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12-05-2012, 06:53 PM
Sorry guys for venting like this but it's driving me crazy living where I am right now. First, you got Jim the drunk next door and he has a kid. Jim is very incosiderate to other people to the point that he took over the entire cellar where our storage units are and once took 4 of the 8 parking spots until Jerry the loudmouth wannabe tough guy upstairs went to the landlord about it. Jim's place supposedly got robbed while I was sleeping in my room due to the fact I worked 3rd shift at the time. Supposedly, they climbed through a window but I think the kid was getting bullied and gave away some of his stuff to stop the bullying. The time the robbery happened was when school was letting out and no one else heard anything. The street I live on is right near the school. Jim has also stored full gas cans next to the house.

Jerry is just a huge loudmouth that runs down everybody and threatens to kick his ass. I think I have worked more in the past two years than he has in the past 5 years I have lived here as he never lives his apartment and lives off of his disability. Every time during the holidays, he is on the phone yelling at his wife because she is out at her family's house. He is always dropping stuff and moving furniture. Sometimes he will be moving furniture until 3 in the morning. Jerry lives above us.

Hank the hippie lives above Jim and I have never really had a problem with him. He uses an old fashioned satelite dish and uses trashbags as curtains. He also lets birds into his apartment. He is always walking up the streets looking for cans and he is on workman's comp right now.

Reason I am posting about this today is Hank and Jim are friends. Awhile back, Jerry apparently sold Jim's kid some of his pain pills and Jim's kid overdosed on the pills but he managed to survive luckily. There was a fight where Jim pretty much pushed his way into Jerry's apartment ready to fight. Jerry hid in his bedroom. Then today, Hank and Jerry went at it because Hank told Jerry to stop bothering him and leave him out of his drama. It got to the point where Hank threw his backpack and it hit our window. Luckily our window didn't break but my mom yelled and thats when I started to get angry because now you are involving me and my family into this mess. I never have reached the point that I was shaking and having to take deep breathes to try to calm down. I shouldn't have to worry about when I leave my apartment, something is gonna be broken when I come back. I have two cats that are 13 years old and the last thing I want is for them to get hurt.

12-05-2012, 10:39 PM
at this point... i'd say this is a job for the cops not the landlords

1) Jerry for selling drugs - if it's true. and for harassing Hank
2) Jim for trespassing, even if it's to punish Jerry for #1 it's still illegal
3) Hank for throwing shit.

Really I'm thinking all 3 of them sound like they need some time to cool down in the lockup. (and yes, hank with the lightest sentence cos a thrown bookbag is far less a crime)

12-06-2012, 03:36 PM
Yeah, this is a job for police...