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Deserted 07-18-2016 04:51 AM

Stop with the email alerts!
So, last year I mysteriously stopped receiving email alerts. A few days after starting that thread, the issue magically resolved itself.

Now I have the exact opposite problem: I don't want to receive any email alerts, but the system is still sending them out to me daily (at least, which was my old selection). I switched to weekly alerts... no dice. I changed back to no alerts at all... and yet I just now received 32 emails.

Any suggestions? This is quickly getting annoying, because my phone can only display so many messages at one time... and also because I don't want to see these alerts! (I'd rather not unsubscribe from the threads, but my only other option would be to block all emails from this site.)

EricKei 07-18-2016 10:39 PM

We're looking into it.

Deserted 07-19-2016 07:00 AM

Thanks for the update. I suspect it's a vBulletin bug of some sort. Or perhaps my saved settings file got corrupted or something. (Yeah, I know, not helpful. :D)

Deserted 07-19-2016 09:21 AM

You can stop looking. It's not a vBulletin bug, it's a Deserted bug. It looks like changing the options in the User CP only affects future subscriptions, not threads I'm already subscribed to.

To make the email alerts go away, it's done from Subscribed Threads, either one at a time or in bulk.

Thanks for whatever effort has already been put toward this.

EricKei 07-19-2016 03:15 PM

No worries :) We honestly could find anything wrong beyond what you mentioned. I'm glad you were able to figure it out! ^_^

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