View Full Version : I finally said I was sorry.

03-24-2007, 02:15 PM
I'll make it clear cut. I hate thieves. I can be insulted, hit, screamed, but don't.. steal. That is almost a trigger for my otherwise good temper.

So about two years ago this guy came in, and got mad that I wouldn't sell him beer, so he tried to steal jerky. (I had his foodstamp card in hand so he gave it back when I told him I'm keeping the card otherwise) Told him not to come back, and he didn't for a year. I almost forgot about him, when he came in and apolgied for his action a year ago, he was really drunk he has been ashamed to come in ever since. I smile, and think, ok mistakes happen, I lift the ban. He was happy. I was happy, and all was well.

Until he brought in a few cans. I'm counting, but watching him in the beer. I see him take out one, two... *I finish the cans* four beers he took out. I'm going around, and I know that beer was full, and now its four cans empty.

He brings up one bottle. I glare at him and he looks away and just walks out without saying aything. I yell at him never come back.

So he came back recently. My manager told me to give him a nother chance. UI'm not to thrilled about it. I glare at him the entire time he is hear, and he tries to talk and give jokles and be kind, and he talks about his new job and he doesn't wanna stael anymore.

I finally, snapped, and told him that I was sorry with so little respect, that I wouldn't even smile at him and I'm sorry that I was being a dick.

No man, I was the dick, I tried to steal from you so manny times and you kept letting me back in, and giving me another chance. I won't screw it up I promise, I'm sorry too, we're both be cool.

Kind of made friday a little better.

Simply Amazed
03-30-2007, 05:39 PM
No problem man.

<psst> Thanks for the twinkies. I snagged them when you were making change


03-30-2007, 06:58 PM
Surprising that your manager would give him not one but two chances after he admitted stealing from you. Pretty forgiving, and honestly I don't know that many who would have given him a first.