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PoliteBoy 04-09-2019 12:00 AM

Do you kiss your children with that mouth?
I was brought up in a strict household, so swearing was a big no-no. I still have a swear filter that only makes me use low impact swears. Still, I do use a few big ones now and again.

Anyway, had to deal with two assholes over the weekend.

Sunday morning. Over the weekend the Quicksilver Pro and a big concert was happening in the area so the area was probably booked out. Partying and drinking was happening as expected. Apparently from what I could gather from the other guests, a group of guys came up to one of the rooms and made a racket trying to get in; AT 2 IN THE MORNING.

Most of the guests were pretty chill with it, but there was one guest who got pretty pissy and went on a rant about it. They went on and on about how she didn't feel her daughter was safe and even quoted 'Open the f#$%ing door'. I had to roll my eyes at that part because was it really necessary? Anyway, I rang up my manager and we refunded half the night.

Monday afternoon shift. I just clocked in and this rando pulls into the driveway outside reception. They just stopped there and didn't come out of the car. Against my better judgement, I walk out to see what they want. It was a bogan dad and two kids. They asked for a room for the night and I gave the price.

The dad blew up in my face and basically said we were an overpriced s***hole and drove off. If it's such a hole then why did you bother driving in?

Eh, it's Australia. Swearing is part of the culture.
Let me offer my favourite: F***in' ranga.

Ironclad Alibi 04-09-2019 01:27 AM


Quoth PoliteBoy (Post 1378773)
Eh, it's Australia. Swearing is part of the culture.
Let me offer my favourite: F***in' ranga.

Ranga? That's a new one on me. But I'm nowhere near Australia. I had to look it up.

Blue Ginger 04-09-2019 03:07 AM

Fellow Aussie here. :wave: And a 'ranga

'Fucking ranga' is a term of love and endearment in my family. My brother and I are both strawberry blonde. (A lighter shade of red that has a fair bit of blonde and orange mixed in and a bit of light brown. It's weird and hard to describe and costs several hundreds to be done right in a salon. Google Blake Lively and that is close to our colour. Just add some natural red, orange, blonde and brown super thin streaks of colour.)

I think us Aussies are amongst the most sweary-ist people. Maybe only rivalled by the Scots, Welsh and Irish. We can use the same words to mean 'I love you' and 'I will kill you' with just a change of facial expression and inflection.

I will fully admit to having no swear filter. It is actually really stressful to not swear. I have to really really really concentrate to do it.

EricKei 04-09-2019 11:41 PM

I used to have a pretty strong swear filter as a teen -- to the point that my CW's figured I just didn't swear at all. Once in a looooong while, I was given occasion to let loose with some blue language (out of earshot of customers), and, when that happened, my CW's knew something was really wrong. ;)

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