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truthless86 08-23-2011 10:46 PM

Welcome to the Realm of Satan!
Sadly, I don't know who originally wrote this, but Rapscallion was good enough to give me the go-ahead to repost this classic:

Welcome to the Realm of Satan!
My brother was working at a local Chinese restaurant that played piped Chinese music through their speakers. One day a co-worker of his was going to quit and prepared a just revenge on the annoying customers that frequent the restaurant and on the owners. My brother was called into the dining area to clean up a spill. All the sudden the piped in music stopped and some Slayer came on. The particular song that he chose began with "welcome to the realm of Satan". Right then as if on command an older couple of about 65 or so walked in. Their faces turned white upon hearing the song refrain, immediately turned and walked out of the restaurant. When my brother went back into the kitchen the now ex-employee was rolling on the floor in laughter while the owners stood there screaming at him in Chinese.

pzychobitch 08-24-2011 02:03 PM

Oh my god. That is absolutely EPIC.

Irving Patrick Freleigh 08-24-2011 08:08 PM

Not to threadjack from the awesomeness of that story, but if I were blasting Slayer over the PA, I'd go with "Seasons in the Abyss" instead. Just because of the awesome riffage. :muya:

Moirae 08-24-2011 08:34 PM

roflmao. Epic. Totally epic. Love it.

tropicsgoddess 08-26-2011 01:09 AM

Bra-vo!!! That was an epic WIN!!! :rotflmao: :worship:

RecoveringKinkoid 08-26-2011 01:44 AM

Oh, that's priceless. :roll:

Kristev 08-26-2011 08:08 AM

It does have a price: Your soul. Bon appetite.

RecoveringKinkoid 08-26-2011 01:43 PM


Quoth Kristev (Post 942324)
It does have a price: Your soul. Bon appetite.

:spew: dammit! Coffee! Hot!

teh_blumchenkinder 08-26-2011 09:56 PM

Thanks for making me cry, guys! :roll: :D (awesome...!)

TowelKing 09-01-2011 11:39 PM

That's epic! Best I ever had was a pub playing Slipknot before opening while I was working there. Great way to start the day...

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