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Mytical 06-25-2013 03:08 AM

Shadow of Death (IC)
It was a bright cloudless day, and Sapputiyok was running late. As xe hurried into the main square, xer senses picked up two very unusual things. On one end of the street was a powerful glow, on the other there seemed to be a 'vacuum' of some sort swallowing energy.

Moments later the 'vacuum' stopped and something xe had never seen before appears out of nowhere. ((Imagine a wolly mammoth that is about 3x the normal size and made out of bone)).

One would think such a sight would send xer people scattering to the four winds, but although they tried to get out of this things was not the panicked reaction xe was expecting.

On the other end of the street the glow was getting a bit brighter. A being that stood about 6'3", had long black hair tied in a pony tail, and sunglasses on just strolled toward the huge beast on the other end.

Just as xe was about to turn down xer power because the stranger was bright, xe heard the figure saying something. "Let the storm howl and the death bell toll" clouds start gathering in from nowhere "transform me now into electra soul" The cloud darkens and it starts to rain rather heavily. "Let lightning strike and thunder roll" The sky lights up with and xe can feel the power in the storm. "For I AM ELECTRA SOUL" A huge bolt of lightning hits the figure, and the power level of the figure spikes really high. Sapputiyok has no choice but to shut off xer sensing power or be blinded.

Where the figure was is another figure. Light blue hair that has electricity flowing through it, same with the eyes. It looks like somebody had taken solid fire and fashioned some sort of breastplate out of it. The figures gauntlets look to be made of solid stone, their boots made of solid water. A 'cape' made of solid air was on the figures back.

The skeletal creature lowered its head and tried to just run over the figure. The figure skids back, slowing the creature but not stopping it. Sapputiyok heard the figure talking seemingly to itself. "Guys...hey guys..I could use some help here. This thing is a LOT bigger then we thought!" A short time passes "What do you mean that it will be thirty minutes before help arrives?! I don't HAVE thirty minutes. I can not stop this thing alone. I have a feeling that electricity is not going to stop a moving bag of bones!"

Ghel 06-25-2013 07:26 PM

Curious, Sapputiyok watched with xer eyes only as the giant bone beast pushed the lightning-coated being down the street. If this bone beast could not be stopped, it would likely destroy the whole city. But that thought was secondary to Sapputiyok's curiosity. Xe wanted to know what was going on here, and the only place those answers might be found was with the lightning-wrapped being. Determined to help him stop the beast, Sapputiyok ran towards them, watching for objects xe might be able to throw at it.

Sapputiyok hesitatingly opened xer mind to the gift again. The lightning-coated being didn't overwhelm xer sense this time, but whether that was because he was behind the bone beast or some other reason, xe would try to find out later. Sapputiyok reached out with the gift and grabbed hold of the middle of a stone column, hurling it at the bone beast. People nearby scattered. The column piece struck the beast with a loud cracking sound, sending bits of bone and stone flying. That should get its attention.

Mytical 06-25-2013 07:42 PM

The stone column seemed to surprise the figure coated in lightning, but it did much more damage to the bone stone is much stronger then bone. It slows and falters, and this gives the form a chance to regroup itself.

"Alright, so you CAN be hurt huh. Lets try this!!!" A coil of electricity surrounds his stone gloves, and rips into the things bones, further making it unstable. "Dang, I put enough juice in that to take down a whole dozen humpback whales! What is it going to take to take you DOWN?!" He can't let up to do much else as long as the creature has any forward momentum or it will just trample over him.

Ghel 06-25-2013 08:13 PM

Sapputiyok winces visibly as xe sees the lightning surround the strangerís gloves, but xe is unblinded. Seeing that the bone creature appears unstable, xe begins grabbing the thingís bones, one at a time, and flinging them away from the main creature. Xe begins with the hind legs, as they are closest, which causes the bone creature to lose traction and scramble to try to keep pushing the stranger down the street.

Mytical 06-25-2013 08:20 PM

As it loses more forward motion, the figure it is trying to push is able to put less force to just keeping it in check. Soon as more and more bones fly off, the other figure is starting to push it back. The bones flying off forces it to have less and less mass (though its shape is the same, it is getting smaller and smaller). Soon it is only about as big as the other figure. The figure stops pushing on it, and reaches their hands to the sky. "SHIELD YOUR EYES!" he yells, and a few seconds later a large lightning bolt comes from the sky shattering the rest to pieces.

The figure falls to its knees ((Turns back to human, but of course Xe doesn't know what a human is)), panting hard, obviously exhausted.

Ghel 06-25-2013 10:29 PM

Sapputiyok throws xer hands up reflexively, squeezing xer eyes shut at the same time as closing off xer sixth sense. Xe sees the bright flash through xer eyelids and hears the accompanying boom of thunder. Sapputiyok peeks between xer fingers to see shattered pieces of bone scattered around the street and the stranger on his knees at the center.

Sapputiyok glances up and down the street. A few people are righting overturned carts or sweeping broken bone off of the front steps of their shops. A small child picks up an intact bone and swings it above xer head like a club before running off down the street. Other people are walking down the street, ignoring the stranger as if he looked just like any of them. Scowling at the others' indifference, Sapputiyok turns to the stranger, hoping to find some answers.

Xe walks up to the stranger and holds out xer hands to him, palm up, in the traditional manner of greeting a member of a higher class. Xe tries not to look disgusted by the stranger's hair or pinkish skin. "I offer you greetings, you who called lightning to fell the beast made of bone. I am Sapputiyok, one of the weilders of the Gift." The stranger looks up at xer with surprise, but xe sees no recognition of xer mention of the Gift. "Once you have rested a bit, I hope you will indulge me with answers about the creature we just fought and... about yourself."

Mytical 06-26-2013 05:40 PM

The figure holds up a finger, you notice a few things. First the light he was giving out is gone, as in he shows no ability for power at all. Second he is sweating and breathing heavily. When I say sweating, sweat is pouring off of him. Like he ran two marathons back to back at full speed the whole time.

His voice sounds like somebody who has been in the desert for several days without keeping hydrated. "I need w.." his voice breaks and it takes some time for him to continue "Wa..wat" he just can't seem to get the word out. Next thing xe knows..he falls forward and seems to be out cold.

Ghel 06-26-2013 07:50 PM

Sapputiyok inspects the stranger's aura, looking for signs of injury. Seeing nothing but decreased energy level, Sapputiyok takes the stranger by the shoulders and (lifting him slightly with the Gift) drags him to the shady side of the street, to one of the city's river-fed fountains set in the wall there. Xe props him up against the wall next to the fountain and dumps several double-handfuls of water on his head to cool him. Then xe dribbles a handful of water into his mouth, watching to see him swallow before feeding him more.

Having fed the stranger what xe considers to be a sufficient amount of water, Sapputiyok begins to pace. People walk up to the fountain to get water, but pay the stranger little attention. One person asks, "Is xe ok?" Sapputiyok curtly replies, "Xe will be fine." The person hurries off. Sapputiyok continues to pace.

Mytical 06-26-2013 07:54 PM

Finally after almost an hour total, the stranger wakes up. You notice that his aura has slightly increased power now. "Where.." he looks around and sees you, and suddenly he knows. "Thank you for helping me."

He sits up slowly. "You have questions. Please ask." He touches a strange band on his arm.

Ghel 06-26-2013 09:26 PM

Sapputiyok hesitates a moment before speaking. "Politeness be hanged," xe mumbles, then lets out the questions in a rush.

"Who -- what are you? How are you able to call lightning like that? Who were you asking for help? What was that beast? How do bones walk around by themselves like that? What was that-" xe spread her hands in a gesture of uncertainty "void that the thing came out of? Did you know that thing was going to appear? Did you come here specifically to fight it? Why didn't people flee from that bone beast? Why are they acting like there's nothing strange about you?"

Then to xerself: "Okradloriktok is going to be angry that I didn't make it to the meeting."

To the stranger: "I could lose my job because of this!"

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