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RealUnimportant 02-18-2019 10:24 PM

Opera's Malicious Site Warnings...
Over the weekend I updated Opera to the latest version, from 57.whatever.thingy to 58.something.something... And since then, the good old warnings which we've "enjoyed" for a couple of years now have started spiralling out of control.

Before the update, I'd get a warning the first time I visited the site after every restart of opera, and never again during that run cycle. Until an hour ago, this had increased to the first page of the site every time I visited the site. Right now, it's happening every time I click to a new page within the same visit. It's totally infuriating, and it's still all down to Yandex - and I can't see anywhere on their site where anyone can try to raise a dispute regarding being listed! Grrr... I've tried changing all kinds of settings within Opera itself but nothing seems to help, only hinder.

I don't suppose there's anything that can be done, I just wanted to warn others I guess... if you haven't updated Opera yet, DON'T! (On a semi-related note, they've also changed some of the internal mouse commands which can't be adjusted either, such as swapping for forward/backward buttons - helpful! :pissed: )

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