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Kheldarson 05-03-2013 02:00 AM

Into the 'verse (DRPG IC Thread)
It's a cold Spring night here in Boston. Schools are starting to finish up, people are beginning to travel, and life just seems to be stirring in general.

And possibly stirring up trouble in the process.

There's been a story going around about how some high school seniors snuck into the old Cranston place on the outskirts of town and got spooked out sometime after midnight. The pieces of story that have been coming out from them and from others "in the know" tell of a drastic deadly haunting.

Not that it's a total surprise; stories have been coming out about the Cranston place for years. What's more surprising is that 1) the kids supposedly mentioned the walls walking around, which is new to the tales, and 2) the rumors just started adding in that there's no sign of where the kids broke in anymore. Yet nobody seems to have been out to board it back up.

It's now getting on towards midnight.

Jay 2K Winger 05-03-2013 02:17 AM

Peter Salt

The evening had started down at the Five-Leaf Clover. Had it been baseball night-- specifically a night in which the Sox or the hated Yankees were playing-- then there probably wouldn't have been a power in this world or the next that could have forced Peter Salt to leave. Well, apart from some fuckin' loon trying to start trouble with him, but that hadn't happened in months.

But two drinks in, and waitstaffer Mary MacMillan-- sweet girl, really, didn't deserve to put up with a bunch of boozed-up hooligans like Peter and the other louts-- passed along the talk of some high-schoolers getting run out of the old Cranston place. Everyone in South Boston had heard the old stories about that place, and more than one group of teenagers had gone up there on a dare over the years.

Peter, still recalling that weird skin-wearing monster in the drugs lab and that ghoul in Thomas Park, had decided to go make sure nothing else was going on up there. He'd finished his drink, left a tip, and gone home to get his trusty baseball bat.

Sure, if there were such things as ghosts, it probably wouldn't help. But if it were anything physical, a good smack upside its skull should get its attention.

Thus, the big burly Boston brawler rolled up to the Cranston place, wearing his Boston Strong t-shirt under his leather jacket, jeans, sneakers, and leaning his bat against his shoulder.

Chanlin 05-03-2013 02:58 AM

Emma Baker

Emma walked out of her last exam for the Spring semester relieved that everything was finally over. As she left the classroom building and started out toward Elias's place she heard the clear chime of a bell coming from her book bag. She let out a sigh, looked around to make sure no one was watching and fished out a small hand mirror. "Yeah boss"

Elias's clear deep baritone echoed as if coming from a tin can, "Remember all that reading you did about ghosts a few months back. It's time to go put it to the test and see if what you learned was accurate."

"Oh come on, I just got done with a really long exam. I'd like to actually get some food and maybe take a nice hot bath and relax."

Elias smiled, "You know the old Cranston place?"

Emma nodded, "Yeah, I know of it. What about it?"

"Rumor is some kids saw something woojie up there."

Emma snorted, "Boss, leave the slang to us young folk."

"What I'm allowed to say woojie."

"Is that the technical term now?" Emma chuckled.

"Yes." Elias replied with a superior air. "You did take your things with you today?"

"Yeah, I have em in my bag."

"Good, go check out the place and call me when you're done." His tone turned serious, "And Emma, if this turns out to be anything other than a ghost or simple haunting you run away and call me as soon as you can."

Emma nodded, "Right Boss." She started to put the mirror away when Elias cleared his throat. "Yeah?" She asked.

"Get some root beers on the way home, we're out again." Emma just rolled her eyes in response and put the mirror away.

About an hour or so later she found herself approaching the old Cranston place her bag slung over her shoulder, wearing blue jeans, black converse sneakers, a red and blacked striped sweater and a short brown leather coat.

KabeRinnaul 05-03-2013 06:31 AM

Randall Williams

Randall had been wondering all day where, exactly, he would be spending the night tonight. He'd mostly been hanging around the campuses, but there wasn't any party to crash and find a quiet spot to "pass out" tonight, nor anyone particularly willing to let him crash at their places. And at least one campus security team was starting to take notice of him camping out on the lobby couches. The fact that he had only recently been dropped from his school and still looked the part of a college student definitely helped, but they were sure to wise up eventually, and he thought it best if he find somewhere off-campus tonight.

Fortunately, he'd at least have something to do for the night - looking into this supposed haunted house that seemed to have everyone spooked. It started with an offhand comment from Christina, and then he realized he was hearing about it everywhere. Well, if it was legit, he'd be busy tonight. If not, he'd have a place to stay at least.

'Heeeeeeeeey~ What'cha doin'?'

One day, he would understand how Reilly could sneak up on him like that. Despite the fact he could see and hear ghosts, and practically had a spooky-shit radar going for him, she was somehow always unexpected. Also, she always somehow managed to slide into view from above, like he was looking at a TV screen or comic book panel or something. The hell.

"The same thing I do every night, Rei. Trying to survive a night on the streets. That part is your fault, by the way."

'Geez, sorry for getting killed. You didn't have to help, you know.'

"Every day, I am painfully aware of that fact."

'Aw, cheer up. At least you have me for company.'

"Stop with the genki girl thing. Anyway, I've been hearing about this haunting on the edge of town. Going to check it out."

'That doesn't exactly answer where you're staying.'

"Of course it does. If the haunting is real, I investigate and once again subject myself to endless horror for reasons I can never adequately explain to myself. If it's not, I sleep there." He gave the spirit a glance. "So, is it haunted?"

'How'm I supposed to know? I just follow you around and hang out on campus. Or the men's showers after the soccer team is done with practice.'

"Please stop talking."

'Aw, come on! They combine all the best parts of skinny guys and the ones who work out!'

"Another thing I will never understand. How a ghost - by definition a being with no body with which to experience hormones - can have a libido."

'I'm not allowed to still find them aesthetically pleasing?'

And thus the conversation continued as Randall made his way towards the location of the claimed haunting. Well, conversation, debate, or argument, have your pick.

Mytical 05-03-2013 06:38 AM

Jad's reason to go to the Cranston place had nothing to do with altruism or wanting to investigate the haunting. Since it is supposed to be haunted..would probably mean people avoided the place.

He could crash there without getting bothered, he figured, and if the police investigated..he'd just tell them he wanted to see if the rumors were true. Gosh, golly gee officer and all that.

Kheldarson 05-03-2013 07:00 AM

The building in an old two-story farm house that smacks of Victorian era architecture: pointed roof, covered porch, lots of columns and frills. There are numerous windows, both upstairs and down, all boarded over with 2x4s and plywood. The door is similarly boarded with several condemnation notices as well as no trespassing signs to match those on the lower windows. The lower level boards are all covered in various tags, and it looks like a few enterprising souls have tried tagging the upper level as well.

An enterprising soul would notice that the porch boards are starting to rot through if they walked up and chains from what probably was an old porch swing still shake from the roof.

However, beyond the dog sounds that are coming from the neighbors, the place is quiet.

KabeRinnaul 05-03-2013 07:23 AM

Randall Williams

Randall stopped in front of the old house and gave it a good look over before crouching down and starting to dig through his backpack, fishing out a pistol that was kept hidden wrapped up inside a change of clothes, and a flashlight.

"I've got to remember to add a crowbar to my pack someday, or maybe a claw hammer. At the very least a long, solid screwdriver."

He stood and pulled the backpack back on.

"So, feels like somethings definitely a bit off to me. How does it look to you?"

'Creepy. Like super creepy. I'm not goin' in there.'

"What? Don't tell me you're scared. You're a ghost already."

'Yeah, ghost, dead, not invincible. And I know bad stuff when I see it. Have fun with this one, I'm staying out.'

Chanlin 05-03-2013 07:29 AM

Emma and Randall

As luck would have it Emma arrived just in time to hear, "You're a ghost already." Taking note of the pistol in Randall's hand she would give a warm smile and gesture to the pistol. "If they're a ghost already I don't think that is going to help you much."

KabeRinnaul 05-03-2013 07:37 AM

Randall and Emma

"The gun isn't for her, she's just being a crybaby. The gun is for the times when I go to investigate a haunting and discover some meth-head squatting the place."

'Hey! Don't talk like I'm not here!'

"If she can't see you, I'm certainly not inflicting you upon her."

It was a bit odd for him to constantly reply to what seemed to be empty air, but as the location was consistent, maybe he actually was talking to something else.

Chanlin 05-03-2013 07:40 AM

Emma and Randall

Emma looked at Randall then at the thin air he was talking to then back at Randall and then it clicked. "There's a ghost here right now isn't there..." she said as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

A pause... "I'm Emma by the way."

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