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LadyofArc 11-14-2017 05:02 AM

New Name, New Job
Hello good people! Some of you may remember me as fireheart.

Well, I've since left the job that caused me to stop posting on this board in the first place and I've found a new job that while it's far less stressful, I still have some moments of suck that pop up on occasion. I'm also now doing further study and I may have some stories from that too!

So...*looks around* any drama I've missed? :D

EricKei 11-14-2017 05:42 AM

Welcome back to the madness! ^_^

Quoth LadyofArc (Post 1357111)
So...*looks around* any drama I've missed? :D

Pff. Why, no, don't be silly. Drama? HERE?! Heaven forfend. :angel:

dalesys 11-14-2017 01:00 PM

Welcome back! :wave: Worried about you... Same drama, different dips.

Food Lady 11-18-2017 04:41 PM

Welcome back! I knew there was a name I hadn't seen in a while.

catcul 11-19-2017 02:47 AM

I was wondering what happened to you. I'm glad to see you back. I look forward to more posts about a certain shirt. :lol:

Seriously, :welcome: back.

Irving Patrick Freleigh 11-21-2017 04:38 PM

I no longer work at the swamp, does that count as drama?

WishfulSpirit 11-22-2017 05:15 AM

Lupo and Gravekeeper just blipped back onto the radar a few weeks ago, does that count? How's Australia? Annoyed with Xmas decorations in the middle of summer yet?

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