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karma_gypsy 07-10-2006 11:02 PM

Pet Peeves Revisited - Now with a Poll!
The list keeps growing and growing . . .

In no particular order:

People who come in, fiddle with the stereos or tv sets, turn them way up loud and walk away.

We keep guitars behind the counter, people come in, want to see a guitar, they have no intentions of purchasing, tune it, then hand it back. At least play a song first . . . make wasting my time more worthwile.

Kids, who have no money, that ask to see certain things from behind the counter, just so they can touch it or play with it.

People who ask, "do you work here?" when I'm wearing a work shirt the same as everyone else in the store (it's pretty obvious).

People who help themselves to things behind the counter, like reaching over and under the glass to grab a CD.

People who claim they can go behind the counter to look at the DVDs (which there are tons, they all don't fit in the case, so we keep the overflow on the floor). It's a rule, we don't allow people behind the counter, it's been like that for awhile, stop arguing and get over yourself.

People who argue with you and you know they're wrong but they still argue.

People who treat you like crap because they're having a bad day.

People who spit on the floor or leave their garbage on the shelves, come one people, we do have garbage cans.

People who come in and ask if we have a certain something, when I reply, "sorry we don't" they still stand there, staring blankly at you. "Nope, still don't have it."

People who come in a bitch about our prices (we're a Pawn Shop), and say Wal*Mart is so much cheaper. Guess what, Einstein? We're not Wal*Mart! Plus, you can't haggle prices at Wal*Mart, and the reason we may be slightlymore expensive than Wal*Mart is that the item you're bitching about is a well-known brand name, and Wal*Mart may have a similar item for either the same price or cheaper, but it's an off-brand. There's your price difference, retard.

People who make you go through the trouble of getting something from up high, they wander away.

That's all I can think of right now, I'm sure you guys will find more to add later!


evilhomer 07-10-2006 11:23 PM

People who overload a box (part 1), boxes are designed to be stacked; if you load it up over the edge, the lid won't go on properly, the boxes don't stack properly, and the stack I try to make is dangerously unstable.

People who overload a box (part 2), I'm strong enough, but a box completely loaded with paper comes in at 50-100 lbs. Put it in two boxes and let me keep my back.

People who underload a box. I just finished heaving your last 100 lb box around and look to the next one expecting the same. But of course this ones tipping the scales at a massive 0.2 grams and I just about throw it through the ceiling and fall on my heiny.

People who put the labels on the top. I'm not moving one box at a time, I'm stacking them and moving them 5 or 6 at a time. Put the label on the side so that I can see it in a stack.

People who label improperly. Write where it's going with the correct code. I'm a mover, I don't care what's in the box, I don't care what your name is, the only thing I care about is taking the box from one place to the other. Your station is 1234, write 1234 and it will get there. Write "Mike" or "shoes" and it won't.

People who label improperly, then blame me when it goes to the wrong spot. They don't label it properly so I couldn't take it to the right spot. Their fault right? Nope, I'm to stupid to figure out what they meant and/or too lazy to do so.

People who don't label anything. 100 people are moving, you think I can remember where one box or one knick-knack came from and deliver it to the right spot, not a chance in hell if there's no label on it. But they can identify their own stuff so why can't I??? I'm obviously too stupid and/or too lazy.

People who don't read their move information sheet. All of these pet peeves are covered on it, but what do I get when I mention what someone did wrong? "Oh, I didn't know that... you should really think about handing out an information sheet that covers these things".

Gas Station Girl 07-11-2006 12:02 AM

People who think we're still open even though all of the lights are off, the door is locked, and they can see that we're counting all of the money in our tills.

People who think that banging on the door, begging, and saying that they "just need one thing" is going to make us reopen the store for them.

People who buy a small item with a large bill, while saying something like, "I don't really want this, I just need change." Well, you know what? I don't really want to serve you, I just need my paycheck. So instead of me emptying out the entire till to count out $99.72 in change while you eat the candy you didn't even want to buy, how about you just haul your lazy ass to the bank that's RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET, and let them give you some change. Why do so many SCs carry $100 bills around anyways?

People who wait in line for 10 minutes and when their turn comes, they still have no clue what they want.

People who leave huge piles of scratch-offs on the counter without any explanation whatsoever. Do you want me to validate them? Do you want me to throw them away? Are you giving them to me as a birthday present? How am I supposed to know?

People who think they can rent a movie without showing us any ID. Okay, so let me get this straight, I don't know who you are, I don't know where you live, I don't know how to reach you, but I'm supposed to let you have this movie and just assume that you'll bring it back?

People who talk on their cell phone during the entire transaction.

People who park at the pumps when they're not even buying gas.

People who come in huge crowds just so that one person in the crowd can buy an ice cream.

People who read the newspaper while I'm processing their transaction.

People who read newspapers or magazines, take them apart, and don't buy them, and don't put them back together.

People who don't check which kind of gas they're pumping, and then once they start pumping, they'll realize they're pumping premium, so they'll shut it off and swich to regular, and then they're completely SHOCKED that they got charged for the $3 of premium that they "accidentally" put in their car.

Customers who hit on me.

Customers who call me "sexy" or "baby" or "cutie" or "kitten".

Customers who call me by my first name just because they read it off my name tag, but they don't actually know me.

Lace Neil Singer 07-11-2006 12:05 AM

Customers who think I understand retardese; ie, they're thinking something but cuz what comes out of their mouth is complete gibberish I have to ask them to clarify it... then they get mad and accuse me of being rude. Either say what you want clearly or just don't bother!

Kiwi 07-11-2006 12:12 AM

I voted for the screaming kids

that can last 200 times as long as some the other ones

and a screaming kid.... is physically painful

Ringtail Z28 07-11-2006 12:16 AM

I voted other.

I'd say that my biggest pet peeve is a toss up between "do you work here?" and getting yelled at for not speaking spanish.

evilhomer 07-11-2006 12:24 AM


Quoth Gas Station Girl
People who wait in line for 10 minutes and when their turn comes, they still have no clue what they want.

Part 2 that I hate is they bring it all to the counter, mindlessly daydream away as it's being rung up, then finally snap out of it when the total is read off to them. Then they spend the next five minutes rummaging through their purse or bag or pants to find their wallet. Then the next five minutes is going through their wallet finding their cash or finding their card or deciding which card has the best reward options. And of course if it's cash, they've got the change in there somewhere, hold on another five minutes while they dig it out. :hairpull:

Imogene 07-11-2006 02:02 AM

How about customers who get 'grabby' at things on your computer? I used to have a guy who would come into the store every week, never bothered with so much as a 'Hi', would go right up to the register, no matter how busy we were, grab a copy of the pre-order list from the file folders we kept them in, grab a stack of reserve slips, and take up a whole counter filling out slips, but never bothering to order them while he was there. No, he'd take the slips home with him... and then sometimes get angry when he'd return and find those movies out on the shelf. "Why didn't you call me to tell me this was in?" "Well, you see, you have to pay us money to assure we do that for you, you just took a slip, and went home." He also had a tendency of just reaching over my computer and grabbing pens off my keyboard. Just before Chesterfield closed, I snapped at him one day. "Don't you dare just grab at my pens like that again! If I'd had the drawer open, I wouldn't know where your hand was going." He yelled back "Well, then, leave a pen on the counter!" We'd done that before, and they never stayed there, they'd wander off, or just generally make the registers look messy.

How about "people who reserved a movie then came back in two days later, cite 'the economy's doing poorly' and ask for their $5 back? Every single week. We just banned him from the store. "Look, dude, the economy's in the toilet right now, sure. But you come in every week and reserve something, then come back to get your money back, we're not a savings and loan. Keep better track of your money."

Sorry about the long reply.

blas 07-11-2006 02:10 AM

As an ex gas station employee: everything gas station girl said, lol.

I'm glad someone else around here has people who park at gas pumps but don't get gas, they just park their vehicle right at the pump and trot inside like it's completely ok. I hated it the most when people did that during rush times.

The multiple people coming in to buy just one thing. Dontcha LOVE groups of like, 3 or 4 people, and one person buys a pop? Plus, it's even worse when the hordes come in and one person wants a pack of smokes. Then it's like, newsflash: You're ALL getting carded. And they used to look at me like I had green skin. I wanted so badly to say, "You were stupid enough to all come in here, shoulda stayed in the car!"

Hmmm.....don't miss the scratch off junkies at all. And they'd all seem to show up at once, right during rush times. We had customers who'd "hide", or scratch their lotto tickets in the weirdest places in the store, and when I'd go to clean, I'd see scratch residue all over certain corners and countertops. And these people NEVER knew when to stop. Barely any of them were nice or patient. They thought they were the only people in the store, even though there was a lopsided line going all the way out the door (and all the way back to the beer cooler, and all the way back to the soda cooler).

Don't miss the people who didn't know how to pay at the pump and would only get gas, come inside, see the long line, sigh HEAVILY, and wait 10 minutes, when it came to be their turn, they'd sign again, and flop their credit card down on the counter. Newsflash, moron, if it was only gas you were getting, PAY AT THE PUMP. No one's gonna steal your identity, no one is watching you. Just do it. I used to love when people would pay at the pump. Then I could get more cleanups done and relax a bit.

kellee 07-11-2006 02:27 AM

When my light is obviously OFF because I'm trying to use the BATHROOM and another customer mysteriously ends up in my line. Either a perplexing feat of physics or someone's ignorant.

I'm standing there, right a my register, with my light blaring like the sun, my scanner ready to go, and I get an " Are you open?"

People that just throw the money on the counter (this is esp annoying with the coins) like they don't want to hand me the money like a civilized person, but I know if I did that with their change they'd throw a hissy fit.

And for the last time....the CARD WAS DECLINED. yes, DECLINED. No matter how many times I run it through my machine the outcome will be the same :
DECLINED! Now get out of my face and get your ass to work like the rest of us!

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