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RealUnimportant 02-05-2019 07:45 AM

Tow Company Reps
It's happened. I can now say that I've had a vehicle towed - I can also say it was hooked up wrongly, and I'll be making all necessary complaints and loud noises to get my money back. BUT it's not the tow company's fault, it's the idiots that told them to take it that shall feel my ire and wrath!

No, my dealings with the agents of the tow company were first rate. I'd been given shoddy instructions on how to claim my vehicle by the offending first party, and the tow guys were brilliant in helping me achieve reconciliation with my vehicle by working with me regarding what I actually had and/or could easily obtain to fill in any shortfalls. They were accommodating to my disabilities, I had to visit two sites due to extra stupidity (can only pay at one but they were full so the car was at another) and both times I was able to request a seat and have one provided without fanfare. Christian and Kevin, thank you for making a very long and potentially traumatic experience into something much smoother!

And now, to file my appeal and seek advice on further claims... More on that story another time!

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