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Irving Patrick Freleigh 03-25-2015 08:12 PM

Banned for just me being me.

Andrew B. 03-25-2015 08:12 PM

banned for overuse of semi-colons;

Irving Patrick Freleigh 03-25-2015 08:21 PM

Banned because what do you call a sleeping bull? A bull-dozer.

Jay 2K Winger 03-25-2015 08:38 PM

Banned for the lulz

Seanette 03-26-2015 03:53 AM

Banned for not cooking dinner for me. :D

KhirasHY 03-26-2015 09:16 AM

Banned for turning a simple transaction into a bizarre ritual.

Andrew B. 03-26-2015 09:53 AM

Banned for too many obscure game references.

Kit-Ginevra 03-26-2015 11:50 AM

Banned for watching small free birds fly when supposedly on guard duty

Jay 2K Winger 03-26-2015 06:04 PM

Banned for not making enough obscure game references.

Andrew B. 03-26-2015 06:46 PM


Banned for not making enough obscure game references.
Boy, it's a fine line, isn't it?

Banned for reasons relating to giant apes.

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