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Mytical 06-28-2013 03:39 PM

Derrick nods and gives a bit of caution. "You said you can sense power, now I am not positive how that works, but if you may want to turn it off in the nexus. The nexus IS power. The power of a thousand universes run through the place. I am not sure how good an idea it would be to try to see it's power. Any other power would be drowned out by it."

Once he gets the ok, and that you are ready..and he opens a portal. "Stay close by me, prepare yourself. Some of the species you will see will be very odd. You think us three strange..some make us seem perfectly average." He steps through the portal.

((Assuming you follow, if not .. ignore :D ))

You step through and .. it seems a bit normal. Exactly what you thought it would be. Which seems strange. What is not normal, however, are the people inside.

You see..floating jellyfish with visible brains, all the animal species but they are humanoid. All the insect species, but again humanoid size, walking upright. Some of the predatory looking ones (shark, tiger, etc) are a bit frighting, but they don't seem to mean any harm.

You see floating balls of light of all shapes and sizes. One small light ends up on your nose, and you notice it is a very tiny beautiful person with wings. It giggles and flies away, its laughter like music.

Finally you get to a room where there is another that looks like Derrick (sort he is a human looking male) but he has .. machines for part of his body. His eye and left hand are robotic. "Captain Strongarm. I would like for you to meet.." Derrick turns to you "I am sorry I have trouble pronouncing your should introduce yourself."

Ghel 06-28-2013 04:18 PM

Sapputiyok closes xer mind to the sixth sense and follows Derrick through the portal. A look of amazement on xer face, xe glances around at all the strange creatures roaming around. When the small light lands on xer nose, xe flinches, scowling at it as it giggles and flies away.

When introduced to Captain Strongarm, xe holds out xer hands, palm up, and says, "I offer you greetings, Captainstrongarm. I am Sapputiyok. I am one of the weilders of the Gift... which means that I can see things without looking and move things without touching them... as well as a few other things." Sapputiyok glances around in uncertainty, but continues. "I offer my services to the... Interdimensional Police" (spoken slowly, as if trying to remember how to say it) "to help protect worlds from beings such as that bone beast."

Mytical 06-28-2013 04:44 PM

To xer total surprise he lays his forearms on xers and speaks "Greetings Sapputiyok wielder of the gift, you may call me Strongarm. If you wish to aid us in our struggle, I ask that you meet a few people, and among them and the one you know as Derrick choose who would be your training partner."

Ghel 06-29-2013 12:57 AM

Sapputiyok responds, "Thank you, Strongarm. I would be honored."

Mytical 06-29-2013 02:36 AM

For a few weeks it is mostly getting situated, finding how the Nexus works, and training with seven individuals to see who you would like the most. ((See OoC list for rundown of these people..of course Derrick is one option))

The individual in charge of your hand to hand and melee training is Goldie..who you learn her real name is mostly sounds. A birds song, the rustling of grass on the wind, and a chime. You are able to reproduce all but the middle part (the rustling of the grass) which is more then a lot can do. You come to realize that most of the people here have some sort of 'nickname' because others can not always pronounce their real name. Bulldog's real name is some sort of bark, a harump, and a growl. You can actually reproduce his name, but he seems to prefer 'Bulldog' (Which is what Derrick nicknamed him).

Inside the nexus, you don't have to worry about language barriers. The nexus automatically translates it, and outside you are given an ear piece and special instrument that translates for you. Which is handy.

You learn that the Nexus is .. sentient. Maybe not technically alive, but it can make robotic forms or holograms to interface with for those more comfortable doing so, and even interface psychically for those who find that easier. And though you are still getting use to the whole 'gender' thing, it seems to come off as female most of the time..though it can adjust itself to talk like anything you prefer. It can even adjust its power output so that you can use your gift..except in one room. The Core. The core seems to exist as pure data. Every square inch is dedicated to a number of some sort. What it's function is, not even the nexus seems to know..or if it does it is not telling.

You don't really need to spend your salary on anything. Food, shelter, etc is all taken care of with but a thought. Now a lot of what the Nexus makes can not be taken out of the Nexus, but clothing seems to be immune to that at least. (That could be awkward if not).

Because of the fact that time is relative in the Nexus, you seem to get plenty of rest despite it seeming that all you do is train. Strongarm handles a lot of the training. Firearms (mandatory, even if you don't use them in the field), how to tell natives from something that came through a dimensional rift, and basic police procedure. Though it is a LOT more lax then Earth Prime's (Our dimension) law enforcement procedures.

Finally though you are brought into the room with the people you have been training with..and asked to chose a partner for 'field training'.

Ghel 07-01-2013 02:18 PM

During training, Sapputiyok asks each of the people xe's training with to let xer try to use xer power on them. If asked, Sapputiyok explains that in an emergency situation, xe might need to catch them, lift them, etc., and xe wishes to know how much energy to put into it without harming them.

During the firearms training, Sapputiyok is amazed by the velocity and force of the bullets. Xe asks to experiment with slowing or stopping the bullets. Sapputiyok finds that it's fairly easy for xer to stop bullets if xe knows they're coming, by targeting the bullet directly, as well as put up a general field around xerself to deflect bullets (and other projectiles). Both require a lot of effort, and xe becomes mentally and physically exhausted after only a short time.

Mytical 07-01-2013 02:30 PM

None of them have any issue with you using your power on them. The only one you have difficulty with is Hardcore. It seems not only is he heavier then one would think (and with his mass that would be pretty heavy) but a lot denser also. It is almost as if the earth has a 'pull' on him. Interestingly enough, when you try to hasten his fall with your power, it is a lot easier to do then it should be. Good thing that he is tough. ((So if you are trying to move him any direction but down, or to slow his decent if he is falling it takes more effort. If you are trying to move him down, or to hasten his falling it requires very little effort)).

Goldie is a bit ..odd. When she resists it, it is like her whole body is covered in some sort of mental grease. It is hard to keep ahold of her. If she isn't trying to resist however, it is just as easy as anybody else.

Now Derrick is a human, so no problems there..but there is with Electra. Even when he wants you to, you can not seem to move him at all. It's not until xe realizes that there is no mass, only energy, that you finally can start moving him at all. Even his armor, which looks like it would weigh quite a bit, seems to have no mass or weight to it. Yet, when he braces himself, and plants his feet, it is like trying to move a mountain.

Ghel 07-01-2013 04:29 PM

Sapputiyok chooses to work with Goldie for the field training.

Mytical 07-01-2013 07:52 PM

For the first official field mission, Strongarm wants you to do something 'easy'. A ex IDP gone rogue has been running between dimensions smuggling exotic animals. Since he doesn't stay long enough to get a pinpoint on him, yet, this is about containment of one of the more exotic animals. A rare phoenix. It has broken loose from it's cage, and has been causing a bit of havoc on a frog 'humanoid' world, and you and Goldie should be able to convince it to return to its home dimension.

Ghel 07-01-2013 08:29 PM

Sapputiyok asks for a description of the phoenix. ((OOC, I want to know if it's anything more than a red and/or gold-feathered parrot which bursts into flames when it dies, then comes back to life.))

Sapputiyok also asks for a description of the frog people (which would have to include an explanation of what a frog is, since xe has never seen an amphibion).

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