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Dave1982 02-05-2015 11:34 AM

"Vote for me!" threads now require moderator approval
Hey everybody!

Recently we've had a number of members linking to various online contests and soliciting the membership here for votes. For the most part this has been harmless stuff, such as writing or photography contests where the only real prize is bragging rights. However, some of them involve physical prizes or some form of monetary prize.

We have a rule here on the forum against posting requests that directly benefit members financially. In the past this has mostly been a rule against requests for monetary contributions rather than simple votes. However, after discussion amongst the mod team, we've decided that this rule also applies to "vote for me" threads where the member stands to win money or some other real prize. Rapscallion pays for this site so its members can vent about sucky customers and other work related woes, not so people can leverage the membership to win prizes.

So, starting now, ALL "vote for me" requests will require moderator approval before they can be posted. The procedure is the same as with charitable requests: PM a mod or admin with a link to the contest and ask for permission to post it. It will be discussed behind the scenes and we will let you know our decision within a reasonable timeframe. If there are no real prizes involved then it will most likely be approved.

DO NOT post such a thread without prior approval and/or add a "mods feel free to remove if this is out of line" note. If we find any unapproved "vote for me" threads they will automatically be deleted, and depending on the circumstances, infractions may be issued.

Side note: In general, posting "mods feel free to move/delete" in a thread is extremely annoying, and many of the mods are tired of seeing that. If you aren't sure if what you're posting is appropriate or aren't sure what section to post in, PM a mod and ask first.

cindybubbles 02-09-2015 06:25 PM

If the "mods feel free to move/delete" part is extremely annoying, and people still do this, should there be a rule against it? If there already is one, where in the Site Rules is it posted?

Dave1982 02-10-2015 01:07 AM

There isn't a specific rule against it, and at least in the opinion of this mod, I don't think a new rule for that is necessary.

The problem we have with "mods feel free to...." is the implication that we need the permission of the member to change some aspect of their post, when the Site Rules already grant us discretion to make any edits we see fit. That and [I'm pretty sure] we've said before that if you're unsure about what you're posting, PM a mod and ask first. It's in a similar vein as saying "not to go into Fratching, but...." though not as bad as that.

EricKei 02-10-2015 03:17 AM


It's in a similar vein as saying "not to go into Fratching, but...." though not as bad as that.
Just to clarify: If you need to use that disclaimer, yeah, you're about to post something that belongs on Fratching. :D It's right up there with "With all due respect..." :wave:

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