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Kusanagi 08-10-2006 01:59 AM

So, I was assaulted on Sunday...
Yeah, this story is a new one. I didn't think anything could top my experience with the crazy woman who thought we were the wrong store (a war story that I need to repost since nobody saved it before the site went down :cry: )

I don't know why, but man, have I encountered some violent customers working at this company (but I love it). This incident happened on Sunday, but because of a police investigation, I promised not to relate this incident to others not directly involved. The investigation was concluded today with the little prick behind bars but the court date is supposedly a few weeks out.

Basically, I was assaulted at work on Sunday and I broke rule #1 in self defense. This post will give you some more insight into my own mind as well.

This was my first day back at my showroom since I messed my foot up, and I just got off the crutches. It was about three hours before closing and there were about 3 people in the store I was trying to help.

I aplogize for the language in this post but I am absolutely livid (and somewhat scared) over this incident and everytime I think about it, it upsets me greatly. Plus, most of the language came from his side.

In walks this wanna be gangbanger guy. I don't think too bad of these people. Come sin, white sports jersey, white workout shorts, bandanna on his head, covered by a hat that was sideways. Basically, take the bastard love child of every white rapper for the appearance and Paris Hilton for the intelligence, and you'll have an idea. He was my size, 6' and around 220lb, if I had to guess. (That's 2 meters, 100kg for the rest of the world ;) )

I go downstairs to help him, where our clearance center is. I notice his car out in front, it's a white Civic, completely riced out. My car is riced out too, so I think "Hey, cool, I can talk with him about cars as my opening line."

He sees a leather set on clearance for 650 bucks, originally over double that. There's some slight damage on it, as with all our floor samples. The guy basically starts off cool, and starts to haggle with me.

SC: "So, I tell you what, man. I give you 300 for the set, cash, right now."
Me: "Sorry, I can't do it. I don't have the authority or the ability to change the prices on anything. My manager does though, so if anyone can do it, he can. He'll be back in tommorrow morning, if you want to talk to him about it."

Now 9 times out of 10, this is enough for most people. The 10th one though always takes the position that you are lying to them, and demand you reduce the price or you will lose the sale.

Guess which one this guy was?

SC: "You're lying to me man. Look, there's a hole in the seat. Knock off a few hundred for that."
Me: "We already did. Thats why the set is 650, when it sells brand new for about 1500. I told you the truth, I can't take any more off the price. The manager sets the prices on the floor samples and I cannot change them."
SC: "Man, this is bullshit."
Me: "I can split up the SET and give you the sofa for 300, but that's all I can do. If you can do me a favor, I need to help these folks that just walked in, I'll be back in a second."
SC: "Whatever."

I was getting annoyed at this point. I swear, do I stutter? I CAN'T HAGGLE. We also have a policy that we help the customers that want to get something new before we help the ones that are looking at floor samples. Nobody needs convincing on a floor sample. It either sells itself or it doesn't. Plus, the floor samples are knocked down so much on price anyway that we get no commission on them anyway, as opposed to the ability to make a hundred or so on a new sale. Once again, 9/10 people understand this and this is just the law in sales. You try to close the one who you have the best chance of closing before you move on to the other ones. You don't ignore them, but I admit I'll devote more energy to the couple who comes in and knows what they want, and need it right away as opposed to the ones who come in and go "I'm just looking." Triage. It happens when we're packed.

So I go help the other folks, and make a pretty good order. We still have a few others in the store along with the gangbanger. I check on the others then go back to help the gangbanger.

There are a few things I need to mention, and this is the time to bring up the first one. The clearance center is very jammed with furniture and is hard to navigate. Secondly, it's in the far back, and the only exit is the loading door but that takes quite a process to open and is in no ways a quick exit.

Me: So, did you want to get it? Or did you see something else you wanted?
SC: Look man. I'm paying here, right now, in cash. Just give me the set for 300.
Me: (annoyed) Sir, I told you what I can and can't do. I cannot haggle.
SC: (monotone) 400.
Me: 650 plus tax.
SC: (annoyed) Fine, 450.
Me: 650 plus tax.
SC: (angrily) 500 then! What the fuck?
Me: I'm not doing it, I've told you I can't do it, and I told you who you would need to talk to about it. Now, do you want to get the set at 650 plus tax, because there are other customers I need to help and I cannot help you anymore unless you decide you want to get it.

I was pissed at this point because he had cursed very loudly, when there were other people in the store, including a couple with a kid who was no more than five.

SC: (doing that gangster move where he kindof waves his hands in front of his body as a tell off) Man, FUCK you. This place is fuckin' BULLSHIT.
Me: I'm sorry you feel that way, but please, don't use that language in here. There are other customers and small children in the store and they don't need to be exposed to that.

This guy then started to get REALLY pissed, and I started to get apprehensive. It was about here the adrenaline started.

SC: Fuck you man! I'll say whatever the fuck I want!
Me: Then please leave before you do it.
SC: (Getting right up two inches in front of my face and doing an intimidating glare) Yeah? You can't do shit about it.
Me: Please leave, now. (and I start to try to get past him, remember how I said it was packed back there?)
SC: (Steps in front of me) We're not done here, motherfucker.

At this point I had had enough and was EXTREMELY pissed off. Time for a fun fact about me. When I get very angry, I never show it. I get completely calm and lower my voice, and my glare alone makes people step back. I NEVER fly off the handle. I never curse, I never scream. I've had my closest friends back away from me when they see me get that angry.

Me: Move. Now.

This was the wrong thing to say. The other three people in the store are watching the exchange, so there were witnesses. I see him scowl, and then the motherfucker shoves me, HARD. I end up hiutting my knees on the back of a piece of furniture and literally go backwards over it, and I catch the back of my head on the corner of a dinette set we have back there on the way down. It HURT. I see stars, my vision swims, and I hear the woman scream. I think to myself that I have to get back on my feet because if I'm down on the ground I'm defenseless.

Fun fact 2: I have a multiple personality disorder. Personality 2 is very, VERY violent and that little love tap was enough to make him mad.

Fun fact 3: I've taken martial arts for 3 years.

The guy is gloating, like every street fight video on the internet. "Yeah! What up now, motherfucker? What you gonna do now, bitch? Ohhh shit son, I just knocked you the fuck out!" etc, etc. I stand up, and strangely, at this point I'm not feeling any pain, but I do put my hand to the back of my head and bring it away with blood all over the fingers.

You know how you always have a few seconds warning before someone lashes out and hits you, so you have time to duck, or at the very least, brace yourself? Apparently, I give no warning :-)

I lashed out and caught him solidly right at the base of the nose/upper lip. I felt a pain in my fingers, and his nose just *exploded* with blood. He staggered back, blood started pouring out of his mouth, and I saw the damage. I bent in at least three of his teeth and my ring knocked one out, which ended up on the floor. He shouted a few obcenities, and ran towards the door screaming. The other customers were in complete shock as to what just happened, as was I, and I remember chasing him towards the front of the store. The lady who screamed had a pad and paper as she was trying to get measurements from me, and I yelled "Get his liscence plate number! Get the number!" as she was near the door, and god help her, she wrote it down. He ran out of the store, hopped in his car (his shirt wasn't white anymore) and took off like a bat out of hell, almost hitting another car in the process.

I have to leave now, but I shall post the second part of this when I get home tonight. The next part involves the police, and in a few weeks after the court date, there might be a third part. We'll see.

Tria 08-10-2006 02:14 AM


Quoth Kusanagi (Post 15428)

Basically, I was assaulted at work on Sunday and I broke rule #1 in self defense. This post will give you some more insight into my own mind as well.

Self defense is not a rule violation in my book and I hope you don't get in trouble and that the guy spends some time behind bars with a lonely cellmate.

0oAmericanGirl 08-10-2006 02:17 AM

Woh, are you goint to get in trouble for hitting him? Couldn't he sue now (eventhough it was his fault)?

XCashier 08-10-2006 02:24 AM

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Aw, man! How badly were you hurt, did you have a concussion or just scalp bleeding (which is bad enough)? I hope you're doing better.

That stupid ass, did he honestly think he was going to get away with assault? Kudos to the lady for writing down the license plate number. I hope they nail him good and send him up the river for a good long time.

kerrisan 08-10-2006 02:29 AM

I too took martial arts for some time and I think I know what rule you speak of.

Use your training as DEFENSE, not as revenge.

After that one hit, it could (and should) have been over. You did not need to lash out at him after that.

Of course, I could be wrong. Please let me know.

But I hope things turn out in your favor; he never should have started physical stuff.

Discourtesy Clerk 08-10-2006 02:59 AM


Quoth kerrisan (Post 15437)
I too took martial arts for some time and I think I know what rule you speak of.

Use your training as DEFENSE, not as revenge.

After that one hit, it could (and should) have been over. You did not need to lash out at him after that.

Of course, I could be wrong. Please let me know.

But I hope things turn out in your favor; he never should have started physical stuff.

Correct me if I misread, but I believe did say he only hit the guy once, which would definitely qualify as self-defense and nothing more. If you mean that he should have just let the guy walk away after shoving him onto a table, well, somehow I doubt the guy would have walked away. If someone hits first, and is able to hit again, you don't just lay there and expect he'll leave. (Just my take on it, I've also got some martial arts background, and I was taught basically never to hit first, only to hit back...)

But, wow. That takes SC to a whole new level. For someone to be ballsy enough to do that to an employee, in the store, that's just astonishing. This dude has some serious issues. I hope this dickhead gets arrested, convicted, locked up for a long time, and looks like a real idiot for it. He deserves every bit of legal retribution that gets thrown his way.

And kudos to you for sending that little shit running off with his tail between his legs. That'll definitely leave his ego writhing in pain for a while. :D He attacked you without real reason, so it's only fair that he take a worse blow than you. Kudos to the lady who wrote down the number, too.

kerrisan 08-10-2006 03:05 AM

I already said "I could be wrong." I want to know what his idea of "rule #1" is (my instructor's "rule #1" was "fight for defense," so . . .).

I just think "ok, the SC hit him once, that could possibly be the end of it." He couldn't have defended himself against that random hit, but if the SC were to have gone after him again he probably could have been ready to defend himself. From my POV it just seems like a revenge hit.

erik316wttn 08-10-2006 03:35 AM

I think the one hit was self defense. You don't know if the guy would have started anything more. It was one hit, the minimum amount of force necessary to end the confrontation.

Hope you're ok, and hope it works out for you.

Mr. Rude 08-10-2006 04:10 AM

Kus, that ass deserved more anyways. He's the one that went weird over the price of furniture. I hope you're ok. :( ....& I hope he needs a few grand for dental work :devil:

One-Fang 08-10-2006 04:21 AM

I see what Kerrisan means. I originally read it as the number one rule in self defense was broken, and tried to work out what that was. I agree it did seem as if Kusanagi's hit was not strictly necessary. But since he didn't just stand up, stand there, and see what would happen, we'll never know.

Kusanagi, the dude blocked your access out of the area, effectively removing your 'walk away' option. He'd already shown he was not averse to resorting to violence to hold you there. His behaviour afterwards was not "oh my god, what did I just do", indicating possible remorse, but rather a gloating that indicates further action. In that instance, I'd have assumed that standing up and attempting to move without fighting would have him hit me again, as his "I won" gloat was under threat if I was not on the ground. And there's no way I'd be staying on the ground.

So that leaves not staying down, no possible flight response, and the clear expectation that simply standing there would likely get more of the same.

Only one option left. One totally justified smack down. I don't even think the force was stronger than necessary. He exhibited extremely threatening behaviour, the appropriate response is also 'extreme'. A mere thump would likely have simply created a massive fight scene as he retaliated. It had to be enough to make him want to leave.

Well done Kusanagi. I hope he goes down. Way down (where he's gonna 'go down' or else? hehehehhe). It must feel good to know he's gonna look smashed for the rest of his life without some very expensive dental work. :)

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