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Mytical 06-18-2013 10:40 AM

Game idea : Shadow of Death (forum rpg)
Ok since my creativity is rather on the low side right now, this is going to take a long time to get this going but I wanted to put this down before I forgot about it.

Here is the gist of it. There is the Nexus, the point where several dimensions overlap. Normally nothing or nobody can cross through the nexus. It is just a giant void. However, a very unique event has transpired.

Death..has touched the Nexus. It has found a way to walk through the dimensions..and be given form, and it is hungry. It wants to consume everything. In response the .. entity that created the nexus has sent out and grabbed people from space and time which allows them to cross the void between dimensions. Their task is to find a way to do the impossible. To kill death..or at least the incarnation that touched the Nexus.

Characters can literally be anything. Aliens, from the past, from the present, from the future, super powered beings just about anything is possible. There will be limits of course, and all characters will have to be ran by me for the ok.. but expect to cross through just about every possible situation.

Fighting dragons, steampunk, post apocalyptic, traveling through space, encountering aliens, this is crossing dimensions so ANYTHING is possible. Your form might even change, your abilities might even change.. (limited to the current dimension you are in of course, when you leave that dimension you go back to your original form unless the dimension you cross would change you again).

You will encounter the IDP (inter dimensional police) and might even get a chance to join them, but you will not have to if you do not want.

So hold on to your hats it would be a bumpy ride.

Ghel 06-18-2013 02:12 PM

This sounds like a fun concept. I've never played a forum game like this before (my previous RPG experience is mostly in D&D 3.5), so I have to ask: is there a particular set of rules that will be used, or will it be largely free form?

Mytical 06-18-2013 05:47 PM

85% Freeform I'd say. As any type of setting, etc is possible I will encourage the players to make quite a few of their own decisions. IE if there is a fight, for the most part, players will be able to decide what happens (within reason) as long as it is interesting. Of course if they themselves can not think of anything, I will.

However, there are rules. While most fights (and this is not really a combat heavy rpg) will be freeform, there will be times where it won't be. I will make sure to post here when freeform is limited. (Like against the incarnation of death itself, whenever it is on the scene freeform will be limited).

As for player characters..they don't have to think inside the box. Giant jelly fish, AI ran robot, humanoid animals..feel free to let your imagination run wild. Heck they can be good versions of creatures normally considered evil

Like (but not limited too)
Black Dragons
Illithid (spelling)

Of course power wise I still have to approve, but I will list some that will be turned down flat.

True Immortality (ie No Captain Jack Harkness types)

Resurrection abilities (can be a healer, but once somebody or something is dead you can not bring them back)

Basically anything that would make them immune to death or allow them to make others immune to death.

Also some dimensions are reserved for specific things. Dimension 777 for instance. Dimension 999. Dimension 1 (our dimension). Other then that it is fair game. (Don't change another persons dimension if somebody describes a dimension and calls it dimension 505 then from then on 505 will ALWAYS be 'their' dimension (don't worry there are infinite numbers).

Ghel 06-18-2013 07:10 PM

There's a character I've had floating around in my mind for some time now, looking for an RPG where xe would fit. The character would be a telekinetic - my view of what telekinesis should be, anyway. Should I post the character description here?

Mytical 06-18-2013 07:47 PM

Sure. I will review it. Shouldn't be an issue unless it is The Phoenix level (Jean Grey) *laughs*. Here is a general idea of what to include.



Home Dimension: (What number is your home dimension, how does it differ from ours?)

Bio: Who is your character, his/her background, how famous in their own dimension, etc.


Ghel 06-18-2013 09:18 PM

All I know of Jean Grey comes from the first two X-Men movies. *hangs head in shame for losing geek cred*

The physical aspects of this character isn't as important to me as the powers, which I hope you agree are reasonable. I'm deliberately leaving some of the limits of the powers vague, since I don't expect the character would know what the absolute limits are, only that xe gets migraines if xe overextends xerself.


Sapputiyok's people are humanoid with skin tones ranging from pale blue to dark purple. They are largely androgynous by human standards, with little outward differences to indicate whether they lean more towards male or female. They have 4 fingers (including thumb) and four toes, with no fingernails or toenails. They are hairless, with only small external ears and eyes rather like an octopus. Sapputiyok is a fairly average-looking member of xer species, about 6' tall, skinny, with dark blue skin.

Dimension #81: Sapputiyok comes from a world not terribly unlike the Earth, though the technology level is more along the lines of the ancient Greeks. It has a variety of climates, but the portion Sapputiyok comes from is hot and arid, with only sparse plant life and even fewer animals. Xer people have set up a bustling city on a major river through the desert, the only place that is habitable in the region. The society in this city is very heirarchical, with each person constantly aware of their social standing compared to each other. Sapputiyok works as a sort of bodyguard/lie dectector for a successful merchant.

Sapputiyok is one of a small number (about .001% of the population) of xer people who have the gift of telekinesis. The most prominent way this manifests is a sixth sense - the abilty to sense things at a distance. This sense varies from vision in several ways: the more "powerful" the thing is, the easier it is to sense. Intelligences and powerful "auras" "shine" the brightest, living things and mundane energies (such as electricity) "glow", and inanimate objects barely register. Sapputiyok can reach out with xer power to manipulate objects that xe senses, to move, twist, crush, stretch, or even warm or chill things. Xe can even make short-range "fields" around xer body to warm or chill the air or stop or slow objects moving through the space. The difficulty of these powers increases with the level of "power" something has. So it is much easier for Sapputiyok to manipulate small, inanimate objects than to manipulate larger, more complex, or intelligent things. Xe can even warm things enough to catch them on fire or chill them enough to freeze them, but that's very difficult to do. Such uses of xer powers can lead to physical distress, such as migraines or worse. The sense has a line of effect, of sorts. Sapputiyok might not be able to sense a dog hiding behind a person with innate magic, for example.

As a youngster, Sapputiyok trained with a mentor to hone xer telekinetic abilities. Xe learned how to close off xer mind to the sixth sense, in order to keep from being "blinded" by powerful "auras." Xe has rarely had to do so in xer home city.

The merchant finds Sapputiyok's powers useful as a bodyguard, should someone try to rob the merchant, or as a lie detector, to prevent people from cheating the merchant. Sapputiyok's senses include reading the emotional state through changes in body temperature and so forth, so sensing a lie is relatively easy. This reading would be more difficult, of course, with someone who is not one of xer people, due to differences in physiology and culture.

Sapputiyok has a kind of racism; xer estimation of a person's worth is based on their energy level - more powerful beings "glow" more brightly in xer sixth sense. Though the merchant is an important person in their society, the merchant's energy level is lower (due to not having telekinesis or any other powers), so Sapputiyok has contempt for the merchant, though xe conceals it in order to keep xer job.

Sapputiyok wears a simple but elegant outfit - thigh-length jacket with a mandarin collar over straight-leg pants, ballerina flats. This outfit practically a uniform, depicting xer station within society.

ETA: I almost forgot. Sapputiyok is able to hover briefly (less than a minute) by pushing away from the ground or buildings.

Mytical 06-18-2013 11:05 PM

That is very acceptable. As the Phoenix Jean could do things like throw mountains around with her mind. I don't even mind people having that level of power (Jean Grey's power that is) as long as there are draw backs/penalties and such..and that the power could not be maintained forever.

TL;DR above..your character is approved as is :)

Ghel 06-19-2013 11:25 AM

So I should have aimed a little higher, huh? :lol:

Mytical 06-21-2013 05:39 AM

Does this sound odd for an 'activation' chant?

Let the storm howl and the death bell toll, transform me now into electra soul.
Lightning strike and thunder roll for I AM ELECTRA SOUL.

Ghel 06-21-2013 02:54 PM

That sounds interesting. Electra Soul? Is that something for this game?

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