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Pixelated 03-23-2019 02:09 AM

I'll just shut up now ...
We had a handout today about an upcoming fundraiser the store is doing for a children's health charity (no, the company itself is not donating anything, as far as I can tell :lol:).

We will be selling balloons.

This sent me off in a rant to Head Cashier.

"Balloons?? Why are we selling balloons?! They're plastic! They pollute the environment!! Birds and fish and wild animals eat them and die!!!" *rant rant rant*

When HC managed to get a word in edgewise ... "Pixelated, these are PAPER BALLOONS. You write your name on them and stick them on the wall."


I slunk off back to my cash register, listening to her laugh heartily for what seemed like a good five minutes.

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