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Evannah 02-05-2019 06:25 PM

This makes me blood boil. I've had it happen to me loads. You are asked for your help, you give it, but somehow your answer (which is usually really good) is somehow wrong and you're either stupid or rude. Or both. I don't work in retail anymore. I do actually miss it, but I don't miss the rude customers.

notalwaysright 02-05-2019 11:25 PM


Quoth XCashier (Post 1376826)
Reminds me of The Nemesis at my old fabric store (undoubtedly, every store has at least one of these.) Now that I no longer work there, if I see her in the middle of one of her tirades, I will not hesitate to verbally tear her a well-deserved new one.

Ours was nicknamed the Witch, and I can still picture her in my mind. :/ It's funny, we sort of thought she had a twin who was nice, since there was a lady who looked just like her but was just a normal nice customer. In reality I'm sure it was the same lady, but he must have been very bi-polar or have some similar issue. It was so extreme that we knew right away if she was "the twin" or "the Witch." Her demeanor was like night and day.

Nowadays, with smartphones, I hardly ever need to ask advice from an employee but if I do, I pretty much just buy whatever they say. If I knew better, I wouldn't have asked. The only annoying thing is when I have a dumb question and my phone doesn't get reception. So I had to ask "are these sweet rolls?" And the bakery lady's like "???" because they were plain sandwich rolls, just named something I didn't recognize. It must have seemed like an odd question, lol. But I didn't want to risk buying them for sandwiches, then find out they're like cinnamon on the inside or something!

Dreamstalker 02-06-2019 02:26 AM

I'm the type of person who would try an ingredient even if it's not the EXACT thing...then again, I do my research and see if I can in fact substitute X and if yes, I'll do the work required to make it work. If the original ingredient is sufficiently obscure and/or I didn't do my homework beforehand, that's on me for waiting until the last minute and I'll deal with the results.

Then again, I was raised to be adventurous when it comes to food (mom fed me homemade oyster stew as first solid food, dad traveled all over the world when I was young so at two years old I developed quite the palate for Peking duck)

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