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Jay 2K Winger 09-30-2013 12:25 AM

[Game] [OOC] Into the Black (Firefly-verse)

Ain't too hard to figure life out. You get a job. You get paid. You keep flyin'. People don't rightly want a lot of complications to their life. They just want to get paid, get a roof over their heads, and to get through the day.

'Course, where it get tricky s'when there's disagreements. You land on the wrong moon, fly past the wrong mountain, look at the wrong guy cross-eyed... maybe you got a difference of opinion. Sometimes it's just a matter of disagreeing over whether you should get paid. Maybe it's a disagreement over whether that girl was married or not. Or maybe you disagree over Unification. (But t'ain't the time now to get into that barrel of cats.) Sometimes certain words get exchanged. Or certain bullets.

Things're gettin' a mite strange as of late. Rumors goin' about on the Cortex, rumors about some bad
go se the Alliance is up to. Don't rightly see how it affects most folk. Like I said, they don't rightly want a lot of complications.

Nor do you, right? Let's go find ourselves a job.



This game is set in the Verse of the TV show Firefly, and is set after the Big Damn Movie, Serenity. You, the players, will be the crew of a small ship, roughly the size of the crew's ship from the show. It won't be a Firefly-class ship like the Serenity, because we don't want to copy things too much.

Player-characters can come from just about anywhere they want to come from within the Verse. There's dozens of worlds and moons that folks call home. PCs should work a little bit well together-- they'll have been running together for a few months at least when the game kicks off. (Not to say there can't be differences of opinion, but for the most part, they're a team.)

Limitations-- Psychic powers are very rare, and every single one of them is accounted for by the Alliance, often sent off to "The Academy," a laboratory complex where they're studied, experimented on, and where they try to make the psychics into weapons. Only one psychic ever escaped from The Academy, and that was River Tam. This means you don't get to play a psychic of that caliber. No telepathy, no psychokinetics, no throwing fireballs and so on around. Sorry, folks.



Ship Name: Deucalion
Ship Class: DC-88
Ship Capabilities: TBA

Captain: Zhānmǔsī "Zhan" Cook (Exile)
First Mate: Rowan Li (Ellain)
Pilot: Tucker "Spider" Webb (Chanlin)
Engineer: Sama Alborne (Sarlon)
Medic: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lock (Ghel)
Public Relations: Mando Alvarez (Jay 2K Winger)
Hacker: Aiden "Wolf" McCuan (Tyg3rw01f)



Possible Crew Roles:

(You know the basics here. Age, build, appearance, personality, preferred style of clothing...)

(What kind of background does your character come from? What were your ambitions or plans growing up? What were they doing before they signed up with the crew? During the Unification War, what were they doing? [Note-- not everyone necessarily fought in it, but everyone has an opinion about it.])

Five Facts:
(These are other facts about your character that add flavor and color about them, and may supply possible plot hooks.)



Name: Allan Seabairne
Homeworld: Dyton
Possible Crew Roles: n/a

A man of middle age (40s-50s) with a full salt-and-pepper beard and close-cropped hair, Seabairne is unassuming in appearance until one looks in his eyes, and sees the razor-sharp mind underneath. He can be equal parts charming and equal parts stoic and cold. He is intelligent but ruthless. He has a tendency to wear a dark trench-coat, often fastened close, and suits slightly out of date from Core World fashion underneath. He also owns a black bowler hat, of course.

Born on Dyton in the city of Pellinore, Allan Seabairne fell in among the gangs and knew he was wanted to be the guy in charge. So he fought his way up the ranks. He's worn many hats over the years-- the bucket hat of a rank-and-file hood, the flat cap of a thief, the fedora of an underboss-- but the one he wears now is the bowler hat of a kingpin. From his home turf along Pellinore's Whalebone Avenue, there is little in that city-- or on that moon-- that Seabairne doesn't know about, or have a finger in. During the Unification War, Seabairne's syndicate had a tight hold on contraband smuggling off of Greenleaf, most of which was sold to the Independents, since the Alliance had their own legitimate sources.

Five Facts:
- Seabairne is a fan of the music scene on Paquin, in particular the musical stylings of Johnny Marc.
- He is known to be banned (with "shoot on sight" orders) from the city of Esparto on Lazarus, for reasons unknown.
- Conversely, he is well-loved on St. Albans, particularly among the "doxies" of Eldersden.
- He is known to have fathered a child, whom has been secreted away on Jiangyin somewhere.
- He is stereoblind, giving him some trouble with depth perception.



As bios are posted, I may ask further questions, to try to develop a deeper backstory among the crew, and to set up hooks and more possible contacts/side characters to work into the overall story. And this will be more of a story, rather than a game, since we're not going to bother with dice rolls and so on.

Any questions may be put in the thread. The OP will be updated with further info, and once we've got a few crew members down, we can discuss amongst ourselves what the ship will be like and what it will be named, etc.

If you need a good resource for information on the Verse in general, there is a wikia.

Sarlon 09-30-2013 05:06 AM


Name: Sama Alborne
Homeworld: born and rasied on a freighter
Possible Crew Roles: Mechanic, Cook

Description: Young, early 20s, tends to be barefoot whenever possible, claims it helps feel when engines are "off". Long black hair in a continual state of messy pile out of face. distant Asian ancestor in cast of the light green eyes. Short too...5 foot even, has the temper to make up for her...ahem...shortcomings.

Parents were supply runners to the highest bidder during the unification war, though most "runs" tended to be "rerouted" through the brown coats areas. She has rarely set foot on any planet for longer then a few days, and lived most her life aboard her parents freighter. She learned engine repair and maintance through the ships mechanic and was told she has a natural gift. She currently wants to learn about other ships so has been on the look out for a ship needing an experienced mechanic despite her age.

Five Facts:
Short and hot tempered, but fiercely loyal.
terrified of using guns, and tends to freeze up when guns start blazing.
seems to have a natural instinct for whats wrong with an engine, both by sound and feel.
has been known to patch things with spit and bailing twine....and has pictures to prove it.
excellent cook, known to make interesting dishes from little more then protein packs.

Chanlin 09-30-2013 06:46 AM

Name: Tucker "Spider" Webb
Homeworld: Londinum
Possible Crew Roles: Pilot, Medic's/Engineer's Assistant


Early 30's not overly tall, but above average. Lean build that some might describe as wiry. Sandy brown hair, kept neat and cut close. Blue eyes. Black combat boots, dark green pants,
usually seen wearing a brown or red t-shirt bearing the Blue Sun logo. Tends to be hard nosed, very disciplined lifestyle, but laid back when it's just the crew and they aren't on a job.

Comes from a long line of proud Alliance Navy Men. His father, his father before him, and so on were proud warship pilots that served with honor and distinction and Tucker grew up hearing about it every day. It was no surprise that he grew up to become a navy pilot then. It just so happens he had the unfortunate distincton of graduating from the training academy right before the start of the Unification War. Tucker was present for two of the three famous battles in the war, namely the Batle of Sturges and the Battle of Du-Khang. He received a retroactive dishonorable discharge from the Navy after he deserted following an incident in which a superior officer ordered him to open fire on an unarmed civilian freighter that was believed to be carrying enemy troops. His father has since disowned him.

Tucker ran as far as he could and took whatever work he could to keep himself clothed, fed, and with a semi-decent place to sleep. This is how he eventually ended up with the current crew.

Five Facts:
- Has nightmares about firing on the civilian freighter.
- Is a wanted deserter from the Alliance Navy (a fact he tries to keep hidden)
- Has Alliance Military Training (basic field medicine, trained pilot of light ships and interceptor craft, has enough mechanical training to fix minor problems)
- Second in his class at the Academy, earned recognition and awards as an expert light craft pilot. Though his name is now used as a warning to new recruits.
- Youngest of 5 children - Siblings all served in various military roles (Medic, Grunt, Engineer and SAS)

Jay 2K Winger 09-30-2013 07:18 PM

Both Sama and Spider look good. That's Pilot and Engineer set.

Questions for Sama:
- What was the freighter's name? What was its home port? (Most freighters have a home port where they make berth.)
- What are her parents' names?

Questions for Spider:
- What was the officer's name that ordered him to fire on the civilian freighter?
- What was the civilian freighter's name? How many souls on board when it was shot down?
- What is his father's name?

Chanlin 09-30-2013 08:29 PM

Father: Francis Webb

Officer that gave the order: Irwin Strauss

Civilian Ship: Santo Star
Number Dead: 23. 6 crew and 17 Civilian Passengers. None of them were Brown Coats.

Sarlon 09-30-2013 09:34 PM

Father: Thomas (born and raised mostly on Paquin)

Mother: Deceased (died natural causes 1 year ago) Amira (born on Bellerophon, disowned by family for marrying a "vagabond")

Siblings : 2 sisters (both older, both registered companions) Shalandra 40, Mina 35; 3 brothers Peter 32 (fought as brown coat), Eric 20 (deceased, fought for the alliance), Harry 15.

Ship : An Alst style ship similar to the cantankerous profiled in six shooters and space ships page 52

Name of ship : Charis

Ships "home port": Beaumonde

Chanlin 10-01-2013 05:35 AM

Cool :)

I like the concept Exile. Since the crew starts together I figure we ought to decide if Cook and Webb know each other or had crossed paths before this. Cook is in a position to be more famous I think.

I'm good with either way. The Alliance is fairly large.

Sarlon 10-01-2013 01:34 PM

oh this crew will be interesting...

2 military stiffs, with a free spirit with a temper.....

Jay 2K Winger 10-01-2013 07:06 PM

I like what I see in Sam Cook. Although perhaps a different first name, because otherwise we'll undoubtedly get into some confusion between Sam (the captain) and Sama (the engineer)...

Also, and this goes out to everyone-- the climactic transmission in the Big Damn Movie would not be from the Serenity, it would have come from Mr. Universe's planet, but by and large the public would probably refer to it as "The Miranda Broadcast."

Questions for Captain Cook:
- What was the name of Cook's first posting? (i.e. what ship was he first an officer on)
- What was the name of Cook's first command? (i.e. what ship was he first CO of)
- What is the make/model of Cook's laser pistol? (e.g. Rance Burgess' was a Silk trigger-active return-bolt laser pistol, Durran Haymer owned the Lassiter) How does Cook manage to acquire/purchase high-density batteries to power it?

Ghel 10-01-2013 08:16 PM

I hope you will all bear with me. I really want to be part of this, but I've only watched a few episodes of Firefly. I haven't watched Serenity, either, though I intend to remedy that tomorrow. (I have read enough spoilers to get the gist of it.)

Name: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lock
Homeworld: Londonium
Possible Crew Role: Medic
Description: early 30s, 5'8", lithe, agile, ginger hair, hazel eyes, practical but close-fitting clothing (usually gray or tan with a splash of color)

Backstory: Lizzie discovered her sensuality at an early age, and it has motivated all her decisions in life. She chose to study medicine primarily to learn human anatomy - to improve her pleasure and the pleasure of her partners. (Note: Lizzie is not a companion, has never had any companion training) She is unabashedly hedonistic, wanting to make sure that everyone around her enjoys themselves as much as possible without harming themselves or others. Lizzie put herself through medical school by dancing at an upscale club near the school. She excelled in school and was accused of sleeping with her teachers to get her grades. But she retook any test she was asked to and proved that she knew her stuff. After graduating, she hopped from job to job, being let go from each one because of her behavior. She's no-nonsense when lives are in the balance, but she just couldn't help making passes at fellow staff and sometimes even patients. Working aboard the ship may be a "last chance" type job for her. She's trying to be on her best behavior, but given her past, it probably won't be long before she's propositioning crew members.

Five facts:
-Middle child, older brother (Andrew) died in the Unification War, younger brother (Nathaniel) is an accountant (he cites her "addiction" as the reason they don't talk), parents (Rebecca and Dale) died of natural causes
-She took some martial arts training (initially for the exercise), but her firearms training is limited to "point and squeeze."
-Is allergic to chocolate (there is chocolate in the Firefly-verse, right?). It gives her migraines.
-Avoids having more than one alcoholic drink in a 24-hour period, saying she "wants to remember."
-Reads every book she can get her hands on, no matter the subject or other people's opinion of it. Will beg, borrow, and steal to get books she hasn't read before.

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