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Ree 04-05-2007 01:51 AM

A little recognition...
Don't know if some of you have noticed the new tag that has suddenly started appearing below a certain member's name, but I would like to publicly recognize the new "Greeter" badge given to BookstoreEscapee.

As you know, I was named the "Official CS Greeter" a long time ago, and have always tried to live up to the title.
The site grows rapidly at times, and life can be pretty hectic, so I don't always keep up very well.

Recently, I fell way behind, and as of this writing, I believe there is still an entire page of new members that I have yet to officially welcome to the site.

As I was trying to get caught up, I noticed that there was one name that was coming up repeatedly in the thread, offering a friendly welcome to all the new members.

That really impressed me, as it showed a friendliness and a sense of community on her part. The most impressive part was that she, herself, was a relatively new member, having joined only a little over 4 months ago, in December/06.

When I brought it to the attention of the mod team, it was decided that such a great show of hospitality by a member should be recognized.

Just to note, with this title, BookstoreEscapee has no special powers on the site. The pretty little 'badge' is just our way of giving a pat on the back where it's due and saying, "Well done."

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