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ROFLope 06-21-2010 12:47 AM

racism is alive and kicking
So I've been lurking for awhile (isn't that just how it goes?) and while I've had plenty of stories, by the time I get home from work I'm just to lazy to post them. Until now. Which is weird since this isn't particularly epic it just pissed me off.
Anyway, I work in a call center taking payments for people to put more minutes on their prepaid phones. Apparently the automated system that people have to go through to reach a live person is a pain in the ass cause I hear about it all the time but this was a new one.

Me: "opening spiel"
SC: Why is it that I live in America I have to hear "press 1 for Spanish press 2 for English" on your automated service?! This is America!
Me: Well, America has no national language and a large portion of our population speaks Spanish so-
SC: oh don't give me that! lots of people speak Polish too! Why isn't that an option!?
Me: Ma'am I'm not here to debate politics with you is there anything I can help you with?
and on with the rest of the call. Seriously though? You're pissed that people who only speak Spanish have the option to speak Spanish? I'm pretty sure that behind English, Spanish is the most spoken language in this country and this is a business aimed at taking your money and if we have to speak Spanish to do it, we will. Second, would she have been o.k. with another language option if it were Polish? Is that because Poland is a mostly white country? Way to be racist you dumb biatch. This isn't even the worst call of the day but it was the most original suck I've had in awhile.

Rapscallion 06-24-2010 07:55 PM

Welcome aboard!

Usual rules, folks - we debate sucky customers, not whether or not there should be a national language. That's for Fratching :)


r2cagle 06-25-2010 05:50 PM

:welcome: to :cs:

Sadly, that will probably not be the last time you hear that stuff.

Anyway, you're here now, pull up a chair, grab a cookie, and awwaayyy we go!

tropicsgoddess 06-25-2010 08:12 PM

Welcome to :cs:!

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