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Jay 2K Winger 12-23-2012 07:25 PM

Scions of the Divinity [IC] [Game]

The Tapestry of Fate is a complicated thing.

It tells the tales and charted destinies of everything in Creation. Of gods, Titans, the World, and all the things and peoples upon it. When people say that "our destinies are intertwined," it's not entirely a metaphor.

To those with the knowing of it, reading the Tapestry can literally tell you the story of a person's life, from birth to the present, and perhaps a little into the future if one's careful and crafty.

Let us look now upon some of the stories woven into the Tapestry...

Riley Thorsen - Harrah's Casino, New Orleans

When one becomes a professional poker player, and has also been banned for life from the biggest casino close to home in Detroit, one must go where the games are in order to earn money. So one Riley Thorsen, also known to people as 'Ace', has found herself in Harrah's in New Orleans for this $25,000 hold 'em poker tournament.

It's not a huge tournament, though a win here will certainly put her on the map to get one day into the World Series of Poker. So it's a big deal for her. And she's found herself in the finals of this tournament, with two players remaining besides herself. One is a British man called Baz Moran, a very stoic individual with an ex-military haircut and nerves of ice. The other is a local, judging by the Cajun accent, playing with an ever-present smirk on his face, like the whole thing was a joke to which only he knew the punchline. His name was Mattieu Carrefour, and he was a very slick customer, really hard to bluff. Baz was the small blind, and Riley the big blind.

The flop: 3 D, J H, 5 H
The turn: 4 S
Current Bet: 500
Riley's hole: 7 D, 7 H
Lupo Virtus - Robinson's Gym, Chicago

The life of a fighter, a boxer just starting out his career is not an easy one. Besides having to put in some serious training and getting decent partners to make sure your skills are up to scratch, one then has to find fights to get money. When you're still relatively unproven, this means having to deal with some seriously unscrupulous promoters. One or two of Lupo Virtus' fights had ended up paying very little when the promoter forked over a token amount and then drove out of town with the rest of the gate.

The last fight, though, had been a good one. Marshal Virtus, Lupo's father, had found a good promoter, and the money had been enough to make ends meet and then some. The fight had been good, too. Lloyd Hennessey was an endurance fighter, who banked on his opponents tiring themselves out, but he'd been outclassed by Lupo, who had taken everything Hennessey threw out, and instead wore him out, until it was a simple enough matter to land that one last right cross to the jaw that put him down for the ten.

That was a couple of weeks ago, however, and there were still bills to pay. Thus, Lupo was back at the gym, putting in some work, while his father was out trying to find another fight. And thus, Lupo was more or less by himself when a man walked in and regarded him for a moment or two. "Lupo Virtus?"

The man was relatively average looking. "Name's Paul Brighton. I understand you're looking for a boxing match? I might have one for you, down in Branson in a couple of weeks."
Kiki Toshioto - Tailing a subject, Chicago

The life of a private detective isn't a simple one. One is usually asked to find evidence to affairs that may or may not be taking place. Telling the client something they don't want to hear usually meant that they didn't want to pay you all that much. One has to be suspicious of almost everything, and be careful not to push the boundaries of the law too much, lest one attract attention one doesn't want. And one often finds oneself trying not to stand out from the crowd.

At least that last part came easy enough to Kiki Toshioto. Even in a crowd of one, it was hard to pick her out sometimes. And that came in handy when she has to tail this subject. The client, a housewife named Lena Mooney, was concerned that her husband, Art, was having an affair. He did travel a lot, but even when he was home he was distant. There were phone calls and emails he tried to hide from her, and so she'd come to Kiki asking for help.

Art Mooney was in a coffee shop right now, reading something on an ebook reader, when Kiki sees him pull out his cell phone, which is buzzing. With a sigh, he gets up and goes back to the pay phone, which, as Fate would have it, is not too far from where Kiki ensconced herself to keep an eye on him. He drops in the coins and dials a number.

This is what she overhears him say: "It's me... because my wife's checking my phone for strange numbers now... what?... are you sure?... no, I'll be there... look, you know I can't keep this up for much longer... because of Lena, that's why." There's a longer pause this time, and then he rubs his eyes with one hand as he sighs. "All right," he says softly, "one more time, but only because it's you... I'll meet you there... don't worry about Lena, I'll make it right... love you, too," he finishes, before hanging up.

He lingers there by the phone for a few more moments, then sighs again and shakes his head as he pulls out his cell phone, dialing a number. "Yes, I'd like to book a room in Branson, Missouri, please," he says. "When? That'd be..." he pauses a moment to think, and then gives the date in two weeks' time. "Just for the weekend... two people will be in the room..." And that's all she manages to hear as he heads back to his table and collects his things, walking out the door.
Liam O'Keefe - Between jobs, St. Louis

It has been some time since Liam O'Keefe had left the service, and a few weeks since his last bodyguard gig had concluded. The previous client, a Southern white rapper called Devil Anse, had been willing to extend the contract, but... well, let's just say to someone with Liam's moral compass, just being in the same county as Devil Anse was bad. Oh, nothing illegal was happening apart from buying and using some drugs, and even that wasn't anything more than huge amounts of weed, but it was the principle of the thing. Devil Anse was just a morally bankrupt kind of person.

The money from that contract was getting thin, though, and Liam needed something to bring in some more. Which, as Fate would have it, is when the phone rings. When Liam answers, he hears a voice with an Irish accent speak up. "Is this O'Keefe?" When Liam answers in the affirmative, the voice goes on, "Good, wasn't sure if Hanretty had given me the right number." Dan Hanretty was one of Liam's old contacts at the Emergency Response Unit. "The name's Mac Dubh, and I need your help."


And away we go!

Chanlin 12-23-2012 08:26 PM

Riley - At The Poker Tourney in New Orleans

Riley makes a show of looking at her hole cards good and long. Many of the possible outcomes have already played through her head. She has a decent chance at a straight and already has an ok pair. The odds of someone getting a flush are small but there. It at least can't hurt to see the final card before deciding whether to fold.

"I'm in." she says, and places down the necessary bet.

Liam - On the Phone in St Louis

"I'm listening..." is his only reply.

Jay 2K Winger 12-23-2012 08:53 PM

Riley Thorsen & Mattieu Carrefour - Poker Tournament - New Orleans

When Riley places her bet, Baz regards her levelly from behind his sunglasses, as unflappable as ever. He'd already called "check" and put in his own bet. Mattieu's own smirk hasn't faded either as he regards his cards, then nods. "Check," he nods, tossing in his own chips.

The dealer nods, sweeping his little scoop around the table to pull the chips into the central pile, then turns the river card.

The flop: 3 D, J H, 5 H
The turn: 4 S
The river: 7 C
Current Bet: 500
Riley's hole: 7 D, 7 H

At that revelation, Baz does the same thing he's done every hand when the turn and river cards are dealt. He clicks his jaw from side to side. It could be a tell, but it's just as likely he's throwing out a false one. For all his inscrutableness, he's low on chips. If he doesn't win this hand, he won't be able to afford the ante for the next hand.

Then he shakes his head. "Fold," he declares, sitting back and folding his arms.
Liam O'Keefe - On the phone - St. Louis

Mac Dubh takes the short response in stride. "I'm doin' some undercover work for the feds, and a name came up I think ye might be familiar with, you bein' ex-Emergency Response." After a pause, he says: "Morgan MacBride."

Liam would recognize the name. One of the most dangerous men to come out of the Troubles, an ex-IRA rogue element, MacBride is wanted by law enforcement groups throughout Europe and Stateside as well. "I got wind that he's in the US, and that he'll be in Missouri in a few weeks. I could use some help down here prepping for a possible takedown. Hanretty pointed me to you."

Mytical 12-23-2012 09:11 PM


"My father handles the matches, speak to him. Me..I'm just the muscle." he chuckles. "Personally, you put anybody in front of me, I'll go through them." He shrugs. "One way or another." Lupo doesn't stop practicing the whole time he is talking. "Just like he wants me to go by Mike 'The Wolf' Hammer during the matches. I don't know why, and don't ask."

Thinking to herself 'Just like a man.' She gets ready to go on a trip, she will follow him wherever he goes..come what may.

Chanlin 12-23-2012 09:54 PM

Riley Thorsen & Mattieu Carrefour - Poker Tournament - New Orleans

Riley looks the cards over keeping a neutral expression, glances at her chips and... "Check" She looks to Mattieu waiting to see how he reacts.

Liam - The Phone Call - St Louis

"That's a dangerous man by all accounts. But if you need help, then you can count me in. And tell Hanretty he owes me after this."

Jay 2K Winger 12-24-2012 12:03 AM

Lupo Virtus - Gym - Chicago

Brighton just nods to him. "I'll talk it over with him, then. Personally, I don't see why there's any need to change your name in the ring." He chuckles. "I certainly know a man named 'Lupo' doesn't sound like anyone I'd wanna fuck with."

He nods to Lupo and starts heading toward the exit. "Look forward to seeing you in Branson. Be a hell of a fight." He pulls out his phone and makes a call as he leaves. "Yeah, it's me. ...yeah, he's in, I'll talk to the father and-- yes, of course I mean that father, not the other one, come on..." and then he's gone.

Over the next couple of weeks...

Lupo's father gets the call from Brighton, who arranges the fight against an opponent called Mark "The Meat" Cleaver. Cleaver's a man with a pretty dangerous reputation, with only a couple of losses, all due to judges' decisions. Otherwise, all of his victories have been knockouts.

Come the weekend of the fight, Lupo and his father and anyone else on their team arrive in Branson, where they're put up in the Hilton, also where the fight is scheduled to take place. They're met by Brighton, who shakes hands and helps them get settled in their rooms (Lupo is in Room 630) before heading off to "make sure everything's all set."

Lupo might be aware of a faint... kind of itch in the back of his head, not anything physical, just a kind of feeling like there's something going on he hasn't been told about, but it'd be difficult to put words to it. It's when Lupo is by himself in his room that there's a knock on the door, finding Paul Brighton on the other side. He looks a bit grim, as if he has to tell him something that he doesn't want to really get into, but must. "Lupo. Can I come in?"
Kiki Toshioto - Coffee Shop - Chicago

Even if Kiki follows him outside, Art Mooney is gone pretty quickly after he heads outside. Kiki's good at blending in, but this guy seems like he just vanished into thin air.

Over the next couple of weeks...

Lena Mooney makes a call to Kiki every couple of days, asking if anything has come up, and it's all Kiki can do to persuade her to let her do her job, maybe follow her husband to Branson and see if she can get concrete proof of this illicit relationship that Art is having. For his part, Art is clean after that phone call. Any checks to his credit card show that while he did pay for travel expenses at first, the money was refunded, and an email can be found showing that the ticket and accommodation were covered by an A. Green at Hays Investments. A little research turns up an employee of the same named Anna Green. The room is at the Hilton Hotel in Branson, but no further details about the room itself can be turned up, not even the number.

Art himself is dutiful to his wife in the intervening weeks, as well, careful to come home on time, attentive to her needs and everything, and the excuse he gives her for his trip is a "business meeting." Lena, of course, has her doubts, and is horribly confused by the apparently conflicting behavior.

Kiki is able to get a room of her own at the Hilton, and even a seat on the same flight to Branson Airport. Once there, he meets a woman in the lobby, clearly Anna Green, whom he embraces warmly, but... it seems more like a familial hug than an intimate one. They chat for a moment or two, and he does give a bit of a furtive look around as he talks. She frowns at something he says and she looks around as well, and her gaze does sweep over the area where Kiki has hidden herself, but doesn't seem to notice her.

The two check in at the desk, receiving their keys and then leaving in an elevator. If Kiki checks, it stops on the 5th floor. The clerk at the desk when she checks in is friendly, and then tilts her head. "Oh. I see there's a note here for you, Miss Toshito," (yes, the clerk says the name wrong) "here you are." And with the key for her own room (room 419) is an envelope addressed to "K. Toshioto."

The message inside says "I know you've been following me. Meet me in Rm. 510 & I'll explain. --Art Mooney"
Riley Thorsen & Mattieu Carrefour - Poker Tournament - New Orleans

Mattieu looks at Riley with that smirk, which widens into a bigger smile, and ... it's like she can feel he's trying to turn on the charm. He tosses a couple of chips onto the felt. "Raise ya a hundred," he drawls.

There are a couple of back and forth raises as neither one of them backs down. Until finally, they call, and their cards are turned over. First Riley, putting her up with three of a kind: sevens. As soon as that comes up, Mattieu just clicks his tongue, sighs, and turns over his own cards: 3 S and 5 S. Two pair, fives high. Riley Thorsen has won the tournament and $25K. She shakes hands with her last two opponents, Baz Moran just giving a curt nod before turning and leaving, while Mattieu gives her a charming smile. "You play a good game, chere, I get you next time, say true?" He winks, and then it's a few interviews and she's left on her own.

But already there's another tournament on the horizon, the Midwest Poker Championship, with a $75,000 grand prize, being held in Branson, Missouri.

Over the next couple of weeks...

Riley is left to her own devices, though she does exchange correspondence and phone calls with one Himy Holtzman, who is arranging the Midwest Poker Championship. Holtzman's company is putting up the competitors in the Hilton in Branson, and even chips in to help with airfare.

When she arrives in Branson, there's a cab waiting for her, and she's dropped off at the Hilton, where room 909 is waiting for her. She's no sooner settled in before there's a knock on the door, and Himy Holtzman is standing there, not at all what she was really expecting from the name. "Ms.--" he coughs a bit and clears his throat before hoarsely continuing over the name, "Thorsen-- (so sorry) may I come in? I have some things to discuss with you."
Liam O'Keefe - The Phone Call - St. Louis

"Aye, he thought you'd say that," Mac Dubh chuckles. "See ya in a couple weeks." He gives the dates in question which, although he doesn't know it, are the same time as the Midwest Poker Championships and the boxing match.

Over the next couple of weeks...

Liam finds some money is sent his way by Hanretty, who explains it's to help cover expenses. This comes in handy when he has to book a hotel room, and as Fate would have it, he gets a great deal on a room at the Hilton.

After he arrives in Branson and checks in at the hotel (Room 728), he gets a text message from Mac Dubh, asking him to meet him by the Ripley's Oddities museum. Once there, Liam eventually runs into Mac Dubh himself, a heavyset bald man with a rather impressive beard, dressed not unlike a biker. He nods to Liam when he sees him. "O'Keefe," he says. "Glad ye could make it. There's some new information ye should probably be aware of..." Even as he says it, it's evident that Mac is a bit worried about how well Liam's going to take it...

Next update will be a big one, when the Truth comes out...

Chanlin 12-24-2012 12:38 AM

Riley - At the Hotel - Branson, MO

Riley frowns momentarily at the man. "You could at least let me settle in before bribing me to throw the tournament..." she throws up her hands and sighs with a slight smirk on her face leaving the man to wonder if what she said is a joke or not. She steps aside and motions with one hand to indicate that it's ok for him to come in.

Liam - Outside the Museum of all things Odd - Branson, MO

"Oi swear to t'e gods Mac Dubh if you go telliin' me t'at MacBrides not here after all or t'at he has a small army wit' him O'im gonna flub ya somet'in fierce." He beams a big smile at the man despite the fierce tone of his words.

Mytical 12-24-2012 01:08 AM


Lupo lets him in to talk. "Come on in. You know if you are here to talk about the purse or anything like're talking to the wrong person .. right? My dad handles the business end. I'm just the meat in the ring." he chuckles. He knows his father doesn't feel that way, but keeping the business parts apart lets him concentrate on what he does best. Fight.

Kiki goes up at this..go to a strange guys room all alone, with nobody knowing where she is or what she is doing? No. So she sends a text to one of her police contacts that if she has not gotten back with them in a couple of hours to open the next text called "Where I went." which includes ALL the details of who, what, when, etc. THEN she heads to the room.

Jay 2K Winger 12-24-2012 01:35 AM

Riley - Hilton, Room 909

Holtzman laughs a bit. "Hardly, my dear, I wouldn't ask that of you. One has such a thing as pride." He steps into the room and waits until the door is shut before the somewhat nebbish behavior he'd been using fades and he straightens up. "Tell me, Ms. Th--" again, that cough and clearing of the throat, "Thorsen (so sorry), what do you know of ..." he hesitates, then says, "Norse mythology. I mean, the actual stories, not the bastardized crap that Hollywood puts out?"

Liam - Outside Ripley's Oddities

Mac Dubh shakes his head and indicates with a jerk of it to move somewhere out of immediate public eye. "Funny ye should mention t'e gods, O'Keefe, 'cos it's of 'em as I wants to talk to ye." Then, after a pause, he looks Liam in the eyes and says, "What d'ye remember of yer mother?"

Lupo - Hilton, Room 630

Brighton shakes his head. "Nothing like that, it's just..." He sighs. He steps inside and runs a hand through his hair. "You read much mythology, Lupo?" he asks, looking around the room, even moving to the window as if concerned that someone would be listening outside it, even on the sixth floor.

Kiki - Hilton, Room 510

After she takes her precautions and goes to room 510, Kiki is let into the room by Anna Green, who seems to be aware of Kiki's wariness, and takes pains to show both hands. She's wearing short sleeves, too, so there's no concern of anything being hidden. Art Mooney is in view as well, likewise with his hands in plain sight. The room is a double, two beds.

"Ms. Toshioto," Art says as he sees her. He has a weary look on his face. He looks tired. "I'm glad you came. And I'm sorry you got caught up in all this." He clears his throat a bit. "Let me introduce you. Anna, this is Kiki Toshioto, a private detective my wife hired. Ms. Toshioto, I'd like you to meet my sister, Anna Green."

Now that Kiki has a chance to really look at them, there is something of a resemblance there, though... it would be hard to put a finger on it exactly. Kiki would know from her research, however, that Art Mooney doesn't have any siblings. He seems to see the doubt on her face and explains, "Now might be the best time to explain that... in a way, I'm adopted, as is Anna." He sighs then. "Ms. Toshioto, I said I would explain, and I will, but the explanation might be a little hard for you to believe. But I swear by all the gods that I would never do anything to betray Lena." He puts a hand on his heart. "May my Mother strike me down if I'm lying."

Strange that he'd say that, especially given that Gertrude Mooney died several years ago.

"Ms. Toshioto," he continues, "what do you know about Greek mythology?"

Chanlin 12-24-2012 02:55 AM

Riley - Room 909

"You want me to get you something for you cough?" She says with a grin as she flops down on the bed staring up at the ceiling.

"I know my adoptive parents thought somewhat highly of the gods." She pauses a moment, "I took a class on it in college before I dropped out. You mean Odin, and Thor and all those crazy dudes hell bent on death before dishonor and all that crap right?"

Liam - Ripley's... an Odd Place for an Odd Conversation

Liam's eyes narrow briefly, "Oi know t'at oi always suspected my da' of beatin' her ta' death. Oi ne'r could prove it t'ough." His voice get's real quiet at the last part and he stares at the ground as if even speaking ill of the man that beat him daily makes him uncomfortable.

Mytical 12-24-2012 05:27 AM


"Not much of a reader to be honest. I spend from twelve to fourteen hours a day training, and a lot of the rest fueling up for the training." He sort of chuckles to himself, his father had told him that he was a bottomless pit, but when you worked as much as Lupo you need fuel. "I am a plain person, so lets skip the dance and get down to why you are here?" He was a man who appreciated saying outright what somebody was going to say. "Your as nervous as most of my opponents when I get in the ring."


"Pardon the expression, but what has that got to do with the price of rice in China?" Kiki did not trust Art, she didn't like Art, and she would make no bones about it. Even if his story was true, and she doubted it, he still lied to and hid things from his wife. "Why should I believe a word you say?" She might be inclined to listen to Anna, but unless Art could pull a heck of a rabbit from his behind, she would not believe anything coming from him.

Jay 2K Winger 12-24-2012 06:35 AM

Riley - Room 909

Holtzman shakes his head. "It's just a sort of... speech impediment, you could call it," he says.

"But yes, I mean that kind of thing." He hesitates a bit, then says, "Ms. Th--*koff* Thorsen (so sorry), the gods are real. They always have been. All of them." He pauses. "And the tales of their children, who become heroes and battle monsters... those are also real."

Holtzman grimaces slightly. "The monsters are still out there, hidden among us, and it's up to the children of the gods to stop them. Children like me." He then looks at her, meeting her gaze unwaveringly. "And you."

Liam - Ripley's

Mac nods a bit. "I heard about that," the biker grunts. "Nasty piece o' work, that one. But... well, might be good news, might not be, depending on how ye want ta look at it... but what if I tol' ye t'at the woman he beat ta death wasn'a yer mam?"

He pauses to let Liam digest that a moment, then continues, "The gods ye swore by, O'Keefe? They're real, boyo. Real as you or me. And there's heroes out there, the gods' children, fighting the same old war against the monsters of myth." He strokes his beard a bit, and says, "People like you and me, we're those heroes, Liam."

Lupo - Room 630

Brighton nods a little bit. "Straightforward man," he says. "I like that. Cut right to the quick." He sighs. "In the stories and myths, the gods oversaw the world, and there were monsters in it. But the gods couldn't fight all of mankind's battles, and so they had children with mankind, and those children became heroes: Hercules, Jason, Achilles, all them."

He sighs. "Things haven't changed since the days of antiquity," he admits. "War's still going on, it's just the battlefield that's changed. Maybe some of the tactics, too." He spreads his hands. "We're the children of the gods," he says to Lupo.

Kiki - Room 510

"It's tea." That comes from Anna. "It's 'the price of tea in China.'" She sighs a little bit. "It has everything to do with it. But... you know how, in the stories, the gods would have children, who grew up and became heroes and everything?" She nods. "Yeah... those are all true. And it still happens today. Heroes battling monsters."

Art sighs, and looks about to speak, but Anna shakes her head at him, speaking instead, "We're children of the gods," she says, and laughs a little. "Gods, that sounds so insane, doesn't it?" Then, after another moment, she says, "Art and I, we're children of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon. Well, her adopted children. Mother is a virgin. We were children of some other god who relinquished their claim over us, and she adopted us instead."

"When I had to leave all those times," Art said, "it was because I got called in to hunt down monsters. Anna and I are siblings, in the grand scheme of things, and I'm married. Lena and I had an evening wedding, under the light of the full moon, in the eyes of my Mother," he says. "If I were to betray the vows I took, I'd be facing literal divine wrath."

Anna speaks up again. "I called Art here because there's something big going down around here in the next few days. The gods are calling in a lot of us to make sure our numbers are strong."

"And," Art adds, "that's one reason I made sure you heard the call I made to Anna so you'd follow me here. You're the child of a god, too, and--"

He breaks off and turns his head slightly, as if he hears something. His eyes flick to Anna, who has a similar look, and then both are moving, and much faster than you'd think. Art is diving away from the windows behind him, as Anna swivels as she rises, hands moving as though drawing a bow, and with a shimmer of light, a silvery bow appears in her hands, looking as though it is crafted out of light, an arrow appearing as well. Just as she's drawn it full, two winged figures crash through the window, talons flashing. They have talons and wings, but they have the body and head of ugly, filth-smeared women.

"Harpies," Anna snarls, and then releases her arrow, which slams into one harpy's throat, sending it pitching back out the window, shrieking in pain. The second beats its wings as it shrieks as well, and the stench off the harpy is disgusting. Anna's drawing back her bowstring again, another arrow shimmering into being, but then Art stands and swings his arm, a silvery sword like Anna's bow flashing as it cuts the harpy's head off.

As the harpy's body falls, Art glances out the shattered window. "Looks like the other one's dead." He nods to Anna. "Nice shot." He lowers his sword, which shimmers and fades out of view. Likewise, Anna eases the draw, and arrow and bow likewise shimmer out of view. Art looks at Kiki. "Um. Sorry for the shock. We didn't know those harpies would turn up so soon...

Mytical 12-24-2012 07:36 PM


Lupo can't help but laugh. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh at you, but you have to admit it sounds a little crazy. Me I'm just Lupo. I ain't nothing special. Just a man who loves a good fight. My father had always told me I was adopted, never hid anything from me..but even he doesn't know who my real parents are.."


Kiki just sits there stunned for the longest time. She saw those..things..and she still couldn't believe it. She had witnessed the two of them pull something out of thin air..and she still didn't believe it. Heck she didn't believe her own eyes..finally she just sat down. "I .. what...thats...this is insane..."

Chanlin 12-24-2012 10:26 PM

Riley - Room 909

Riley says nothing but breaks out in gales of laughter.

Liam - Ripley's

"Really... ye drop a bombshell like t'at on me in front of a museum of oddities and expect me to believe ye?" He gives Mac Dubh a pointed look. "So what, does this mean I'm supposed to have super powers. Like Cu Chulain?"

Jay 2K Winger 12-24-2012 11:16 PM

Riley - Room 909

Holtzman sighs at the laughter. "Yes, I rather expected that kind of reaction..."

Which is about the same moment there's a knock on the door, before it's forced open, the lock shredding apart as two men shoulder their way into the room. Or... man-shaped creatures. They look decidedly ... decrepit, almost mummified-- in the sense that their bodies had been leached of moisture, not wrapped in linen. Incongruously, they'd been somewhat haphazardly dressed in bellhops' uniforms, but this was fitting badly over what looked like leather-and-plate armor. These zombie bellhops brandished hatchets and lunged forward with a rattling cry.

Which is when Holtzman suddenly flicks his arm out, and with a rainbow shimmer, two throwing daggers have materialized and flung themselves into the zombies' heads. They collapse to the floor, and he quickly steps over to them, grabbing one of their hatchets and cutting their heads off. That finished, he retrieves the daggers, and with another shimmer of rainbow light, the blades vanish. Holtzman sighs. "Draugr," he mutters. "They must be aware we're gathering in town." He sticks his head out into the hall, then drags the draugr into the room and shuts the door. Though the main lock is wrecked, he puts the chain up. The draugr don't smell any better in the confined space.

With that finished, Himy Holtzman turns back to her. "Now. You have anything to say?"

Liam - Ripley's

Mac Dubh shrugs. "I'd stick out like a sore thumb if I were ta go anywhere near t'e Hilton. As it is, I'm takin' a risk meetin' ye in a public place. But aye, that's the kind of thing yer supposed ta have." He scratches his beard a bit. "Least, ye will now, I s'pose. There's a lot more of us t'an ye'd think. But not everyone receives the call, as it 'twere."

He thumps his chest. "Me, I'm t'e son o' The Dagda, an' from what I hear, ye're supposed ta have quite a high up Mam." He looks to continue, but then both men would become aware of a sudden stench... like seaweed and salt water and mud... and then a very large man-shaped creature lunged around the corner toward them. Mac moved, shoving Liam out of the way as he squared up. The attacker had huge eyes like a lungfish and a mouth bristling with teeth like a lamprey. Its body was of mottled brown and green, and seaweed clung to its hair as it reached out with webbed and clawed fingers.

The creature hissed a challenge, which Mac met by baring his teeth and thrusting a hand into his leather jacket. From within it he suddenly draws a huge length of wood, a proper shillelagh, far too big to have fit in any pocket, and then Mac ducks under the creature's sweeping arm, swinging the knot on the end of the club into the creature's jaw. It goes over with a gurgling cry, and then is silenced with a wet crunch by a downward club from Mac.

"Bloody Fomorians," Mac Dubh spits, wiping off his shillelagh and putting it away in his coat, where it vanishes. He looks to Liam. "Come on, let's get inside. Less likely they'll make trouble around t'e mundies."

Once they're inside the museum, Mac turns to Liam again. "So, boyo, still don't believe what I'm tellin' ye?"

Lupo - Room 630

Brighton nods a little bit. "You're probably right to disbelieve me. Lord knows I wouldn't believe me if I were in your shoes. But it doesn't make it any less true. Your mother was your mother, gods love her. And your father... well, he's your Dad, if you take my meaning. But your father, if what I've been told is correct, is Mars." Beat. "I mean like the Roman god of war, not the planet, obviously." Off a look from Lupo, he spreads his hands, "I've had to make the distinction between planets and gods before, don't give me that look."

He sighs a bit. "I hate being the one they make tell people these things. Here's the way it works: there's lots of people like you out there-- people who were born to one of the gods and don't know it. A lot of them live their lives without ever knowing about the... well, call it the bigger picture. Far as the World and Fate are concerned, they're mortal. Maybe they have a knack of some kind, but nothing too out of the ordinary. But there are a few of them, like you or me, who get tapped for something more. They learn the truth about their heritage, and ... things change.

"They find out about the War, for starters, between god and Titan, over the Fate of the World. The gods are busy keeping the Titans in check Above and Below, which means the task of protecting the World itself falls to us. And word came down from on high that you've been tapped for something more." He points at the floor. "Right now, something big is going to go down here in Branson soon-- we can't find out the details-- but they're calling in folks from all over the country to make sure that it doesn't go sideways. I know for a fact that several of the Titans' agents and soldiers are probably already in town, and I wouldn't be surprised if we get--"

He pauses as some raucous laughter can be heard getting closer in the hallway. It has the sound of drunken revelers to it, which is not too uncommon to hear, but it seems to stop right outside their door. Brighton narrows his eyes a bit, gesturing for Lupo to stay back as he heads over to the door, as a shimmer appears in the air before a golden chain seems to slide out of his sleeve, looking like it's made out of golden light.

Brighton cracks the door, and then jumps back as someone kicks it open the rest of the way. In the hall and rushing inside are a trio of women. Or at least they look like women. They are dressed like club-goers, and the smell of booze is strong around them, but so is the scent of blood. If Lupo didn't know better, he'd have just looked past them altogether, but now... he can see the jagged claws their fingernails have been warped into, see the sharpened nature of their teeth, and see the bloodlust in their eyes.

"Godsdamn Bacchae," Brighton swears as he swings his chain out, which wraps around the neck of the one nearest to him. He yanks her backwards as the chain glows brightly, until sunfire erupts from it, engulfing the Bacchae in its coils, which shrieks as she's burned to ash. The second comes at him and pins him to the wall, claws flashing, as the third leaps over the bed and rushes toward Lupo with clear intent to kill.

Kiki - Room 510

Anna and Art look at one another, and then Art busies himself with grabbing the decapitated harpy and dragging it to the broken windows to dispose of it. Anna approaches Kiki. "Sorry, this can all be a bit much to take in, I know," she sighs. "Heaven knows, there are days I kind of wish I hadn't found out the truth, either. Especially since it often means I'm away from my own family." She smiles sadly. "Not married, no kids, but I have a mortal family. Brothers and sisters to my mortal parents, the ones who raised me." Then she chuckles a bit. "...though the adventures can be fun."

"If a bit undignified," Art grunts as he heaves the harpy's body up to the lip of the window, grimacing as he hurls it out, then following this up with its head. His clothes are now covered in the harpy's filth. "Ugh."

"At any rate," Anna continues, "that's one of the reasons we asked you to come up here. According to the word we've gotten from on high, you're the daughter of the rainbow goddess Iris--"

"Which probably goes a long way to explain how you can blend in so well," Art interjects as he tries to clean some of the filth off his hands.

"--and," Anna continues, "you could do great things for us in the War against the Titans." She pauses, then stands up, holding out her hands. "I understand this is all a bit much to take in, and truth be told, you have the right to say no to all this. You can go home, deliver your report to Art's wife however you like, and we won't stop you, and you can go about living a normal life.

"Or, you can say yes, in which case your life will get considerably more... interesting."


Hmm, gone a little lopsided in terms of action and events, but we should level that out soon.

Mytical 12-25-2012 05:32 AM


Lupo has not learned yet how to back down from a challenge, and female or no, he treats all of his opponents the something to take down. Immediately into his boxing stance, out of habit, he will wait till the creature closes to give her the old boxing stand by the ONE/TWO .. a quick jab followed by an uppercut. If that knocks her out he will head toward the other to help this guy, if not he will keep on his toes to keep her from pinning him like the other has pinned his guest.


She stands up straight, gives a slight bow. "If my family has called, it is my duty to answer. I am not sure if I believe what you say, but my honor demands I at least give you a chance to convince me I am what you say."

Chanlin 12-25-2012 06:03 AM

Riley - Room 909 - Now a Zombie Grave

Riley stares bug eyed at the Draugr. "Holy shit..." she says clearly still in disbelief mode. Then she gathers herself, looks at them looks at Holtzman, then back at them. "That was fuckin' cool. Like straight out of Skyrim." She hops up pumping a fist, "If I get to see more of those, then hell yeah, count me in."

Liam - In get the hell of the streets mode

Liam shrugs his shoulders seeming to take everything in stride, "Oi've seen all sorts a weird shite while Oi was on t'e ERU. Guess t'is tain't much more o' a stretch now is it?"

Jay 2K Winger 12-26-2012 06:23 PM

Lupo - Room 630

The Bacchae that Lupo punches lets out a cry as she's pummeled, but she proves to be a lot more resilient than one might think. She stumbles and falls over, but she trips up Lupo as he tries to go assist Brighton. She almost flows back to her feet, and now he can see another inhuman trait to the attacker. She has rectangular pupils, like a goat's. She bares her teeth again in a gruesome smile, and she comes in with another few swings, but nothing an accomplished boxer can't handle. His retaliatory strikes, however, don't seem to be slowing her down any.

And then... Lupo hears a voice, and the events around him slow to a crawl. "Lupo, My son." The voice is deep, rough, a soldier's-- no, a general's voice, weathered and gruff. "You will smash Our foes like a hammer. Fight. Make Me proud." Lupo would feel... it was like his blood was on fire, as he felt something... unlock within him. He felt... stronger. More focused.

And then he felt a weight on his hands. A glance would reveal a shimmer of light, and he saw he had a shining metal cestus on each hand. He could feel that they would make his punches much more powerful.

Then events return to normal speed, the Bacchae not yet noticing that Lupo's got weapons, as Paul Brighton manages to loop a length of chain around the neck of the one grappling with him.

Kiki - Room 510

Anna and Art both nod, as she rises and nods to the door. "Let's walk. Give Art a chance to clean up a bit."

As they step into the hall, Kiki would feel her perceptions slow to a crawl, and a voice would intone in her head. A light, soft voice, feminine and somehow conveying the sense of colors. "Kiki, My daughter. You will tease out Our enemies' secrets. I am proud of you."

She would feel a gentle weight around her neck, where she would find a pendant hanging on a silvery chain. The pendant itself was crystal, prismatic, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, and she would know it was capable of changing shape. Of elongating into a handy dagger, or flattening into a lens.

With this, she also feels a sensation of something... unlocking. Her blood feels briefly like it's on fire, but then this fades, and she feels a sort of rush.

Then the world returns to normal and Anna blinks, momentarily turning. "Ms. Toshioto?" she asks, apparently not seeing her. "Where'd you go?"

Riley - Room 909

"Yeah," Holtzman sighs. "Skyrim. Except draugr are real, out of real Norse legend." He looks around. "We should probably get some place more secure. What I have to tell you does not need to be heard by anyone else's ears. Let's get up to my room." He takes out his cell phone. "I'll make a call, get this cleared up."

He ushers Riley out to the elevator, while he makes the call. "Hey, it's me. Could-- wait, is that you, Hoffman?... no, I-- no, wait--please stop talking and let me say it. ...yes. Room 909, the Hilton in Branson. You can-- Solomon's in town? That's good news. Yeah, a couple of draugr, decapitated. Thanks, love ya."

They get off on the 7th floor, going to room 714. Holtzman locks the door behind him. "Okay, so... you know now that the myths are true. And you know that you're a part of all this." He explains how things are for the Aesir. They are battling the forces of the jotnar, the frost giants, plus the fire giants of Musphelheim, desperately trying to stave off Ragnarok, and recruiting their children in the World to help fight the War on Midgard.

As well, Himy Holtzman, who identifies himself as a son of Heimdall, tells Riley Thorsen who her father is. As she hears this, her perception slows, and she hears a voice. A very prideful voice, strong and clear. "Riley, My daughter. You have a role to play in preventing Ragnarok. I will tell you more in time."

Riley would feel a rush, a sensation like her blood were briefly made of fire, and then this fades, but leaves behind a sensation that she's become somehow... more. And in her hands, she finds she's holding a gleaming blade, a curved dagger with an engraving on the side like a lightning bolt.

Liam - Ripley's

Mac Dubh nods a bit, in respect, as Liam takes it in stride. "Not bad, then. Ye'll probably adapt well to t'e whole kit 'n caboodle then. Shouldna be long before yer Mam contacts ye--"

As if on cue, Liam's perceptions would slow to a crawl and a voice would speak to him. It conveyed eternity, maternal pride, and endless patience. "Liam, My son," it sas, "We need strong warriors in the battles to come. You shall lead Us to victory. Be strong and make Us proud." He would feel a burning rush go through him, as though his blood had caught fire, and then it passes, but leaves behind a sense of newfound power and resilience.

His perceptions would return to normal, and Liam would find himself holding a large iron blade, single-edged and inwardly curving, not unlike a kukri. The edge of the blade shimmered with otherworldly light. Mac blinks slightly. "Bloody 'ell, that was quick. Looks like She gave ye a falcata, too."



Everyone is now a freshly Awakened Scion, with access to a divinely-crafted item. The item can be summoned out of the aether with a focus of will, and returned there by the same.

Lupo Virtus has been granted extra strength and stamina by Mars, as well as a pair of cesti. He has not yet been given his divine focus item to give him any new divine abilities.

Kiki Toshioto has been gifted with her focus item by Iris, a rainbow crystal pendant, capable of changing into a small dagger or into a type of lens, through which she can tease out secrets. With this item, her ability to 'blend in' has been enhanced into invisibility, which she can turn on and off at will. However, it cannot hide her from someone using their own divine abilities of perception.

Riley Thorsen has been gifted a dagger by her divine parent, while her odds-calculating ability has received an upgrade, enabling her to predict outcomes more quickly. She has not yet been given her divine focus item to give her any new divine abilities.

Liam O'Keefe has been granted extra strength and stamina by Danu, as well as a falcata (an ancient Celtic blade). He has not yet been given his divine focus item to give him other divine abilities.

Mytical 12-26-2012 07:03 PM


Since the weapons are just extensions of his hands, Lupo doesn't change tactics. He knows how to fight, and no she demon will get the best of him. He automatically goes into the furious body blows that he has used to take down much bigger targets then this. He will deal with hearing voices after the fight, the fight was all that matters.

Kiki not taking the voice quite so well. She was panicked, looking around trying to see WHO had just spoke to her. When asked where she went, she couldn't answer for a moment. Her mind was having a lot of trouble making sense of things. Finally she squeaked. "W..wh..what d-d-do you mean...I'm right...right here?!"

Chanlin 12-27-2012 03:02 AM

Riley - Room 714

Riley gives the dagger a few test thrusts and spins it around once in her hand marveling at its craftsmanship. "Ok... so that was weird." She subconsciously causes the dagger to wink out of existence startling her at first.

"Holy..." she exclaims. Then the dagger winks back into existence. "Ok... now that is cool." She winks it out and back a few more times. "I could get used to this." After making the dagger blink back and forth a few more times she catches the eye of Holtzman who seems to be wearing a look that says Really...

She shrugs, "What, you gave a video game and anime geek access to hammerspace..." She sighs, "Alright, so what now?"

Liam - That Museum

Liam's eyes go wide. Still holding the Falcata his jaw drops, "Was t'at... I mean... t'e... " He stammares, "Me mam is t'e feckin Danann!" He finally manages to choke out.


Quoth Jay 2K Winger (Post 1107200)

(OOC: You have acquired the falcata, to use the falcata equip it to a C button and then press that C button :p )

Jay 2K Winger 12-27-2012 06:10 PM

Lupo - Room 630

The Bacchae was able to withstand strikes from a mortal, but now she's taking strikes from a Scion, one just coming into his power, which is being enhanced by divine cesti. The wind is driven from her lithe body, and after a flurry of strikes and a final uppercut to her jaw, the Bacchae is knocked out cold, and missing a few sharpened teeth.

Meanwhile, Paul Brighton has managed to loop a length of his chain around the last Bacchae's throat, tightening it and then letting the divine sunfire surge through the links. The Bacchae gives a choked wail before being reduced to ash. Coughing and rubbing his throat where the she-creature had been choking him, Brighton looks to Lupo and blinks. "Looks like your Father spoke to you," he says, nodding to the cesti. "You'll probably hear from him again soon, when he'll give you something like this." He holds up a hand, where Lupo will now notice the gold ring on his middle finger, embossed with a sun symbol. "A focus item. Weapons are one thing, but a focus item like this lets you channel more of your new abilities."

Kiki - Outside Room 510

At Kiki's outburst, Anna's eyes suddenly snapped to look... well, not quite at her, but in her general direction. The other Scion's eyes narrow slightly, and then there's a shimmer of silvery light to her eyes, and then they track straight at her. "Oh," she says. "There you are. Okay, calm down, hon, and ... well, try letting yourself be seen."

A slight tuning of her willpower will enable Kiki to be seen, and once she does so, Anna nods. "Okay, I'll explain. Let me guess: you just heard a voice in your head? Don't panic, that was your Mother, Iris. And that," here she points at the pendant, "is what we call a focus item. We're only part-divine, us Scions, so not all of our special abilities work properly unless we have one. Unless I miss my guess, that pendant of yours lets you turn yourself invisible."

Riley - Room 714

Holtzman shrugs. "A lot of us have the same kind of reaction, at first," he says with a rueful smile. "But it only works on items of a divine or supernatural nature, and only if they've been attuned to you." He spreads his hands. "So hiding your wallet there to keep it safe from thieves wouldn't work."

Then he smiles a bit. "Well, you heard from your Father, I trust. Now you're almost a full-fledged Scion. Once you get a focus item from your Father-- which probably won't be too long-- you'll be able to tap into more of the abilities you've inherited from Him."

He checks his phone. "For now, though, you go ahead and prep for the poker tournament, but ... well, keep your eyes open. The Titans have agents in play somewhere in the area, judging from what I heard from our resident intel-broker. The draugr are a definite clue. I'll do some sniffing around, myself. But for now, don't let on that you're any different. You're freshly Awakened, so you won't trip their radar unless you overtly display any sign of it."

Liam - That Museum

Mac Dubh smiles a bit at Liam's initial reaction to suddenly receiving a weapon and hearing a voice in his head. "Aye, that's about normal fer the newbies," he agrees. When Liam stammers out who his Mother is, however, even Mac looks surprised. "Yer feckin' WHAT?" He looks taken aback, and then taps his forehead with a knuckle and gives a slight bow. "Honored ta meet ye, then, O'Keefe. Yer Mam doesna have many children, and them as She does, they usually have great destinies."

He strokes his beard a bit. "Right, then. She hasn't given ye yer focus item yet-- it's like a wee geegaw or something, lets ye use yer 'superpowers' better. Won't be long till She does, I think. Meantime, I'll keep me eyes peeled ta find out where the Fomori are hidin'. You, you keep yer eyes open around the hotel. I think whatever's gonna happen, 's gonna happen there. Just... ye'll feel when something's wrong. Trust me."

Mytical 12-28-2012 06:46 AM


Not wanting the third to get up, Lupo just calmly walks over and snaps her neck. He has never been the chivalrous type, and an enemy is an enemy. He looks at the other guy. "Well...somebody talked to me..and called me son. I have no idea who, or how, or anything like that. All I do know is I like a good fight. So they want a fight, lets give them a fight."


Kiki swallows, but it is clear these people are telling the truth. Which means she was honor bound to help in any way she could. "Ok..I may I help my family?"

Chanlin 12-28-2012 03:10 PM

Liam - Headed to the Hotel

Liam nods to Mac Dubh and starts to head out. He stops short realizing the falcata is still in his hand. "Um... Oi can't go out wit' t'is. Why exactly didn' mam see fit to have it come wit' a scabbard?" Just as he finishes asking and turns his thoughts to hiding the weapon, it vanishes.

He stares at his now empty hand a moment, "Oh. Well t'en I suppose Oi'll see ye when t'e time comes." He inclines his head once more and heads out in the direction of the hotel.

Riley - Room 714

Riley nods, "Right... poker tournament. I wonder If I'll get to play against that Cajun fellow again. He was good." She looks at Holtzman as a thought occurs to her, "Hey should I be going back to my old room? Or is it like... compromised now?"

Jay 2K Winger 12-30-2012 06:03 PM

Lupo - Room 630

Brighton nods. "Spoken like a son of the war god," he declares. "You didn't get too battle-crazy there, so you're probably the son of His Mars aspect. That's a relief, at least." He nods at the cesti. "Those you can sort of will in and out of existence-- I'm simplifying for now." He flicks his wrist, and the golden chain wraps around the corpse of the remaining Bacchae, which is likewise engulfed in sunfire and reduced to ash. "If I were you, I'd ... I dunno, go relax down in the lounge or something. If there are any more Bacchae or their allies down there, they won't start anything in public. Meantime, I'll call up our 'cleaner' to secure the room, clean up the ash."

He thinks for a moment, then gestures. "Where's your cell phone? I'll send a text out to our IT specialist, and she'll put you in the loop."

Kiki - Outside Room 510

Anna smiles a bit tightly. "I'm glad to hear that." She thinks a moment. "Tough to say what you'll be doing. For Art and me, well, we're the children of the Goddess of the Hunt. We get a call some monsters are stirring up trouble, we go and ... take care of it. But Iris? Iris is the Rainbow Goddess. Granted, that means she sort of oversees the boundaries between the mortal realm and the divine realm, but..."

The huntress frowns. "That pendant... your Mother wouldn't have given you a tool good for only one thing... try to feel something about it, can it do anything else?"

Liam - Leaving the Ripley's Museum

Mac Dubh nods. "Word of warning before ye leave, boyo. If'n ye see MacBride, don't try to take him on by yerself. He's one of us, but he's gone rogue. There's reasons why none of the attempts ta take him down have worked." He takes out his cell. "I'll send word ta our operator that yer on board. If she sees anything, she'll call ye. Code-phrase is 'Emerald Eire.'"

Riley - Room 714

Holtzman frowns. "Yes, your room is compromised for the moment. Solomon will clean up the mess, and send your bags down to the desk. Our operator should get you set up in a new room quickly enough." At the mention of the Cajun, he tilts his head. "Carrefour? I think it's likely you will. He's been invited to take part in the tournament as well."

He taps in a text on his cell phone. "Our operator should put you in the loop soon. She'll contact you if anything specific to you comes up. She'll use the code-phrase 'Nine Realms.'"

Mytical 12-30-2012 09:01 PM


Lupo shrugs. "I can relax when I am dead. I will go to the training room, there will be people there. For some reason I have much more energy then most. Maybe from Mars." He will go to the training room and train.


Kiki tries what is suggested, trying to feel what the necklace might be able to do.

Chanlin 01-01-2013 01:16 AM

Riley - Waiting around the Lobby

Riley shakes her head as she leaves Holtzman's room. "Code phrase..." she chuckles. While she's waiting for her new room she heads down to the lobby and flops down on a couch in front of the lobby TV.

Liam - On the way to the Hotel

Liam nods and leaves without a word. Code phrases and the like are old hat for him so he doesn't even bat an eye at the idea. He decides to walk to the hotel to let things sink in.

Jay 2K Winger 01-01-2013 02:12 AM

Lupo - Hilton Hotel Gym

Usually these sorts of places have a few workout "bums" around, either of the sort who can't pass a gym without doing a few reps, or the kind who go there in the hopes of showing off what they got in a vain effort to boost their ego by comparing their "cuts" to someone else. Lupo's familiar with the type, of course, being something of the first type.

But the gym, instead, has only one guy working out, by the gym mats laid out for those types that like to do grappling, working out against a heavy bag. He's a pretty big guy, too, with his back to Lupo. He's wearing black workout pants and a sleeveless UnderArmor-style top his fists and wrists taped up. He's a bit tanned, clearly someone who takes pains with his appearance. A more careful look will note a few faded scars on his arms. Along with these were some extensive tattoos, some of which looked military, a look which was only emphasized by the man's shaved head.

The gym is ... rather more expansive than Lupo might have expected for a hotel, even a Hilton. It has a machine for every muscle group, free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, and at least one of every kind of workout machine Lupo might have expected to find.

It's not until after Lupo's been working out for a bit that the other man finally speaks up. "Lupo Virtus," the man states. "I was wondering when you'd drop by."

The man turns around, revealing a face that... well, the man's easily a couple decades Lupo's senior, but he's aged pretty well. Even so, his face bears a efw of those faded scars as well, and his eyes tell the story. They've got that infamous 'thousand yard stare' to them, and look as old as the world. He looks familiar, too...

And that's when Lupo would recognize the voice. The same voice he heard upstairs when he was fighting that Bacchae. At that moment, just who was addressing Lupo would become clear: his Father, Mars, the God of War.

Kiki - Outside Room 510

As Kiki focuses on the crystal pendant, it suddenly shifts shape in her hand, sliding to nestle into her palm, cylindrical and slightly grooved as if made for her fingers to grip, while one end elongated and gained a sharp point and an edge. Anna whistles. "A nice little stiletto... very handy. But not a warrior or hunter's weapon. Your Mother must intend for you to be a spy."

As if to emphasize this, the crystal shifts shape again, flowing back into its original shape, before it flattens out, becoming thin and translucent, and shaped not unlike a lens. If Kiki were to hold it up to her eye, she'd see the world framed in prismatic hues, but Anna would glimmer with the same silvery light as she'd seen around her bow. A glance around would show faint trails where Anna had been walking or standing, and there were other colors faintly in the air.

And Kiki then knew, thanks to some divine connection she had with the crystalline lens, that those trails meant there were other Scions and also 'monsters' in the building.

Riley - Hilton Hotel Lobby

The lobby TV was set to the History Channel, of all things, where they happened to be taking a divergence from their usual WWII-heavy focus to talk about the French Revolution, highlighting the bloody upheavals that France went through during those troubled times.

But whatever Riley was up to, another voice interrupts. It's another person watching the news. An older gentleman, red-blond hair and a mustache, looking like your average middle management type. "Tragic business, isn't it?" the man asks conversationally. "Though it makes for at least vaguely interesting reading, doesn't it?"

He chuckles. "It's always fun to see how the littlest of things can trigger a monumental upheaval in everything. That incident there, for example," he said, pointing to the screen, where one riot was being detailed, "was because the price of bread got too high. And from there, things escalated, until you had people like Robespierre cutting off heads left and right. You read much history, Riley Thorsen?"

The voice was still conversational, a bit instructional, and then Riley might recognize it. As she turns to look at him, she'd see that the man was looking right at her, smiling like the cat that got the cream. And she knew then, who she was looking at: her Father.

Liam - En Route to the Hilton

Although Liam know he's taking the same route he'd taken to get to Ripley's, the way back seems... different. Maybe part of it is just him seeing things with new eyes now, but he could have sworn that it was still relatively urban the way he'd gone. So why is this route going through a park?

Liam would feel a definite sense that something was amiss, but ... there is no sense of danger. "Be at peace, no harm shall come to you for the moment."

The voice is instantly recognizable. The same voice he heard in his head not too long ago. It has a musical cadence to it, tinged with a Celtic lilt and accent, and a woman, clad in simple, loose, though hardly diaphanous, robes stepped barefoot out from behind a tree.

"Liam O'Keefe, I am glad you have embraced your destiny," says Danu, mother of the Tuatha de Denann.


Obviously, the gods you're meeting don't look like their traditional depictions. Some creative license, and... well, when the gods come into the mortal realm, they take on mortal shapes, and can generally appear how they like, with some limitations.

Both Mars and Danu have somewhat intercepted Lupo and Liam, and taken them to a place that's sort of Somewhere Else. They haven't exactly left the mortal realm, but if someone were to go to the location where they should be based on GPS or something like that, they wouldn't be there. Chalk it up to the gods doing what they like because they're gods.

Mytical 01-01-2013 06:58 PM


Lupo looks at the man, who's stance definitely speaks of a seasoned warrior, and immediately thinks "What it would be to go a few rounds in the ring with him, what I could learn" eve if instinctively Lupo knew he would last maybe a split second .. IF this man was feeling generous. He would still do it, he would never back down from a challenge, he doesn't know HOW to back down..but he also knew he'd have as much chance as a newborn infant against Ali when Ali was in his prime.

"You are the one who spoke to me, in my head, a bit ago. It is interesting to finally meet you."


Kiki still is taking everything in..she doesn't quite have the mentality of Lupo who has learned to 'roll with the punches' (pardon the pun). She thinks awhile before saying. " lets me see things. I don't think we are the only ones around here. According to this..more things like those you destroyed.and more like us are around."

Chanlin 01-01-2013 07:53 PM

Riley - In the Lobby

Riley glances over at the man speaking to her... "I thought you'd be... I dunno... taller maybe." She gives him a silly grin. "So um... now I know who you are. Who was mom?"

Liam - Frolicking in the Park

Liam regards the woman before him for a moment. "Ye will forgive me if Oi don't call ye mom Oi hope." His face remains neutral, "Oi just don't t'ink of ye t'at way yet."

Jay 2K Winger 01-01-2013 09:00 PM

GM NOTE -- Gonna take away the boldface for the Gods' speech now. Just for ease of reading.

Lupo - Mars' Gym

Mars looks back at Lupo levelly. Lupo is used to opponents sizing him up, but this is on a whole different level. Mars' stare gives the impression that he's reading every move Lupo could make and preparing a counter to every single one. "The Greeks called me Ares, the Romans called me Mars. You can call me by whichever you want." Then he pops his neck and gestures to the mats. "If you want to be a warrior, then show me what you got."

He smiles a thin, cold smile. "You won't win," that much even Lupo knew, "but a Father should always help his children aspire to be better." Mars moves over to the mats and slides into an easy fighting stance. "All right, come on." He smirks. "If you manage a knockdown or takedown, I'll give you this."

With a flick of his wrist, he displays a gold chain, one that is worn around the neck. Lupo can feel the power in it, and Brighton's words about a 'focus item' may come back to him. This must be the one that Mars intends for him to possess... if he can impress his Father...

Kiki - Outside Room 510

Anna nods as Kiki says this. "We knew there were going to be more of us around, and more of them, too. The Fate-watchers say something is going to happen around here, so they called in a bunch of us. I think I saw Paul Brighton, one of our recruiters, in the lobby. So it makes sense there'd be more than just us three."

She leans against the wall. "The monsters we fight are called Titanspawn. They're creations of the Titans, the mythical beings that the gods overthrew in antiquity. Way I understand it, the Titans got imprisoned in the Underworld, but they broke out some time ago, and have been trying to amass enough power to ... well, it varies from Titan to Titan. Some of them want to destroy the world, some of them want to conquer it, or reshape it as they see fit..." She waves this off. "Some of the spawn are typically monsters like those harpies, and they're mostly used as shock troops, but some of them can disguise themselves well enough to look human. They're more dangerous."

She takes a deep breath and lets it out. "And some mortals will make deals with the Titans and their spawn. Me, I'd hunt them same as any monster, but Mother forbids it. There are others who work to take down those kinds."

"There are Scions that betray the Gods to join the Titans as well." This comes from Art Mooney, who steps out of the room. To Anna, he says, "I dumped the bodies outside for our cleaners. But the room's compromised. Hoffman's working on getting that smoothed over." Back to Kiki, he sighs. "There are a few Scions out there who, for various reasons, join up with the Titans. Sometimes they get brainwashed, sometimes they are deceived, some of them hate the Gods, and then you get some who just want to watch the world burn."

Something about the way he says that makes Anna start. She blanches as she turns to Art. "You're talking about MacBride." Kiki, as a private investigator, would probably see the signs. Whoever this MacBride is, Anna Green is utterly terrified of him.

Riley - In the Lobby

Her Father shrugs mildly as he folds his hands behind his head, smirking. "You should know better than that, Riley. Me and my sort can generally take on whatever forms we require when we're in Midgard." He shrugs again. "I think her name was 'Some Lady.' Sorry, but I'm usually too busy to pay attention to details like that." He frowns slightly. " you have me feeling guilty about it. Stop that."

He smiles again and gestures about the lobby. "But you're keen enough you can probably see what I mean about little actions causing big consequences. Take the old adage about the want of a nail: 'For want of a nail, the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For want of a horse, the rider was lost. For want of a rider, the message was lost. For want of a message, the battle was lost. For want of a message, the kingdom was lost.'"

He points at her. "You're the odds-maker. You can see the odds of things happening. Well, with the right action, you can shift those odds from infinitesimal to inevitable." He grins. "It's great fun."

Liam - Danu's Glade

Danu nods. "Understandable," she says. "You were left with a brute of a man, someone ill-suited for fatherhood. But sometimes, for someone to grow strong, one must endure." She smiles softly. "And you have always endured, as have I and the emerald lands that I and Mine protect."

She moves slowly through the grasses and trees, a few buds flowering in her wake. "In these modern times, however, Me and Mine must look further afield to protect Our own. And, in some cases, police Our own." It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that she's talking about MacBride. Mac Dubh had said that MacBride was 'one of them.'

Chanlin 01-02-2013 05:28 AM

Riley - The hotel Lobby

Riley glances at her father sideways and then barks out a full bellied laugh drawing a few odd glances, "Yeah, that it is I suppose." She grins at anyone still staring, but her attention is still fully on the man sitting nearby.

Liam - Talkin' wit' his Mammy

Liam nods and leaves the unspoken name hanging in the air. "Which one of ye sired him?" He asks instead.

Mytical 01-02-2013 05:30 AM


There was no hesitation by Lupo. He got in the ring. "I can never resist a challenge or a fight. I am guessing that comes from you." He sizes up his competition, no basic moves here, that would be an insult to the man. Lupo would only use his best moves, leaving the fundamental things for others. No fakeouts, no one/two jab..leaving all he had on the mat. This was a chance of a lifetime, and he never minded loosing.

Of course the fact that Mars could be asleep, blindfolded, hopping on one foot, using one arm..while wearing chains and still beat Lupo with ease was completely beside the point. Mars didn't fight..he invented fighting. He literally could forget more about fighting then Lupo would ever know..


If somebody made these two nervous, Kiki never wanted to meet them. Ever. "So..where do we go from here?"

Jay 2K Winger 01-02-2013 07:58 PM

Riley - The hotel Lobby

Her Father nods with a pleased grin. "Good! Then allow Me to give you this." He holds up a hand and lets an iron pendant dangle from his fingers. Small and rectangular, its face bore a stylized Nordic design, looking almost like a serpent coiled around a double-ended hammer. He twirls it by its chain around his finger as He addresses her. "Like all of Our kind, your ultimate goal should be forestalling or outright preventing Ragnarok from taking place, but in the meantime, doing anything you can to foil the Titans' plans should be your primary focus."

He flicks the pendant to her, and smiles. "Oh, and do be sure to win that poker tournament. Wouldn't do for My daughter to lose, eh?" Then He consults a smartphone and sighs. "And now... family calls. Until next time, Riley." With that, someone walks between them, briefly obstructing her view of Him, and then He's gone, as if He'd vanished into thin air.

But she would probably be distracted by the tangible power in the pendant, power which sizzles along her neurons as the focus item attunes itself to her.

Liam - Danu's Glade

Danu nods, pleased to see that he picked up on who She meant. "The Morrígan, who watches over battle, strife, and the dead. He was to be one of our great warriors, to strike terror into the hearts and minds of our enemies. But he became too enamored of the chaos and the death-dealing and the bloodshed, and became corrupted by it. The Morrígan cannot withdraw Her blessing without greatly weakening Her own power, and such a thing would be a devastating blow to Us. Our enemies both far and near would seize upon this weakness and strike fast and hard."

She reaches out and takes his arm, grasping him by the wrist. Though She looks slender and fair, the grip is like steel, and Her eyes take on an ethereal glow. "You are not yet strong enough to be able to challenge him. But there are others who may help you. And to make sure you can grow into your destiny, My son, let Me grant you this."

He would feel power flow into him, sizzling along his neurons, and She would turn his forearm to face up, so he could see knotwork tattooing itself onto his skin, capping on the back of his hand with a design reminiscent of a Celtic cross.

"Listen to the Land, Liam, My son. It shall aid you as long as you protect it."

Lupo - Mars' Gym

The fight that transpired would be one of the most challenging Lupo had ever faced. Mars indeed saw all those best moves coming and either dodged them, or blocked them, or moved with them to hurl Lupo over His shoulder to the mat. He didn't attack, however, just circled him slowly, letting Lupo make all the moves he wants.

Until one maneuver is once again effortlessly evaded, and then Mars strikes with a flurry of quick jabs and then pie-faces him away. "Come on!" Mars shouts. "Don't waste your best moves without knowing your opponent's defenses!" He weaves through another attempt at offense and then hurls Lupo to the mat again. "Don't ever forget the fundamentals. You learn more about your opponent with them than you will just hitting them with your best moves over and over again."

He helps Lupo to his feet, and now goes on the attack himself, but with just the most fundamental of moves. He's taking it easy on Lupo. Lupo knows He's taking it easy on him. But that doesn't make it any easier to stop Him. Lupo spends the first flurry or two getting pummeled, before... he learns. The occasional lucky block becomes more frequent. Then more consistent. Until finally he's not letting his Father get a single shot through his defenses.

Which, of course, is when Mars changes it up. Now He's throwing in more complicated maneuvers which have Lupo scrambling to keep up again. Once more, Lupo is on the defensive, barely able to keep up with the God of War's assault--

--until Lupo ducks under a powerful right cross and comes up with an uppercut right to Mars' jaw. This does drive Mars back a step, and He smiles. "Good. I think you get the idea now."

He flicks His wrist, and the gold chain is back in His hand, offering it out to Lupo.

Kiki - Outside Room 510

"We have to track down the harpy nest nearby," Art replies. "There's always a full-fledged flock. You should stay here at the hotel and keep your eyes open. If MacBride's in town, there's gonna be more Titanspawn around, and they'll be disguised. They'll be up to something, and we need to know what they're planning."

Anna nods. "You're not meant to be a fighter in all of this," she explains. "You're the spy, the scout. Art and I, we're hunters, and other people are warriors. But if you see MacBride, you'll know it, because the man is absolutely terrifying. And if you see him, you should run."

Mytical 01-03-2013 08:41 PM


He takes the item, and grins. "Anytime you are up to show me more, you know how to find me." He wasn't too upset about being came with the territory, and he had learned a great deal.


Kiki just nods. "Believe me, I know I am not a fighter..I will avoid danger, not confront it."

Chanlin 01-03-2013 10:30 PM

(OOC: Gonna take a bit of dramatic license with Liam's departure from the glade)

Liam - The "not a park"
Liam stares entranced as the tattoo literally etches itself into his skin. Danu's words echo in his mind and he suddenly finds himself standing in the middle of Cantwell park, which is really less of a park and more of a stand of trees and a playground for kids.

The sudden sharp sound of children laughing and playing snaps him back to reality. He could not remember detouring this far off the road on his way back to the hotel. That fact alone leaves him slightly unsettled at the sway his mother holds over him.

With that thought in mind he continues his walk back to the hotel.

Riley - Still watching TV

Riley stares at the pendant for a moment and then closes her eyes and tries to will it into hammer-space. When that doesn't work she shrugs to herself and slips it around her neck and hides it under her shirt. She then resumes watching TV as if she hadn't just had a conversation with a man who appeared and disappeared from and to nowhere.

Jay 2K Winger 01-03-2013 11:37 PM

GM NOTES: Dramatic license is good. The GM approves. You are safe. For now.

Lupo - Mars' Gym

When Lupo takes the gold chain, he can feel the power in it sizzle along his neurons and into his very being. Mars smirks, nodding to him, as the overhead lights flicker, as they might do at any rundown city gym, until they go out for a moment before coming back on--

--and Lupo finds himself in the hotel gym. Much smaller than the one he'd just been occupying, with far less equipment, and devoid of any sign of life. In addition, any aches and pains or bruises he might have acquired during his sparring session with his Father are gone.

His cell phone buzzes to indicate a new text message. New rm. set up for you. Talk to the desk. It's from Paul Brighton. A trip to the front desk would get Lupo set up in room 408.

While in the lobby, a voice shouts out, "Hey, there he is! The Wolfman, yeah?" The voice is coming from Lupo's boxing opponent, Mark "The Meat" Cleaver, who is surrounded by a small entourage of his coach, cutman, and a couple of hangers-on. The hangers-on look big and thick (both in size and intelligence), wearing some bling. Cleaver smirks. "Hey, Loopy, tell me, how fast you want me to knock you out? Want it over quick, or should I give the people a show?"

Typical boastful behavior that Lupo's probably seen dozens of times.

Riley - Also in the lobby

Indeed, the focus items seem to be resistant to 'hammer-space' storage, but given that it can hardly be called a weapon, it's pretty unnecessary to try to store it away. Riley's conversation indeed passed unnoticed by anyone. After her Father had left, one person actually goes as if to sit in her seat-- almost in her lap before apologizing and moving to the next chair over, promptly ignoring Riley as they grab the remote to try to change the channel on the TV.

Riley's odds-calculating abilities seemed to be much stronger. As she looked around the busy evening-time lobby, she could see dozens of potential events unfolding in front of her, before seeming to crystallize into the actual sequence that takes place.

Then she'd probably hear the same outburst from a toned, brash young man toward a man of similar muscle-tone, the latter of which was standing at the front desk, while the former is flanked by a small squadron of an entourage.

Kiki - Outside Room 510

Art nods. "Good. You should go downstairs and finish checking in, if you haven't done so already, and then keep an eye out. There's probably other Titanspawn arriving soon, and we still need to find out what MacBride is doing in Branson. Keep your eyes and ears peeled." He handed her a slip of paper with a phone number on it. "Send any intel you get to that number-- that's Selene Hoffman, our side's IT specialist and organizer of a lot of our intel."

Anna pats her on the shoulder. "And if she hasn't already, she'll send you a one-touch app to your smartphone. Press it and it'll flag you on her systems as being in distress and she'll ring up the nearest person from our side to get you out of there."

And that seems to be that for the time being. By the time Kiki returns to the lobby-- likely after sending the all-clear to her contacts-- she'll arrive just in time to likewise overhear one boxer's prideful boast to another.

Liam - Cantwell Park

Perhaps it's just the fading rush of his new tattoo's power tingling on his neurons, but Liam almost fancies he can hear a sort of whispering on the vague periphery of his perception. Listen to the Land, his Mother had said.

Chanlin 01-04-2013 12:07 AM

Riley - The Lobby

Riley isn't 100% certain why, but looking on at the man and his hangers on she feels as if there will be trouble. Though it could just be her suddenly heightened awareness of the way things could happen. Either way she gets up out of her seat and backs up to a wall so she can see more of the room.

Liam - Cantwell Park

Liam opens his mouth about to say, Listen How? but suddenly is overcome by something... instinct maybe and kneels placing the palm of his newly tattooed arm down flat on the grass and dirt of the park.

Mytical 01-04-2013 05:33 AM

In a flash Lupo was gone, and "The Wolf" was there. "Hey its the Meat. Don't worry about it, I'll make sure to pay your hospital bill when we get done. It will be the least I can do after humiliating you in the ring." He flashes a big smile. He knows how to put on a show. Though he prefers just to fight, got to give the fans a good smack talk session. "What's wrong? Your grandfather not let you out without a leash? He had to come with you to make sure you didn't get lost?" Indicating the other guys coach. "See he brought his other pups along too." His chin points in the direction of the tough looking guys behind Mark.


Kiki thought to herself Men. Still she was a bit on edge about what just happened, and was a bit cautious. She blends into the background, watching. Better make sure nobody here saw me..she takes out her lens and looks around for any of those 'Titanspawns'.

Jay 2K Winger 01-06-2013 07:06 PM

Riley, Lupo, Kiki - The Lobby

The Wolf's return boast gets Cleaver's entourage grumbling, but the other boxer just holds up his hands placatingly, the smirk on his face never fading. Like Lupo, Cleaver understands the need to put on a show, to try to gain just that slightest psychological edge over the other person before even stepping into the ring with him. A few of the mortals around the lobby are turning to watch what's transpiring. Cleaver keeps his cool, but when Lupo starts in on the coach-- who, as Lupo would know is actually Mark Cleaver's uncle-- his smile fades, and when he insults the posse, they all start to square up, clearly ready to throw down.

Kiki would see something through the lens, all right. Cleaver himself looks utterly mundane, nothing significant about him. His entourage, on the other hand... the hangers-on shimmered slightly as she focused on them through her lens, and she would see that their faces looked strange. Their noses were either squashed-looking and flat or bulbous and pronounced, their jaws lumpy and jutting, with what looked like slight tusks protruding from their mouths. As the shimmer of the lens flickered and faded (she's still getting the hang of using it), she would see that to the mortals around the lobby, the tusks aren't visible, instead just the blinged-out grills common to this kind of person. But the most noticeable difference in the hangers-on actual appearance would be the fact that they possessed just a single bulging eye each. Cyclopi, fairly common Titanspawn.

Riley might not be able to see that the hangers-on are Titanspawn, but her recently-boosted odds-calculating power is already paying dividends. Odds are swiftly changing, the likelihood of a brawl starting to become more and more likely, and she can also tell that it will be a lot more destructive than one might expect. More mortals are starting to pay attention as the hangers-on start shouting back at Lupo, while Cleaver, his coach/uncle, and his manager all start working to try to calm them down. It isn't really working...

Liam - Cantwell Park

Liam opens his mouth about to say, Listen How? but suddenly is overcome by something... instinct maybe and kneels placing the palm of his newly tattooed arm down flat on the grass and dirt of the park.[/QUOTE]

When Liam places his hand on the ground like that, it's as though his awareness spreads out in a pulse around him. He can feel most of the beings in the park, both the mortals and... other things. Spirits of the trees and plants, the slumbering old spirits of the earth, even the rocks and insects. He feels a thrumming in his arm, and then a deep throb in his very core, which he comes to realize is literally the heartbeat of the World. Slow and ancient.

Then his attention is caught by a little voice down by his shoe. "Oi, bigjob, yer main be th' Mammy Queen's loon! Braw av ye tae finally notice us!" A glance would reveal a small group of little people, none bigger than his finger, rangy of build for the most part. Their skin is brown and hair green, and they wear approximations of kilts, full on kit, of woven grass. That accent of theirs seems to take qualities of most Celtic types, Scots and Irish and Welsh and Manx.

They're fairies, Liam would realize. They may not have wings, but they're of that same world. The littlest ones that tend after the greenlands.

"So, what's de Ma Queen's fella nade from de pixie fowk?" This seems to be from a different one, until a third speaks up: "She was talkin' tae heem abit MacBride!" Which prompts outbursts from the whole little pac:, "T'e Morrígan's Babby!" "The Crowson!" "He's gollier scary langer, in'ee?"

The little one in the front turns an interesting shade of reddish brown as he flushes, then whirls around and shouts: "OI! SHUT IT! AH'M TALKIN' TAE HIM!" The other 'Pictsies' fall silent, looking at the ground, and then the leader turns back to Liam. "Sorry abit 'at, MacQueen, they jist hae naw manners, ye ken. Ah'm in charge o' this lot. Ye kin call me 'Cantwell.' So yer Mammy--"

"T'e Queen!" a pixie pipes up, but is instantly shushed by the rest.

"Aye, the Queen," Cantwell glowers at the one who spoke up for a moment before turning back to Liam, "Yer Mammy wanted ye tae gonnae-no th' Crowson? We'll fin' heem fur ye!"

"Cannae hide frae th' pixie fowk!" one of the others declared, to general cheers.


Yes, I'm blatantly ripping off the Nac Mac Feegle, after a fashion, with the 'Pictsies' of Cantwell Park.

Mytical 01-07-2013 05:17 AM


Mike smiled inwardly, he tasted blood in the water. He was inside the guys head now. "What? You going to give these folks a free show, when you can be paid instead?" Part of him WANTED there to be trouble, and was itching for a fight. The saner part knew that four on one would be a bit much..even for him.


The hair on the back of her head was standing up. This was not going to go good. Couldn't that idiot tell he was pushing the other guys buttons? Men she thought as she got ready to bolt if there was a fight.

Chanlin 01-12-2013 12:10 AM

Liam - Cantwell Park

Liam regards what the little folk say for a moment. His reaction is as if speaking to the wee folk is a normal every day thing. After a silent moment, "Alright ye can find him fer me. What do Oi need ta do fer ye?"

Riley - In the Lobby

Seeing as there is about to be a fight and everyone is watching the two men Riley strides across the room to the main desk. Setting her face in a scowl she yells out as loud as she can glaring at the nearest hapless front desk worker, "HEY DAMMIT! The toilet in my room still isn't working! I called down here half an hour ago and no one has come up to see about it yet! You told me it would only be 15 minutes! I WANT A MANAGER NOW!" She punctuates each sentence by slamming the counter as loudly as she can.

Jay 2K Winger 01-13-2013 06:23 PM

The Lobby - Lupo, Kiki, Riley - Well, This is Escalating Quickly

Cleaver looks about ready to say something else when his coach-- his uncle-- puts a hand on his chest and pushes him back, Cleaver's posse moving aside to get him behind them, then squaring back up. Cleaver's uncle gives Lupo a look. "You know my nephew, don't you, Wolfe? Always shooting his mouth off. 'Course, he can back it up, which you'll find out when you square up in the ring tomorrow." He shoves his nephew. "Get on outta here!"

But then, so sotto voce it would have taken supernatural hearing to notice, Cleaver's uncle mutters to the posse, "Don't break him too bad. We don't want a forfeit, just an easier win." (Of course, there are at least three scions in the lobby, two close enough to hear it, and one which can see just how dangerous those four posse members are.)

Kiki would be able to see and sense the posse drawing in some power, but she would also be able to see that the boxer whom they're fixing to menace and/or try to rough up is a scion, as well. Riley went unnoticed by her until Kiki actually looked at her.

Which came right around the time that Riley starts raising a ruckus at the desk. This has the side effect of lowering the tension somewhat as the four disguised cyclopi (Lupo would not be able to detect anything unnatural about them as yet) turn their heads to stare over at the woman at the desk.

This distraction also has the added bonus of Cleaver turning to his uncle and muttering back at him, but too quietly for any ears to notice, particularly with Riley's noise in the way. Cleaver's coach sighs and taps the nearest posse member on the arm. "Come on, don't want to spoil the match tomorrow." He glowers at Lupo, and slowly the situation defuses. Riley's odds-calculating power can see that her interruption has shifted the odds away. Of course, now she's swinging the odds toward her getting banned from the hotel...

Which is when a familiar face saunters up to her. "'Ey, no call for dat kinda ruckus, chere." It's Mattieu Carrefour, the other poker player from the tournament in New Orleans. He flashes that charming grin and then turns to the clerk. "You don' worry none, I take care of Miz Thorsen. You jus' get someone up to her room and get her toilet fixed, no?" Then he turns back to Riley, all smiles. "You a good player, Miz Ry. Ain't never seen someone good as you, till I play my Papa, mind you."

Now that things are calming down, Kiki, if she were to look at Mattieu, would see the signs of another scion, but he seems much more shadowed in appearance through her lens. And for all her distaste for men in general, something in her would recognize that he is a pretty handsome one. Nothing overt, but just barely there. He is a charming one.

Cantwell Park - Liam - Talkin' With The Pictsies

Cantwell, the little fae spokesman, grins widely. "We-ell," he says, tucking his thumbs into the space where lapels would be if he were wearing anything that had lapels, and rocking back and forth on his heels, "we pixie fowk dornt dae anythin' fur yer bigjobs withit gettin' paid, ye ken."

This prompts an outburst of agreement from the others. "Aye!" "Payment!" "Gots ta git paid, ye bugger!" "Paid!" "In food!"

Cantwell silences them with a glance. "Aye, payment in food, ye ken." Then he grins. "An' wot kinna food does the pixie fowk want?"

The entire little group thrust their fists in the air with a shout of "PIZZA!"

Mytical 01-14-2013 03:47 AM


Lupo just smiles and lets things calm down. He just nods to the Uncle, and relaxes a bit. Like he said to Cleaver...why do for free what he can get paid to do. He doesn't say anything further, instead just heads toward his own room.


Kiki makes a mental note on who is what, and then slips into the shadows until she arrives back at her room. She wasn't the type of person to just go up and say 'hey! Your a scion right?'. After she reaches her room, she stops..and thinks. Might be a good idea to let the two others that she had already met know about the almost throw down between a scion and the cyclopi. So she heads toward their room, keeping to the shadows as much as possible until she gets there.

Chanlin 01-14-2013 03:21 PM

Riley - In the Lobby

Riley let's her scowl deflate when Mattieu finishes talking. Gives one last glare at the front desk person and then stalks away assuming Mattieu will follow. "I'm looking forward to the next match myself." She gives him a slight smile, "Especially because I have this sneaking suspicion that you threw away that last hand and let me win."

Liam - Trying not to Laugh

Liam coughs to rather unsuccessfully cover up a chuckle, "Pizza." He grins, "Roight, so all t'e trimmins? Or do ye want just plain cheese?"

After they reply he'll use his phone to call a pizza delivery in for Cantwell park. Once the Pizza arrives he will sit down at a bench take a slice for himself and set the box on the ground where the others can get at it. "Consider t'is payment ta start looking and once ye locate him Oi'll get ye anot'er." After considering for a moment he adds, "And don't go gettin' too close. MacBride is a dangerous man by all accounts."

Afterward he will set out for the hotel for what seems like the 100th time today.

Jay 2K Winger 01-14-2013 06:12 PM

The Hotel - Heading Back to Their Rooms - Lupo & Kiki

For all that she's sticking to the shadows and trying to be unobserved, Fate apparently decrees that the warrior and the spy end up in the same elevator car as they head back to their respective rooms. He knows she's in the car, though her natural tendency to just blend in means she's juuust sliding out of his perception. Kiki, meanwhile, can't not pay attention to Lupo. Partly because she knows he's a scion, and partly because his divine heritage manifests in that Presence, which tends to make all eyes turn to him.

Kiki's cell phone, even if she had muted it, suddenly makes the "alert" sound, and she'll find she's got a new text message. It's from the same phone number that Art and Anna gave her, for the scions' "intel specialist." The message reads Tell Wolfe about the Titanspawn in the lobby. Evidently said specialist wants the two of them to be aware of each other.

The Hotel - Walking About the Lobby - Riley & Mattieu

Mattieu just smiles that same lazy smile. "I don' throw nothin' away, chere. I's play for keeps, me. Luck o' the draw jus' go your way. We see how things go dis next time, no?"

It's funny, but it almost seems like her odds-calculating power gets a bit wonky around him, like he's screwing up the odds just by walking through the room, and not merely in the way a new variable should. Interesting thing to note.

Cantwell Park and later the Hotel - Pictsie Pizza Party - Liam

When the pizza arrives (extra cheese), the pixies dig into it with gusto, cheering and devouring it in mere seconds, a few scuffles breaking out over who gets the eat the melted cheese that stuck to the box. Cantwell gets a bit more than the others, as the spokesman, and he sits back, rubbing a tummy which looks slightly distended.

"Aye, dinna fash yerself, MacQueen," the pixie declares. "We pixie fowk ken wotta monster yon Crowson is. We'll find 'im." He looks and sees that the other pixies have fallen into fighting one another, so he jumps to his feet, belches a bit, which seems to restore his body shape to normal, then stomps his feet a few times before putting two fingers in his mouth and whistling sharply. The pixies turn to him. "Oi, you lot, let's go! Find t'e Crowson and then tell MacQueen where he be!"

There's a chorus of agreement, and then the pixies are just gone, leaving Liam with an empty pizza box. After he disposes of it and walks back to the hotel, he'll feel that slow pulse that he'd felt-- the heartbeat of the World-- fading as he leaves the greener areas for urban development, where its 'voice' is muted.

Mytical 01-14-2013 06:36 PM

Lupo and Kiki

Kiki grits her teeth, wondering how in the heck the others knew about the Titanspawn, and how in the world they knew she knew. Add to the fact that she has to talk to this man who in her eyes has pretty much just proven he is a thug and a bully. Stepping out of her shadow, she calmly announced. "Your that Wolfe guy right? I am supposed to tell you that those thugs were something called Titanspawn?"

Lupo couldn't help but jump, he had known she was there subconsciously..but she just seemed to pop in from nowhere. Before he could stop himself, he was in a fighting stance. When she spoke though, he relaxed. "Well..isn't that interesting? And..who might you be?"

Her training kicked in..male or not, one must not forget their manners. "My apologies I am Kiki Toshioto of the Toshioto clan." She gives a formal bow.

"Lupo..or Wolf..either or." He chuckles a little. "My full name is Lupo Virtis, supposed to mean Virtue of the wolf or some such..don't put much stock in that though."

Kiki gives another bow. "I think you should meet my contacts..I have a feeling that like it or not, we will be working together."

Lupo looked at the blue eyed oriental, unable to help himself he thinks Exotic, wow she is actractive. He flashes his feral grin. "That works for me."

She texts back to the number that they need to meet, and she is bringing "That wolfe guy."

Chanlin 01-14-2013 11:13 PM

Riley and Eventually Liam - Hotel Lobby

Riley gives Mattieu a long look without saying anything. "So how long've you been playing cards?" She asks after a time.

Liam finally arrives at the lobby. (ooc: figure I'll let you handle the timing of when he gets there Jay 2K)

Jay 2K Winger 01-14-2013 11:54 PM

Hotel Elevator - Awkward Moment - Lupo & Kiki

Almost as soon as Kiki has sent out that text, the elevator suddenly cruises past both of their respective floors, stopping up at the twelfth. The door opens with the usual elevator 'ding,' and then Kiki's phone bleats another 'alert' sound, signifying another text from the "intel specialist." The text reads: Agreed. Time to meet. Room 1212. A&A are here. So's Brighton.

It seems whoever this 'intel specialist' is, they have some good skills to override the hotel's elevator like that.

Hotel Lobby - Flirting and Such - Riley & Mattieu & Oh Hai Liam

Mattieu is well aware of the scrutiny, but he's an expert poker player, and it's really difficult to read him. More than it had been in New Orleans. He shrugs at the question. "Since I could pick 'em up. Never wi'out a deck or two, me." And he demonstrates this by producing a deck from seemingly out of nowhere, pressing his hands together and fanning the cards out. With a grin, he de-fans them and then pockets the deck. "'Fore I got into hold'em, you coulda found me on de street, playin' Find-de-Lady with any mark comes along."

Liam's arrival is uneventful. The near-throwdown has already broken up, Lupo and Kiki have both left, and Riley is walking off with Mattieu. Cleaver, his Uncle, and the posse are now occupying the hotel's bar, where the fighter is angrily arguing with his coach about something. The posse, meanwhile, are scanning the area, not unlike bodyguards would do, but two of them watch Liam with beady, suspicious eyes. Liam's tattoo would feel almost itchy as they scrutinize him.

Mytical 01-15-2013 06:12 AM

Lupo and Kiki

They don't even blink about the elevator, after what they have been through if the elevator had opened up and they saw a yellow brick road it wouldn't have phased them. Kiki lets him know which room, and they go to that room. Lupo is the one who knocks.

Chanlin 01-15-2013 06:33 PM

Riley and Liam - Hotel Lobby

Liam's non-tattooed arm twitches just slightly, but he manages to keep himself from scratching at the itch. He glances around the room once taking it in and noting exits, entrances, and positions of people and potential cover. Call it an old habit from his days in the ERU. He calmly strides over to the front desk. "Oi'm supposed ta have a room reserved 'ere. T'ough Oi'm not sure Oi have the roight hotel." He smiles at the person across the desk, "Name's O'Keefe. Liam O'Keefe."

Riley barely notes the entrance of another person, but takes a moment to admire the tattoo on his arm. Then she turns her attention back to Mattieu. "So you're a con artist then?" She asks with a slight smirk.

Jay 2K Winger 01-15-2013 07:52 PM

Hotel Room 1212 - Scion-Level Confab - Lupo & Kiki plus others

After a moment, the door to the room opens, cautiously, just enough to look outside, by Art Mooney. Then, he leans to one side, his head clearing the gap, and Kiki and Lupo would be able to see Anna Green a short distance behind him, her bow in hand, arrow nocked and aimed for the gap. Her eyes shimmer with silvery light, and then she eases the tension and lowers the bow. "Clear," she says.

Art steps back into view and opens the door to let them in. In his free hand, his sword is in hand. He lets the two of them in, then shuts, locks, and bolts the door before letting his sword vanish. He nods to them both. "Kiki, good to see you again." Then he looks to Lupo, meeting his gaze, and offers his hand. "Lupo Virtus, son of Mars, I'm Art Mooney, son of Artemis. That's my sister, Anna Green."

He then points to a woman seated Indian-style on the bed in the room. The desk has actually been unbolted from the floor and moved in front of her. Arranged on the desk are two tablets, propped up and facing her, a laptop computer between them, and there's an additional slim CPU tower, which has been hooked up to the TV, a wireless keyboard and touch-pad in her lap. There's even a couple of smartphones hooked up to the tower, and a Bluetooth headset in her ear. Her eyes are fixed on the TV, but a moment's observation will reveal that she actually flicks her attention between all of the screens in front of her, her hands moving swiftly, tapping keys on both keyboards, touching and swiping across touchscreens, and periodically she'll mutter something into the headset. The screens are constantly shifting with data, windows opening and shutting, pictures and text streaming past almost too quick for the eye to follow.

"That's Selene Hoffman," Art says. "She's our IT specialist and the one who coordinates a lot of the intel we gather." He raises his voice a bit. "Can you say hello, Selene?"

There's a little bit of an annoyed sigh from the woman. "Yes," she says, "fully capable of saying hello."

Beat. Art sighs. "Will you say hello to our guests, Selene?"

Another annoyed sound. She doesn't turn her head. "Hello." Then, unbidden, she inputs a command with a rapid-fire tap of her fingers and the TV screen shows all kinds of information about: "Lupo Virtus. Adopted son of Marshall Virtus. Amateur boxer. Hopes to go fully pro. Professional name Mike 'The Hammer' Wolfe. Has an interest in expanding into mixed martial arts. Thus far undefeated in all matches. Ten and oh, with eight knockouts. Divine heritage comes from Mars. Roman god of war. Explains skills. Booked to face Mark 'The Meat' Cleaver tomorrow night, here in Branson."

Her voice is clipped, quick, staccato. As she mentions Cleaver, a tap of a button shows a clip from security cameras, showing the almost-altercation in the lobby. Selene hasn't stopped talking as she continues, "Suspect Titan allegiances with Cleaver's uncle, Dwayne Clevins. Recent monetary deposits in bank. Traced them to Pyke Brands, company with known Titan ties--"

Finally, Anna cuts in: "Selene!" The interruption causes the hacker to blink, and her eyes flick briefly to the other woman. "Remember to breathe."

In response, Selene inhales sharply through her nose, then concludes: "Hello."

"You'll have to excuse her," Art sighs. "She's not really used to dealing with people face-to-face."

"More like face-to-Facebook," Anna adds.

Hotel Lobby - Flirtations & Vexations - Riley & Mattieu plus Liam

Mattieu smiles slyly. "We-ell, it's not con artistry," he says. "See, that imply I's palmin' de cards or somethin', no?" He grins. "Palmin' de Lady so's they always pick wrong, no?" He shakes his head. "That's unsportin'. I leave de Lady on de table."

Beat. "'Course, I's watchin' they eyes, I's readin' where they thinkin' de Lady go, and make sure she go somewhere else, is all." He grins. "They's still got de chance to pick right, and if they do, I's give 'em they money." A shrug. "S'only fair."

The clerk at the desk, meanwhile, nods and gets Liam through the check-in process. The itching in his tattoo has subsided, but hasn't vanished, and a glance would reveal that one of Cleaver's posse is still glowering in his direction, while the other one that had been glaring is sullenly thumbing at a cell phone in his hand.

Chanlin 01-16-2013 03:20 AM

Riley and Liam - Lobby

Riley grins at Mattieu, "Wish my life could have some excitement like that. Most excitement I've ever had was getting banned from the MGM Grand." Her eyes sweep the room, something tugging at her peripheral senses draws her gaze over to Liam. She just barely manages to keep her jaw from dropping open, and not from his looks. When she lays eyes on him her odds calculation goes into overdrive showing her literally thousands of possibilities, some not even related to the immediate situation.

Meanwhile, Liam spares a wayward glance at the two glowering men. "Wonder what's gone and gotten t'eir Alan's all in a twist t'en." He says to no one.

Mytical 01-18-2013 11:02 PM

Lupo, Kiki, and the yellow brick road

Lupo only understood half of what was going on, and didn't really care. "Don't matter if Cleaver is or is not with these .. Titanspawn. Put somebody or something in front of me, or point the way, and then get out of the way. I am a weapon, not the thinker. My job is to break things." He grins.

Kiki just rolls her eyes. "So if you are the intelligence officer, guess I report to you. Let me know what you need me to do. Just remember..I am not a fighter. I prefer to avoid danger when at all possible."

Jay 2K Winger 01-20-2013 06:38 PM

Lobby - Riley, Mattieu, Liam - Trouble A-Brewin'

Riley's glance toward Liam, coupled with her odds-power, would tell her that trouble's coming his way. Not immediately, but the way he's getting glared at by those thugs sitting by Mark Cleaver, and the way one of them is fiddling with a cell phone, tells her enough. Phone-Thug is passing the word along to someone else, and later Liam would find himself getting jumped by someone.

Liam's glance shows that Glare-Thug is still glaring at him, as if the Irishman owed him money. Which, of course, he doesn't, but it's not stopping the thug from glaring anyway. Then again, he and the other slab of meat sitting next to him and the other two sitting with Cleaver all look like bodyguard types, and the sort who think that glaring at anyone who seems potentially threatening is the best way to keep something from happening.

Mattieu chuckles. "Oh, chere," he says to Riley, "life's always fulla excitement! You jus' gotta know when to look for it, no?"

Hotel Room 1212 - Lupo, Kiki, Anna, Art, Selene - Prepwork

Selene nods absently at Kiki. "Front-line for intel collation among our side," she says. "Not only intel officer. But coordinate a lot. Data comes to me. I analyze it. Quantify it. Pass it along to necessary action teams. Arrange transportation. Habitation." She pauses, inhales sharply through her nose, and concludes, "The prepwork." Without breaking her gaze from the array of screens and keyboards in front of her, she taps one of the tablet screens and her fingers flick and press on an icon. Kiki's own phone would buzz, and a message would indicate that she has two new apps to download.

"Two apps I developed," she replies. "Biometric analyzer. Can lock your phone to your personal use. Fingerprints and eye scanning. Better to vet intel with. Second app sends data and intel you find directly to me."

Meanwhile, Anna turns to Lupo. "Not much good for hunting work, then," she remarks. "Brute force and blunt straightforwardness isn't much good when you need to get the drop on your prey."

"Fortunately," Art says, "we need warriors as much as we need hunters. You survive long enough, your Father might raise you to demigod status. That's when you'll be on the real battlefields."

"That's supposing we manage to find MacBride," Anna sighs. She turns to Selene. "Any luck on that front?"

Selene tilts her head slightly. "Possibly. Spotted text strings being sent to disposable cell phone. No name associated with recipient. Purchased in New York City, Brooklyn, near MacBride's last known location." Her hands move even faster, and accordingly, so does the data and information flashing across her screens. "Tracing location of receiving phone."

"Where's the sender?" asks Paul Brighton, who had just let himself in with a spare key. He gives everyone present a brief nod, and Art introduces him to Kiki: "This is Paul Brighton, son of Apollo. He's one of us."

Selene narrows her eyes. "Checking." A window pops up. "Got both. Sender in lobby." She smirks thinly. "Smartphone. Should be data to mine in there." A few moments later, a picture comes up, and both Lupo and Kiki might recognize one of the members of Cleaver's posse. "Tomaso Brontakos. Associate of Dwayne Clevins and Mark Cleaver. Nephew of Nick Argakos, Vice President of Security for Pyke Brands." As she mentions that name, Selene goes still, and then her head turns. "Nick Argakos is a third-generation cyclops, and a significant player for the Titans in the world. Safe bet that Tomaso is a cyclops, too."

Art glances at the others. "We need to try to grab Tomaso. Might give us some intel on Pyke Brands."

Then Selene speaks up. "Cracked Tomaso's texts. Snapped a picture of this man." And a picture of Liam O'Keefe would appear on the screen. "Texts describe him as 'Celtspawn. Son of Queen Tuatha.'" She nods. "O'Keefe is one of us, just Awakened."

Anna hissed in a breath with concern. "If Tomaso is texting MacBride, it's all but guaranteed he just put Liam on a hit list."

"Hm." Selene tilts her head again. "Recipient phone is at Silver Dollar City." She sets to work. "See if I can parse out what he'd be doing there. Someone should get over there, look for a Titanspawn or whomever might be receiving those texts."

Mytical 01-21-2013 05:57 PM

Lupo and Kiki

Kiki nods. "I can go check it out, unless you would prefer me to stalk this...Tomasso?" she pronounces it wrong, but is close enough so people know who she is talking about. "Until I can alert somebody as to when it would be clear for somebody else to take over?"

Lupo shrugs "I have a match soon, but I don't need as much rest as most. Just let me know what you need me to do, if anything."

Chanlin 01-21-2013 09:00 PM

Riley and Liam - In the Lobby

Riley nods to Mattieu. "You're right, life can be much more exciting. Especially if we make it so." With those words she stands up, stretches, walks up to the front desk with a smile. She can practically see the front desk clerk withering until she cheerfully says, "You know, I'm soooo sorry. I have no idea what came over me. I had no right to yell at you like that." She is directly behind Liam at this point.

In the meanwhile, Liam, who has finished checking in takes his room key and starts heading to the elevator. After the clerk responds Riley turns and heads toward the elevator as well making it just in time for Liam to hold the door for her.

Jay 2K Winger 01-22-2013 10:30 PM

Hotel Room 1212 - Lupo & Kiki - Selene, Anna & Art, Brighton - Intel Stuff

Selene nods. "Tomaso is just a thug. Low-level. Not a serious threat. Nothing to be gained by tailing him. Need confirmation if heavy-hitter in play. Could be MacBride. Maybe someone else. Any case-- Silver Dollar City site of interest." She pauses, inhales sharply, then concludes, "Check it out, please."

The three other scions all blink. Selene said 'please.'

Brighton, meanwhile, turns to Lupo. "Right now, even if the other side has twigged to your new status as a scion, we can't risk an open confrontation just yet. With Selene monitoring the networks, me, Mooney, and Green running interference, and with Solomon around, we can keep the heat off you for the time being. The best chance for the Titans to make a move to both remove you from play and try to demoralize our side would be during your match."

Selene nods, though she still doesn't break her attention from her screens. "Brighton has a point. Cleaver scans as normal to all my research. But has ties to Pyke Brands. Possible Titan-tainting could take place before match, give Cleaver an edge. He beats you to death in the ring, sends message to our side-- we know your soldiers, we can kill them at will, even in public."

Anna speaks up. "Kiki's focus item gives her a stiletto for defense, but she really should have something else to defend herself with."

"Sounds like my cue." All eyes except for Selene's would turn to the man who quite casually lets himself in with a spare key. Lupo isn't a small man, but this guy towers over him. Big, broad shouldered and sporting a military buzz cut and the bristles of a man who carries a perpetual stubble, he wears a classic slouch hat, a crocodile-skin vest and boots, a set of dog tags, and he openly carries a few weapons, the first being a huge revolver in a shoulder holster, and the second being a machete strapped to his hip. He flashes a grin and speaks with an Australian accent. "G'day."

"Wondering when you'd show up, Solomon," Selene says mildly. "Lupo, Kiki, this is Solomon Becker, son of Sobek, our requisitions man. If you need equipment, weaponry, or transport, he's the one you talk to."

"Also do a bit of wetworks," Solomon replies. He looks to Kiki. "Need a weapon?" He shuts the door to the closet, produces a strange key from a pocket, inserts it into the knob, twists it, and then reopens the door-- revealing what looks like an endless warehouse, filled with weaponry and equipment. "Take your pick. You'll want a concealable one-- the ones on the racks marked with gold stripes are divine-blessed and can be stored in the ether."

Hotel Lobby - Riley & Liam & Mattieu - Confused Clerk, Mark Cleaver, Thugs, Etc. - Little Bit of Chaos

Mattieu nods. "See you 'round, chere! Look forward to takin' your chips in the tourney!" He grins lazily as he, too, rises, ambling out into the crowds.

Riley's odds-making power is still suggesting to her that a confrontation is about to happen between Liam and the thugs, though her stepping up to the desk as Liam checks in delays it, even screws up those odds. The clerk blinks a bit puzzledly at Riley, then grins a bit with relief. "It's not a problem," the clerk assures her. "At least you apologized about it. Most of the people who yell at me don't bother with apologies..."

As Riley and Liam separately head toward the same elevator, they might see Glaring Thug starting toward them with a purpose. No one in the lobby seems to notice, and Riley can practically see the odds rapidly approaching absolute certainty that violence is about to happen to Liam--

--which is when Mattieu suddenly breezes in, seemingly out of nowhere, colliding with the thug with enough force to knock something out of Glaring Thug's jacket. It hits the floor and both Thug and Cajun's eyes go down to it, along with many other pairs of eyes. Riley and Liam might see Thug's eyes narrow in puzzlement, but that's about the moment when Mattieu suddenly shouts, "He got a gun!"

A few screams erupt as hotel security suddenly rush over to restrain the thug, while the other thugs leap up and rush over, arguing with them. Riley and Liam, before the doors of the elevator shut, would see Mattieu glance their way, grin, and flash a wink.

The elevator, meanwhile, suddenly gets overriden, and shunts them up to the 12th floor, just as both of their cell phones would separately make an "alert" sound, indicating they'd received a text message. In Liam's case, it came from Mac Dubh's number, while in Riley's, it was from Himy. In both cases, the text was the same: Confab in progress. Rm 1212.

Chanlin 01-22-2013 11:03 PM

Riley and Liam - an elevator

Riley has just enough time to give Mattieu a shocked look as he winks at her. "Well... that was interesting." She says.

Liam glances over at the shorter woman but says nothing as he checks his phone. When the elevator goes up to the mystical 12th floor and opens allowing them both off he finally speaks. "Oi guess you and Oi are t'e same." He turns and holds out a hand, "Liam O'Keefe."

Riley shakes his hand, "Riley Thorsen. Cool tattoo by the way."

Liam grins, "Yeah, best of all me mammy approves of it."

The two head to 1212 and Liam knocks on the door.

Jay 2K Winger 01-23-2013 12:00 AM

GM INTERRUPTUS-- Now we finally have all of our PCs in the same room, time for some catch-up work.

Hotel Room 1212 - The Gang's All Here

The door to 1212 is opened by Brighton, who lets the two of them in. Introductions are made-- "Liam, Riley, I'm Paul Brighton, son of Apollo, a go-between for folks on our side. Going around the room, the big guy is Solomon Becker, son of Sobek, our requisitions man and wetworks operative. That's Anna Green and Art Mooney, children of Artemis, two of our monster hunters. The person in front of all the computer stuff is Selene Hoffman, daughter of Thoth, our IT specialist and intel collation person. That's Lupo Virtus, son of Mars, and ..." he frowns. "Somewhere around here is Kiki, daughter of Iris, and I think she's supposed to be a new spy for us."

"Don't mind him," Anna interrupts. "Kiki tends to blend into the background if you don't pay overt attention to her. She's right there." She indicates the entrance to what should be the closet, but is currently opening onto a cavernous warehouse of weaponry.

Brighton nods, then points to the two new arrivals. "Everyone, this is Liam O'Keefe, son of Danu, and Riley Thorsen, daughter of... well, you can guess, with a name like that."

That's when everyone is brought up to speed on current events--

The Divinity's Fate-watchers, scions of Fate-spinners and the like, all agree that some significant event is coming up, and one of the key incidents in it will occur in or around Branson soon. It's been determined that one of the Titans' key players in the events around Branson is probably Morgan MacBride, who is bad news even before one considers his divine heritage, being the son of The Morrígan. MacBride is a known terrorist, former IRA turned rogue anarchist, who has survived multiple attempts on his life, often without any injury whatsoever. Solomon confirms this when he says that a little over ten years ago, he blew up a plane over the Mediterranean Sea with MacBride on it, detonating a bomb that MacBride was intending to use to trigger a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan. The explosion disintegrated the plane and everything on board-- and yet MacBride survived.

It's still not known what MacBride or the Titanspawn want in the Branson area, but they've confirmed involvement from the Jotnar , Fomorians, and Cyclopi. Pyke Brands' CEO, Gunnar Forson, is a well-disguised jotun, and their VP of Security, Nick Argakos, is a likewise well-disguised cyclops.

"So," Brighton sighed, "that's the situation. The Titans are planning something, but we still can't figure out what it is. MacBride is somewhere in the area, and that's never a good thing. We need to find out what they're planning. Kiki was going to track something down in Silver Dollar City, see if it was MacBride or one of his contacts."

Mytical 01-23-2013 05:51 AM

Lupo nods to all, he is not much of a talker. He listens intently though, trying not to chuckle. Thinking to himself They want that guy to beat me to death? are they betting on the wrong dog in this fight. Lupo can not help but have a feral grin, his ring name was not 'The Wolf' for nothing.

Kiki gives a respectful bow to each person before turning back to the weapon rack. She wasn't much of a fighter, and what little she did know was martial weapons. She picked out some throwing stars, long hair pins that she could wear in her hair as decoration, and just to be on the safe side two golden etched small caliber pistols that could be hidden in ether. Something about them just called to her.

Chanlin 01-23-2013 05:16 PM

The gang's all here - Room 1212

Liam nods to the room in general and takes a seat in an open chair.

Riley frowns slightly the gears obviously turning and asks, "So are we all one big happy family?" She launches right into qualifying her question without taking a breath, "I mean Liam there is a walking Irish stereotype, then there's a few Greeks, Egyptians." She pauses and looks at everyone briefly. "And I'm Norse." She sighs. "What I'm getting at is how is that all of our folks get along being from such different backgrounds? Or do they? And if they don't what does that mean for us?"

Mytical 01-23-2013 06:14 PM

The gangs all here

Lupo smiles his feral smile "I get along with everybody. Especially those who will face me in the ring." He loves a challenge, he'd fight his own grandmother if she challenged him.

Kiki says "I guess I am half oriental...thought full but guess not." she then goes quiet..unlike Lupo she is not much of a talker.

Jay 2K Winger 01-23-2013 06:29 PM

Hotel Room 1212 - Meeting of the Minds

Brighton takes the lead on Riley's question. "Officially, there's a state of détente between us all while we deal with the Titans. Basically, while the war is on, we're not supposed to snipe at each other."

"Unofficially," Anna interjects, "there's plans within plans as each pantheon works to try to undermine the others."

"And within each pantheon as well," Art adds. "I mean, within the Aesir, everyone hates Loki and doesn't trust him a bit, given the role he's destined to play in Ragnarok. In the Egyptians, no one really trusts Set. Athena and Ares always try to push that their own points of view on warfare are superior to the other's."

"We're all one big family," Selene cuts in without looking around. "With all that that entails. Point to consider: Cain and Abel were brothers, too."

"Not that we've found any actual evidence that they were real," Anna points out.

Solomon, meanwhile, nods with approval at Kiki's selections. He shows her how to attune the pistols to herself, so that she could hide and summon them at will. "Way I see it," the Aussie says, "we can either spend all our time trying to backstab each other, or we put family politics aside and stop the Titans and MacBride."

Chanlin 01-23-2013 08:12 PM

Hotel Room 1212 - Meeting of the Minds

Riley schools her expression with the long practiced expertise of an expert poker player. "I wasn't implying we should be at each others' throats. I just was curious at how well all our parents get along." She smiles but some might notice it doesn't reach her eyes.

Liam cuts in, "Big man has a point." His voice is soft but serious. "Oi t'ought MacBride were a dangerous man before Oi knew what he was. Whatever differences our parents have it doesn't mean we have ta do t'e same."

Mytical 01-25-2013 02:40 AM

Hotel Room 1212 - Meeting of the Minds

After Kiki has everything ready.."Well I am off to see what I can see." She gives a bow to everybody in the room, and with that is off. On her way she checks on the apps that had downloaded, making sure everything is ok (that they work).

Lupo just shrugs. "I will go get one more practice in, and then hit the sack. Have a big match tomorrow." and he is off to do just what he says.

Chanlin 01-29-2013 09:17 PM

Hotel Room 1212 - Meeting of the Minds (minus two)

Riley looks around, "So... anything we should be doing other than business as usual at this point?"

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