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draggar 01-18-2011 08:27 PM

It seems recently when I search I get a "you must wait 30 seconds" blah blah blah as the result.

I wait 30 seconds, and then it works. :confused:

Pedersen 01-18-2011 08:33 PM

It's been that way for a very long time. Pretty much for the life of this server. It used to be 60 seconds.

Now, it's possible that some glitch was letting you not get stuck, but the settings were there to force a slow down to try to preserve the lifespan of the server.

Rapscallion 01-18-2011 08:56 PM

Default is thirty seconds, I think. Went to 60 when we were on the old, old server. Back to thirty now. It hits the server pretty hard each instance. We don't mind people doing it, but it's the chance of too many people in the same few seconds that could have caused performance issues for everyone.


KiaKat 01-18-2011 10:33 PM

Actually, I wonder if the problem he's getting is similar to the problem I've had recently. Some of my replies have wanted to double-post, but since there's a 20 second buffer between posts, it posts the first, and tells me I have to wait for the second.

Maybe it's trying to double-search, and giving him the error instead?

I have no idea what could cause this. I've gotten it on different computers.

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