malbozia's lieutenant Orcus will be our foe. He uses Babaus..sly and crafty. The cross is in Vatican City..a truly dangerous place for ones of our nature."

Jason addresses Rick and his team. "We are looking for an Axe used by one of the Khans during Genghis' time. Led by Balbalor, he uses Balor. We will have our work cut out for us. The Axe was last seen in mainland China."

"For us it will be a roman spear used during the time of Nero." cautions Lema. "It is in Rome. Our foe is a crafty demoness named Lloth, who use the spider like Bebiliths."

"Our target is an Ankh used by a pharaoh during the time of the Exodus. Our enemy shall be Darius, who uses the massive Glabrezu to do his dirty work." Notes Ene.

San Che thinks long and hard. "We are looking for something a bit different. Some specific Amber, housed in small monastery in India. Our foe is the devious Demant. He is a trickster, using Succubi and Incubus..we will have to be very careful."

Van Helsing nods. "Now for us. We seek a chalice in America. This chalice was used by the Confessor during the Salem witch trials. Our foe is Marith..who leads an army of Marilith. Dangerous in their own right."

((If you all don't mind, I would prefer you post your arrival to your destinations, ask any questions, etc. Then I will post in response letting you know exactly what you are up against))

Jay 2K Winger
10-24-2012, 06:12 PM
Rick's comment illicits a chuckle from Vlaad. "You will find that much you think you know about us is wrong. The story books are just that ... stories."

Van Helsing points to Rick. "Your with Jason and Hilda." Both of which are of a good size, though Rick is slightly larger then both of them. "Jason will be team leader..hes been around awhile."

Jason addresses Rick and his team. "We are looking for an Axe used by one of the Khans during Genghis' time. Led by Balbalor, he uses Balor. We will have our work cut out for us. The Axe was last seen in mainland China."

Location: Organization HQ

Rick just grunts when Vlaad tells him how wrong he is about what the stories say. Probably true, he reasons, but every story has a grain of truth to it.

When Van Helsing gives him his team assignment, Rick turns and regards the two, his expression neutral, although his eyebrows rise as he notes the size of both. As the rest of the teams are also assigned, Rick regards Jason and Hilda again, now trying to determine what sort of 'supernatural creature' (mustn't call them "monsters," he says in his head) they descended from.

Jason briefs him on what they'll be going to retrieve, and Rick asks, "So, Balbalor is Malbozia's general, and Balor is... what? A sort of monster for us to smash, or the name of the Axe, or what?" The mention of going to China makes him grimace. "It's gonna be quite a trek, goin' to China from here... but let's get this over with. The sooner we get this Axe and stop Malbozia, the sooner we can all go back to pretending we're ordinary people." He pauses, considers both his size and the others', and amends this to, "For a given value of ordinary."

Location: Somewhere in China - Near the Axe's last known location

"So this is China," Rick says after he and his team arrive, disembarking from a makeshift Jeep. Rick has changed clothes, wearing a cheap, simple outfit, but tough enough to withstand some travel. He knows that sooner or later, he'll have to let his troll side out, and when he does, his clothes will suffer first. No point in wasting money on fancy clothes.

He rubs his shaven scalp as he looks around their location, then scratches at his long, forked beard. "All right, boss," he says to Jason. "Now what."

10-25-2012, 06:18 PM
Vlaad chuckles. "Most dangerous my wing. They are brutes, no finesse at all." You know he means the demons. "Now we...we will be going after a cross used in the Crusades! Malbozia's lieutenant Orcus will be our foe. He uses Babaus..sly and crafty. The cross is in Vatican City..a truly dangerous place for ones of our nature."

After receiving her assignment, Arisa made her way to Dracula and Mina. Both were elegantly dressed; Dracula had his trademark cape fluttering around him and Mina's hat matched her dress. Arisa jammed her hands into her scrub pockets feeling very out of place. "So, Vatican City, huh?"

Dracula arched an eyebrow. "Yes. However, my dear, you seem a bit under dressed. Mina, if you please?"

Mina took Arisa's hand despite Arisa's protests and lead her to a smaller room. There she handed Arisa a Victorian style gown that frankly Arisa was too short to wear. Although she refused to wear the high-heeled dress shoes that would have added about 3 inches to her height and stuck with her trusty work sneakers. If there was going to be fighting--or running--Arisa didn't want to be doing it in heels.

Dracula gave a slight bow upon her return and offered an arm. You look lovely, my dear. Just one other thing: don't feel you have to continue to hide your true form from me."

Arisa shifted uncomfortably. "I think I'll stay this way for now." She gestured to the gown. "Is this your idea of blending in?"

Dracula smiled. Though the smile was likely meant to come across as warm and supportive, Arisa couldn't help but think there was something predatory about it. "Even the Vatican celebrates Halloween. Now you said something about training. What sort of abilities do you have already?"

"Well, I took gymnastics growing up and a few years of judo. But that's it. I've never even used judo outside of a class setting."

"It's a start," Dracula said. "Let's be on our way and we'll train as we go."

Arisa gave a reluctant nod and followed. What have I gotten myself into?

10-25-2012, 06:29 PM
China Jay looks around, towering over most of the people around him. "Our contact should be here soon. They will lead us to the location of the Axe. Sometimes our sources are wrong on where the objects are, especially in China..where we have a little less access."

On the way he fills Rick in on the Balor. ((http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balor_%28Dungeons_%26_Dragons%29)). "The lieutenant we are after used to be just called Balor, but it caused some confusion..and ribbing from the other demons. So he added the name Bal to the front of his name. Make no mistake about it, the Balor are fierce enemies. They will not rely on tricks or deceit, they will come at us with everything they have. Our one ace in the hole is our traveling companion Hilda here." He gives a quick nod to Hilda. "Unlike me and you, she is a different kind of Troll. Fire and Acid do not harm her in the least. She has two entirely different weaknesses, one we are hoping the demons will not be able to guess. She will be our 'distraction' so we can confront Balbalor."

Hilda smiles "I do distractions very, very good." She chuckles.

It takes awhile, but eventually your guide shows up, and escorts you to a monastery high in the mountains. "This is the current location of the Axe."

Jay seems hesitant. "Our intelligence suggested otherwise..."

Your guide nods. "The Axe is within, I have seen it with my own eyes. They are preparing it for their master..awaiting his arrival. Apparently they know we will be going for the artifacts."

Jay curses. "Should have figured. So..we walk into a trap?"

The guide nods. "They are ready for you...they will be ready for all of our groups."

Jay looks right at Rick. "Well..my main job is done. We are here..my first suggestion is just to charge in and show them why Trolls are some of the most feared creatures their are."

The guide supplies you with detailed maps, critical intel (like the fact that Balbalor only has 7 of his army left until he can claim the Axe..one of which will be coming with him..so that means there are six inside waiting), and wishes you well..then departs hastily. Most likely he himself is no 'supernatural creature'. Why Jay is now looking to Rick for strategy is a mystery.

10-25-2012, 06:49 PM
Dracula does something rather..odd. He scoops Arisa up, which gives Mina the giggles, and says "We are rather in a hurry, and traveling by jet is so passe. We shall do it right." Seconds later the land below you is a blur, not quite as fast as a jet, but the speed achieved is nothing short of incredible. "Just stay in human form..for we will be facing sunlight before long. Me and Mina are old enough that the sun holds no fear for us, but you would be in danger."

As you travel in this very unconventional manner, Dracula fills you in. ((He stays in vampire form, while Mina goes in bat form)). "Tonight we play a game of shadows my dear. We will be racing the clock, and our foes will only present themselves if they absolutely have to. We must use charm and grace to slip through the crowds, without raising suspicions unless absolutely needed to the back of the room we will be going to. The item we seek will be displayed in a glass case there. We must reach it before any of Orcus' soldiers do. At all costs, even if we must reveal ourselves. Let me and Mina deal with Orcus himself..you get that item and keep it from them. IF things go wrong, reach the Pope..say "Peto sanctuarium in nomine Vlad Tepes." Remember it is just as dangerous for them to reveal their nature as it is for us to do the same."

You set down in Vatican City a bit later. "As for your powers, most come with age for us. We have time until the party, however, and we will not get in until the party..so I will show you what I can."

Jay 2K Winger
10-25-2012, 08:04 PM
Location: China - Monastery

Rick digests what he's been told about the balor and their general, then looks over the intel that their guide gave them. He looks at Jay and Hilda. "Like you said, let's just go in and show them why trolls are feared the world over. Once I ... hulk out, I won't be much good for strategy, anyway."

He squares his shoulders as he looks at the doors to the monastery, nods once and then takes a deep breath... and Changes.

It was as though the someone took the "size" knob and started turning it up. Rick's body simply scaled upward in terms of size, shoulders broadening, muscles swelling, as warts started sprouting all over his face and shoulders. His clothing strained against his growing body, although the stretchiness of the clothes meant that he still remained decent.

As the change finished, Rick glared with beady eyes at the door, baring jagged yellow teeth as he roared, and kicked the doors open with all the subtlety of a tank shell.

Ironclad Alibi
10-26-2012, 03:32 AM
Lema, Krisss and Reggie stepped into a side room to discuss their upcoming trip. Rather than flying directly into Rome, they decided to fly into Abruzzo Airport in Pescara just in case Malbozia has his minions watching the Rome airport to intercept any opposition. Upon arriving in Pescara, they rent a car and drive to the outskirts of Rome. Again to avoid detection, they seek lodging with Antonio Valdezio, an old friend of Reggie’s who he knew from the auto racing circuit.

Staying overnight, the three of them discussed what they knew of the spear, which they decided to call Nero’s sword to confuse anyone who might overhear them. They discussed its nature, what it does, where it might be, is it a know location or is it hidden. If hidden, where might it be?

During the discussion Reggie says that on the flight over he had a vision of several lines of Etruscan runes. He wondered if they may be a connection to their goal? If Nero’s sword is hidden or lost, might it be in some Etruscan ruins? Or in the catacombs beneath Rome? Perhaps it was taken to Atrium where Nero was when Rome was burning. They discussed all this into the wee hours of the morning. At dawn they set forth to see what they could find.

10-26-2012, 04:27 AM
Vatican City

When Dracula suddenly and literally swept Arisa off her feet, she gave a startled yelp. A yelp that was not, she insisted to herself, a scream. Nor would she admit to how hard she was clutching her elder's shirt before her feet met with solid ground again. She was only half listening to Dracula's explanation of their mission since she needed most of her concentration to keep from throwing up. "Charm and grace. Right," she muttered. "Excuse me just a moment." Arisa stumbled away a few steps to a bench where she sat down and waited for the world to stop spinning. Charm and grace were not attributes she readily possessed. Arisa had once verbally dressed down a physician with as much charm and grace as a sledgehammer. In all fairness, the guy had deserved it, but it had nearly cost her her job. These stakes were much higher.

Finally she rose with as much dignity as she could muster, confident her dinner was going to stay where it belonged. "Next time, could you warn me before you do that?"

Dracula's lip curled in the first sign of exasperation. "I'm hoping next time you'll be able to fly on your own."

"Fine by me," Arisa said, though she inwardly groaned. She stepped closer and dropped her voice low to keep from being overheard. "Let me make sure I've got the plan here. The cross is in a glass case at the back of the room. Get it and get out without attracting attention preferably before Orcus gets here. And if anything goes wrong, find the Pope and tell him Peto sanctuarium in nomine Vlad Tepes."


"What does it mean? The only Latin I know is medical terms."

"You're claiming sanctuary." He lead her to a deserted back alley. "And since we have a little time, let me teach you a few things."

After a couple hours, Arisa almost had the hang of shifting into a bat. And she actually remembered more of her judo lessons than she initially thought. With Mina's help, Arisa could attack and dodge much faster than before. Still nowhere near Mina's speed, but as Dracula had said earlier, it was a start. He finally signaled an end to their training session and motioned for Arisa and Mina to follow.

When they reached the venue for the party and Arisa saw their target, her eyes went wide. The cross was easily six feet tall, ornate, and heavy-looking. "That thing's bigger than I am," she hissed.

"We've got other problems," Mina said. "Look around. Notice anything strange?"

You mean besides three vampires wandering around the Vatican? Arisa glanced around and noted the crowd. Or rather, the lack thereof. "Well, for a Halloween party, there don't seem to be many people here."

Dracula frowned. "You're right. We'll need to work fast. Be on your guard."

"So, what's the plan for getting this thing out of the case?" Arisa asked.

10-26-2012, 04:50 AM

Jay has transformed into a slightly smaller version of Rick, but a bit 'thicker'. Hilda has a blue tinge in her skin, but otherwise is a slightly smaller (and less thick) version of Rick. As Rick bust down the door he notices six creatures that tower over even him.

Each stands almost 15' foot tall, and is almost as thick muscle wise as Jay is. Their wings would have given them a better advantage outside, but in the low ceiling offers no advantage. They pair up, two to each of the group, and charge forward without much consideration of self preservation. Rick notices straight off, that two of these creatures have whips with a blue looking flame, and swords covered with a frosty sheen and are heading toward Hilda. The other four have a red flame whip, and a sword that is burning. Apparently not only are they ready for visitors..it is like they KNEW who was coming!

The room is circular in nature, with columns every 10'. The floor is some sort of clay/stone mix, and the ceiling is thatch. Because of the columns and size of the room, the larger Balor are actually at somewhat of a disadvantage..having trouble moving about...they might not have thought this trap out the best.

Vatican City

Mina hisses "It's a trap! Stealth is out of the window. My husband, let us show them why we have the reputation we do!" She transforms into her 'Vampire' form, all pretense out the window. Somehow she seems bigger then she was.

Dracule nods "Arisa, the target remains the same..we will cover you..get that to safety!" He transforms also, and also seems much larger then life. His movements are almost impossible to track as he charges into the people..who are transforming into the demons they actually are. He and Mina look like they have things handled..except a couple of demons heading straight for the cross.

Outside of Rome

Kriss nods. "As good a place to check as any. It does make sense, especially if it is someplace that is considered unsafe. Hide it in plain sight."

It takes awhile before the contacts are able to lead the trio to where most likely the spear is to be found. It was indeed an old ruins. What worries Lema most is the spider demons don't seem to be hiding when they arrive. Lema and Krisss transform. "Looks like we are expected. No matter, they do not seem to have any fire. Just make sure not to meet Krisss' eyes. It does not matter if living or dead, turning to stone is not a good thing. Now where is that Lloth..the true danger here?"

There is a small army of spiders demons. Not much of a threat to a zombie (their poison and such would not affect him, and none of them are big enough to bite his head off)...so why they are so brazen to be out in the open and visible is something to wonder about.

Jay 2K Winger
10-27-2012, 01:42 AM

Rick sized up the balor, which brandish their enchanted weapons and roar at him. The troll thumped his fist off his massive chest and bellowed a challenge, and leapt at them. He ducked under a red flame whip lash, his shoulder colliding with the first balor's knee, buckling it. The balor may have been bigger than any of the troll-kin, but Rick knew that he and his fellow troll-kin were faster, and he used that to his advantage. As Balor #1 dropped its whip as it fell to one knee, Rick rose and swung a fist straight into the side of its head into its ear. Rick knew that if the balor had been human, that blow certainly would have ruptured an eardrum, if not outright killed them. It certainly disoriented Balor #1.

This had all happened in just a few moments, and Balor #2 snapped its red flame whip at him. Rick bellowed with fury as it stung his forehead, and he used the kneeling Balor #1's shoulders to launch himself at #2's face, driving it back against one of the big stone pillars, his fists pummeling its head.

10-27-2012, 02:27 AM

Rick had enough time to see a flaming sword coming from behind him when he is pushed out of the way. The flaming sword sinks into Hilda's flesh, who just grins. "We change foes yes? Yours can not hurt me, mine can not hurt you? Good Ja?" Her point is proven when the wound..which would not have been able to heal on Rick due to being fire based heals right up on her. She catches one of his foes in a bear hug, and Rick can hear bones cracking and snapping. The Balor bellows in pain.

However, one of the ones that are targeting Hilda now has a very good and clear shot at her.

Ironclad Alibi
10-27-2012, 04:24 AM
Outside of Rome

There is a small army of spiders demons. Not much of a threat to a zombie (their poison and such would not affect him, and none of them are big enough to bite his head off)...so why they are so brazen to be out in the open and visible is something to wonder about.

As the trio approached the spider demons, they transformed into their monster forms. They noticed the spider demons are coming from an opening on the far side of the ruins. Keeping an eye open for Lloth, they split up to surround and attack the spider demons.

Lema circled to the right, biting at the spider demons and releasing her poisonous breath onto them from each of her heads. She kept a couple of heads high on the lookout for Lloth.

Kriss circled to the left, casting her gaze upon the spider demons and turning them to stone. As her tail swung back and forth, stoned and unstoned spider demons alike were knocked back into those waiting to attack.

Reggie headed up the middle. He grabbed a couple of spider demons, bit them to infect them, and tossed them to the rear of the mass. After a moment or two, those infected started attacking the other spider demons. Reggie then snatched up and bit spider demons in the head, sucking out part of its brain, not that there was much to suck on. Reggie hated doing this because the taste was very bitter. Afterwards he would toss it back into the waiting mass, sowing disorder in the back ranks. He began tossing them back without biting them to let the bitter taste subside. One of the live ones he tossed passed across Krisss’ gaze. As it passed, it turned to stone and smashed into those further back. This seemed like a good ploy, so he starting tossed several in that direction. While doing this he kept an eye on the infected spider demons, and when they were killed would infect another and throw it into the mass.

The battle seemed endless, although it had only started a few minutes ago. During it all, Lema, Krisss and Reggie all wondered when and how Lloth would strike.

10-27-2012, 07:20 PM
"Egypt?" Sunny said aloud. "Don't know how to explain that to the 'rents." She glanced over at the Sasquatch and the ghost. "Do we have frequent flier miles or something?"

10-27-2012, 07:28 PM
They smile. "Money is not much of an object. Some of us have been around a long time and have saved up quite a bit over the years. Dracule's wealth alone could buy several airlines and have enough left over for a fleet of ships. As for your parents, the Organization will handle them." The ghost holds out their hand. "It will be a trip of a lifetime..if you are in."

10-28-2012, 03:29 AM
Sunny cautiously reached for the ghost's hand, wondering if it was even possible to hold a ghost's hand.

"I don't think my parents know about me...I never told them, I've just been hiding it. But I want to help if I can."

10-28-2012, 03:54 AM
She finds the ghosts hand is as solid as hers, but has a distinct feeling that the ghost can change that at will. "Unless you are adopted my dear, at least one already knows. As this passes through the bloodlines. Your birth parents would know about the organization." As the other member ((the sasquatch)) took the ghosts hand..the whole world turned white and the trio pass through a odd fog..and once through stand not far outside their destination.

Nanti cautions Sunny. "Remember, we are not here to draw attention, if you and Nomain will cause a minor" she puts emphasis on the word minor, "distraction I will simply slip in, and slip out with none the wiser."

Outside Rome

The fight is easy, too easy..the spiders seem to pose no real threat to the group. They can not even pierce the hide of Krisss when in monster form, and any minor damage they do to Reggie or Lema regenerate almost immediately. At least...until a dark skinned woman steps out. She has pale white hair, slightly pointed ears, and is dressed somewhat..provocatively. Before Reggie or the other two can blink she has out a mirror, and Krisss suddenly is made of stone. Chuckling, she draws a scythe made of fire. "Come my little flies, my web is nice and cozy." She seems very adept at using that weapon, swinging it effortlessly in slow circling arcs.

10-28-2012, 07:07 AM
((Doing each individually, so will be a ton of updates))

Cain looks at Livia. "I am afraid we have the most difficult task. We are going after a Nazi Medal that was given out for the greatest heroism. Malbozias general Bacus will be most interested in getting his hands on it. He uses Pit Fiends..some of the nastiest of demons. It is in a museum in Berlin. We will leave as soon as you are ready."

Vlaad chuckles. "Most dangerous my wing. They are brutes, no finesse at all." You know he means the demons. *snip*

Livia, Astir and Cain do some preliminary handshaking and introductions, but any lengthy chats will have to wait until they've arrived at their destination. Berlin! thinks Livia. A city she has always wanted to visit but, for some reason, never before managed to actually get to.

And of course, now that I'm going there, I can forget sightseeing, or even historical or linguistic research ... I'm going to be dodging demons -- Dämonen -- and trying to locate a Nazi medal.

Once they've settled into their hotel -- a pleasant place with the improbable name of The Circus Hotel -- they gather in her room to discuss ways and means. Nobody has unpacked much; they are expecting to have to move again -- fast.

Livia's also pleased to be working with a second werewolf. This means she has a good idea of the powers and capabilities of at least one of her two partners.

"We might as well continue our introductions until 'somebody' shows up with our orders," says Livia. "Cain, you have traditional werewolf skills ... any other powers you'd care to confess to? And how about you, Astir?"

Edited because sometimes I don't read very well ... :o

Andara Bledin
10-28-2012, 11:37 AM
At the Meeting

My eyes are wide as I hear the different pedigrees surrounding me. I mean, I knew, intellectually, that all of these other monsters, these people were out there, but to actually be in the same room with all of them is, well, more than a bit intimidating.

I listen as the teams are set up, my eyes managing to go even wider as I learn of my own. These are names out of legend, even for those of us who are legends. I mean, Tut is one thing, but Enestia? The Enestia?!? I give a nervous smile back to her nod, feeling as though my stomach is full of moths.

*** Later ***


I had never been to Egypt, but I knew enough about it to write a masters thesis. And now, here I was, stepping onto the soil where my ancestors came from. I had plans to visit eventually, I was just saving the money to make the trip.

Not only that, but I was keeping company with two of the most famous of to come from this land. I mean, sure, I was a mummy, like Tut, but nobody knew the names of either of my parents except perhaps the others of our collective society. And as far as I knew, there was only one Sphinx.

"Ok, so, now that we're here and situated, I guess it's off to the Giza Plateau, then?"

http://s5.postimage.org/6i1vwh5cj/Horus_Eye.jpg (http://postimage.org/)

(sorry for being so late... forgot that the thread would move >_< )


Jay 2K Winger
10-28-2012, 06:07 PM
Rick swung around to glare at whomever pushed him away. The longer he let his trollish nature rule, the more of a berserker he became. But he recognized Hilda's usefulness in this, grinned toothily, and then leapt forward again, once again using the hapless Balor #1 as a launching pad, the force of his landing on and launching off the monster's shoulders driving it face-first into the floor as he cannoned into Balor #3, grabbing its frost-flamed whip (which it had been snapping at Hilda) in mid-air as he passed #3's head, looping the whip around its own throat.

Using the whip-cum-garrote like a bridle, he swung the Balor's head into the nearest column, then jumped down its back, grabbing its wings and planting his feet into its spine as he roared a challenge and tore its wings off. As Balor #3 fell with a scream, Rick stomped his foot down on its spine with bone-crunching force, brandishing the severed wings triumphantly.

"HEAVYWEIGHT!" he roared. "CHAMPION! OF THE WORLD!" He tossed the wings down, laced his fists together and brought them down with a skull-crushing hammerblow to Balor #3. He beckoned for the next frost-weaponed Balor to attack, grinning again. "COME AT ME, BRO," he chuckled deeply.

10-28-2012, 09:27 PM
Sunny looked to the Sasquatch. "Okay, how minor are we talking here?"

Ironclad Alibi
10-30-2012, 01:30 AM
Outside Rome[/B]

Before Reggie or the other two can blink she has out a mirror, and Krisss suddenly is made of stone. Chuckling, she draws a scythe made of fire. "Come my little flies, my web is nice and cozy." She seems very adept at using that weapon, swinging it effortlessly in slow circling arcs.

Lloth swings her scythe at Lema, cutting off a head, which is immediately replaced by two more. Reggie grabs a spider, infects it, and throws it at Lloth’s head while commanding it to hold on tight. The spider gasps Lloth’s head, momentarily blinding and disorienting her. As he ducks behind the stoned form of Krisss, Reggie tears off one arm and flings it at the scythe. His hand grabs the haft and starts jerking on it, causing Lloth to lose control of it as it starts to swing toward Reggie. The scythe rebounds off of Krisss and back towards Lloth. Lema moves toward Lloth and attacks.

10-30-2012, 03:50 AM
Vatican City

Mina hisses "It's a trap! Stealth is out of the window. My husband, let us show them why we have the reputation we do!" She transforms into her 'Vampire' form, all pretense out the window. Somehow she seems bigger then she was.

Dracule nods "Arisa, the target remains the same..we will cover you..get that to safety!" He transforms also, and also seems much larger then life. His movements are almost impossible to track as he charges into the people..who are transforming into the demons they actually are. He and Mina look like they have things handled..except a couple of demons heading straight for the cross.

Vatican City

Arisa froze. Knowing vampires, demons, mummies, and other monsters existed was one thing. Actually seeing it was quite another.

"Arisa, move!" Dracula bellowed above the sounds of battle. He and Mina were tearing through the demons like tissue paper, but both were too far away to protect the cross. She locked gazes with Dracula for just a moment, but that was all it took. Arisa felt something snap within her as her emergency response reflexes kicked into gear and she was diving for the case. Or rather, the pair of demons trying to get to it before her.

Without even thinking about it, she felt her physical form start to change. Great, leathery wings the color of moonlight stretched from her back and connected to her ankles. Her feet and hands formed talons which she intended to put to good use momentarily. She had to hand it to whomever had constructed this building; the high ceiling gave her the altitude she needed to execute a screaming dive into the first demon. It went crashing into the glass case, shattering it. Well, that solves that, she thought. Arisa pounced on the second demon, sinking her fangs deep into its neck. The taste of demon's blood was acrid and bitter on her tongue, but strangely rejuvenating. It awakened the primal nature buried deep within her. She tossed the corpse aside once it was sufficiently drained.

More and more of the demons were coming. As impressive as Dracula and Mina were as a team, they were still only two against the hordes. Arisa bared her fangs and spread her wings to make herself look larger than she was. The demons chittered among themselves, clearly not impressed. A few of them tried to get past her to claim the cross for themselves only to be shredded by Arisa's talons.

She realized even with her new-found strength and powers, the odds were decidedly not in her favor. As more demons clustered and prepared to charge, Arisa grabbed one end of the cross and swung with all her might. There was a satisfying crunch as it collided with the knot of demons.

Dracula was right: she had to get that cross out of here. She caught his eye for a brief second and he gave a curt nod. But not before he flashed her a proud smile. As soon as there was an opening, Arisa grabbed the cross in her talons and took off for a high, stained glass window. Precious artifact as it was, the cross was a blunt object. And blunt objects were perfect for smashing windows.

Arisa tore for the open sky. The first blush of dawn was glowing in the distance and she knew she couldn't keep this form much longer. She wanted to put as many miles between her and the demons as possible before then. She flew until she could feel the burn of the first rays of sunlight on her skin. Cautiously, she set down in the gardens and shifted back into her human form.

Trembling, she hid the cross in a particularly thick copse of trees and sat down next to it. There was no way she would be able to keep a cross this big and recognizable hidden for long in daylight. And now that the sun was up, she was confined to her human form which was much less durable than the bat form she'd just learned how to use. Hopefully if she was limited in daylight, so were the demons. Then there was the matter of being separated from Dracula and Mina. While she was sure they were fine, a part of her worried for their safety. She didn't know who Orcus was and likely wouldn't have recognized him if he'd been there. Had he been? And if so, did he know she'd gotten away with the cross? Would he now be hunting her? How long should she wait before this qualified as "something going wrong" and find the Pope?

She pulled a rumpled tourist map from her bodice and studied it trying to get her bearings. Thankfully, Vatican City wasn't very large, so St Peter's Basilica was never far. It seemed as good a place as any to start. If she stuck to cover as much as possible, she just might make it by mid morning. Warily, she eyed the cross. Dragging that blasted thing around was going to slow her down. Not to mention make her the biggest target for the underworld. But it couldn't be helped. Arisa settled the cross on her shoulders and started in the direction of the Basilica hoping somehow Dracula would find her before Orcus did.

10-30-2012, 05:33 PM
Kayln's head was swimming. So much information. Well glad I packed for a trip. When will be leaving and how will we get there?

And she thought to herself, I wonder what Ethel is, she seems like a grandmother that should be spoiling her grandkids and baking, not fighting the ultimate evil.

10-30-2012, 07:20 PM

Cain chuckles "Well, yes there is much more to me then just the first werewolf. However, I will reveal what after our mission. I have a feeling we have eyes watching us."

Astir nods "Me too. I have no issue saying that I too am a werewolf. With similar abilities to yours..though I might be stronger as I am a bit older."

A knock on the door, and Astir opens the door. Livia is getting the impression that Cain does not change from his werewolf form that often. How he remains unseen is a neat trick.

Astir comes back with an envelope. "It seems that the medal is on the move in an armored car..it seems we might be a little late. Our foes are on the move."

Cain curses. "That means that we are walking right into a trap. Yet, we can not let them keep that medal." He looks at Livia. "We will have to fight, and it will be messy. Are you ready?"


Enestia nods "We are headed to the Pyramid, but I must tell you something. Something you must keep to yourself, until you know for a fact that it is time to reveal it. Promise me, what I am about to tell you..you will keep this secret until you receive the sign."


Nomain chuckles "Big enough to draw attention, but nothing that will get you arrested."


Lloth hisses and throws down the scythe. "I told the fool that my way would be much more efficient." She transforms into a half spider, half female..that is about 20' tall. She is HUGE. She jumps and bite into Lema..quickly poisoning her. However, Lema tears into her also..and wraps her up. Lema manages to tear her apart before dying herself. Silence falls....the other spider demons vanish in foul puffs. Reggie is left alone with a dead Lloth, a dead Lema, and a Krisss turned to stone...

St Peter Basilica

Arisa makes it to the Basilica, as the cross seems a lot lighter then she would have expected. Though it is unwieldy, it is about half as heavy as it should be for the size. Still heavy, just not as heavy as it should be. When she arrives, in her mind she hears a voice. "My child, make your way back to the headquarters with the cross. We will not be joining you. I am afraid neither of us have made it. This is the last time I will be able to contact you, I set this up in case things went bad. At least you do not have to find the pope and claim sanctuary. Travel only during the day, when the demons are weakest. Find places to hide during the night. You must get that cross to headquarters at all costs."


Ethel pats Kaylns hands. "Leave that to me deary. Our travel to our destination will not take long at all." She cackles, and transforms. Her hair becomes almost strawlike in nature, she hunches over a little more, and her nose becomes longer with a wart on the end. "Magic is sort of my specialty." Ethel reveals herself to be a Witch ((Note to others. Not Wiccan, Witch. The broom riding, black cat familiar having type of witch.)) She takes Kaylns and Van Helsing's hand. "Bat wing stew and by rats matted hair, give us a way to take us there!" A small Tornado appears inside the headquarters, sweeps up the trio, and leaving a wake of strewn papers and overturned furniture sweeps them off.

Inside the tornado it is not uncomfortable, though very..windy. By the time it sets down outside Salem Mass..Kaylns, Ethels, and Van Helsings hair look like they have just woken up from a horrible nightmare that had caused them to toss and turn all night.

Van Helsing mutters "I hate traveling that way, but I got to admit, it is much faster then any other means we can travel." He turns to Kayln. "The object of our quest is in the Salem witchtrial museum. Me and Ethel will cause a distraction, you sweep in and grab the chalice and meet us here. Try not to reveal what we are, but speed beats all. If you must transform, do so. We no longer have time for niceness."

Jay 2K Winger
10-31-2012, 05:33 PM

The rest of the fight against the Balor did not go the way the demons were expecting. Between Hilda casually shrugging off their fire attacks, Jason distracting them by tearing up chunks of the floor and throwing it at them, and Rick literally tearing the frost-wielding demons apart, soon all six of the winged demons lay dead or dying around them.

Rick stands on the back of the last Balor felled, crushing its wings in his massive hands as he plants a foot on the back of its head. With a roar, he simultaneously rips its wings off and crushes its head into the floor with a vicious stomp. Tossing aside the wings, he thumps his chest and releases a triumphant trollish bellow, echoed by the other two troll-kin.

Snorting and breathing heavily, Rick turns to Jason. "Where Axe?" he questions, beginning to remember why they're here.

10-31-2012, 06:28 PM

Jay is celebrating with the others, and then..he is split down the middle with a blade that is alit by fire. Behind him is a smaller Balor (at least smaller then the ones they had just faced) with two swords, and on its back is an Axe. "Why it is right here, where it belongs." It sneers. "Where it will remain, after I destroy the both of you." One sword is of fire, the other of ice. "It will allow me to open the gate and call forth all my minions."

Jay 2K Winger
10-31-2012, 07:39 PM

When Jason is bisected by the fire sword, both troll-kin roar in fury, facing the remaining Balor, who Rick guesses to be: "Balbalor." The name is growled.

"You summon your minions," Rick declares, "over our dead bodies."

"Yes," Balbalor agrees. "That's the idea."

Rick gave a booming "BAH!" at this, turned, grabbed one of the chunks of floor that Jay had ripped up earlier, spun, and hurled it at Balbalor's head. As expected, the demon lord deflected it with his fiery sword, which meant it was out of position when Rick's fist came in a split-second later to impact with Balbalor's solar plexus. Moving with inhuman speed, Rick then swung his other arm into the crook of the demon lord's knee, levering Balbalor's foot off the floor before upending him, sending him crashing onto his back.

10-31-2012, 07:48 PM

Hilda follows up by jumping on him, and taking both hands clasped into one huge fist, starts pounding on him over and over roaring. Balbalor manages to barely recover enough to grab the frost sword and stab her, but it is clear he is all but done for. His face is almost caved in as Hilda collapses on top of him..her rage flowing out of her like her trollish blood. Balbalor collapses under her weight, and all goes silent. Balbalors chest collapses under the enormous girth...with a sickening crunch.

Jay 2K Winger
10-31-2012, 08:15 PM

Rick lets out another troll-kin rage-bellow when he sees Hilda get stabbed by the frost sword. Even after Balbalor's chest collapses under Hilda's weight, he grabs up the fire-sword, heedless of the heat, and uses it to cut off the demon lord's head, just to be sure.

Flinging the sword aside, Rick pulls Hilda's body off of Balbalor and then rolls him over, ripping the Axe free and brandishing it overhead, thumping his chest once more. "HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPION! OF THE WORLD!"

Lowering the Axe, Rick breathes heavily, and then works to calm himself, dwindling in size, the warts receding, the excess hair falling off. He trudges back out of the wrecked monastery, collapsing into a sitting position. "Well," he says to the empty air. "Now what?"

10-31-2012, 11:15 PM

Sunny shrugged. "First time on vacation, might as well enjoy it." She raised her head to sniff the air. "Something smells good, you wanna go check it out?"

Without waiting for Nomain to respond, Sunny jogged across the square. Mid stride, she fell forward onto her hands, which had become paws. Her lithe body was covered with blonde fur and she wagged her tail with a big goofy puppy grin.

Andara Bledin
11-01-2012, 12:27 AM
I nod seriously at Enestia's words.

The Sphinx is known as one of the keepers of secrets, and if she plans to reveal something, it must be incredibly important.

"I've had a lot of practice keeping secrets. I promise that I won't breathe a word of what you tell me until the time comes."

I don't bother to ask what the sign is. If it's really that important, there shouldn't be any way that I could miss it. I'll just have to make sure that I don't underestimate it's importance.

http://s5.postimage.org/6i1vwh5cj/Horus_Eye.jpg (http://postimage.org/)


11-01-2012, 03:16 AM

Of course no answer is forthcoming from the silence around. Chances are the other generals or lieutenants can not use the item, so none will be coming for it. Getting it to headquarters should be very easy. However he got there, chances are that was the best way to return.


Nomain follows her, but remains human. When you near the guards he starts calling after you. "Come back here you mangy mutt! I said get back here!!" Acting out of breath and exasperated. At first only a couple of guards check it out, not leaving their posts..so he amps it up a little. "You have to give that back, it isn't yours! The museum is going to kill me!"

One of the guards approaches, and asks what is going on. "She somehow slipped inside, and grabbed..something! I don't know what it is, but she has it in her jaws! I have to catch her!" he pleads with the guard...and before long a couple of guards are chasing after you..thinking you an ordinary but mischievous dog ((People see what they want to see)). They are calling for you, trying to corner you and catch you.


Ene leans forward and whispers something in your ear. ((Check your private mail :devil:)). Once done she leans back. "The Ankh is not far from here. Go claim it, then make haste back to headquarters. Me and Tut will take care of the ones following us. Take care though. Though none of our enemy block the way, the way to the Ankh is not unguarded." Her eyes has a great wisdom, but a great sorrow in them. "Do not weep for me. Mine is an old spirit, and as I have told you .. some of us can not truly parish from this earth. Go..go with great speed and haste. They are coming."

11-01-2012, 04:29 AM

Cain chuckles "Well, yes there is much more to me then just the first werewolf. However, I will reveal what after our mission. I have a feeling we have eyes watching us."

Astir nods "Me too. I have no issue saying that I too am a werewolf. With similar abilities to yours..though I might be stronger as I am a bit older."

A knock on the door, and Astir opens the door. Livia is getting the impression that Cain does not change from his werewolf form that often. How he remains unseen is a neat trick.

Astir comes back with an envelope. "It seems that the medal is on the move in an armored car..it seems we might be a little late. Our foes are on the move."

Cain curses. "That means that we are walking right into a trap. Yet, we can not let them keep that medal." He looks at Livia. "We will have to fight, and it will be messy. Are you ready?"

"Very much so," says Livia, perhaps a bit more curtly than she intended. Perhaps the best that could be said by now was that she was resigned to the task at hand ... but she also thought that sure a trio of werewolves should be able to handle it. Especially as one was the First Werewolf.

"What's the armored car's route?" she says. "And I suggest we split up and try to catch them in a pincer movement, rather than attacking in a solid bloc. It might help to keep them unbalanced, not knowing how many of us there are, for long enough for us to gain the advantage. What do you think?"

11-01-2012, 05:08 AM
Armored Cars - On the Move

Cain nods. "I will get out in front of them, it is easier for me to do so. Astir will hit them from the side, and you will drive them toward us." He looks around. "Is this ok?"

((Provided he gets the go ahead)) "This has the route here.." hands each person a route map. "I say Astir comes from here.." he points out a side alley. "You come up from here, and don't be afraid to barrel into the cars. Remember, you heal quickly..and nothing but silver can harm us long." He sighs. "We won't be able to keep up in human form. Our cover will not hold, but no help for it."

Astir nods and turns into a werewolf, you notice his werewolf form has black hair with spots of grey running through it. His human form does not seem over maybe 30..but it is obvious he is much older then that, the question is..how old.

Andara Bledin
11-01-2012, 07:34 AM

I try to keep my face a neutral mask, but I can't keep all traces of shock from flickering across my features as she imparts her message to me.

I've kept secrets, sure, but nothing this important or with such dire implications. But keep it I will. Until the time was right. I am going to live up to the legacy that my parents have left me or die in the attempt.

I just hope it doesn't actually come to that.

I shake myself, locking the secret up inside before I start moving. It's time for me to retrieve a key. It's time for me to visit my first pyramid.

Somehow, this isn't quite how I had imagined my first trip to Egypt to go down.

http://s5.postimage.org/6i1vwh5cj/Horus_Eye.jpg (http://postimage.org/)


11-01-2012, 02:12 PM

Sunny narrowed her eyes. "Who are you calling mangy?" She growled under her breath.
Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a short metal bar on the ground. "Alright, let's play." She said, picking it up in her jaws. Turning to face the guards, she wagged her tail playfully and ran for a nearby alleyway.

Ironclad Alibi
11-02-2012, 03:47 AM

Lloth hisses and throws down the scythe. "I told the fool that my way would be much more efficient." She transforms into a half spider, half female..that is about 20' tall. She is HUGE. She jumps and bite into Lema..quickly poisoning her. However, Lema tears into her also..and wraps her up. Lema manages to tear her apart before dying herself. Silence falls....the other spider demons vanish in foul puffs. Reggie is left alone with a dead Lloth, a dead Lema, and a Krisss turned to stone...

It happened so fast that Reggie is momentarily stunned. He gathers his wits, then his arm. After he pulls himself together, he picks up the flaming scythe and chops Lloth’s body into smaller and smaller pieces until they are burned beyond recognition.

Reggie then turned to the opening that spewed the demon spiders earlier. As he looked inside he saw it was covered with webs. He used the scythe to slice and burn his way inside. Inside was dark and quiet. The flaming scythe provided light. He left the scythe inside while he went back outside and brought the bodies of Lema and Krisss inside the crypt. Well, it looked like a crypt. He hid their bodies until they could be retrieved and dealt with properly.

He looked around to see if the spear might be seen. He didn’t see anything that looked like a spear. As he walked around the room, he noticed a passageway in a far corner. He went through it and down several steps into a larger chamber. This appeared to have been an armory, or perhaps a shrine of some sort. Spears and swords lined one wall, leather armor and shields another. At the far end of the room was an altar flanked by two statures.

One statue held a sword made of the same marble as the statue. The other statue had a spear placed between its hands. Reggie figured that was the spear they sought. He walked over to the statue and tried to remove the spear. It was stuck tight. Out of frustration, Reggie muttered aloud, “We need this spear to defeat Malbozia. How can I get it?” Upon saying this, the spear came loose and fell into Reggie’s hands. He glanced up at the statue and thought he saw a smile, but it could have been a trick of the light. He turned to the rack of spears, took one, and placed it in the statue’s hands. He winked at the statue and thanked it.

As Reggie went up the steps into the first chamber, he heard some voices approaching. He hid in a corner near the entrance. Two thuggish looking guys walked in, glanced around, and headed for the inner chamber. From there Reggie heard one exclaim that the statue held the spear they sought. As Reggie slipped out of the crypt, he heard screams, then silence. He didn’t think those two guys would be leaving the crypt.

Reggie returned to Antonio’s house. Once there he sent word to Van Helsing that he had the spear and awaited further instructions.

11-02-2012, 04:07 AM
St Peter Basilica

Arisa makes it to the Basilica, as the cross seems a lot lighter then she would have expected. Though it is unwieldy, it is about half as heavy as it should be for the size. Still heavy, just not as heavy as it should be. When she arrives, in her mind she hears a voice. "My child, make your way back to the headquarters with the cross. We will not be joining you. I am afraid neither of us have made it. This is the last time I will be able to contact you, I set this up in case things went bad. At least you do not have to find the pope and claim sanctuary. Travel only during the day, when the demons are weakest. Find places to hide during the night. You must get that cross to headquarters at all costs."

St Peter's Basilica

What do you mean neither of you made it? Arisa demanded of the voice in her head. Silence was her only response. No....Dracula and Mina, they couldn't be dead. Her mind refused to believe it at first. But Dracula never did anything without a purpose and he wouldn't have left her those orders unless he really couldn't help her anymore. Arisa slammed her fist into a wall in anger and frustration. Grief was crystallizing into rage and she vowed Malbozia and his minions would pay dearly. Sealing Malbozia was no longer enough. Arisa wanted him dead outright.

This war had just gotten personal.

She took a deep breath to steady herself. Blind rage would get her nowhere fast so she considered her options. They all left her at a disadvantage. While the cross wasn't as heavy as she initially feared, it was still cumbersome and easily recognizable. Traveling in daylight was bound to attract curiosity from onlookers. At worst, it would get her arrested for its theft--since technically she did steal it--international authorities asking a lot of questions she couldn't answer, and delay a critical element of getting rid of Malbozia.

Flying would undoubtedly be faster. But if she waited until nightfall, the demons would be stronger and could possibly track her more easily. If Dracula and Mina couldn't stand against them, Arisa feared she wouldn't stand a chance. On the other hand, she was still inexperienced enough in her powers that changing forms in sunlight could kill her. Still, out of the three crappy options, biting the bullet and flying back to headquarters now seemed the least crappy. She needed to decide soon before the sun was fully up and before the citizens of Vatican City started milling around.

One more deep breath and her eyes slid shut, willing herself to change. The change came easily this time and with the cross firmly gripped in her talons Arisa lifted off. Already the sun was hot on her skin and mildly uncomfortable. She was fortunate in that the first part of her journey consisted of cloudy skies, which while still not pleasant was considerably less dangerous.

However in the last leg her luck ran out and the sun finally broke through the clouds. There was instant, searing agony that nearly knocked her out of the sky. Her vision narrowed and Arisa gritted her teeth, willing herself to keep going despite the fact she could feel her skin blistering and burning. She gave a whimper of relief when at last headquarters materialized over the horizon. She could make it just a little farther.

The shade of the porch was a reprieve from the harsh sunlight, however the damage had already been done. Arisa looked as sunbaked as someone who had traversed a desert and was in too much pain to shift back to her human form. After a clumsy landing Arisa dragged the cross up the stairs and pounded on the door. She didn't even see who opened it. Someone caught her before she collapsed and she heard someone ask about Dracula and Mina. All Arisa could do was shake her head.

She felt someone trying to pry the cross away from the death grip she had on it and reacted by pulling it closer. "It's alright," a voice said. "We'll take it from here." At last she let go and allowed herself to be led somewhere she hoped would at least dull the pain. She still didn't know whether she had just been brave or extremely stupid.

Jay 2K Winger
11-02-2012, 05:49 PM

Of course no answer is forthcoming from the silence around. Chances are the other generals or lieutenants can not use the item, so none will be coming for it. Getting it to headquarters should be very easy. However he got there, chances are that was the best way to return.


With a grunt, Rick got back up and stepped into the monastery long enough to find a spare robe, which he drew around himself. His pants, though ragged, had survived his transformation, but the rest of his clothes were tatters. Strapping the axe to his back, Rick went back to the 4x4 Jeep that he and the other troll-kin had arrived in, where he wrapped the axe in cloth and stashed it, driving back to the private airstrip, where their plane awaited.

Not too long after, he was in the air, heading back for the Organization's HQ.

11-04-2012, 04:26 AM

After everybody that had been somewhat successful in their mission returns ((Reggie, etc)) those that are able are asked to tell their tale of what happened. There is a moment of silence for those lost. Despite the losses, however, overall the missions were successful, and the artifacts are gathered to be put in a safe place. "When all are gathered we will be able to drain them of their energy, and they will never again bother the world"


Eventually you are cornered, but as soon as they realize what you have, they lose interest. By that time, however, if your ghost friend was going to be successful, they would already be. After they leave Nomain starts to laugh. "Now that was good fun. Sorry about that, I saw an opening and decided to take it. Still..am I the only one who thought that might have just been a tad TOO easy?"

As he is speaking your ghostly friend shows up, with the item, and smiles. "I have it, we should get back."

A strange scent catches your nose. The smell of rotting flesh. Since one of your companions has no flesh, and the other (though gamey) is very much alive..you know immediately that something..or somebody is near.

Egypt - Elsewhere
The trip to the pyramids is swift, and nothing impedes your path. Following Ene's directions you are able to locate the place where the item is said to be held. Getting past the traps is not difficult, they are designed to stop the living..and your mummy form is immune to most of them. The ones that are actually a danger to you, you are able to scrape by ((Two words "FIRE BAD")). You arrive to the central chamber, and find the Ankh.

However, one last trap stands in your way. The Ankh is placed inside something as if it is a key. It is painfully obvious pulling the Ankh out will trigger the trap, which will cause all the passages into and out of the pyramid to slam down. While that wouldn't stop you from leaving (your sand form could easily slip through cracks and get out), you would not be able to take the Ankh with you. At the base of the alter (The ankh's resting place is on top of the alter) is the phrase (in Hieroglyphs of course) "Speak the Truth and the Ankh shall be yours"

Ironclad Alibi
11-06-2012, 02:44 AM
Reggie pondered about how to get the pear out of Italy. With some help from Antonio, they disguised the spear as a race car part. Reggie was able to take it back home as special luggage on the airplane. He arrived back at headquarters and turned the spear over to Van Helsing. He was wondering where and when the confrontation with Malbozia would happen.

11-06-2012, 05:26 AM

While the ones that have been successful wait for the others, a manticore paced up and down the halls. "I do not like it, they should have been back by now. Our enemy will not be idle, even if his minions fail. He will be gathering human allies, rekindling the places of power, and drawing on the old magic. We can not just sit here and twiddle our thumbs!" There is some agreement to this.

"There are plenty of humans who would sell their soul for power, and our main enemy gains power with each soul he collects.." agrees a dragon. "Van Helsing is off on his quest though. Vlad and Cain are also away..who do we turn to to lead us?" Silence..seems nobody wants to be in charge.

11-07-2012, 03:43 PM

"Wait." Sunny says, a snarl growing in her throat. "Something's wrong."

11-07-2012, 06:48 PM
((Hehe, thought because of the novel month thing that this had pretty much been put on back burner for most of the participants..glad that this is not the case))


Out of the shadows something that looks like a lump of melting flesh crawls. Several of them to be exact. Lemurs, the lowest of the demons. Dangerous as they are used to being tortured and abused by the stronger demons..they do not feel pain, and are almost brainless in their determination. With super fast healing abilities, they are deceptively tough.

11-08-2012, 12:06 AM

Sunny gulped, then fluffed out her fur bared her teeth and gave her best 'git on outta here' snarl.

11-08-2012, 04:45 AM

Well the ghost is little help in a fight, but the Sasquatch is another story. With apelike agility and strength, he swoops you up and carries you easily. It seems almost too easy to avoid the Lemure, they are slow and a bit cumbersome due to their form, as he leaps and swings faster then seems possible with the ghost leading the way. The ghost is an excellent guide, able to pass through walls and such to see where any Lemures are .. and the Lemures are not able to do much against the ghost's non-corporeal form..

Finally the Sasquatch stops..letting you down gently. "I do not like this..we are being herded. They would have to know these creatures can not hurt our ghostly friend, nor catch me on my worst day..let alone even give a werewolf pause. You could shred a dozen at a time and not break a sweat..."

The ghost chimes in "Unless we are not considered really a threat, if they do not care if we have this or not.." 'this' meaning the spell that is supposed to contain Malbozia. "Could it be a fake? Could they have switched it before we got there?"

The tap, tap, tap of a cane against the floor is heard. Both the ghost and the Sasquatch turn immediately toward the source, and you feel the hair on your body stand up. A very refined looking gentleman, wearing an expensive looking violet Italian suit seems to appear from nowhere, he is walking with a cane. The cane has a wolfs head made of pure diamond, with two ruby eyes, carved on the top of it.

"I assure you ladies and gentleman, what you have is real, and we are VERY interested in obtaining it. Believe it or not, I prefer not to use force unless absolutely necessary. So..lets make a deal." He sure doesn't seem dangerous. No scary aura about him or anything. In fact he looks sort of sickly and pale, with white hair and sort of pink like eyes.

You don't need for your allies to say, in unison "Malbozia." however. There is absolutely no doubt in your mind who the figure is.

11-08-2012, 04:19 PM

Sunny shuddered and wondered how "easy" of a mission this really was. She wondered if there was any way they could contact some help.

"What kind of deal?" She asked, trying to sound brave.

11-08-2012, 07:40 PM

"All I want is the spell. So the question is..what do you want. I am the master of the deal..and just about anything is possible. Power? Knowledge?" He circles around the group while he talks, totally at ease, obviously not considering the group as a threat. "Money? Fame? I can do it all..all you have to do is give me the spell, and sign a contract."

Your ghost friend scoffs "We may not be able to kill you, but we all know right now you don't have much power. Even your underlings are more powerful then you." They turn to you. "Don't be afraid of him, right now he has no power. We should just take the spell and leave."

"Partially true. Except you forget that wherever that spell goes, I am able to track it. How long do you think it will take for me to get the power to take it by force? I know you now..you and yours will be my main focus when I come to my power. Do you REALLY want that?"

11-12-2012, 02:23 AM

Cain chuckles "Well, yes there is much more to me then just the first werewolf. However, I will reveal what after our mission. I have a feeling we have eyes watching us."

Astir nods "Me too. I have no issue saying that I too am a werewolf. With similar abilities to yours..though I might be stronger as I am a bit older."

A knock on the door, and Astir opens the door. Livia is getting the impression that Cain does not change from his werewolf form that often. How he remains unseen is a neat trick.

Astir comes back with an envelope. "It seems that the medal is on the move in an armored car..it seems we might be a little late. Our foes are on the move."

Cain curses. "That means that we are walking right into a trap. Yet, we can not let them keep that medal." He looks at Livia. "We will have to fight, and it will be messy. Are you ready?"

"Of course," she says, somewhat affronted that he would even ask.

The three head out into the twilight, which even now is fading towards dusk. Such dim light would be difficult enough for humans, but luckily Livia and her cohorts have extremely good night vision.

They move quickly to the intersection where they intend to intercept the armoured car. It's in an industrial area, and at this hour, with the workers all long gone, it's reasonably empty ... they'll have no problem if they need to transform.

The three move quickly to their appointed hiding places, pausing only long enough to set their respective 'diversions' in place.

After about a quarter of an hour, Cain, perched atop the closed lid of a refuse bin, tilts his head sharply. He can hear the faint growl of the armoured car's engine. He peers through the dusk at the other two, briefly raising one hand.

Livia signals back, as does Astir, that they also hear the approaching vehicle.

As it creeps into view, all three peer closely at it. There seems to be minimal security with it ... a bad sign, thinks Livia, given what it's carrying. There will almost certainly be security on it that they can't see. The big question, of course, is what sort of security will it be?

The small convoy comes into view ... two advance vehicles, the armoured car, and two vehicles behind it. All are dark, with dark windows that show nothing of who -- or what -- might be inside.

Astir's 'diversion' is the first to get the attention of those in the convoy. There's a gentle "whoomp" and the two advance vehicles are reduced to a fine dust that drifts gently away on the night breeze.

The convoy grinds to a halt. Dark figures slip out of the two rear vehicles ... far more figures than those vehicles should be able to hold.

That's when Livia's 'diversion' goes into action. For brief minutes the intersection is lit up, almost with the glare of a nuclear explosion. There's the sound of high shrieks of rage and agony, almost too high for human hearing ... but not for canine. Livia, Cain and Astir quickly clamp their hands over their ears. The sounds fade ... and now there's the (hopefully) empty rear guard vehicles ... and the armoured vehicle.

Cain prepares to set off his 'diversion.' A pillar of reddish smoke forms on one corner of the intersection. It extends upwards, thickening as it goes. It seems to be forming into a figure ... but a vague enough one that even its outline can only be guessed at.

As two football-sized eyes form at the top of the figure, Cain, now fully transformed, howls ... and the three launch themselves at the armoured vehicle.

11-12-2012, 02:39 AM
Armored Car

The metal of the Armored car can withstand explosions, and would take cutting torches hours to get through. It is like so much tissue paper for the groups claws, especially Cain's. Within seconds they are through the heavy armor. A silver harpoon sprouts from Cain's chest, and he has a brief moment of surprise on his face before he is launched backward from the force of it. Still, though this was a trap..they were not ready for the sheer cunning and ferocity of the assault. The remaining two werewolves are able to take out the rest of the all too human guards inside.

A huge demo, with a rather large gut, that stands roughly 11' tall appears in a puff of foul smoke. Behind him..you notice that Cain is getting back up, the harpoon clearly sticking out of his chest still, with a hatred and fire in his eyes. Blood drips from his mouth, and he should be dead..no werewolf could have survived that, but he just wipes his mouth and is approaching the demon determinedly from behind. Other demons are starting to appear, large ones with dark red skin..but they too do not see the behemoth that is Cain. If the silver didn't put him down, you are not sure what will, but if you can keep the attention off of him..chances are that at least the lead devil will pay the price...

11-13-2012, 02:47 PM

Sunny snorted. "Nice try, but all my family is dead." She looked up at her companions. "Let's get back."

11-13-2012, 06:18 PM

You make it back without further incident. The journey was all too easy..for something that is supposed to be Malbozia's doom should all of his lieutenants fall that is.

((I believe most of the people who are out and still participating are done for now. If any of them wish to continue please send me a PM. Should I not hear from them by friday I will move the story along))

Ironclad Alibi
11-15-2012, 02:34 AM
It was quiet at the HQ. Reggie had some small talk with those there, then decided he needed a bite to eat. He slipped out and around the corner to the Chinese place he ate at earlier. On the way back to HQ he decided to take a quick look around the neighborhood. Everything seemed to be quiet, maybe too quiet. He started to wonder if Malbozia’s forces might be planning on raiding the HQ to regain the artifacts inside. He chose a dark alley with a good view of the HQ, and settled down to wait and watch for a while.

11-15-2012, 04:14 AM
On the outside of the Headquarters, having found a good place to keep an eye on things, Reggie discovers why things are so quiet inside. Only those with Monster blood, or those with demon, would notice it..and then only by pure luck, but there are powerful wards all over the place. Probably enough to keep out even the likes of Malbozia.

However, Reggie is not the only observer it appears. On a rooftop a figure lays flat, binoculars in hand. His outfit says "Military Special Ops". Another person, passing out flyers next to a shop..something is 'off' about them also. The newsstand vendor..wait there hasn't been newsstand vendors in this neighborhood for years! One by one his eyes now go to person after person that just doesn't seem 'right'. There has to be at least a dozen. They might as well be holding neon signs that say "Military Personnel", jumping up and down, and screaming "I am Military!" at the top of their lungs.

The most disturbing bit is..they don't LOOK like American military.

Ironclad Alibi
11-19-2012, 08:50 PM
Reggie considered all the people keeping an eye on headquarters. It looked like Malbozia was using some mercenaries to recapture the artifacts. He did not think he could get inside without being seen to warn the others of the danger. He watched and waited until midnight. After he changed into a zombie, he slowly and quietly visited each of the observers, leaving them incapacitated. He commanded two of his victims to go out to the one handing out flyers and to the newspaper vendor. He waited to see the results.

11-19-2012, 09:28 PM
Well it works pretty good, until the vendor. Seems time is up..they make a call on the radio, and there are the sounds of helicopters and APV's. The Heaquarters are about to receive visitors..many many visitors.

Jay 2K Winger
11-19-2012, 09:52 PM
Monster HQ

Rick has been staying out of the discussion of who will run the organization with many of the elder monsters sacrificing themselves so the weapons and items can be collected. Once the threat to the world has been suppressed and eliminated, he intends to go back to his life.

In the time between his claiming the Axe in China and his arrival at HQ, he's changed into fresh clothing. Like the clothes he wore in China, though, they're relatively cheap and simple, so as not to waste too much money when he has to 'hulk out' again later.

Which, he judges, will be soon, when he hears helicopters. He rises and moves to a window or door, tilting his head as he listens, frowning. "Get ready," he advises any other monster-kin present. "We're about to have visitors..."

11-20-2012, 02:07 PM
Arisa looks to Rick and ruffles her wings in annoyance. She's tired and sore, but still riding the adrenaline rush of her last battle. Her burns had been treated by someone with skill and a miracle ointment. She moves to another window for a better look. The thrumming of the choppers grows louder and louder. It can only be Malbozia and his minions coming to reclaim the artifacts. A brilliant plan, really, Arisa realizes. Why go after each individually when they can kill the more senior monsters while they are divided, allow the artifacts to be gathered together, and get them all in one fell swoop?

The Demon likely thought with the elders dead, the new generation's relative inexperience would make them easy prey. A sound theory. However, inexperience breeds unpredictability and Malbozia couldn't counter what he couldn't see coming. Vlaad, if by some miracle you are alive, now would be a really good time to show up.

"Let them come."

11-20-2012, 07:08 PM
((All but Livia has arrived at headquarters, and everybody has learned that the 'old masters' are pretty much dead/finished..sorry to those who had not finished, but ample time was provided))

All but one of the artifacts have been successfully gathered, and there is quite some fear from the remaining gathered monsters. Their most powerful have been killed, are missing, or just not here..and they are about to be attacked. The vast majority of what remains are not fighters. Their special abilities can take them far, petrification and such..but they are mostly non combatants. Or were, from the sounds of things...everybody is going to need to fight.


Reggie has ringside seats for what very well may be the end of the world. APV's, Vans, and even a tank or two roll up on the headquarters..there seems no end to the number of people piling out of vehicles and heading into the headquarters. He is able to see they have all sorts of special equipment also. They appear to be ready for just about anything.


"Do NOT let them get the artifacts together in one place!" The accent of the person seems to be maybe Russian..but everybody is wearing some sort of mask.

Even with the monsters being ready for them, they manage to surprise everybody. Smoke grenades strike first, then they fire some sort of flare, which bursts above and causes some sort of colored strobe effect which distorts things and makes them seem to be moving in slow motion (but of course they are not). Quickly followed by some sort of siren to disrupt communications. They are taking out the senses, no doubt the masks protect them somewhat from all the chaos going on.

Jay 2K Winger
11-20-2012, 11:07 PM

Rick is not surprised that they've come prepared. The smoke grenades, thankfully, appear to be the kind meant to obscure vision with clouds of the stuff, rather than tear gas or similar. Thus, between the smoke and the strobing lights, he is not bothered. In his professional life, he's a pro wrestler who puts up with theatrical smoke and strobe lights all the time, albeit mostly through entrances.

He draws a deep breath while the air is still relatively clear, and... Changes. His clothes strain, and burst over his swelling form as his skin turns warty and green and hairy, growing in size and musculature.

He meets the first attacking soldier with an Axe to the chest, ripping the blade free and then kicking out with enough force to send the man's body cannoning back into his fellows. He then very quickly gets out of the doorway and vanishes into the smoke, where he unleashes a booming troll war bellow, a roar of challenge and defiance.

Ironclad Alibi
11-21-2012, 03:18 AM
Reggie watches the onslaught and decides he alone can do little. But he has friends in the night, and they have friends. He slips away and seeks out the denizens of the night, the street people, the homeless, the gangs. He has done many favors for them over the years. He explains what’s happening, and waits for them to gather their forces outside of headquarters. They may not be trained soldiers, but they can be vicious, and there are a lot of them.

The mercenaries aren’t sure what started happening in their rear, but it distracted them from the main assault. Soon they realized they were caught in the middle and did not like it. How do they survive a human tidal wave of fury?

11-22-2012, 08:00 PM
With all the chaos and havoc the attack brings, the figure in the door almost gets by unseen. Almost. One of the humans shouts "She has the last piece! Stop her!!" pointing right at a startled and confused Livia. ((She can tell you what happened at the scene of the armored car once everything has dialed down if she wants)). One of them tackles her, and the final artifact goes flying out of her hands. It is batted around like a hockey puck from human to monster, back to human, and back to monster. Everybody is now more focused on getting the item then they are about attacking each other.

Just as it is passing by Reggie, he gets caught in some sort of silver net. Probably more for a werewolf then a zombie, but still is pretty good for tangling him up. It goes sliding right by him..and then is stopped by Ester. She cackles, picks it up...one of the humans yells "STOP HER!!! IT'S A TRAP!!!" just as the world seems to go into slow motion. She slams it into place and all of the items light up with an eerie red glow. They begin levitating, spinning faster and faster and faster. Somewhere, even though it is nowhere near time .. a bell tolls midnight. Twelve clear bells ring, one at a time. Everything just stops.

Malbozia, and all of his lieutenants and generals (All alive and well..or well for demons that is) appear around the items. Malbozia looks at Ester "Thank you my new Lieutenant. You shall be rewarded well for your actions here today."

Ester cackles, looks at Sunny. "I told you we would protect you deary, don't despair yet." She looks at Malbozia. "I didn't do this for you, you hairy wart on the backside of a mule!" She cackles again as the items emit a gold light each striking the chest of certain individuals ((That would be your characters))..and each can feel strength and power flowing through them. The power of Legends.

Your full powers are now realized, the vampires have the full power of Vlad Dracule, etc. Reggie feels a powerful hunger on him, his strength increased many times.

Jay 2K Winger
11-22-2012, 08:28 PM
Rick Angstrom - Troll Legend

Somehow, in the chaos, the Axe is torn from Rick's hands. But he barely notices. The red hot rage of a troll in full battle is driving him to attack anything that moves, which is fortuitously only the mercenaries. A silver net falls toward him, but he gets his fingers into it and just rips it apart.

And then the bell tolls.

Rick stares as Malbozia and Balbalor and the other demon generals appear, and he bares his teeth in a fearsome scowl, growling loud enough to be heard even by them--

And then the light strikes him.

Rick convulses, and his growl turns into a full troll bellow as he gets bigger still, hair and warts sprouting across his green skin as he tops nine feet tall, muscles bulging, yellow eyes glaring at the demons arrayed before them. Rick knows, then, that the demons stand no chance.

What hope do they have against Legends?

He thumps his chest with a massive fist, roaring again. "FELLOW MONSTERS!" he shouts. "LET'S SHOW THESE FOOLS WHY THE WORLD TREMBLES AT OUR NAME!"

And then the demons will have a huge, angry troll charging straight at them.

11-23-2012, 01:44 AM
Arisa Holt -- Heir of Dracula

Arisa coughs against the smoke and throws up an arm to shield her eyes from the strobe effects of the flash grenade. It takes a few precious moments for her to regain her senses in time to see Ester place the last of the artifacts. Light slams into her and power courses violently through her. When it subsides, Arisa instinctively knows her powers are complete.

Beside her, Rick bellows a challenge. "Indeed, my friend." Her lips curl into a full snarl flashing fangs. "Let us show them why they are fools to take us on."

Within a blink of an eye, Arisa shifts into fog and reappears in the middle of a cluster of mercenaries. A few heartbeats later, they are in pieces.

11-23-2012, 04:17 AM
Once the demons are in play, the few remaining humans and street people decide that discretion is the better part of Valor, and begin a hasty retreat. It will take them some time to clear out of everybody's way, however. Especially with the smoke.

Rick has torn his way through to Balbalor, knowing that until the others fall it is useless to attack Malbozia directly. The demon is trying, and failing, to call his minions from the item so is somewhat caught off guard. Though about equal in strength, even now, Balbalor is off balance as Rick runs into him head on. Too late he drops the item to try to wrestle with the titanic troll. Balbalor is driven to the ground.

Mere humans provide no challenge to Arisa, falling to either her enhanced strength and speed or with one look into her eyes falling under her spell. She spots what can only be Orcus, slithering up behind Rick. Not to save Balbalor, they don't care for each other, but at the moment Rick strikes he will finish off one of his foes. Orcus would be the only being that could have felled Dracule, and just as Rick can in no way sense or see Orcus, Orcus has no clue that Arisa has spotted him.

Reggie is untangled by a group of his helpers, who do not plan to stick around to fight demons. Sticking it to the 'man' is one thing, demons something else entirely.

Ironclad Alibi
11-26-2012, 04:14 AM
Reggie felt a new powerful hunger, and the energy needed to feed it. He looked around at the remaining mercenaries and started snacking on those most threatening to his companions, leaving them free to concentrate on the demons.

11-26-2012, 04:23 AM
Reggie is a little surprised when not only the first couple become infected, but the others he bites..and those that they bite..also become infected...and all under his control. He has become patient zero of the zombie horde..the legendary zombie that started it all. With every turned victim, his strength grows..regardless if he turned them or not. Monsters and demons might be immune to being infected..but a horde is a horde after all.

Jay 2K Winger
11-26-2012, 06:12 PM
Uber-Troll Rick Angstrom

Balbalor wrestles with Rick, both demon and troll grappling for the upper hand, pounding one another when they can. The demon weathers the punches with supernatural stamina, and each blow that connects on the troll heals within moments.

"Give it up," Balbalor snarls. He clamps a massive fist around the troll's throat. "I'm a prince of Hell, one of Malbozia's Generals. I've been fighting since before your kind crawled mewling out of the mud."

"I am something you are not," Rick growls past the iron grip.

Balbalor scoffs. "And what would that be?"

Now Rick's hand grabs Balbalor's wrist, thumb digging in, twisting, wrenching the hand away from his throat, as his other hand snaps out, punching the demon in the throat. Balbalor croaks from the impact, then grunts, limbs flailing as Rick grabs him by neck and groin, lifting him bodily overhead, muscles bulging.

"HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPION! OF THE WORLD!" Rick Angstrom roars, before spiking Balbalor head-first into the ground. Once that's done, he then leaps up and brings his massive foot down with bone-pulverizing force onto the demon's skull.

11-26-2012, 09:03 PM
Mere humans provide no challenge to Arisa, falling to either her enhanced strength and speed or with one look into her eyes falling under her spell. She spots what can only be Orcus, slithering up behind Rick. Not to save Balbalor, they don't care for each other, but at the moment Rick strikes he will finish off one of his foes. Orcus would be the only being that could have felled Dracule, and just as Rick can in no way sense or see Orcus, Orcus has no clue that Arisa has spotted him.

When Arisa laid eyes on the towering, demented pan figure with wings and goat horns, she knew exactly who he was. "Orcus!" she shouted above the din. The fog around the demon lord thickened, effectively cutting him off from everyone else. "You and I have a score to settle."

Orcus turned in a slow circle trying to catch a glimpse of his adversary. "Foolish little vamplette. I know all your tricks." The poisoned tip of his tail twitched threateningly.

"Correction. You knew all of Dracula's tricks. You don't know a thing about me."

He grinned, which came across more like a snarl. "I know enough." Orcus brandished a wicked looking stake still stained with blood. "You don't think I could have felled the mighty Dracula without doing my homework, do you? And you, little whelp, are a pale shadow compared to him. Defeating you will be child's play."

The mention of Dracula sparked the familiar coil of rage in Arisa. Without warning she materialized from the mist, ripped a chunk of flesh from Orcus, and disappeared just as quickly. He struck with his stake, but Arisa was long gone and striking from another angle. Orcus was no match for Arisa's enhance speed and strength. One lucky pass deprived the demon of his stake and the next had it buried deep in his chest. Orcus blinked once in surprise before toppling over, crushing several lesser demons with his bulk.

The mist dissipated quickly and Arisa looked for another target.

11-28-2012, 10:58 PM
Livia curses herself for being distracted for the second it took to lose her grip on the artifact. But there's no time now for Monday-morning-quarterbacking; as the chaos erupts around her, she knows she's got to pitch in.

And she has to fight twice as hard to make up for Cain. He insists he's fine but she can hear a light rasping noise as he breathes, and it gets worse the more effort he expends. It's amazing enough that the silver spear didn't kill him outright; she has no explanation for that, and so doesn't know what damage it has done, nor how to counteract it.

She and Astir attack the invaders in concert, being careful to remain within sight and easy reach of Cain. He seems to be holding his own with the attacking demons. But they both worry how long he can continue to do so.

Then the shafts of golden light strike through the battle, striking Livia, Astir and … Cain. Livia can feel her strength doubling, tripling; she feels as if she could continue to give battle until the sun burns out. Astir's accelerated attacks suggest the same.

But Cain … where has Cain gone? She drops the dead body of her latest victim and pauses … until she hears the deep growl that sounds as if the Earth itself is growling a warning. Astir too has stopped fighting and is staring behind Livia. She turns and sees … the ultimate Dire Wolf, nearly eight feet from nose tip to tail, and weighing in at at least 200 pounds. He moves with the grace and speed of a top predator, and she notices that the rasping noise is gone from his breathing.

Cain bounds back into the battle, fangs already running red. He turns to stare at Livia and Astir as if to say, "Well? What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation??"

Livia, dazed, gives a brief shake and returns to the attack.

11-29-2012, 04:20 AM
Ester calmly goes about collecting weird things as the den of battle swirls around her. A horn from Orcus, a bit of tail from Bal...one by one as the lieutenants fall. With Cain back in the fight, the werewolf trio having returned from their collection of their artifact, and several of his generals already down..the fight is tipping swiftly to the groups favor.

Cain himself confronts and holds back Malbozia, while the group goes fight off his army. At first it is a bit uneven. Cain is much too strong, and too fast for Malbozia, so even though Malbozia can not die or be trapped he is being thrown about like a rag doll. As each of his minions fall, however, Malbozia becomes stronger and faster. Seeming to draw strength from their defeat. "Give it up Malbozia." Growls Cain. "You know my curse. Even you are not immune to it."

Malbozia, wiping blood from his mouth chuckles. "Yes, yes. You will walk the earth until the end of days..and whosoever does you harm will receive unto them seven times worse as they have dealt you. Here is your problem Cain. This IS the end of days, and I can withstand the penalty dealt to me."

"For now." Cain seems amused. "What of when the last of your generals fall?"

"By then I will have all the power I need to defeat you." Grins Malbozia.

"Perhaps..you might defeat me..but what about them?" Cain indicates the rest of you, and Malbozia does seem worried.

"Mere children. Even with the foul witches double crossing me and giving them the power of their ancestors for this night, they do not have the wisdom to use it to it's fullest."

Ester cackles this time. "You think this the extent of my 'treachery' as you call it. Oh no, when you came to me with your plan..I saw its brilliance. Bringing back your fallen ... all in one place. There is two sides to every coin however. If those of evil can be brought back...then...those of good can be also." She chants and Rick sees from the fallen body of his foe rising two very familiar forms. He is almost crushed by Hilda who gives him a troll hug in greeting.

"NO!" Even as his powers grow, as his generals are one by one destroyed, he seems very dismayed. "No.." it is almost a whisper now. "I WILL NOT BE DENIED!" He yells defiantly. "Even all of you combined will not stop me! Not this time!" He is managing to push Cain back.

"Come now Malbozia.." comes a very distinct voice, learned..old..wise..and with a very odd accent. "Our young ones have our strength, we have the wisdom to guide them and our own strength has been increased by the spell YOU wrought." Vlad, alive (well sort of) and well turns to the group. "Strike now, with all your might. Do not relent, do not give mercy for he will show you none."

He has no generals or lieutenants left, yet he seems invincible. There may not be a way to defeat this last and final foe...

Jay 2K Winger
11-29-2012, 06:04 PM
Rick Angstrom - Uber Troll

As the archdemon's generals fall, and his mercenaries flee while they can, Rick is lending aid where he can against the other generals. Grabbing their tail to temporarily halt them for an attack from one of his comrades. Hurling them into a wall to stun them. He uses all of the raw, brute strength of his supernatural body, roaring troll challenges and shrugging off all the attacks that are mustered against him, his troll regeneration healing him almost instantly.

And then the witch Ester raises Hilda from the dead. She hugs him, and with a booming laugh, he returns the hug with equal force. The two uber-trolls turn to face the archdemon Malbozia, who throws off Cain, only to be grabbed by Rick, who throws him to the ground, then hurls him into the air. With a grin at Hilda, Rick's fist comes around as Malbozia plummets, sending him arcing toward Hilda, who uppercuts him with her own hand, volleying him back toward Rick, who leaps in the air and spikes the archdemon into the floor.

Seeing that Malbozia is already getting back to his feet, none the worse for wear, though perhaps a little humiliated at being used in a brief game of 'Demon Volleyball,' Rick and Hilda both back away, but still ready to keep the archdemon off-balance, trying to fight too many foes at once.

Ironclad Alibi
11-29-2012, 09:24 PM
Reggie notices that those he has bitten are awaiting his command. He looks around the battlefield and sends them to attack Malbozia and the remaining demons. They may not be able harm Malbozia, but they can interfere with his attacks and keep him distracted and off balance. Every little effort will help the battle.

12-02-2012, 08:53 PM
((Ok..having a heck of a time coming up with a satisfactory ending to this. So..here goes))

Ester gets the spell from Sunny..and begins to read it. Malbozia makes a move to go after her, only to be blocked first by Rick. He thrusts his hands into Ricks chest, pulling out his heart and tosses it and Rick aside..too intent on remembering that trolls can survive just about anything as long as fire or acid is not involved. As Rick falls (it still hurts terribly, and takes a good length of time to recover from), he manages to grab..something..and it rips from Malbozia..it is the spirit of on of the demons..in spirit form it is hard to tell which.

Malbozia weakens, but presses on..only to be confronted next by Cain..he snaps Cain's neck, his own head being twisted around seven times by an unseen force, and as Cain falls..he too pulls loose .. something.

Weakened further..he is swarmed by the zombies..he knows enough to go for their heads..but their seems to be no end to them. Just as he clears them away, Reggie manages to get in to grab something also. He just ducks as Malbozia makes a move for him..and gets away.

One by one the rest of the group manages to remove the demons souls from their prison in Malbozia..by the time he successfully reaches Ester..it is far too late. Standing over him is every one of the monsters, and his powers are gone. He is a broken demon. Vlad reaches down, picks him off the floor..and ribs the demons heart from his chest. "We know that in a thousand years you will be back, but we will cast you to hades..you betrayed your own..and will be very weak during the next thousand years..we would not want to be you." Malbozia is cast back into the darkness..and things go quiet.

Jay 2K Winger
12-03-2012, 01:08 AM
Rick Angstrom - Doesn't Need His Heart

Well. That's something he's never experienced before. And every cell in his being hopes he doesn't have to experience it ever again.

Even so, as the archdemon throws aside his heart, Rick grabs him by the throat before falling aside, feeling a flailing, snapping something thrashing in his grip, but he stubbornly holds onto it, instinctively realizing that this thing he's holding is key to Malbozia's power.

And so he watches, clutching the soul-piece in his arms as his body slowly recovers from the grievous wound, as one by one, his fellow monsters tear apart the archdemon's soul, until at last Vlad finishes off Malbozia and casts him back into the darkness once more.

Rick lays back on the floor as he slowly heals, breathing heavily. "We won." He grins toothily and raises a fist up weakly. "Heavyweight. Champion. Of the world."

12-03-2012, 02:19 AM
Panting, Livia slumps to the floor, only now becoming aware of assorted bruises, scrapes and scratches, and the occasional small driblet of blood here and there, courtesy of the recent battle.

"Gone," she says, looking at Astir. "He's gone." Astir, also battered and bloodied, can only nod.

They manage to limp over to Cain, who lies trembling on the floor. His breath is rasping loudly now, but as they watch, it becomes quieter and evens out to normal breathing. Cain lifts his head tentatively.

"Bloody DAMN, but that hurt!" he says, reaching up and gently massaging his neck.

Astrid snorts. "I should think so." Livia doesn't know whether to envy Cain or feel sorry for him. Sure, he's immortal but ... is it worth the price of suffering would-be fatal injuries -- painful injuries -- over and over and over, into near-eternity?

Well, it's not like I have to choose it, she thinks.

The trio settles down in a corner, watching as the other victors begin to wind down from the rage and fury of the battle.

Ironclad Alibi
12-04-2012, 11:32 PM
As the demons’ bodies faded from existence, Reggie felt changes come over himself. He became his human form, way before dawn. He felt that the curse the old woman had laid upon him so long ago had somehow changed. He felt more in control of himself. Perhaps the involuntary change would stop happening. But he was still a zombie, and would forever be one as long evil threatened mankind. He turned to his companions, looking forward to new relationships and a new life.

12-05-2012, 12:34 AM
Arisa fell into step easily with Dracula and Mina, relieved to see them alive--well, in a manner of speaking. The rest of the battle is easy and Malbozia is soon defeated.

"What kept you?" Arisa teased Dracula. With the battle over, she had shifted back to a more human form, however since she was among friends Arisa didn't bother to disguise the natural gold color of her eyes.

Dracula chuckled. "Magic has its rules, my dear. You've done well."

"You didn't really think they'd killed us for good did you?" Mina asked.

"Of course not," Arisa answered. But she relented under the twin stares of the two elder vampires. "Ok, I'll admit, you had me worried. Just for a bit." Something Dracula had said earlier bothered her. "So, Malbozia. He'll be back?"

Dracula nodded. "Unfortunately, one such as he can never truly be vanquished. Only contained. And even that doesn't last forever."

"The forces of good and evil require a balance," Mina explained. "Where there is light, there must be shadow, and where there is shadow, there must be light."

"And we guard the light," Arisa finished.