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Mytical 10-24-2012 04:44 AM

Rick's comment illicits a chuckle from Vlaad. "You will find that much you think you know about us is wrong. The story books are just that ... stories."

Sunny feels a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and a sweet looking elderly lady pats her on the back. "There there young one, it is ok. Nobody will force you to do anything you do not want. Me and Gregor will see to that." A bear of a man, who looks maybe Romanian nods in gruff agreement. "We will protect you the best we can if you decide you can not help."

"Ju vill find ve are being tougher then they think." 'Gregor' says with a rather thick accent.

Van Helsing looks around. "For those who are helping, we are going to be splitting up in some groups. The main group is going to distract Malbozia, the other teams are going to protect the artifacts. I will pair you up, and your team leader will give you your instructions from there."

Van Helsing points to Rick. "Your with Jason and Hilda." Both of which are of a good size, though Rick is slightly larger then both of them. "Jason will be team leader..hes been around awhile."

Arisa is next "You are with Vlaad and Mina. Vlaad of course will be the team leader."

He seems to think about Reggie "We don't have many zombies." He ponders for a bit. "AH! Perfect. Lema? Would you Krisss introduce yourself? Lema will be team leader."

Lema introduces herself as a Hydra, and Krisss appears to be a basilisk.

Van Helsing comes to Bes. "Mummy did you say? Tut would be the most sensible person to pair you with, but the second should be somebody a bit .. different...I think you will like her. Meet Enestia, the sphinx." An Egyptian beauty gives a slight bow. "Ene will be the team leader." Tut starts to protest. "Listen I know you have been around a long time, but Ene is known for her wisdom. You KNOW she is the right choice." Tut reluctantly nods in agreement.

He comes to Fiona, and for a moment his face shows sadness. "I regret that your ancestor could not be here with us, she was lost in the last war. A fierce fighter if ever there was one. Not many of your kind survived, for the demons are not immune to their power, and feared it. I am afraid I will have to team you up with a couple of people who do happen to be immune. Gregor there, you can't turn to stone what is already stone." Gregor grins, which is a bit unnerving for some reason. "He is a gargoyle. San Che will be a good leader, he may be blind..but his wisdom is great. He is a Yeti, but he studied for centuries in a Shaolin monastery." An elderly, and somewhat frail looking, man gives a bow.

For Elspeth he thinks long and hard. "There are several of us here who know about the beast within, and struggle with it. Again, your ancestor is not here with us..such a tragic loss..but many of us face our own inner demons. I think you will be on my team, with Ethel." The woman who is trying to cheer up Sunny gives a slight smile and nod.

He looks at Livia. "I will put you with Cain, and he will lead you and Astir." Astir is a rather large werewolf himself, though nowhere near the size of Cain ((Yes THAT Cain, you who's name is Abel?))

Finally he looks at Sunny. "I have something special for you if you will help. A task of great importance, but conflict will probably be avoided. In a museum in Egypt there is a tablet, on it is the incantation we will need to defeat Malbozia once his minions are dealt with. I will send Nanti and Nomain to help .. if you wish to go.." he points to a Sasquatch and a Ghost. Both known to be stealthy.

((The next post will have your individual missions))

Mytical 10-24-2012 05:50 AM

((Doing each individually, so will be a ton of updates))

Cain looks at Livia. "I am afraid we have the most difficult task. We are going after a Nazi Medal that was given out for the greatest heroism. Malbozias general Bacus will be most interested in getting his hands on it. He uses Pit Fiends..some of the nastiest of demons. It is in a museum in Berlin. We will leave as soon as you are ready."

Vlaad chuckles. "Most dangerous my wing. They are brutes, no finesse at all." You know he means the demons. "Now we...we will be going after a cross used in the Crusades! Malbozia's lieutenant Orcus will be our foe. He uses Babaus..sly and crafty. The cross is in Vatican City..a truly dangerous place for ones of our nature."

Jason addresses Rick and his team. "We are looking for an Axe used by one of the Khans during Genghis' time. Led by Balbalor, he uses Balor. We will have our work cut out for us. The Axe was last seen in mainland China."

"For us it will be a roman spear used during the time of Nero." cautions Lema. "It is in Rome. Our foe is a crafty demoness named Lloth, who use the spider like Bebiliths."

"Our target is an Ankh used by a pharaoh during the time of the Exodus. Our enemy shall be Darius, who uses the massive Glabrezu to do his dirty work." Notes Ene.

San Che thinks long and hard. "We are looking for something a bit different. Some specific Amber, housed in small monastery in India. Our foe is the devious Demant. He is a trickster, using Succubi and Incubus..we will have to be very careful."

Van Helsing nods. "Now for us. We seek a chalice in America. This chalice was used by the Confessor during the Salem witch trials. Our foe is Marith..who leads an army of Marilith. Dangerous in their own right."

((If you all don't mind, I would prefer you post your arrival to your destinations, ask any questions, etc. Then I will post in response letting you know exactly what you are up against))

Jay 2K Winger 10-24-2012 06:12 PM


Quoth Mytical (Post 1090608)
Rick's comment illicits a chuckle from Vlaad. "You will find that much you think you know about us is wrong. The story books are just that ... stories."

Van Helsing points to Rick. "Your with Jason and Hilda." Both of which are of a good size, though Rick is slightly larger then both of them. "Jason will be team leader..hes been around awhile."

Jason addresses Rick and his team. "We are looking for an Axe used by one of the Khans during Genghis' time. Led by Balbalor, he uses Balor. We will have our work cut out for us. The Axe was last seen in mainland China."

Location: Organization HQ

Rick just grunts when Vlaad tells him how wrong he is about what the stories say. Probably true, he reasons, but every story has a grain of truth to it.

When Van Helsing gives him his team assignment, Rick turns and regards the two, his expression neutral, although his eyebrows rise as he notes the size of both. As the rest of the teams are also assigned, Rick regards Jason and Hilda again, now trying to determine what sort of 'supernatural creature' (mustn't call them "monsters," he says in his head) they descended from.

Jason briefs him on what they'll be going to retrieve, and Rick asks, "So, Balbalor is Malbozia's general, and Balor is... what? A sort of monster for us to smash, or the name of the Axe, or what?" The mention of going to China makes him grimace. "It's gonna be quite a trek, goin' to China from here... but let's get this over with. The sooner we get this Axe and stop Malbozia, the sooner we can all go back to pretending we're ordinary people." He pauses, considers both his size and the others', and amends this to, "For a given value of ordinary."

Location: Somewhere in China - Near the Axe's last known location

"So this is China," Rick says after he and his team arrive, disembarking from a makeshift Jeep. Rick has changed clothes, wearing a cheap, simple outfit, but tough enough to withstand some travel. He knows that sooner or later, he'll have to let his troll side out, and when he does, his clothes will suffer first. No point in wasting money on fancy clothes.

He rubs his shaven scalp as he looks around their location, then scratches at his long, forked beard. "All right, boss," he says to Jason. "Now what."

jedimaster91 10-25-2012 06:18 PM


Quoth Mytical (Post 1090629)
Vlaad chuckles. "Most dangerous my wing. They are brutes, no finesse at all." You know he means the demons. "Now we...we will be going after a cross used in the Crusades! Malbozia's lieutenant Orcus will be our foe. He uses Babaus..sly and crafty. The cross is in Vatican City..a truly dangerous place for ones of our nature."

After receiving her assignment, Arisa made her way to Dracula and Mina. Both were elegantly dressed; Dracula had his trademark cape fluttering around him and Mina's hat matched her dress. Arisa jammed her hands into her scrub pockets feeling very out of place. "So, Vatican City, huh?"

Dracula arched an eyebrow. "Yes. However, my dear, you seem a bit under dressed. Mina, if you please?"

Mina took Arisa's hand despite Arisa's protests and lead her to a smaller room. There she handed Arisa a Victorian style gown that frankly Arisa was too short to wear. Although she refused to wear the high-heeled dress shoes that would have added about 3 inches to her height and stuck with her trusty work sneakers. If there was going to be fighting--or running--Arisa didn't want to be doing it in heels.

Dracula gave a slight bow upon her return and offered an arm. You look lovely, my dear. Just one other thing: don't feel you have to continue to hide your true form from me."

Arisa shifted uncomfortably. "I think I'll stay this way for now." She gestured to the gown. "Is this your idea of blending in?"

Dracula smiled. Though the smile was likely meant to come across as warm and supportive, Arisa couldn't help but think there was something predatory about it. "Even the Vatican celebrates Halloween. Now you said something about training. What sort of abilities do you have already?"

"Well, I took gymnastics growing up and a few years of judo. But that's it. I've never even used judo outside of a class setting."

"It's a start," Dracula said. "Let's be on our way and we'll train as we go."

Arisa gave a reluctant nod and followed. What have I gotten myself into?

Mytical 10-25-2012 06:29 PM

China Jay looks around, towering over most of the people around him. "Our contact should be here soon. They will lead us to the location of the Axe. Sometimes our sources are wrong on where the objects are, especially in China..where we have a little less access."

On the way he fills Rick in on the Balor. (( "The lieutenant we are after used to be just called Balor, but it caused some confusion..and ribbing from the other demons. So he added the name Bal to the front of his name. Make no mistake about it, the Balor are fierce enemies. They will not rely on tricks or deceit, they will come at us with everything they have. Our one ace in the hole is our traveling companion Hilda here." He gives a quick nod to Hilda. "Unlike me and you, she is a different kind of Troll. Fire and Acid do not harm her in the least. She has two entirely different weaknesses, one we are hoping the demons will not be able to guess. She will be our 'distraction' so we can confront Balbalor."

Hilda smiles "I do distractions very, very good." She chuckles.

It takes awhile, but eventually your guide shows up, and escorts you to a monastery high in the mountains. "This is the current location of the Axe."

Jay seems hesitant. "Our intelligence suggested otherwise..."

Your guide nods. "The Axe is within, I have seen it with my own eyes. They are preparing it for their master..awaiting his arrival. Apparently they know we will be going for the artifacts."

Jay curses. "Should have figured. So..we walk into a trap?"

The guide nods. "They are ready for you...they will be ready for all of our groups."

Jay looks right at Rick. " main job is done. We are first suggestion is just to charge in and show them why Trolls are some of the most feared creatures their are."

The guide supplies you with detailed maps, critical intel (like the fact that Balbalor only has 7 of his army left until he can claim the of which will be coming with that means there are six inside waiting), and wishes you well..then departs hastily. Most likely he himself is no 'supernatural creature'. Why Jay is now looking to Rick for strategy is a mystery.

Mytical 10-25-2012 06:49 PM

Dracula does something rather..odd. He scoops Arisa up, which gives Mina the giggles, and says "We are rather in a hurry, and traveling by jet is so passe. We shall do it right." Seconds later the land below you is a blur, not quite as fast as a jet, but the speed achieved is nothing short of incredible. "Just stay in human form..for we will be facing sunlight before long. Me and Mina are old enough that the sun holds no fear for us, but you would be in danger."

As you travel in this very unconventional manner, Dracula fills you in. ((He stays in vampire form, while Mina goes in bat form)). "Tonight we play a game of shadows my dear. We will be racing the clock, and our foes will only present themselves if they absolutely have to. We must use charm and grace to slip through the crowds, without raising suspicions unless absolutely needed to the back of the room we will be going to. The item we seek will be displayed in a glass case there. We must reach it before any of Orcus' soldiers do. At all costs, even if we must reveal ourselves. Let me and Mina deal with Orcus get that item and keep it from them. IF things go wrong, reach the Pope..say "Peto sanctuarium in nomine Vlad Tepes." Remember it is just as dangerous for them to reveal their nature as it is for us to do the same."

You set down in Vatican City a bit later. "As for your powers, most come with age for us. We have time until the party, however, and we will not get in until the I will show you what I can."

Jay 2K Winger 10-25-2012 08:04 PM

Location: China - Monastery

Rick digests what he's been told about the balor and their general, then looks over the intel that their guide gave them. He looks at Jay and Hilda. "Like you said, let's just go in and show them why trolls are feared the world over. Once I ... hulk out, I won't be much good for strategy, anyway."

He squares his shoulders as he looks at the doors to the monastery, nods once and then takes a deep breath... and Changes.

It was as though the someone took the "size" knob and started turning it up. Rick's body simply scaled upward in terms of size, shoulders broadening, muscles swelling, as warts started sprouting all over his face and shoulders. His clothing strained against his growing body, although the stretchiness of the clothes meant that he still remained decent.

As the change finished, Rick glared with beady eyes at the door, baring jagged yellow teeth as he roared, and kicked the doors open with all the subtlety of a tank shell.

Ironclad Alibi 10-26-2012 03:32 AM

Lema, Krisss and Reggie stepped into a side room to discuss their upcoming trip. Rather than flying directly into Rome, they decided to fly into Abruzzo Airport in Pescara just in case Malbozia has his minions watching the Rome airport to intercept any opposition. Upon arriving in Pescara, they rent a car and drive to the outskirts of Rome. Again to avoid detection, they seek lodging with Antonio Valdezio, an old friend of Reggie’s who he knew from the auto racing circuit.

Staying overnight, the three of them discussed what they knew of the spear, which they decided to call Nero’s sword to confuse anyone who might overhear them. They discussed its nature, what it does, where it might be, is it a know location or is it hidden. If hidden, where might it be?

During the discussion Reggie says that on the flight over he had a vision of several lines of Etruscan runes. He wondered if they may be a connection to their goal? If Nero’s sword is hidden or lost, might it be in some Etruscan ruins? Or in the catacombs beneath Rome? Perhaps it was taken to Atrium where Nero was when Rome was burning. They discussed all this into the wee hours of the morning. At dawn they set forth to see what they could find.

jedimaster91 10-26-2012 04:27 AM

Vatican City

When Dracula suddenly and literally swept Arisa off her feet, she gave a startled yelp. A yelp that was not, she insisted to herself, a scream. Nor would she admit to how hard she was clutching her elder's shirt before her feet met with solid ground again. She was only half listening to Dracula's explanation of their mission since she needed most of her concentration to keep from throwing up. "Charm and grace. Right," she muttered. "Excuse me just a moment." Arisa stumbled away a few steps to a bench where she sat down and waited for the world to stop spinning. Charm and grace were not attributes she readily possessed. Arisa had once verbally dressed down a physician with as much charm and grace as a sledgehammer. In all fairness, the guy had deserved it, but it had nearly cost her her job. These stakes were much higher.

Finally she rose with as much dignity as she could muster, confident her dinner was going to stay where it belonged. "Next time, could you warn me before you do that?"

Dracula's lip curled in the first sign of exasperation. "I'm hoping next time you'll be able to fly on your own."

"Fine by me," Arisa said, though she inwardly groaned. She stepped closer and dropped her voice low to keep from being overheard. "Let me make sure I've got the plan here. The cross is in a glass case at the back of the room. Get it and get out without attracting attention preferably before Orcus gets here. And if anything goes wrong, find the Pope and tell him Peto sanctuarium in nomine Vlad Tepes."


"What does it mean? The only Latin I know is medical terms."

"You're claiming sanctuary." He lead her to a deserted back alley. "And since we have a little time, let me teach you a few things."

After a couple hours, Arisa almost had the hang of shifting into a bat. And she actually remembered more of her judo lessons than she initially thought. With Mina's help, Arisa could attack and dodge much faster than before. Still nowhere near Mina's speed, but as Dracula had said earlier, it was a start. He finally signaled an end to their training session and motioned for Arisa and Mina to follow.

When they reached the venue for the party and Arisa saw their target, her eyes went wide. The cross was easily six feet tall, ornate, and heavy-looking. "That thing's bigger than I am," she hissed.

"We've got other problems," Mina said. "Look around. Notice anything strange?"

You mean besides three vampires wandering around the Vatican? Arisa glanced around and noted the crowd. Or rather, the lack thereof. "Well, for a Halloween party, there don't seem to be many people here."

Dracula frowned. "You're right. We'll need to work fast. Be on your guard."

"So, what's the plan for getting this thing out of the case?" Arisa asked.

Mytical 10-26-2012 04:50 AM


Jay has transformed into a slightly smaller version of Rick, but a bit 'thicker'. Hilda has a blue tinge in her skin, but otherwise is a slightly smaller (and less thick) version of Rick. As Rick bust down the door he notices six creatures that tower over even him.

Each stands almost 15' foot tall, and is almost as thick muscle wise as Jay is. Their wings would have given them a better advantage outside, but in the low ceiling offers no advantage. They pair up, two to each of the group, and charge forward without much consideration of self preservation. Rick notices straight off, that two of these creatures have whips with a blue looking flame, and swords covered with a frosty sheen and are heading toward Hilda. The other four have a red flame whip, and a sword that is burning. Apparently not only are they ready for is like they KNEW who was coming!

The room is circular in nature, with columns every 10'. The floor is some sort of clay/stone mix, and the ceiling is thatch. Because of the columns and size of the room, the larger Balor are actually at somewhat of a disadvantage..having trouble moving about...they might not have thought this trap out the best.

Vatican City

Mina hisses "It's a trap! Stealth is out of the window. My husband, let us show them why we have the reputation we do!" She transforms into her 'Vampire' form, all pretense out the window. Somehow she seems bigger then she was.

Dracule nods "Arisa, the target remains the same..we will cover you..get that to safety!" He transforms also, and also seems much larger then life. His movements are almost impossible to track as he charges into the people..who are transforming into the demons they actually are. He and Mina look like they have things handled..except a couple of demons heading straight for the cross.

Outside of Rome

Kriss nods. "As good a place to check as any. It does make sense, especially if it is someplace that is considered unsafe. Hide it in plain sight."

It takes awhile before the contacts are able to lead the trio to where most likely the spear is to be found. It was indeed an old ruins. What worries Lema most is the spider demons don't seem to be hiding when they arrive. Lema and Krisss transform. "Looks like we are expected. No matter, they do not seem to have any fire. Just make sure not to meet Krisss' eyes. It does not matter if living or dead, turning to stone is not a good thing. Now where is that Lloth..the true danger here?"

There is a small army of spiders demons. Not much of a threat to a zombie (their poison and such would not affect him, and none of them are big enough to bite his head off) why they are so brazen to be out in the open and visible is something to wonder about.

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