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Jay 2K Winger 05-07-2012 05:55 PM

Children of The Divine (IC)
(( OOC Thread: ))

You are the children of the Divinity, and you have been chosen to help save the world.

While your Divine parents are busy in the godly plane, battling the Titans and their most potent of monsters themselves, you have been tasked with fighting the Titans' forces in the world. You have helped defeat relatively minor schemes here and there, at the most recent about six months ago.

In the interim, time has passed quietly as you rest, recover, and/or recuperate from your last adventure. None of your escapades have made the news, either because it didn't hit the networks' radar, or because Someone made sure it didn't make headlines. In any case, it's been a good break for you.

Then, around a week ago, you received a message. In most cases, it was a letter, in a large brown envelope, bearing a stamp unlike any the post office carries. The stamp depicts a golden symbol, and that symbol varies depending on the pantheon in question, and it tingles to the touch, a sure sign that it's come from the Divinity after a fashion.

While the letter's exact contents vary, it follows a definite form. The letter-writer conveys the gratitude of the Divinity and the world for helping to stop whatever adventure had last been involved. They go on to add that their actions will not go unrewarded, but the recipient will understand if current events preclude the bestowing of such rewards for the time being. In the meantime, however your presence is required at a summit for a matter of grave importance.

Included in the envelope with the letter is a first-class ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, because the person responsible for sending these messages has a bit of an ego, there's an additional note: Looking forward to seeing you again! and an autographed 8x10 from Johnny Mercury.

While most of the scions had received the above, there may have been one or two cases wherein a more personal, direct approach was required...
================================================== ==
(( All right, a few things to note. All of your characters know of Johnny Mercury-- well-known actor that he is-- and it's known to the Divine community that he's one of them, and one of the more active "messengers of the gods." They may have met him personally once, even, but he's not exactly friends with anyone.

Now it's time for the introductory posts! Give us all an inkling of what your character's been up to, what they recently did in their most recent mission, where they are when they get the message, and whether they're receiving a letter or a face-to-face meeting. If the latter, note that in the post, and I'll respond in kind. It will either be Johnny Mercury or another scion coming to deliver the message and tickets.

All that clear? If not, post it in the OOC thread. ))

Naamah 05-07-2012 08:56 PM

Aiden Mistel 1: A Fly In My Drink
[[Thanks to Jay for the co-op work with Johnny.]]

It's a rainy night in New Haven.

The lilting call of a flute rises, echoes against the water-streaked windows, and floats into the second floor hall of the Yale University Art Gallery. The administration had organized a booze up -- erm, that is to say, an excuse to beg money from rich alumni -- wait, no, sorry, a small private exhibition for friends of the Arts and the University.

Aiden leans into his chair and lets the warmth of his punch cover him like a blanket. Some acquaintance or another had tipped him off to the party, and his uncle's name accompanying a case of Grey Goose easily opening the door for him. The woman next to him, Cheryl, is chatting about the terrible weather and how itís been simply wrecking her plans to take her yacht out on a fishing trip.

And then, a sense in his brain itches. Itís not a pleasant signal to him, but he shrugs it off. Probably some Unawakened kidlet, cleaning the trash up for work-study downstairs. Plenty of good, solid, uneventful reasons why--

ďOh My God, Becky, look! Itís Johnny Mercury!!Ē

His eyes squeeze shut, and he downs the rest of his drink without a word.

Still - Aiden breathes out slowly - this wasnít the worst possible option. Maybe Johnny had a crush on some Yale grad eye-candy. Perhaps heíd just been invited too, nothing to be alarmed about...

"AIDEN!" The hand slaps down on a shoulder, and there's Johnny, all smiles. The Aesir-kin froze. "Y'know," voice slurred slightly, as if he'd been drinking juuust a bit too much, "never did thank ya for that advice ya had, in investin' in that company 'r other, y'know, what wuzzit called again?"

"It was Instagram, Johnny." A forlorn smile draws on Aiden's lips, and he stands up to place an arm over his acquaintance. "You've overindulged, my friend."

A grin from the movie star. "Tha'ss right. Instagram, great advice, really 'preciate it." At the arm, Johnny shrugs it off and waves a hand expansively. "What? I'm not, trust me, I've drunk worse." And then he takes a step backwards, loses balance slightly, and pinwheels his arms to keep upright, before pitching forward and locking an arm around Aiden's shoulders. The actor blinks a few times. "Mebbe I should sit down..."

Aiden's smile never wavers, but his eyes glint with frustration. "Cheryl, I'm so very sorry, I'll catch up with you later." He puts his arm around Johnny's back, discreetly digging his nails into his side in payback. "There's a little alcove over this way, a touch more quiet. Won't you sit down with me there and let us catch up?"

Johnny is duly led away, not without one last call out of "Umberto, ya old dog! What a night we had in Chinatown that time, yeah?" leading to the man in question flushing hotly under the sudden gaze of his wife, before Aiden sequesters him in the alcove. He sits down heavily on a bench, and people left them alone. As soon as they have their privacy, Johnny leans back, and his voice becomes less booming, and a lot more sober. "Nice people, these, Mistel. They do know how to throw a party. Bit stuffy for my tastes."

"Itís the afterparty you wait for. And you. You are a godsawful pain in my ass, Johnny." Aiden's voice doesnít raise, but his tone could frost over the Sahara. "My accounts finally got over the last escapade you got me into - the one I ended up having to bankroll, remember? My accountant is - well, she's just drinking recreationally now. The scarring from the Asp venom is almost faded away, and it's possible that Sunshine Sukiyaki might not kick me in the face next time she meets me. But like the fly in my drink, just as I come to sip, you bob up in my face."

True to form, Johnny never stops smiling, even as Aiden's chilly declamation washes over him. "Relax, Misty, this time around you're not expected to bankroll anything. I roped Hays into doing it this time." He shakes his head as he gestures expansively again. "No, this time, you're just being asked to help stop another scheme of the Other Side."

"You're missing my point. Deliberately." Aiden waves at a pair passing by them.. "You've got plenty of other su-- ahem, eager recruits ready and waiting to honor their heritage and fight the Good Fight for the world. And yet I'm the one with the personal invitation. Why did you come to me yourself?"

The passing couple gets a cheery, tipsy wave from Johnny as well, and then he looks back at Aiden. "Because we're two peas in a pod, we are!" he declares, grinning in that inimitable way of his. Then he sobers, "And because the Powers That Be knew if they sent you a letter saying 'Get to Vegas, we need your help with something,' you'd hop on a cruise ship, chuck your mobile over the side, stick your fingers in your ears and go 'I can't hear you la la la.'"

Johnny sucks the remainder of his drink out of his glass, squints into it as if to detect any remnant of liquor within, then goes on, "And then I'd get sent to go find you, and there'd be all manner of questions about how I snuck onto the boat in the first place, and a whole mess of problems, and you'd end up getting dragged to Vegas anyway. So, I cut the knot and came in person."

Aiden looks down at the back of his hands. Then up to the violin quartet. Then to the side, out into the rain. "You know what I asked for, last time."

Johnny raises an eyebrow at this. "Setting terms now?" he says. "You know it isn't given away freely. Hell, even with all They're having me do-- jetting all over the godsdamn world and delivering messages hither and yon-- I haven't gotten more than a drop."

There is a pause as the actor leans his head back and stares at the ceiling, fingers drumming on the back of the bench. "I'll pass the message along. It'd be up to Them. Meantime, it might be best if you just get to Vegas." He pauses, then adds, "If you decline, they'll just send someone else. And it'll probably be Solomon."

"Sol?" He rolls his eyes. "You are joking. That absolute twit. You... oh, right, Trickster tactic number one: playing on their ego. Right." He bites his tongue for a moment. "Fine. I'll go. But if I get splattered in who-knows-what kind of acidic venom again, or sliced up by another crazy woman with a scimitar, or whatever, either Asclepius or your Daddy is going to heal me up. No arguments, shake on it."

Johnny smiles. "Far as I know, there shouldn't be any venom-spitting going on, but then, they don't always give me all the details." He stuck out a hand. "Deal."

"And if you're bankrolling it, I expect first class seats."

"Of course you'll get first class! We take care of our own. There'll be a ticket waiting for you back at your place." After shaking hands, Johnny lurches to his feet, and the tipsiness routine comes back. "'s great seein' ya again, Aiden! Ser'ously, great seein' ya, we'll have to do lunch sometime, I know this great shawarma place we should go to sometime..." and then he's gone into the crowd, the occasional outburst following as he saw someone he knew, and then this too fades.

Aiden leans back, the hands over his face hiding the look of utter dismay crossing over them. He reaches out to pluck a flute of bubbly off a passing tray, tipped the entire draught down his throat, and exhales. Then he lifts up his cell phone.

ďHey. Kerry. Sorry for the late call, Iíll make it up to you. Do me a favor and cash in some of my points at the Bellagio, Iím going to need a room.Ē He paused, his lips turning into a twist. ďPut the bottle down. I heard you open it..Ē

Kheldarson 05-07-2012 11:22 PM

Deann barely glanced at the photo when it fell out of the envelope, tossing it onto a nearby dresser or tabletop. Whatever flat surface happened to be nearby in the house. It slipped and fell on the floor anyway. Thank the gods it was her day off--explaining this type of letter at work--again--would be hard.

It had been an enjoyable six months--once her bosses had finally forgiven her for the "family emergency". Family emergency. Hah. As if scouring sections of the Appalachian Trail for Titanspawn and some still unnamed and, as far as she knew, unfound artifact was an emergency. Now, it having been found and possibly taken by the Spawn, sure. Just trying to find it on vague rumors? Bullshit.

Although the hiking had been nice.

Guess she had to set up some vacation time...

Chanlin 05-07-2012 11:41 PM

In a small office in Chiago a light burns brightly as Emmett Jager reviews his personal notes from an old case. Lord knows he needed something to get his mind of the usual string "My Spouse is a lousy bastard" cases, at least they paid the bills. Besides, there was something that had been nagging at him ever since finishing that he hadn't quite been able to puzzle out.

The case had started like any other, a child was missing, distraught parents came in person to plead with him since the police wouldn't take it before 48 hours. EJ had guessed rightly that the father wasn't her bio dad. It had been refreshing, and the reason he took the case, to see the step-father as equally distraught as the kid's real mom. As it turned out the kid had run away because she had been raped by a fellow student and was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. EJ had helped the parents get in touch with a friend of his at the Chicago PD so they could file formal charges. Over the course of the case it came out that the kid had a ring that was important to the father as well. That ring was still missing, and something about the circumstances nagged in the back of his mind.

When the bell over his office door signaled a visitor he didn't look up. "Sorry, I'm not taking any new cases tonight, if you come back in the morning, or leave some contact info I will call you."

Jay 2K Winger 05-08-2012 02:33 PM

Location: Chicago - E.J.'s Office

"That's okay," a voice says. "I'll let myself in." When Emmett looks up, he'd see the unmistakeable grin of Johnny Mercury, as the Divinity's messenger finishes stepping through the door as if it were naught but smoke.

The actor holds up his hands. He's not carrying any visible weaponry, and the only thing in his hands is a brown envelope. "Relax, Jager-meister," Johnny Merc says with a smile. "I come in peace." Then, just in case Emmett forgot who he is, and because he has an ego, he adds, "Johnny Mercury, movie star and Messenger of The Gods."

He makes himself comfortable in a chair in the office, looking around at whatever decor that Emmett has. "I have a few messages to pass along," he says. "First, Horace Farrow says thanks for the help on that lead he had on Wadjet's daughter. Weren't for you, it's likely she'd have gotten tangled up with Seth, and we don't need that monstrosity getting his hands on anyone else."

He taps the envelope against the arms of the chair as he adds, "Oh, and Selene wanted to say, she's following up on her own leads, trying to find that ring for you." Off any sort of reaction, Johnny holds up his hands. "Don't ask me how she knows. You know her-- she finds out everyone's secrets, especially if they're online."

He waves this aside. "Regardless, I'm mostly here to make a delivery," and he holds out the envelope. "Ordinarily, I'd have just dropped this in the mail slot, but, well, I was passing through, making sure that other P.I. in town, Mister-what-thinks-he's-a-wizard, is keeping out of trouble, so I figured I'd do this all personal like."

The envelope, when opened, would have the same kind of letter, and the plane ticket. In this case, however, no 8x10.

Chanlin 05-08-2012 03:58 PM

Location: Chicago - E.J.'s Office

Emmett glances up at the voice of Johnny Mercury. His eyes track his movement, his stare perhaps a bit too intent as though he is looking through him rather than at him (soul gazing just to be sure, Johnny would be used to this since he does it EVERY time). He quirks an eyebrow at "the other PI" comment.

"Just passing through. And here I was about to get all self important." He opens the envelope and reads over the note and looks at the ticket. "First class, I'm flattered."

He picks up his office phone dials a number, "Hey Murray, I'm going out of town for awhile, I'm going to direct a few clients whose cases can't wait your way." He pauses, "Yeah Mur, sure, uh huh. Yeah, thanks man." He hangs up and glances at Johnny, "You'll have to send Selene my thanks next time you're 'just passing through' her part of wherever. I just hope she has had more luck than I have."

He sighs, "So any idea what we're getting into? Or is it the usual 'Don't ask me I'm just the messenger' schtick?"

Jay 2K Winger 05-08-2012 04:22 PM

Location: Chicago - E.J.'s Office

Johnny Mercury shows no sign of bother at the piercing stare. He's an actor, a frequent figure on TMZ and the occasional newsstand tabloid cover story, so he's quite used to people staring. "Of course it's first class!" he declares, grinning. "We look after our own."

He rises. "I don't usually 'just pass through' Selene's neck of the woods. She'll hear about your thanks soon enough anyway." As he heads for the door, he turns and spreads his hands. "That's my lot in life, E.J. I'm the messenger. But I know this much: this is something big. Might want to prep for it."

And then he steps back through the door and is gone.

Scorpodael 05-10-2012 03:43 AM

A week ago, Jack Childs had opened the door to his rented home in Omaha to find a letter. The day after, he had started making arrangements for his shop to run without him for "awhile". Four days ago, he'd packed his bags, putting together insulated packages of meat at the bottom of his bag, along with ice packs, various toiletries, and clothes. And today, he is on a bus, being driven through whichever godsforsaken desert it was that lay between him and his destination...

The man doesn't care much for this at all. He never did. That... thing that had been snatching up runaways? He would've killed it without being ordered to. It'd taken a hell of a lot of stabbing, though. But the desert... He isn't good with deserts. He doesn't know how he knows it, but that's hardly surprising. Half of his life- from the time he'd discovered what he was up until the time of the accident- was pretty much a blur. Part of the reason that he was even on this bus was simply pique, a desire to completely ignore the gift of a free ride. The other part was his knife. He certainly isn't going to leave it behind, or let anyone else handle it. It's his. It's special. And it's a deadly weapon of the sort you don't want to carry around in an airport. Bus security is a hell of a lot easier to get past... stuff the knife in his bag, and he's done.

Jack shifts slightly in his seat, his whirlwind thoughts helping to take the edge off... The letter he'd received. What a piece of work that was. Vague, faintly insulting, with all the personality of a movie star behind it- compelling, but scripted to achieve a desired result. He sighs a bit. It probably WAS something important... but not in the ways that he'd expect. One thing doesn't necessarily lead to another, after all. So many heartbeats all around him... Strong, mortal heartbeats. Some stronger than others. He closes his eyes, and just focuses on them, the steady, discordant rhythm of the hearts of two dozen strangers bringing him another measure of calm...

Naamah 05-10-2012 02:09 PM

Location: Summerís Cafe, Las Vegas

Thirty-nine hours, one cross-country flight, two hangovers, and one trip to a Michaelís later - actually, hangover #2 is still being an late staying guest, so take that under consideration - and Aiden is in the wonderful city of Las Vegas.


With fatigue settling on his eyelids, he cleans up as well as he can at the hotel, tossing on a pair of khakis and a t-shirt with some weathered 80ís version of an advertising logo on it. Itís too godsawful hot here even in early May for him to go around in business casual.

Then he picks up the bag from Michaelís and sets out.

Summerís Cafe is a nice cozy place, a storefront the drunks and malcontents let their eyes pass over easily. Aiden was impressed by the discreet charms on it the first time heíd come. They brewed a quality cup of coffee and their espresso was pulled by hand. And, if you talk to the owner the right way and pass her a twenty, sheíll drip in some of her homemade hangover remedy - the kind a scion of a healing deity would make, the kind that really did work. Aiden had never been so rude as to inquire about the particulars of her heritage, of course.

He settles himself into a chair in a corner, nibbles slowly on a digestive biscuit while sipping the hot coffee. And when his brain pushes enough of the cobwebs out of the way, he retrieves his parcel and begins work.

Needle through the loop, yarn around the needle, pull it through and pull it off.

Heíd seen cold in the future when heíd wound the thread. Perhaps a nice fluffy scarf.

[Please feel free to drop in and introduce yourself. While I donít think Aidenís worked with any of these particular scions before, they may have seen him in passing at one point or another.]

Chanlin 05-11-2012 02:24 AM

Location: Summerís Cafe, Las Vegas

The one perk to living in Chicago is getting many one way flights to most major cities in the US. A lazy and relaxing 3 and a half hours later EJ finds himself on the ground. Checking some details he got from a friend he books a cab and heads out to get a room and some decent non-airline coffee.

After inquiring at the hotel, perhaps by chance, perhaps by fate, he finds himself at Summer's Cafe. His well worn trenchcoat seems, perhaps, a bit out of place. Wandering over to the counter after briefly scanning the crowd he orders a plain black coffee and a piece of apple pie. He smiles as the serving girl hands over his order, "Congratulations."

She seems a bit surprised but grins widely, "How could you tell?" In answer he holds up his hand and points to his ring finger. He silently takes his order and scans the crowd again. Ever since coming through the door his sixth sense had been going off though he hadn't quite yet determined if more than one like himself were present. Scanning over the crowd again his eyes settle on a man in the back working a needle and yarn.

He walks over with a cordial grin, "Mind if I sit here?"

KabeRinnaul 05-11-2012 05:24 AM

Luke stopped as he dug through his bag while coming down the precinct's stairs. He always checked to make sure they didn't take anything when he got picked up, but this was the first time he'd seen anyone add something. His confusion turned to an irritated groan when he opened it up and saw the picture.

He'd figure out later if the groan was at Johnny's ego or at being grabbed for something again.

He sighed and sat on a nearby bench to read over the letter. The usual - need your help, promises of aid, but nothing yet... Oh and hey, written just for him by his esteemed relation. Yeah, thanks dad. But still, it was probably time to move on by now. He was on a first-name basis with the front desk, and he practically had his own room in the cells downstairs. That and he was fairly certain he'd been banned from every bar and diner in a five-block radius by now, too.

Which settled it. Now he just had to find a way to get through airport security. It was a toss-up whether his appearance or the various "toys" he carried in his pack would be the bigger problem.

Jay 2K Winger 05-11-2012 01:36 PM

Location: Airport by Luke (What city, exactly?)

At the airport, when Luke has his momentary worry about his "toys" getting through TSA, a friendly voice speaks up. "No worries, mate," the voice says in a rough Australian accent, "them whackas won't give you any trub."

When Luke turns to see who it is, he'll find a very large, very well-built man in a short-sleeved black shirt, wearing a crocodile-skin vest with dog tags. A slouch hat (which has clearly been through the wars from the clear signs of wear) perches on his head, and although no weaponry is immediately visible, there's the definite sense that he knows where to lay his hands on some, or he's got some hidden away on him. He stands there, arms folded.

Solomon Becker-- known in the Divine community as a "facilitator" (he gets things done, never you mind how)-- grins at Luke. "'Ullo, Brighto." Continuing on his earlier train of thought, he says, "Them Above're lookin' out for us on our way to the big meet-up in Vegas. And besides, I've taken care of things for ya. Just you have a good flight, Brighto. I'll see ya there."

Naamah 05-11-2012 03:42 PM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

The fuzz was stronger.

He hadn't been paying too much attention to the customers coming in, spending more time on the evenness of his stitches. But sometime lately, another had joined them.

<<Not Sol not Sol not Sol...>> he thought feverently.

When Emmett spoke to him, his eyes came up measured. His knitting paused, and he gave a brief look at the other man. Then he gave a friendly shrug and picked up his coffee with his left hand.

"It's not taken. Go ahead." He takes a sip and thanks the world for healing deities. Then a penny drops, and he gives a gentle smile to his new coffee companion. "Although isn't it terribly hot for a trenchcoat around here?"

Chanlin 05-11-2012 04:27 PM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

EJ takes off his coat and hangs it on the chair back and sits down, "Never too hot." He gives a slight grin takes a bite of pie, "Call it the habit of my profession. Name's Emmett by the way."

Naamah 05-11-2012 05:31 PM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas


The aesir-kin realized he'd opened the door to the conversation by his comment - and cursed himself mentally.

"Well," he mused, returning to his knitting. "A profession. So you work, which rules out 'mentally disturbed otaku with a blade of Hanzo steel.' Could be a gangster. Or a replicant."

A little, private grin. "Or do you work for UNATCO, Mister Emmett?"

Chanlin 05-11-2012 05:53 PM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Emmett takes a few more bites of pie and a sip of coffee while Aiden speaks.

"A movie and video game reference in one go. I think I like you." He takes another sip of coffee, "If you don't want to chat we don't have to. I just figured I might get to know you the way normal people do it since it seems we're both in town for the same conference." He sets his coffee down and takes the last bite of his pie.

Kheldarson 05-11-2012 06:34 PM

Deann felt wilted the moment she stepped off the plane and into the Nevada heat. Why anybody would want to live out here was beyond her. She was in her lightest hiking clothes--one would be boyfriend had described her as looking like an archeologist, which was still bull--and she was still sweltering in this heat.

Lacking the funds for a hotel that provided a shuttle service, let alone the funds for a cab, she filled up a water bottle and started walking the way her print out from Google maps had told her. She supposed the walk itself wasn't bad--just hot and bothersome--but she'd still be glad for going back home to Pennsylvania.

She glanced down at her next set of directions and stopped. Turn left into Summer's Cafe and take a break, you silly girl. She looked left to see a small hole-in-the-wall type place that did look cool and inviting.

Nevermind it didn't seem like anybody else was paying attention to it.

She dropped her head and sighed. "You know, I wish, just once, she'd come out and talk to me straight."

Scorpodael 05-11-2012 08:41 PM

Jack stepped off the bus, looking up at the city, barely even feeling the heat over a sense of foreboding... He didn't much like the desert, but he HATED this city. Full of broken hearts and broken dreams, empty promises of wealth beyond imagining if you'd just stay for one more hand, one more spin, pull the lever one more time... Out of money? You have something someone will buy. Your clothes. Your dignity. Your family. Your soul. Hopelessness dressed up in glitz and glamour, a siren call to the rich and the ignorant, the unlucky and the just plain stupid. A perfect place, in fact, for unsavory sorts to find desperate people. To do their bidding for a couple of bucks. To be their host. To be their prey.

He shook his head. His thoughts were turning to the macabre... The desert was a bad place for him. So he started walking, wandering first into a bookstore, coming out with a thick paperback with an orange cover. It was a dictionary, but not of the usual sort- it was a dictionary of symbols. Might help identify what he was going to be dealing with if the folks in charge weren't going to be straightforward. Hell, it was a useful reference even if they told him exactly what to expect. Then he closes his eyes, and starts to wander about the sidewalks, letting himself be drawn in by his other senses, The sense for other children of the gods, and his sense for heartbeats... when he opened his eyes next, he was standing about 10 feet behind Deann, staring at the cafe, book in hand.

Naamah 05-12-2012 12:51 AM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Aiden almost missed a stitch.

His smile froze briefly, as he mentally recovered from the surprise. Then he set down the knitting, and gave a long, considerate look at Emmett.

Ankh. Could be any of a number. No matter. Smart one. Either he's got an ability to tell, one of the closer scions told him, or he looked at the rune and had a lucky guess. Or any mix of the above.

He imagined following up with, oh, really? you're here for the FuckathonCon too? i only use organic latex in my, shall we say, attire? but his tongue didn't feel quite sharp enough to give it his best.

A slow, deliberate blink. And then a gentle sigh.

"Well, Johnny is quite a convincing fellow. And I just couldn't subject fellows to my possible replacement on the... team." The last word was just a touch strained. "So what's your expertise? You know, in case we find a nest of ice dragons, it'd be nice to know if you're the one who tries to kill them, or do the intelligent thing."

KabeRinnaul 05-12-2012 04:04 AM

Location: Airport with Crocodile Dundee Solomon (Undecided on the city - something Southeast, in the coastal states - Richmond, Charlotte, Charleston SC, Atlanta...)

"I have no idea what you just said, but I'm guessing you've got a handle on things. And maybe you say they're looking out for us, but with our history you start to wonder eventually. TLDR, we're working for a bunch'a dicks but it's better than the alternative. Don't think we've met. Name's Luke."

And while he wasn't going to let the Australian know it, he was actually pretty relieved at this turn of events. He was already pretty sure his political activities would have him on a list somewhere. And he was betting bringing his gear anywhere near an airport would be the final straw. Would've made for a damn good excuse to not go, though.

Jay 2K Winger 05-12-2012 04:38 AM

Location: Airport in the Southeastern US - A few days before the meet (Luke)

The Aussie is still grinning a bit, nodding his head. "We haven't met, mate, but trust me, I know who ya are, Cooley." He lifts a hand and touches the brim of his hat. "Name's Solomon. Solomon Becker." Luke may have heard the name before, even from non-Divine sources. Solomon was a man to know if you needed to get your hands on something, or if you needed something done, never mind how.

"'Course Them Above're arseholes," Solomon says, shrugging. "And right choosy about who they choose to favor, too," he adds. "Me folks aren't from your neck of the woods, obviously," he adds, and taps one of his dog-tags. Luke would spot an Eye of Ra design on one, a sure-fire sign of the Egyptian Divinity. "But they're gonna make sure ya get through security, Brighto."

He spreads his hands. "Anyways, mate, you best get yer arse moving. I got me own transpo to Vegas. I'll see ya there."

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas - Now (Aiden, EJ, Deann, Jack)

Unheeded by any of the other scions, a woman sits in one corner, legs folded under herself as she pecks away on a high-end laptop. Her eyes rarely leave the screens in front of her, and if her hands aren't busy on the keyboard, they are either pulling a latte over to sip, or picking up an electronic tablet to flick through some more data. She has the wan pallor typical of someone who needs more time in the sun, with night-black hair and eyes.

Those present would, if they tried, pick up the sense of the Divine on the woman. She glances up as they enter, and EJ would probably recognize her in passing. This is Selene Hoffman. She doesn't offer any sort of greeting if he spots her, however. She never has been good at socializing without a screen in front of her.

Chanlin 05-12-2012 05:01 AM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

"I'm a PI by trade." Emmett begins, "I have a knack for noticing what most other folks miss. Something that runs in my mom's side of the family I guess." He sips his coffee. "I'm good at ferreting out the truth of things. And I can generally tell when someone is lying." He glances back around the room again.

"Seems we have quite the turn out."

(OOC: His glance assumes others have come in finally)

Kheldarson 05-12-2012 05:06 AM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Deann sighs as she decides to just go with the instructions and head into the cafe. It's definitely a relief to get in out of the sun. She tingles with the sensation of not being alone, of having others like her around. She ignores it though, going up to the counter to ask for a glass of water before sitting down at a table.

KabeRinnaul 05-12-2012 05:15 AM

Location: Mystery Airport
Luke nods. "Yeah, figure I'll get there one way or another. Guess I'll be seein' you, then."

Luke and the man he would always mentally refer to as Crocodile Dundee went their separate ways, Luke heading for the flight his ticket directed him towards. He still wasn't entirely sure how they knew where to find them, or how they planted the envelope, or how they knew which flight he'd need to catch, or... Okay, he had to stop there and just assume that somewhere, somehow, someone was born to the right kind of deity for that sort of thing. If it wasn't Johnny Mercury, that is. Who knew what all that guy did.

So timeskip! and he's soon walking down a street in Las Vegas. While it wasn't all that much hotter than the Southeast, he could have done with less dust in the air. On an impulse, he dropped into a random bar he was passing in the hopes of begging a drink. Once he was inside, his senses finally kicked into place and he was once again cursing heritage and instincts all at once.

Naamah 05-12-2012 04:31 PM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

It's hard to describe how the sense feels. It's not easy to quantify - at least not with the level of power Aiden has. He can feel it louder, though how many people is impossible for him to tell.

But that's not quite as important.

"Truth. And... how long have you worked with the ethereal families?" He drains the rest of his coffee, and feels the spark start to glint in the back of his mind. He tries to ignore it. "I'll weigh my soul against the Feather any day - just give me a few dozen helium balloons, I'll be perfectly fine."

He glances around, sees Selene - sees Deann - sees Jack. He rolls his eyes and raises his voice, not shouting but letting the words carry clearly. "Okay. Everybody who's Johnny's guest to this lovely oasis in the desert, why don't you come over here and we can do the introductions thing. Because gods know we'll be bunked up together and sharing toothbrushes soon anyway. At least we can co-ordinate who's bringing which liquor."

Kheldarson 05-12-2012 07:32 PM

"I'm not the bunking up type. So I think I'll just stay right here, thank you very much." She shoots the speaker a 'what are you going to do about it' look. This is paired with a quick once over of him, ending with a quirked eyebrow, and obvious mental assignment of 'just another pretty boy'.

Scorpodael 05-12-2012 10:48 PM

Jack sighs, and heads on inside the cafe, looking rather haggard and tired... right up until he reaches into the pouch at his side, opening it up carefully, and drawing out one of the raw hearts, which he then pops in his mouth with a slight grimace, chewing and swallowing. He rubs his eyes a bit, and when he removes his hand, he looks much better- not at all like he just spent several days on the bus.

Sitting down at the table, he sets the book down, title up, and takes his knife out of his duffel, sheathing it at his side. "Jack Childs. Son of Tlaloc." He says quietly, and leans back slightly, looking up at the ceiling. "And I have a very, very bad feeling about this city in general, and Johnny in particular."

Jay 2K Winger 05-13-2012 01:16 AM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

When Aiden makes his little call, there's a bit of a sigh from a couple of the people present. Summer herself, the cafe's owner, glances up and just shakes her head.

Selene Hoffman, meanwhile, heaves a bit of a sigh as she scoops up her laptop, her tablet, and her latte, then moves over to Aiden's table. She sits instead at the next table, but in such a way that she's facing the group as she sets her gear up again, resuming her work without missing a beat.

"Selene Hoffman. Not here on Johnny's invitation," she says, in the kind of clipped, short way common to the kinds of people whose brains work faster than they can usually handle. "Here for meet anyway. Coordinated flights and transportation." She glances briefly at Jack, adding, "Not sure why plane was unavailable. Bus serves just as well."

She then switches to a different tack without pausing for breath, "Vegas good for digital signals, but too much stimuli outside to parse. Much better inside, much better in here especially." She finally stops and inhales sharply before concluding, almost as an afterthought, "Nice to meet you."

The entire time, apart from her glance to Jack, and then at the group in general at her final line, she has been busily tapping away at her laptop and tablet.

KabeRinnaul 05-13-2012 06:22 AM

Luke shrugs and drops into a seat near Deann, deciding through some convoluted logic that she was likely the most approachable woman in the gathering. "Hey. Get dragged here on family business too?"

Mytical 05-13-2012 06:24 AM

Location: MGM, Grand Garden Arena..Night before the Meeting.

Mike "The Wolf" Hammer sighed headed toward the back of the arena. Photographers were everywhere, asking him how it felt to once again be undefeated in his, what was it again..twentieth, successful title defense? Of course he put on a smiling face, complimented his competition on how great they were, not believing a word of it. He shut out the reporters, leaning against the wall.

He would have never accepted such a small purse, nor such a useless title defense, if not for the letter. Finally something he could really sink his teeth into. There had better be a real challenge, or he and this Johnny Mercury was gonna have words. He just didn't know how he was going to do it without the whole world knowing. His last mission had been sort of a bust because of it, good thing it had turned out that it was a false alarm. All it had taken was some of his fame, and some of his money..and the problem had been solved.

"Hey Harvey, next time I accept a bout just to get a free lift to somewhere..slap me would ya?" He was talking to his 'Manager' Harvey West. Harvey was a decent enough manager, but knew to do what Lupo asked..when he asked.

"Come on Champ, couldn't have been that bad?"

"Bad? I practically threw myself into his punches, and he still missed. How can I put on a good show if the guy can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag?!" Sad but true, the guy he had fought was not even in the top 20, he had pushed it as a 'Giving the new guys a shot at the top'..but this guy had a long way to go before he was going to be ready..for somebody who was not part god.

"That bad then. Well champ, you didn't come here for this fight. So, relax..tomorrow is the important thing." Harvey was smart enough, Lupo had always liked Harvey.

"Your right Harvey. I just want to know when somebody will give me a challenge."

================================================== ==

Next morning..

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Lupo Virtis walked into the Cafe without much fanfaire. He didn't speak much, never had..he just quietly slid into a seat, listened to everybody. The rest of the place had already noticed him, and quickly looked away. His presence meant he would never go unnoticed, but people almost always looked away immediately. Which was good and bad. People knew that he and Mike were the same, but were most of the time too intimidated to ask for his autograph or bother him when he was 'Lupo'. When it come time to intro himself, he just simply stated. "Lupo. Hope the stares from the others don't bother noone. At least it shouldn't this Johnny."

Chanlin 05-13-2012 06:53 AM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

Emmett takes a moment to stare around the room (soul gaze). For some the intense gaze is unnerving, for others they wonder exactly what the hell he is looking at, others still wonder if they have something on their face. (I'll leave the exact details up to the players for how they specifically react).

"Well hopefully things will get a little more pleasant once we're out of this heat." He gives what he hopes is a disarming grin, "I recommend the apple pie by the way. It's quite good." He sips at his coffee.

Mytical 05-13-2012 07:08 AM

Lupo feels the gaze, but since what you see is what you get with him..and he is use to stares..shrugs it off. He has to admit though, not many people gaze at him that long. Most find their cornflakes (or newspapers, etc) really fascinating quick.

Kheldarson 05-13-2012 07:52 AM

Deann shifts uncomfortably as Emmett's gaze lands on her, or maybe it's the fact a stranger just plunked himself down in front of her. She takes another sip of her water and says to the man in front of her, "Seems to be the problem of the day here."

Naamah 05-13-2012 01:15 PM

Gods fucking damnit. Where did you pull this pack up?

Emmett's gaze is simply ignored by Aiden, who's coming to the wonderful conclusion that this is, indeed, going to be Another One Of Those Times. He pulls up his phone and takes a little time to tap something in, then leaves it on his lap, sits up, and starts trying to make sense.

"Right. Hi Jack. That's a big knife. Rainy days are here again. You bring the tequila." He turned and waved his fingers at Lupo. "Hi Wolfie. I see the brawn showed up. A handle of vodka or eight would be great. Emmett... I just know you keep a bottle of whiskey in the bottom drawer of your desk, so whatever brand that is will be A-OK by me."

"As for the Ginger-Shrimp Cocktail over there," Aiden gives an uncharacteristic toothy grin, "the gentleman could find some poteen, and - oh, dear, underage. Can't believe Johnny pulled such a young kid into this. Well, you can grab some soda and mixers for us, couldn't you?"

And a bubble pops up on Selene's Gmail Chat:

Aiden Mistel: Okay, co-ordinator. How cold are we talking? Like, wear layers, wear a parka, or wear a spacesuit?

Scorpodael 05-13-2012 03:05 PM

Jack blinks slowly at Selene... "The bus was intentional. I'm a man with dark skin and a sacrificial knife who carries around a bag full of raw hearts. Why, exactly, would I expect airport security to just ignore me?"

Around then is when he notices Emmett's Soul Gaze, and looks back at him momentarily, before glancing back at Aiden. "Aztec. Not Mexican. Pulque's the cultural alcohol." He says, deadpan... And then actually reaches into the duffel, and brings out a bottle of a milky white substance. "'s better for you, too." He says, sliding it over toward the man. "And no, I don't have any more. I'm not even sure where I got that bottle from."

Truth be told, the only reason that he'd even taken it with him in the first place was on the off chance that he'd need to get drunk to travel across the desert... He hadn't needed it, and had no interest in carrying it any longer. He really didn't know where it had come from- it had been sitting on the shelf when he had gotten out of the hospital, and only knew what it was due to the label and a quick dictionary search.

Kheldarson 05-13-2012 04:50 PM

Deann bristles slightly at the underage comment. "Not underaged. I just choose not to drink neither this early nor when I'm trying to walk to my motel in the heat of the day."

KabeRinnaul 05-13-2012 05:09 PM

A soul gaze on Luke would mainly reveal that while he's acting irritated with this whole development, but that's just because he doesn't like being told what to do. He's actually looking forward to the task itself.

"'Poteen'? The hell are you talking about? And why don't you try me an' see what happens?"

Mytical 05-13-2012 06:41 PM

Lupo's ears perked up at that comment. "No alcohol for me, I'm always training. Keep the body in tip top shape.." he looks at the guy who made the challenge. "Never know when somebody is actually going to give me a challenge." He smiles, which is sort of disconcerting..they don't call him 'The Wolf' for nothing. "If I am not in front of the cameras or in the ring, I am not 'Wolf'..I am Lupo, Virtis, or Mr. Virtis if I don't like you." a sideways glance to the person who called him 'Wolfe'.

Jay 2K Winger 05-13-2012 07:41 PM

Location: Summer's Cafe, Las Vegas

To the soul gaze, Selene appears like a bundle of energy, which nevertheless is... distributed. But not anything present, but out there on the ether. One might assume this is due to her always-online nature.

"Poteen," the hacker pipes in. "Traditional distilled Irish beverage. Highly alcoholic. Sort of like Irish moonshine. Surprised you don't know about it," she adds to Luke, continuing, "Would like to try pulque. Another time perhaps, much too busy coordinating things," she pauses, inhaling sharply, and concludes, "maybe later."

Aiden receives a reply almost instantly on Google Chat, while she's speaking, but in the same almost staccato manner of her speech:

Selene Hoffman: Don't know details.
Selene Hoffman: Assume worst.
Selene Hoffman: Especially when Merc involved.
Selene Hoffman: Do know job starts in Denver.
Selene Hoffman: Don't know why meet is in Vegas.
Sent at 3:34PM
Selene Hoffman: I have a bad feeling about this job.

After a few more bits of posturing, everyone's phones gets a text message. The number may not be familiar, but the message within, especially when Selene gives another one of those put-upon sighs, makes no doubts about who it's from.

The text message reads:
Mirage. Room 2827. Come as U R. Open bar awaits! <3 Johnny

"At least it isn't B.Y.O.B.," Selene notes as she drains her latte and tosses it in a nearby wastebin.

KabeRinnaul 05-13-2012 10:19 PM

"My great grandparents might've known about it, but me and my mom have never been back to the family home. The only moonshine I've ever had was the Appalachian redneck variety."

And he currently has no phone to check, so he'll be trying to have a look at someone else's screen.

Kheldarson 05-13-2012 11:06 PM

Since he's sitting near Deann, it's probably hers. Her only response to it is, "Why does that man think an open bar is a requirement for these things?"

Jay 2K Winger 05-14-2012 12:45 AM

GM Note: Timeskip! - Feel free to have any final bits at the cafe, set up transportation to the Mirage, etc.

Location: The Mirage, Las Vegas

Upon arriving at the hotel/casino, a hotel employee greets them, confirming who each person is while consulting a tablet. "Everything's been arranged, if you'll follow me," the bellhop says, and leads their charge(s) to an elevator. "And there was a slight hiccup with the reservation. You've been upgraded." (This statement passes as a truth, as far as the hotel employees know.)

The penthouse suite that the group eventually arrives at is luxurious. Three bedrooms, multiple TVs, and so much more. Selene heads straight for a desk, where she sets up her gear and folds her legs under her as she picks up right where she'd left off.

When the last of the group arrives, the bellhop passes out keycards. "If there is anything you require, just call the concierge or the front desk, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Welcome to the Mirage."

No sign of Johnny yet, but there is a note on one of the tables: Chillax a bit. Be with you soon! <3 Johnny.

Scorpodael 05-14-2012 02:12 AM

When Jack sees the note, he sighs, and sinks down into a chair near the door of the suite they've been given. "Wonderful. Just... Wonderful." He says, before turning toward Selene. "You're Selene, right? Where do you think Johnny is going to take us next? Because to be frank, I'm nearly useless out here in the desert..." He says, before turning to look back at the door, and then closing his eyes, focusing on the sense that tells him about heartbeats all around him...

Naamah 05-14-2012 02:57 AM

Aiden gives a look to Jack, then to the bottle, then back to the Aztec with a look of genuine pleasure. "We'll save it, then, yes?" He takes the bottle of pulque, wraps it carefully in his napkins, lays it in his bag full of yarn.

He does his best not to smirk at Luke, but the sigh Selene gives is echoed almost verbatim by him. He picks up his bag and rises. "Simple," he says to Deann. "Sugar coating on the poison pill. Well, Jack, nice to meet you, as crazy a sumbitch you seem - and the rest of you, of course. I'll see you at the Mirage."

Location: The Mirage, Room 2827, Las Vegas

Aiden finds a seat, settles down, leans back to open the minibar behind him and pulls out a bottle of Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale. He offers (and gently tosses over, if accepted) to Jack and Selene, opens the bottle on the edge of the table, and sips calmly.

GChat with Selene

Aiden Mistel: You working logistics and intel this time too?

Kheldarson 05-14-2012 03:44 AM

Deann looks at her keycard. "Wait, does he expect all of us to stay here? Because, no offense, staying with a bunch of strangers just doesn't fly with me."

Mytical 05-14-2012 04:15 AM

Lupo shrugs at the accommodations. Though he could easily afford such, he preferred much more low key rooms. "If you do not want to stay where he set you up, let me know. I'll foot the bill for you a separate room if the hotel has any." he shrugs. It's just money. Between his boxing and MMA career, and good investments, he had enough never to have to worry about it. "Too posh for me, but guess it will do."

Kheldarson 05-14-2012 04:40 AM

"Actually it's more the fact that I already set up a room and I'm gonna get charged for it one way or another. And I really don't have the salary to support wasting money like that."

KabeRinnaul 05-14-2012 05:00 AM

Summer's Cafe
"Maybe not a requirement, but I think I can appreciate it."

Later, the Mirage
Actually paying for drinks was such a rare occurrence for Luke that he'd never really learned what in particular was good to order. Thus he found himself sitting near a window with some jagermeister, mainly waiting to see what was going on this time.

Chanlin 05-14-2012 09:32 AM

At the Mirage

EJ quirks an eyebrow at the comment that they've been upgraded. Once in the room he takes a seat where he can watch the door. When Deann speaks up he adds to the conversation saying, "I secured a room before going to the cafe myself, so I probably won't be staying here either."

Jay 2K Winger 05-14-2012 04:45 PM

Location: Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas

Selene declines Aiden's offer of Sierra Nevada, still busily tapping away on her laptop and tablet and phone. "Open bar. Meant to ply us with booze. Make us more susceptible to job pitch," she states in her typical fast, staccato way, barely pausing for breath, "Always beware of razor in the candy floss. Johnny means well, just a bit of a cloaca." And yes, she does use that term. Without pausing, she goes on, "Important job, anyway. Can't call the demis up. Heavy-hitters otherwise occupied." She pauses, inhales sharply, and concludes, "Has to be us."

GChat with Aiden

Selene Hoffman: Not logistics. Solomon handling those.
Selene Hoffman: Handling a lot of intel.
Selene Hoffman: For this job and others.
Selene Hoffman: Lot of data to sift through.
Selene Hoffman: Could be worse.
Selene Hoffman: Brigitte's group chasing Kane Taoka around in southern hemisphere.
Sent at 4:25PM
Selene Hoffman: Antarctica, to be precise.

While folks are discussing accommodations and so on, there's a knock at the door. A deep voice on the other side says, "Housekeeping."

But Emmett would be able to tell that's a lie. And Jack would immediately pick up a pair of basso profundo heartbeats that were decidedly not human.

The door's lock beeps and clicks, as from a master key, and then opens to admit two figures of dimensions large enough that they both have to duck to get through the door. They wear ill-fitting bellhop uniforms, one wearing a cap which is removed to reveal the solitary eye above its nose. The other is quite hirsute, but its skin has an unearthly pallor to it, and its beard is coated in a sort of hoarfrost.

Despite their size, they move with remarkable speed to get in the room before they can be stopped, and then the cyclops shuts the door behind them. The jotun bears sharp teeth and pops its neck as it produces a knife.

GM Note: Cue some conflict! Shouldn't be too difficult for a roomful of scions to take on a cyclops and frost giant. Don't worry too much about collateral damage, btw. Our little band is on an expense account that would blow your mind.

Chanlin 05-14-2012 05:03 PM

Emmett has just enough time to register the thought Housekeeping is a lie? before the door begins to open. He calls out "Trouble!" and dives behind the couch he had been sitting on and quickly glances around the room looking for something useful...

Jay 2K Winger 05-14-2012 05:38 PM

GM Note: Posting on behalf of Naamah, who is having some issues with her net.

Aiden takes a look at the two decidedly-not-Housekeepings, starts to take another sip of beer - and tosses the bottle directly at the Cyclops's head before diving under the table.

"Fire. The jotuun. Someone set him on fire."

Kheldarson 05-14-2012 05:57 PM

Deann dives behind the nearest cover herself, thanking all the pantheon that she had the foresight to pack her smallest bow in her pack. She pulls out a thin stick, about the length of her forearm and begins to string it. Anybody near her would also notice what seems like mini-arrows sticking from the top of her pack.

KabeRinnaul 05-14-2012 06:06 PM

Luke reaches into his pack and pulled out an extending baton, whipping it out to full length and heading for the two giants. He's doing his best to keep calm, since there are just too many bystanders and (probably) friendlies in the room to risk letting himself go.

Mytical 05-14-2012 06:10 PM

Lupo immediately starts eyeing the cyclops, anticipating its movements, information flooding his brain. Weak spots, if it favors its right or left, how much time it takes for it to do a maneuver. Meanwhile he launches himself at the beast, fear and thoughts of his own safety slipping away. Other things start to fade away, it's just him and the beast...and defeating that beast. His powerful right hand lands on what should be a kidney, then the back of his elbow what should be where a lung is. The beast feels the blows, but seems not as affected as they should be.

Sliding under a wild swing, his forearm connects with a knee, making the creature scream out in pain.

Kheldarson 05-14-2012 06:13 PM

About this time, Deann's got her bow ready and gets up slightly, sighting the Cyclops, and more particularly its eye. She takes a deep breath and lets go, hoping the arrows are short enough to count for her not against her this time.

((Don't like calling my own finishing shots, so somebody else can determine the success. She's aiming to take his eye out and is concerned cuz her ability won't let her take one hit kills))

Jay 2K Winger 05-14-2012 06:24 PM

Location: Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas

"Stupid children," the cyclops rumbles. "Foolish, foolish godlings."

The jotun chuckles as it pops its knuckles. "Can't believe you took the bait of an upgrade..."

The cyclops starts to lumber forward when Aiden's thrown bottle hits it in the forehead. It grunts and stumbles a bit, but then it glowers angrily, letting out a bellow that shakes the room. Lupo's body shots don't seem to do much to injure it, though it does stagger as the fists strike home. The shot to its knee makes it stumble. Then the jotun grabs the MMA fighter around the neck with a thick arm, a chill radiating from the Titanspawn's body as it stumbles away, locking its arm under his jaw and pressing its other hand to the back of his head, trying to lock on a blood choke. "Always wanted a chance to beat the champ," the jotun snarls with a grin as it staggers backward, its own massive strength allowing it to lift Lupo off his feet.

The cyclops, meanwhile, is lumbering toward E.J. and Aiden. Selene moves and dives behind the bar, grabbing a bottle of rum and a dish towel. She's busily dousing the towel with rum as she turns to Emmett. "There's a lighter in the drawer, right there," she points to a drawer in the end table. The cyclops reaches the couch behind which Emmett is hiding, grabbing it and hurling it aside--

--just in time for Deann's arrow to catch it in the eye. The bellow is more of a shriek this time, the massive Titanspawn staggering back and clutching at its face. "My eye!" it wails. "You shot my eye!"

KabeRinnaul 05-14-2012 06:27 PM

Unfortunately for the cyclops, it's not only fighting Lupo and blinded by the arrow that just struck it's eye, but Luke jumps in as well, delivering expert strikes to the monster's joints with his baton, breaking a kneecap on the second strike. It might have been more tactically sound to go after the jotuun, but the cyclops simply bore too much resemblance to the fomorii, and grudges that old die hard.

Kheldarson 05-14-2012 06:35 PM

Deann breathes a near sigh of relief that her arrow took and lines up another arrow--this time aiming for the jotuun's elbow.

Chanlin 05-14-2012 06:52 PM

EJ nods to Selene and grabs the lighter as well as a few bottles from the mini-bar. He gives the lighter an underhand toss to Selene and then begins hurling the bottles at the Jotun. "Hey ugly, try picking on someone your own size!" In his mind he's thinking So cliche... but it usually works. His aim is three fold. 1: Douse the brute in alcohol for the coming flames 2: Distract his attention from Selene so she can get him with her homemade Molotov. 3: Hopefully tick him off enough to drop Lupo before he's set on fire.

Scorpodael 05-14-2012 08:22 PM

Jack, meanwhile, was silent, still sitting in the chair, drawing his legs up into it, and drawing his knife... And then lunging in low, slashing at the back of the Jotun's legs with the surgically sharp steel, trying to open up large arteries, and to hamstring it. "No, no, Frosty... pay attention to ME. I'm going to carve out your heart and EAT it..." He says, with his eyes wide, and a very nasty grin on his face... The scariest thing about that statement was that Emmett would be able to tell that he actually fully intended to carve out this creature's heart and eat it.

Jay 2K Winger 05-14-2012 09:34 PM

GM Note: Pardon a few bits of powerplay here, in the interest of zomgdrama.

Location: Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas - Bobby No-Eyes the Cyclops & Frosty the Jotun vs Our Ragtag Band of Misfits

The jotun grunts a few times as bottles of alcohol shatter both against its tough skin and the wall, dousing both it and Lupo in booze. The frost giant turns one pale eye balefully on Emmett, baring its jagged teeth. "I thought I was," the Titanspawn sneers. (Picking on someone his own size, that is.) It kept its arms locked tight around Lupo's head, swinging him this way and that, hoping to prevent the Mars-kin from fighting back.

That's when things start going wrong for it. First Deann's next arrow flies. It doesn't quite fly entirely true; the arrow grazes against Lupo's cheek, slicing it open before burying itself in the jotun's wrist behind the fighter's head. Icy cold ichor spurts from the wound, drawing another bellow of pain. "Hellenic whelp!" the frost giant snarls. "I'll--" but it's interrupted by Jack, the Aztec-kin's knife succeeding in slicing open its left leg, more of that chilling ichor spilling out, before the knife is turned aside by the jotun's thick Achilles tendon. It doesn't slice through, but it does wound, and the giant's leg buckles, the combination of injuries putting Lupo's feet back on the floor.

"Blood-drinking filth!" the jotun howls. "I'll have your skull for my mead horn!"

On the other side of the room, the blinded cyclops is going berserk, swinging its massive arms around as it tries to find the godling that had been behind the sofa. Its massive feet sweep around on the floor as it careers over toward the bar, its bulk slamming into the counter and rocking it. Selene is up and backing away as she clutches the lighter-- business-end out-- in her teeth, stuffing the rum-soaked towel into the neck of the bottle. "Where you go, Moon-bitch whore?!" the cyclops roars, one sweep of its arm breaking a chunk of the counter off, coming frightfully close to Emmett's location.

Luke's strikes draw forth more bellows of rage from the blinded Titanspawn, especially as one kneecap cracks with a sound like a gunshot. Its leg buckles, and it falls to one knee, but then its elbow comes around like the wrath of the titans, only without any appearances by Sam Worthington or Liam Neeson. It catches Luke with enough force to send him off his feet and flying back a little ways, the baton clattering from his hands and sliding under the table. Growling with fury, the cyclops rips the arrow out of its blinded eye and flings it into the floor as it struggles to get back to its feet. Its huge head swings back and forth, and its flat nostrils flare. "No need eye!" it rumbles. "Can smell you, puny godlings!"

To the Aesir-kin courageously cowering under the table, a thought suddenly strikes him as he looks from the jotun-- which had been doing a fairly good job neutralizing 'Wolfie' with that blood choke-- to the cylcops: No matter how big and strong something is, it can't fight if it can't breathe...

Naamah 05-14-2012 09:59 PM

Fuck fuck fuck this is not in my job description damnit I don't like this but I'd rather the assholes attacking people dead than these pack of morons...

Aiden scurries to the Michael's bag, drawing the next ball of yarn he'd planned for the scarf out and looping a yard around his hands, over and over as he stands up shaking and very carefully sneaking around to the other side of the cyclops.

Then he lunges, throwing the improvised garotte over the titanspawn's head and pulling his weight backward, holding on for dear life.

Scorpodael 05-14-2012 10:06 PM

Jack is still grinning that vicious grin of his, straightening up, and running his tongue over his teeth. "I'd let him go if I were you... Or do you plan to just let me stab you to death? Either way is fine with me, but you're going to need your hands for this one." He says, flicking his knife out, and letting the ichor slide off the blade and splatter against the wallpaper. The cyclops is dangerous, sure, but the Jotun seems smarter, and that is FAR more deadly. Of course, if it's going to keep its back turned to him, he'll be glad to cut it up some more...

Kheldarson 05-14-2012 10:11 PM

"Y'know, I may not particularly like my mother, but she's not a bitch, and I'm not a whore!" Deann shoots another arrow, aiming for the cyclops' diaphragm to help with the whole choking thing going on here.

KabeRinnaul 05-14-2012 10:17 PM

Luke is thrown onto, and through, a wooden chair, shaking his head as he pulls himself up from amid the wreck. He's breathing heavily, but not apparently from his injuries, but rather from some extreme effort - not that anyone can really tell what the focus of that effort might be, though those who know his origins and their mythology might be able to guess if they can see his eyes. One is noticeably dilated, while the other iris has contracted. With a shout, he grabs the broken ends of the chair legs to replace his baton and rushes at the cyclops, switching freely between stabbing with the broken ends and swinging them as clubs. He doesn't even flinch as the arrow grazes his neck and draws blood - likely not even aware it happened.

Chanlin 05-14-2012 10:47 PM

A sudden thought... an out of place detail strikes Emmett he considers the implications of the following points: The upgrade was a ruse meant to trap them, Johnny Left a Note : Both of these can't be true, so there must be someone who wrote the note and set up the room ahead of time.

He muses out loud, "So which of you two is the smart one? I bet you can't even spell your own names." He scoffs... "Hell I bet you had to have someone read the numbers of the rooms for you. It does get difficult counting that high."

Jay 2K Winger 05-15-2012 02:05 PM

Location: Increasingly Damaged Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas

The blinded, berserk, bloodied, bellowing cyclops' roars are choked off with a low squeak as Aiden's improvised garrote catches it around the neck. The big Titanspawn stumbles backward, not completely off-balance, as the Aesir-kin's weight hangs off its neck. One hand tries to grab for the ligature, but it has sunk to deeply into its thick neck for its equally thick fingers to grasp. Its other arm tries to reach back for Aiden, but once again the cyclops' thick body prevents it doing so.

It is so distracted by the effort to clear its airway that it's left rather wide open for Luke's furious assault. It can't even muster up a roar as the makeshift weapons in the Tuatha-kin's hands stab and bludgeon it, its hot ichor staining the remnants of its tattered bellhop disguise. And then Deann's arrow streaks past for the Titanspawn's throat-- grazing Luke's neck en passant-- and penetrates with enough force that Aiden would find the pointy end stopping just in front of his nose.

The cyclops' struggles cease for a moment as it clutches at its bleeding throat, sinking to its knees, a harsh wheeze gurgling from its ruined neck before it pitches forward onto its face. It's not quite dead yet, but it's dying, and too weak from its injuries and the Aesir-kin strangling it to fight back any further.

Meanwhile, the frost giant-- which is indeed the smarter of these two Titanspawn-- manages to force its way back to its full height with a yell, hurling Lupo to the floor with enough force to drive any remaining wind from the fighter's lungs. To add further injury, it stomps a foot down on the small of his back, snarling, "I'll finish with you in a second, Marsson."

That done, the jotun rips the arrow out of its wrist, snapping the shaft in two and flinging the pieces aside. Even with its chilling ichor dripping down its leg and arm, the Titanspawn is still a big fighter. It turns its pale eyes to Emmett. At the insult to its intelligence, the jotun snarls. "Son of Ma'at," it declares, "for one who sees the truth in things, you are remarkably easy to fool with a false note." It smirks.

And sure enough, if E.J. were to look again now, the illusion on the note would be clear. The signature (<3 Johnny) is True, but the rest of the note... that was added later, by someone else's hand. The note had just enough truth on it that the illusion spell was able to fool the P.I.'s abilities.

The jotun glances now at the body of its cycloptic comrade, which is by now going still. It bares its teeth. "Cyclopses are fine berserkr," it remarks. "But if you want brains to go with the brawn, call a jotun. You god-whelps are only delaying the inevitable. When the Jotunhammer falls, so will the darkness, and your world's as good as dead!"

"In that case," Selene quips, rising from behind the bar with the burning Molotov cocktail in one hand, "one must cast a light into the darkness."

She flicks the weapon at the frost giant, whose eyes widen in terror before it shatters against its chest. Flames whoosh up, setting the jotun ablaze and sending it staggering back into the wall. It shrieks in pain and terror, pitching about blindly, cracking the wall. Selene nods in satisfaction. "Cheers," she offers.

Of course, there's the slight problem of Lupo Virtus still being on the floor. He got doused pretty liberally in alcohol as well by Emmett's earlier barrage, and all it would take is the jotun falling down close enough to him to set him on fire as well...

Naamah 05-15-2012 02:57 PM

There's blood on his face, splattered from the arrow scratching the tip of his nose.

Aiden lays on its back, adrenaline rush paralyzing him, every sense hyper alert. He feels the heartbeat fading quickly in the body beneath him. He hears the braggadocio of the jotuun, hears the echo of a memory - and then the flames rise.

He doesn't move, just clutches at the dead titanspawn and stares into the ragged wound, shaking.

Kheldarson 05-15-2012 04:00 PM

Deann launches herself out from behind the couch, running to Lupo's side in a split second almost. She starts tugging on him (she knows there's no way she can pick him up).

"Come on! You've got to move!"

Chanlin 05-15-2012 04:08 PM

EJ Having already been anticipating the fire bomb leaps to action just a few steps behind Deann and begins helping her pull Lupo out of harms way. Hopefully their combined effort will be enough...

Jay 2K Winger 05-15-2012 04:20 PM

Location: Pretty Well Demolished Penthouse Suite, The Mirage, Las Vegas

The combined efforts of Emmett and Deann are sufficient to move the big MMA fighter, and just in time, as the flailing, wailing jotun-on-fire collapses to its knees, igniting some of the spilled booze on the floor. It pitches onto its face, still thrashing and howling. The fire, combined with some ichor-loss, has pretty well neutralized the frost giant. And the cyclops is lying dead underneath a combat-traumatized Aiden.

Of course, there's still the issue of a somewhat-battle-frenzied Luke and a blood-thirsty Jack that might be a problem, if they can't keep their Divine impulses in check.

Mytical 05-15-2012 06:36 PM

Lupo snaps out of his Inner Focus with a curse, realizing he had let his fathers influence grab him again..and it had almost killed him. He stands quickly thanking the ones who had saved him.

KabeRinnaul 05-15-2012 07:50 PM

He's up in time to see Luke leap from the cyclops, his makeshift weapons still in hand, and plunge both into the back of the jotuun, leaving both nearly completely buried in it's body, while ignoring the flames, standing again unarmed and looking around at the rest of the group, still clearly in his berserk state and waiting for anyone to make a move. Or getting ready to make one himself.

Mytical 05-15-2012 08:06 PM

Lupo wonders why the other warrior is still raging, but then realizes if his father can still influence him...he calmly stands up, takes a defensive stance between the warrior and the others. His primary mission now that the other two creatures are down is defense.

He can't read his opponent, but he didn't need to. He did need to make sure his focus didn't get him in trouble again. He..closed his eyes. He can fight blind. Calling to the others.."Need to even the playing field here...douse all the lights..need it as dark in here as we can get it..including snuffing out the unhuman torch there." Taking a calming deep breath, he started doing the boxer shuffle..ready to intercept, intercede, and block if needed.

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