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Chanlin 01-23-2013 05:16 PM

The gang's all here - Room 1212

Liam nods to the room in general and takes a seat in an open chair.

Riley frowns slightly the gears obviously turning and asks, "So are we all one big happy family?" She launches right into qualifying her question without taking a breath, "I mean Liam there is a walking Irish stereotype, then there's a few Greeks, Egyptians." She pauses and looks at everyone briefly. "And I'm Norse." She sighs. "What I'm getting at is how is that all of our folks get along being from such different backgrounds? Or do they? And if they don't what does that mean for us?"

Mytical 01-23-2013 06:14 PM

The gangs all here

Lupo smiles his feral smile "I get along with everybody. Especially those who will face me in the ring." He loves a challenge, he'd fight his own grandmother if she challenged him.

Kiki says "I guess I am half oriental...thought full but guess not." she then goes quiet..unlike Lupo she is not much of a talker.

Jay 2K Winger 01-23-2013 06:29 PM

Hotel Room 1212 - Meeting of the Minds

Brighton takes the lead on Riley's question. "Officially, there's a state of détente between us all while we deal with the Titans. Basically, while the war is on, we're not supposed to snipe at each other."

"Unofficially," Anna interjects, "there's plans within plans as each pantheon works to try to undermine the others."

"And within each pantheon as well," Art adds. "I mean, within the Aesir, everyone hates Loki and doesn't trust him a bit, given the role he's destined to play in Ragnarok. In the Egyptians, no one really trusts Set. Athena and Ares always try to push that their own points of view on warfare are superior to the other's."

"We're all one big family," Selene cuts in without looking around. "With all that that entails. Point to consider: Cain and Abel were brothers, too."

"Not that we've found any actual evidence that they were real," Anna points out.

Solomon, meanwhile, nods with approval at Kiki's selections. He shows her how to attune the pistols to herself, so that she could hide and summon them at will. "Way I see it," the Aussie says, "we can either spend all our time trying to backstab each other, or we put family politics aside and stop the Titans and MacBride."

Chanlin 01-23-2013 08:12 PM

Hotel Room 1212 - Meeting of the Minds

Riley schools her expression with the long practiced expertise of an expert poker player. "I wasn't implying we should be at each others' throats. I just was curious at how well all our parents get along." She smiles but some might notice it doesn't reach her eyes.

Liam cuts in, "Big man has a point." His voice is soft but serious. "Oi t'ought MacBride were a dangerous man before Oi knew what he was. Whatever differences our parents have it doesn't mean we have ta do t'e same."

Mytical 01-25-2013 02:40 AM

Hotel Room 1212 - Meeting of the Minds

After Kiki has everything ready.."Well I am off to see what I can see." She gives a bow to everybody in the room, and with that is off. On her way she checks on the apps that had downloaded, making sure everything is ok (that they work).

Lupo just shrugs. "I will go get one more practice in, and then hit the sack. Have a big match tomorrow." and he is off to do just what he says.

Chanlin 01-29-2013 09:17 PM

Hotel Room 1212 - Meeting of the Minds (minus two)

Riley looks around, "So... anything we should be doing other than business as usual at this point?"

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