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Cranky Cabbie 01-04-2013 06:09 AM

Hi everyone! :wave:

Call me Cranky Cabbie. I am one of those long time lurkers who has finally plucked up the courage to join and share some stories. So, a bit about myself.

I currently work as a taxi driver in a small town in rural Australia, which I shall refer to as Bugarup. It's one of those places where the a pub on each corner, a gossip mill that can bend reality and a complete lack of rain. The population is roughly equal parts Caucasians and Aboriginal, who get along about 95% of the time. As for the other 5%, you'll see that in some of the stories I tell.

I've only been doing this for a few months. Before that I worked for a building firm. I probably won't share many tales from there, mostly because if I try, the post will quickly devolve into ranting that would make Fratching blush. Before that however, I worked on the front lines in a grocery store, run by a succession of complete morons. There I covered just about every post you could care to name at one time or another, so there are plenty of repressed memories of SC's past there.

So there we are. See you around the forums!

fireheart 01-04-2013 09:44 AM

Welcome! Where ye be in terms of states? :lol:

Cranky Cabbie 01-05-2013 04:30 AM

Up in Queensland, out in the wild and uncivilized west

dragon_wings 01-06-2013 02:12 PM

Ooo another Aussie. Welcome from an American. :wave:

fireheart 01-06-2013 08:33 PM


Quoth dragon_wings (Post 1110211)
Ooo another Aussie. :wave:

I know, we're growing :D

dragon_wings 01-06-2013 08:48 PM


Quoth fireheart (Post 1110321)
I know, we're growing :D

Which I'm gonna encourage... I like accents. :P *drools*

sms001 01-06-2013 09:31 PM


Quoth dragon_wings (Post 1110326)
I like accents.

(Kinda have to there DW. :) )

Welcome aboard CC. I can't imagine why anyone who can drive a cab for a living would need courage to plunge in here, but glad ya did.

Mikkel 01-07-2013 05:32 PM

Welcome, colleague.

dragon_wings 01-07-2013 07:34 PM


Quoth sms001 (Post 1110334)
(Kinda have to there DW. :) )

(Oddly enough I'm not a fan of the southern accent and eternally gratefully I don't have one. I prefer more exotic accents like European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African accents just for examples. As long as I can understand you I'll flail over your accent. :P)

Kristev 01-08-2013 02:09 PM

Hello there.

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