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04-02-2007, 03:38 PM
So I am working hard and finally get to go on break on saturday. Due to a mixup in the schedual I am taking my break six hours into my shift, so I'll go on break for an hour and then come back and work for an hour and leave. Its messed up, I'm tired, and very hungry.

So I stumble over to the clock out computer, which, stupidly enough, is put right at the customer information desk. And no other booksellers are there, but me, and a small line of customers who all watch me with hawk eyes. I groan, and step in, and punch out. I then turn to the line and ask if they could wait while I go get someone.

A lady gets all flustered "I've been waiting here for a half hour!"

Man in a very nice suit, nice tie, looks like he is a million bucks and I'm not kidding "Oh please. You've been here for five minutes, same as me. And frankly this kid looks exhausted and he needs to go on break, which is what he is trying to do. A book is not a necessity, you can wait a few minutes while he finds someone and sends them up here like he said he was going to do." He then turned to me, "Go find someone, take your time, and relax. We'll wait patiently."

I was shocked... usually this is the most dreaded part of the day. We all complain about the computer being there to punch in and out on, because of this kind of situation. And customers NEVER listen. EVER. I once got nailed helping someone for 20 minutes because no one else would come to my pages, and and I got stuck having to escort this nasty women around (cause customer service comes FIRST! donchaknow?). I come back from break 20 minutes late and everyone is mad at me, and i was like "Fine next time GO TO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHEN A PERSON GOING ON BREAK IS PAGING YOU."

And this gentlemen, a saint among saints, a king among kings, was there instead.

Seriously happy there. So I found a coworker and told her that there was a line, and they were waiting patiently. She went up and found out that the nasty women had left screaming about bad customer service, at the guy, who didn't work there. She also told a manager that he was a real jerk and should be fired. Except.... he doesn't work for B&N. I laughed. Evil SC of DOOM was defeated and I rejoice.


04-02-2007, 05:59 PM
That lady should have been handed a douche and told to get the sand outta her vag...

I swear, some people need a lesson in patience.