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otakuneko 09-22-2018 12:27 AM

The cat returns (again)
Hi all, nice to see you're still here. :wave:

I'm still working the same support job, so expect some tech tales!

EricKei 09-22-2018 01:36 AM


Yes, I'd like to file a support ticket...Username? Problem description?!? Why would you need any of those? Just fix it! *tosses laptop, watching water pour out of the chassis* :devil:

otakuneko 09-22-2018 04:46 AM

I wished I could do that to my previous work laptop a few times. :smash:

csquared 09-22-2018 04:10 PM

Welcome back!


Quoth EricKei (Post 1371165)
*tosses laptop, watching water pour out of the chassis* :devil:

Are you sure that's water?

EricKei 09-22-2018 11:33 PM

Fine, fine, it's Chateaux Vache '24.

Nunavut Pants 09-23-2018 03:07 AM

Welcome back!

... Wait, isn't this the very next day???

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