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Chanlin 10-07-2013 02:45 AM

Exile, your version of how Tucker came to be on the ship works for me :)

As to ship names I like:

Dan Li
The Ally

Exile 10-07-2013 04:43 AM

Note on the ship, I didn't find anything that I liked that worked with our current crew count. Even then I started to come up with a design. I'm trying to get it on paper but I am having problems. If only I'd paid more attention in that Auto-CADD class... Unless you all want a detailed description until the I'd suggest someone else decide on a ship honestly.

Exile 10-07-2013 05:17 AM

Another possibility is the ship from "Freedom's Flight" chapter 2 of Serenity Adventures from the table top RPG. I don't know if you've read that Jay but Xi Wang Black and his "Sift Justice Bounty Hunters" were double crossed by Corporal Rejovic on Perdition when a crew (the PCs if one runs it) causes a prison break and steal the ship. Who's to say afterwards that afterwards they didn't decide that a flashy looking one-of-a-kind hot vehicle was too much trouble and turned it in for a reward or sold it and it didn't end up in our crew's possession? Maybe through government auction or once again altered to resell it buy a less than reputable dealer? It's a nice ship, pricey to upkeep forcing us to stay busy and has a floor plan. It also resembles a backwards Bird of Prey based on the floorplan funnily enough.

Another possibility that could get us into plenty of trouble is an Alliance confiscated and refitted "Lady Pirate" which one might know from the Serenity RPG main rulebook as being former Independent blockade runners. Plenty of hijinks to ensue when diehard Browncoats see us "Purple Bellies" running around in what was once a proud Independent military ship.

Keep in mind that while these ships mentioned currently have weapons that doesn't mean that they would by the time we get them. (Especially if the go through Alliance military first.)

Also decommisioned Alliance military vehicles refitted for civilian use are also possibilities.

Food for thought.

Chanlin 10-07-2013 06:03 AM

You also have to account for passenger capacity on ships too. Not everyone has to stay in crew quarters. Also keep in mind the Crew number in the stats is the minimum number of crew needed to run the ship, not the max. The number of crew quarters listed are also all double cabins unless otherwise stated.

So any of the ships with a Crew of 3 and at least 3 crew cabins would work.

Exile 10-07-2013 06:42 AM

This is as best I remember it... (With some minor additions.)
Name: Zhānmǔsī "Zhan" Cook
Homeworld: Burnadette, City: New Tombstone
Possible Crew Roles: Captain

Description: Late 30's (but could pass for mid-late 20's), medium muscular build, short brown hair, 5'11", dressed in current Core World semi-formal and casual fashions, pressed clean and ironed to razor creases and mirror shined. Charming and affable demeanor, with blue eyes that belie the fact that he is always scrutinizing to gain the best advantage possible and a keen analyzing mind to go with it. Zhan is a truly masterful mountebank, able to bluff through almost any situation, but has a strong weakness for the ladies and always to help people whenever it is feasible. Truly does believe in a greater good, and works towards it above all else, often to a point of breaking rules to do so he otherwise would never consider. Doesn't relish in killing, in fact avoids it when possible, but not unwilling to when necessary.

Backstory: Zhānmǔsī Cook grew up in New Tombstone, a town known as the starting point for settlers heading Rimwards. It was the good that he saw done in helping families settle the untamed planets and moons to give them the ability to strike out on their own that first inspired Cook's desire to join the Anglo-Sino Alliance in order to provide further support for those settlers. But soon after he joined the Unification War began. He had already made it into officer's training and soon after graduating began rising in the ranks due to the war. He soon became Captain and gained his first command. He could have risen further in the ranks but refused further promotions feeling that commanding a ship is where he could make the most difference. After the war Captain Cook requested transfer to aid, transport and relief missions to help the reconstruction following the war. There he did his most gratifying work and when the Alliance reconstruction missions (too early in Cook's oppinion) he mustered out. Retiring his command within the Alliance he soon sought out a ship and a crew in order to continue his aid and relief work as well as serve as a transport ship in order to deliver needed supplies to Border and Rim Worlds, where he feels he is still able to make a big difference. After the Miranda transmission Cook started to become dissillusioned with the Alliance, wondering if he had accepted a High Command position could he have done something to prevent it. He still believes in the foundations of the Anglo-Sino Alliance but knows that some of the higher-ups are not fit to govern if they will risk innocent civilians in an attempt to force peaceful behavior upon the populace. Cook believes that people are inherently peaceful when their needs are met and are free and able to pursue happiness without hurting others, not forced.

Five Facts:
-Captain Cook has a one-of-a-kind Cbēi jīguāng MSMPL-X1 "Mercy Laser" that was once a proposed weapon for the Alliance military. No one knows how he got it or the liscense to carry it legally, but he has been Bound-by-Law for carrying it more than once and has always been released without being charged and the authorities have always returned it to him. He never speaks as to how he got it or why the Alliance allows him to have it.
-Zhan cheats, without mercy, at any chance he can get. (With the rare exception of commited relationships and the far more common strategy games...) He even cheated in military training, so well in fact that on the rare occassion he was caught he managed to cheat the system forcing them to either let it pass or even give him awards for "creative thought".
-Captain Zhānmǔsī Cook was the youngest man to recieve the rank and refused further promotions. Despite this he is still, even now, in high regard by the Alliance military.
-During officer's training Zhan was often referred to as a "Sourcebox with legs" amongst instructors and fellow cadets alike, studying constantly and retaining a great deal of information. After the war he even spent a short ammount of time as an instructor and developed a "think or sink" reputation amongst the cadets.
-Zhan is a masterful beguiler/deciever, yet he doesn't enjoy card games,or most other games that one ganbles over. Finding them to be tasteless. He instead prefers strategy games such as chess and go.

Notes: First ship Cook was stationed on was Gnghgu, his first command was Shy.

Exile 10-07-2013 05:29 PM

Ok, I forgot about all the various ships in Cortex Shipyards Volume I & II. Didn't like anything in Six-Guns & Starships but there's a lot of possibilities in the afformentioned fan books. Anyone who doesn't have them let me know and I can e-mail them to you.
For those who have them (or when you get them from me) I personally like the following vessels;
Volume I:
DC-88 Drake (p.39, probably paint over the Lady Liberty)
Type 413 Class Midbulk Transport (p. 130)
Type 593 Class Cargo Sledge (p. 131)
Volume II:
Narwahl (p.33, but only if we call it the Midnight Bacon Express!:lol:)
Raptor/Ripper Class (p.34)

Note: I forgot how big the crew is on an Independent Blockade Runner, nix that idea.

Chanlin 10-07-2013 06:54 PM

If I had to choose out of those I'd say the DC-88 or the 413. Though the DC-88 almost feels like we would be cheating... just a little...

Exile 10-08-2013 03:16 AM

Really? Out of those suggestions I'd go Freedom's Flight, 593, Raptor, or maybe DC-88...

Chanlin 10-08-2013 03:22 AM

The Raptor could be made to work, but it would need to be modified for extra crew space :)

Exile 10-08-2013 07:17 PM


Quoth Jay 2K Winger (Post 1174856)
If we haven't gotten any other bites from interested parties by next Sunday, I'll throw up a quick gun-hand type to fill the role.

Have you tried posting on other forums, I know there were once some good Firefly/Serenity rpg forums. (Having a hard time finding a good one anymore, but and seem fairly promising thus far.)

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